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  1. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    but if you know a convertible for cheap ^^ i'm on it
  2. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    original interior except head liner and this brown cover, i made them to protect the corners
  3. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    nice ! i have a garage full of them ^^ you can get cx and xm for 150- 200$ running condition but for dsand sm it's more more expansiv
  4. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    please yes !! i still looking for this pictures by the way, this is the original color of my dodge, sea plane blue
  5. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    hello, thank you for the link and nice dodge ! i use to have a 48 sedan, i realy love this dodges
  6. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    Hello evrybody, irecently sold a 65 mustang and my 1970 chrysler 300 so i have a lil bit of money to put in my 41 dodge, i'm looking some parts like front and rear fender RH. Iwant to know if i can find a wiring harness ready to install or if i have to build a new one myslef, my is in working condition but in the engin compartment it's a lil bit scary haha i don't want leave it like this i affraid the car get in fire one day cause of this. it's a beginning, i think i need new running bord specialy on the right side. Anyway, my priority is the fenders. i don't specialy want NOS but two used in good shape is enough. I find two NOS on ebay, about 350$ each but if i cant find cheaper is better cause i have to send them to france and the transport is not free haha. thank you everybody have a nice weekend.
  7. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    I drove this car as a daily driver since 2011 and last year on my birthday, i was driving in town and a guy came out of a parking spot he don't see me (strange isn'it? Haha) and it happen, the front and rear fenders get wreck and all the bondo on the rocker panel pop out on the right side.... Let me told you i cry hahaha whatever.... I think it was time to redone this car and repaint it in it's original color seaplane blue. But i'm realy sad cause i can't use it anymore until she is redone i have to drive a modern car :/ haha i think nobody know the french car citroen xm with hydraulique suspentions. It's a good car but i prefere my dodge. i will keep you updated about the work on it.
  8. Hello everybody, i have a 1941 dodge club coupe and i'm looking for photos of underneath cause on my car everythings about rocker panel is rusty or crack and diseapear with the time so i have no idae of what it suppose to look like. if someone have a 41 dodge in good shape please can you take some pictures of rocker panel, under the car floor A and B pillar it can help me. help me to save this old lady ^^ (my car look great on the picture but it's an older restauration, in the 70's maybe, full of bondo everywhere and it crack )
  9. Gyromatic trans fluid type

    Hello everybody, i have a question for you, if the 49 gyromatic trans can be use to replace a vaccamatic on a 41 chrysler?? i have a 41 chrysler royal, this car run and drive well but when the speeds increase the trans make a lot of noise like if someone try to shred sheet metal in a blinder...... i drain and a lot of metal parts came out of the trans in the oil...... i'm gonna try to fix this trans but i have a 49 gyromatic in spare and i wonder if i can use it on the chrysler. and you can understand if i can it gonna save my life hahaha finding a 41 vaccamatic in france is a kinda hard to do ^^ thank y'all
  10. Bxvd3

    go see to home depot at the plumbing stuff or gaz stuff i have my self a big box of copper washers like this but i'm in france :/ if you don't find one maybe i can send some for you.
  11. 6v Versus 12v Electrics

    thanks Niel ! it's a 270ci, i don't remember, i sold this car in august cause i find a lovely roadster ford model A of 1929, at this time, the only mopar i have is my 41 dodge coupe, it's my favorite, i can't never sold it ! here is a photo of my car, departure for a holiday road trip with 2 friends, it was a 1200 miles road trip !! a lot of fun ^^ and my model A
  12. 6v Versus 12v Electrics

    my 41 start at the first try every day my 55 strat perfectly too in this video the idle is a little bit high, it's before i check the automatic choke.
  13. 6v Versus 12v Electrics

    i have a 41 dodge me too ! all the wiring harness is the original on my car but it work fine ! i don't know for the plymouth of our UK friend but i have a glass tube SFE 30 for the headlight, this fuse is also for the turn signal, but i dont think you have tune sigal on the plymouth. if the car is still in 6V i think it's a good idea to keep it like that. check your battery cables, be sure they are of the good diameter, enough for 6V. i remember when i buy my 55 dodge royal lancer coupe, the previous guy switch the original 6V systeme for a 12V. he replace the battery cables for smaller one, adapted for 12V. this guy did a very poor job by the way, i just change the headlight, stop lights and tailllight. All of the other light he keep the 6V bulb on it, of course everything's burn hahaha anyway, when i replace by the original 6V system with the small battery calbles, the starter turn very very slowly, like a sloooowwww mooootionnn and the cable overheat and the car don't start. try to keep it in 6V it's not so hard to find bulbs, cables specialy in UK !! i'm french and i find every electry suply in UK for my 41 dodge. on this website AES http://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/home you can find every braided cable to build a new wiring harnes differents colors/size, everything you need to keep your car in good condition without switch it to 12V for the spark plug wire too, i buy cable buy the yard, conectors and i made my spark plug wires by myself it a cooper ame like the good old one, i read somewhere the new type of spark plug wire is not adapted for our old system you can find the old type of conector like we have on our old mopar bullet type with the conectors single double and 5 way