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  1. 1941 D20 kingsway

    nice car ! this is built on the plymouth chassi isn't it?
  2. 1942 chrysler windsor

    Yes i notice this, the gas pedal don’t come back to idle postion correctly this is why !! Nife! Thanks for your help
  3. 1942 chrysler windsor

    thank you about the engine maybe a minor adjutment of the valves lifters otherwise, no vibrations at all
  4. 1942 chrysler windsor

    wow! amazing! the car run so good, but the vacamatic don't shift automaticly, i think it's cause of the very old oil everythings is probably stuck inside but the fluid coupling is good and the car seem to be nervous, don't need to speed up the engin to move the car. the gear shuifting is ok but not the automatic part of the trans. the carb is realy dirty so sometime she stall this is why i play with the cluch to avoid this. otherwise it's a real nice find !!!
  5. 1942 chrysler windsor

    hello i go today try to start the chrysler i think something go wrong with the starter button or connexions arround hope the starter relay work good i’ll send you photos and videos
  6. 1942 chrysler windsor

    Thank you
  7. 1942 chrysler windsor

    I have to check my serial number where did you get this please??
  8. 1942 chrysler windsor

    Ok the body number is 371 so beguening of production i guess The car is built at windsor plan, so i don’t know realy what happen at this time but i ready there is only 1713 built of this model
  9. 1942 chrysler windsor

    ok thank you not my priority but i need this accesory
  10. 1942 chrysler windsor

    i wanna put a fulton sunshiel on the windshield, someone have one for sale??
  11. 1942 chrysler windsor

    hello, yes still working on the dodge and this chrysler is a vacamatic trans yes this car was available with a standard fluid drive like the dodge?? i thought it was standard on chrysler
  12. 1942 chrysler windsor

    thank you very much!!
  13. 1942 chrysler windsor

    but this green look like the heather green from the 42 brochure i don't know but i like this green and the interior is in real good shape, i'll send photos later on