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  1. rumble48

    Oil Filter canister gasket size

    I am thinking of going down that path..... trimming the gasket on the inside would make it fit into the groove of the canister top... not much of a steady hand these days...thanks
  2. ok I give.... Since I purchased my plymouth several years ago, I have been changing the oil each year, using the napa 1080 filter, this filter fit fine, but the gasket has always seemed to be thicker/wider than the groove in the top allows. So under the heading of 'don't fix it if it ain't broke', I just put the top back on and called it done. This year after the oil change I noticed some oil pooling in the top of the filter, after researching here on the website I found my problem was most likely the fiber washer in the top... so I changed it out for a copper one.... problem solved. Almost, now that I'm paying more attention, the gasket for the top (that I never change) is allowing some oil to leak down the side of the canister.... I looked at a napa 1010, and while the filter looks similar, the gasket diameter is much smaller and not workable. Back to the 1080, the gasket does fit in the top, but seems too wide to fit into the groove for good sealing. Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.
  3. rumble48

    Weather vent leaking

    Tac... I was fortunate that my vent bound in the closed position... as part of car painting prep I worked in this area and found that the pivot pins that allow open/close were bound. after several rounds of various lubes.. I used a small cut-off tool to cut the pins. I replaced with new hardware and a vent seal: problem solved. I think the most difficult part was getting to it... ie. radio/bracket/etc. removal and that wasn't all that bad..... ps... ditto advice from robertkb....
  4. rumble48

    Parts for disc brake conversion

    Plymouthy.... no. I used an AAJ provided chevy master and AAJ bracketry, residuals, & adjustable proportioning valve without any other mods other than the disc. front. As I said, it all functions and stops fine, but with the window down I feel/hear some dragging from the front which seems to dissipate quickly. Also not a brake expert, but from discussion and reading, isn't the issue (need for residual) whether the master is above or below the calibers? So I have wondered if this wouldn't be affected by the stance of the car? ie. lowered some degree.... which mine is.... but not dumped. as you might have already have determined.... I might be telling you more than I know....
  5. rumble48

    Parts for disc brake conversion

    I have wondered about the check valve requirement, I have done the rusty /scarebird mods to my 48 coupe, and am very pleased, but I can feel some drag from the the front after applying and letting off the brakes, and have wondered a time or two about removing the residual from the front.... I read in the past regarding similar comments from other folks..... comments?
  6. rumble48

    Oil Filter part number?

    I have tried the Napa 1080 as well as an ac version, they both seemed to fit with only one problem, the gasket would not fit into the upper cover.... I have been lucky that the old gasket has been reusable with no leaks so far. I will be changing the oil and filter in the spring and probably take another stab at it, any guidance would be appreciated.
  7. rumble48

    Scarebird question for my P15 disc brake forum members

    Completed the Scarebird front Disc conversion and the AAJ dual master conversion August. I noticed the gap you are referring to, but in driving it since, it seems to drive and brake fine... no grease loose anywhere... craig
  8. rumble48

    Rear Axle Swop - U bolt stripped

    In my searches I did run across the ebay guy..... If you look close you just make out the gold threads on the u bolt.... lol
  9. rumble48

    Rear Axle Swop - U bolt stripped

    wondered if this post was stretching the bounds of propriety..... thanks for allowing some responses..... I realize U bolts are a dime a dozen, but I was hoping to find some (flat on the closed end) stock ones. I thought I had seen reference to a vendor selling nos new & used parts out of Texas, but no luck finding this am. Also while I have heard other folks recommend replacement every time, inspecting them for defects, cleaning the threads, and replacing those that are clearly at end of life, has worked for me. If I can't find them, I will order some aftermarket and replace them all in order to have them all the same style. craig
  10. In the midst of swopping in a different axle into my 48 Plymouth and noticed one of the U bolts is stripped, I have checked several mopar sites and no luck finding a replacement. can anyone point me in the right direction? A used one in good condition, preferred. thanks... craig
  11. rumble48

    Are New Distributors Pre-Set & Ready-to-Go?

    I think you would be smart to check the points gap even if they said preset..... it's not any harder than setting a spark plug gap..... as for the where that's a good question. craig
  12. rumble48

    Rear end swap

    Just based on research, both the D35 and the mopar 8.25 used in 90+ Cherokee's are 60" width, same as the 46-8 p18. The spring pads would need to aligned with the p18 springs, and properly angled before re-welding. D35's used in wranglers are less than popular, because they are apt to fail when abused in conjunction with larger tires... which isn't usually a problem in p18's etc.... craig
  13. rumble48

    Rear end swap

    I have been thinking about a similar swap, and debating 3.55 or 3.73 gears. On the driveshaft you will need to have your shaft modified to match the D 35 yoke...... guestimate 2-300.00. interested to hear how you like it after the change.....
  14. Enjoyed the photos, wish I were close enough to participate.....
  15. rumble48

    Merry Christmas

    Thanks for sharing a smile, and Merry Christmas to all........

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