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  1. Richie Hodge

    Greetings Don Coatney

    Tim, you going to buy the one horse wagon ?? It would look good in the middle of all your beautiful trees where we parked for your picnic. !! I think you ought to buy it !! I've had no luck on the carb kits, but really haven't spent much time as of late looking. Any more pics of the coupe ?? Richie.
  2. Richie Hodge

    Greetings Don Coatney

    That's an amazing site Niel, thanks. Richie.
  3. Richie Hodge

    Greetings Don Coatney

    Hey Tim, that's why I'd take the Hudson over the Avanti. I did some more research and cannot find anything new on the carb kits. Richie.
  4. Richie Hodge

    Greetings Don Coatney

    Ed, I would take the Hudson conv. over any Avanti. Richie.
  5. Richie Hodge

    Greetings Don Coatney

    Hey Hud, good to hear from you. We almost went to PF this year but didn't make it. I hope to make it next year in the 53. Say hey to Mark for me and congrats. Neither one of you post much anymore on the Hudson forum it seems. Always good to hear from you guys. Richie.
  6. Richie Hodge

    Greetings Don Coatney

    Hey Don, thanks for the heads up. Good to hear from you again. I haven't seen Mark since the Hudson meet a few years ago in TN, met his dad there also. Hey Ed, I'm jealous, I'd have to mortgage the house and sell all my Hudsons to buy a convertible as nice as your neighbors. Guess I'll just keep driving my iron and be happy. I still love my 50 Plymouth and drive it every day, rain or shine. Hudsons are great cars too and I enjoy them as well. We added a 53 Hornet that you haven't see Don, Tim has seen it, got it last Feb. Boy did I take a beating on that one. Got about all the problems taken care of except the engine, low compression in two cylinders so it looks like a valve job in the near future. Y'all take care. Richie.
  7. Richie Hodge

    old car quiz

    I got 48 out of 48, but guessed on the Willys, I guess it helps to be an antique like myself !
  8. Richie Hodge

    Happy Veterans Day OT

    Happy Veterans Day to all Vets, and thanks Don for reminding us of this very special day. Richie.
  9. Richie Hodge

    Paint and pricing

    The finished paint job. Sorry about messing up the post, was going to put all pics in the same post but found out only 5 pics at a time. Richie.
  10. Richie Hodge

    Paint and pricing

    It is very expensive to have a car painted, so I took several months and prepared my Hudson and then painted it. It was not an easy job and I would think very hard before I painted a car again. I scraped all the paint off with a razor blade and treated the surface rust on the roof a rust converter and then primed with epoxy primer and then again with regular primer. The car is a 20 footer with a few mistakes in it but I drive it, not show it so I'm fine with what it turned out to be. The total cost was around $400 for supplies, and countless hours of labor. It was a fun experience and actually I enjoyed doing it even though it was a tuff job. I will try and post some pics below. Richie
  11. Richie Hodge

    OT after 3 years OT

    Looks great Tim, now don't spend all your spare time in that room instead of the shop !!
  12. Richie Hodge

    George Asche Overdrive

    Jim, I totally agree with you. I have installed three overdrive trannies from George, two in P15's and now one in my P20. The only problem I ever had was a bad lockout switch on the first one and I called George about it and he mailed one out the next day no charge. I'm very happy with George and his service. I love the overdrives, I'll go anywhere I want without worrying. Richie.
  13. Richie Hodge

    50 Plymouth update.

    Hey Bob, good to talk to you. If we happen to head out that way I will be sure to call you. Talk to you later. Richie.
  14. Richie Hodge

    50 Plymouth update.

    You are funny Don, the Hudson may go some day but Honey is a keeper !!
  15. Richie Hodge

    50 Plymouth update.

    I believe you are right Greg !!

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