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  1. 38plymouth

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    Mine has an indentation in it from the lip on the body when its closed.
  2. 38plymouth

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    It goes on the lid then. I would check and see if they sell something else, that goofy shape on the one you have doesnt look even close to mine.
  3. 38plymouth

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    Do you have a picture of your trunk lid?
  4. 38plymouth

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    I have an original add for a 38 plymouth that sure looks like its on the trunk. Im 99.9% sure my car came from the factory with it on the trunk. It is an original low mileage car with mostly original paint. The weatherstripping appears to be rectangular and not shaped like yours in the photo.
  5. 38plymouth

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    The site will only let me attach one pic. I sent you a pm with a better picture.
  6. 38plymouth

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    This is how my 38 p6 trunk weather stripping is. It might be the original, but, if not it was replaced a long time ago.
  7. 38plymouth

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    I will try to do it tonight or tomorrow morning.
  8. 38plymouth

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    The trunk weatherstripping on my 38 plymouth is on the trunk lid not the body. I can take a few pictures if it helps.
  9. 38plymouth

    Ball and ball accerator pump

    I would say it runs ok but it does have a little hesitation on acceleration. When I rev it in neutral quickly it tries to stall. It didn't do this before the rebuild with the short accelerator pump so I'm still playing with it trying to get it right.
  10. 38plymouth

    Ball and ball accerator pump

    Everything on the carb looks stock to me except the accelerator pump. I have had the car over 20 years and it was an original unrestored car with 40,000 miles. It has some paint work done but everything else was stock and original.
  11. 38plymouth

    Ball and ball accerator pump

    My carb # is c6j1.
  12. 38plymouth

    Ball and ball accerator pump

    I have what I believe is the original carb on my 1938 Plymouth. I have rebuilt the carburetor several times over the years and always noticed that the accelerator pump that came in the kit was too long so I reused my old shorter pump. I recently ordered a new kit from Mike's carburetor parts and everything was perfect in the kit except once again the accelerator pump is way too long. I inspected my pump closer and noticed that it looked like it was cut off and braised. I contacted Mike's carburetor parts and they couldn't figure it out but they thought they found a rebuild kit from another company with a shorter pump. I can't say enough good things about Mike's carburetor parts, they purchased that kit from a competitor and shipped it to me for free. Unfortunately that pump is also too long. The owner of the other company insists that the pump is the right one for my carburetor and I just need to install it and be done with it. I did try a longer pump but my spring is too short and the pump won't work correctly. I'm thinking I may install it again and stretch the spring and see if I can make that work. Right now my car seems to be running fine with the rebuild on the carburetor and with my old shorter pump. I'm just concerned that the accelerator pump is at least 20 years old that I know of. If the new longer one will work with my stretched spring I'm willing to give it a try. I'm just curious if anyone has ever seen a shorter accelerator pump in one of their old ball and ball carburetors? I will try to attach a picture showing my old pump compared to the new one. Also if mine was shortened why on earth would somebody do that?
  13. 38plymouth

    Carb number help

    A friend suggested that I try lowering the float to clean up the rough idle. I had it set to 5/64 like the kit said but lowered it anyways and now it idles and runs great. Can someone explain why a high float would cause a rough idle? I stared into the carb awhile and just don't see why it would happen.
  14. 38plymouth

    Carb number help

    So pissed off right now I had it running great took it out for a test drive and got a quarter mile from my house and it died. Had to get my wife and neighbor to help me tow it back home I pulled the top off the carburetor and there's no fuel. When I crank it there's no fuel pumping into the carburetor now. I suspected my crappy fuel that ate the fuel lines ate the diaphragm in the fuel pump. So I pulled the fuel pump off disassembled it and I don't find anything wrong with it. I also blew back through the fuel line into the tank and could hear it bubbling. Hopefully someone has some ideas cuz I'm at a loss right now. ***It turned out to be a very dirty screen in the pump, I thought I took that out years ago. It pumps great now and started right up. Of course now the smooth idle on my freshly rebuilt carb is gone and it's idling very rough. I suspect the plugs, they are black from choking it to death trying to get it started while I was stranded. This thing is really testing my patience. I'm quiting for the day and am headed to the moose club to discuss it with all the old car guys. I think I need a beer.
  15. 38plymouth

    Carb number help

    I rebuilt my carb this morning, changed the rubber lines, cleaned the fuel bowl and siphoned as much fuel out of the tank as I could. I put 5 gallons of fresh gas in and tried to start it. It cranked forever and never got fuel in the fuel bowl. I pulled the top of the carburetor off and filled the carb fuel bowl with fuel and managed to get the engine to fire but I still had to pour fuel from a Bottle Into the carburetor to keep it running. I'm still not getting enough fuel in the fuel pump glass bowl to pump it up to the carburetor. After all that it's maybe half full. I had to take a break from it because I ran the battery down is there an easy way for me to speed up this fuel pump process? I hope something didn't go wrong inside the fuel pump I'm not sure how that could have happened since it was working fine before. I really wish I had one of those 6 volt electric pumps right now. Dang, it took awhile but it finally got fuel....

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