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    Reno, NV
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    1948 P-15 4 door, it is the same as the first car I ever owned. Also doing a 1968 Ford F-100 that I bought new and drove for 29 years before it wore out.

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    Born in Phoenix,AZ, 9 years in Alaska, moved to Reno in 1984. Air Force 1961 to 1966.
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    Machinist retired


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    Reno NV
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    Restore old things and cars.
  1. mayflower48

    Starter Question

    Thanks for the input. It always starts,just seems a bit slow, but will always start. I had a P-15 56 years and I thought it cranked a little faster. Just thought I would ask.
  2. mayflower48

    Starter Question

    While looking at my service manual I noticed that the 49-54 starter has about 35% more torque than my P-15 46-48 starter. The question is has anyone upgraded to the later starter and was there an improvement in the cranking speed of the engine and is it worth doing.
  3. mayflower48

    How did you find it best to learn the Mopar Flatty?

    They are no different than your VW. All engines are just nuts and bolts. Pistons go up and down, cranks go round and round. I think that if you have done the VW's you know the basics. Just take your time, take lots of photos, and ask all of the questions you might have here on the forum. A good service and parts manual will be your best friend. I bought mine from books4cars.com.
  4. mayflower48

    Top Speed In Your Flattie

    I did.
  5. mayflower48

    Top Speed In Your Flattie

    Back when I was in high school(late 50s) and had a 1948 like the one I have now, I was headed to the girl friends house. There was a 53 Chevy at the stop light. Not wanting to pass up a little street race we left on the green light. Side by side in first gear, then in 2nd I pulled ahead a bit. I knew if I went to third he might catch me,so I just kept my foot in it. When I turned off I heard a knock in the engine. I knew it would not be good so I just pulled the engine. The high RPM had jerked wrist pin right out of the piston. The rod was still in the cylinder, with the top half of the piston at the top of the bore. At that time I could go the the junk yard and get another good engine for $40.00 Not so cheap anymore. I think I went over the 80% rule by a factor of 2....
  6. mayflower48

    OT - Drive in movies

    Ah, those were the good ol' days. Gas was 19.9 cents, could get 5 gallons for a buck. Had a 48 Plymouth like the one I have now, even the same color. The Drive In was 75 cents a person, or a $1.00 for a car load on the other end of Phoenix. Worked in a sheet metal shop after school and on Saturday and made $1.00 per hour, cash. Hamburgers were 19 cents, fries 15 cents and a giant root beer 25 cents. Those days are gone but not forgotten.
  7. mayflower48

    Quality Water Pump

    I bought one from NAPA for my 218. I think it was about $68.00. No problems so far, about 500 miles
  8. mayflower48

    Heavy Use

    The last thing the bugs seen was the word Plymouth.
  9. mayflower48

    Could use some input on this one...

    You might check to see if all of the fan blades are still there. Had one break once and it sounded the some as your deal.
  10. mayflower48

    Normal oil pressure

    Mine is about 45 cold and just under 40 warm at idle.
  11. mayflower48

    Have you done a re-wire of engine/dash harness?

    Bought mind from R I also. Very nice people to do business with. Everything fit like a gloove. Did the whole car front to back. Installed battery turned on the key and everything worked first time. There work is outstanding in my book. Would spend the money with them again to do another car. And yes I know making a harness is not that that hard of a deal. All you have to buy is the right wire size, in the right color, and all of the correct wire ends and your in business.
  12. mayflower48

    Shaving Weight off the P15

    A file does not make sparks, but it will remove metal. Just a thought.
  13. mayflower48

    A Quick Question

    I just looked at my car and it is the same as you show in the photo.
  14. mayflower48

    Seat Upholstery

    Not when the government pays you to set on your rear end for 99 weeks.
  15. mayflower48

    Seat Upholstery

    They sure did a great job. You should give them a plug here and maybe others could use them. They do great work.

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