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  1. austinsailor

    Anyone in the Ft. Myers area?

    I’m going to be spending some time in the Ft. Myers area. I thought it would be simple to see who might be around there who might also be interested in the old Mopars, but it wasn’t that simple. Only a few people show up on that mapping deal - non in that area - and if you search for people in Florida, most just say Florida. at any rate, we’re heading down this week to house hunt. As time goes on, i’ll Probably spend time there when it’s cold up here in Mo, and time up here when it gets hot down there. It it would be nice to find out what is going on in the old car world down there, particularly mopars.
  2. austinsailor

    Flat head supercharged

    Technically, a turbo charger is a specific type of supercharger, but it’s become so common to look at them as completely separated you can almost start fights trying to argue the point.
  3. austinsailor

    off the front deck just now.

    We have 5-9” predicted for tomorrow night. After a couple weeks of 50 to 60’s highs in January, this dose of reality is going to be tough!
  4. austinsailor

    More fuel for the zinc - zddp war

  5. austinsailor

    Let's see your other rides

    2019 F550. Building a custom bed. I’m tired of wimpy trucks!
  6. austinsailor


    My 48 B1B had similar problems, just very slow cranking. I’d checked everything, including the guts of the starter. Cleaned the armature, brushes bearings and all. Cleaned connections. One day I got particularly fed up and just pulled the starter off another truck I had and presto - all was good, cranked very fast. might save yourself a lot of headaches if you just buy, borrow or steal another starter.
  7. austinsailor

    Bought a new gadget I hopefully won't have to use.

    You guys sucked me in - mine should be here tomorrow.
  8. austinsailor

    Bought a new gadget I hopefully won't have to use.

    $96.60, Amazon. Free shipping.
  9. austinsailor

    What is this??

    A friend has had auto parts stores, collects old auto items and Chebby trucks. He has an item that we’re not sure of. He thinks it might be to service or check vacuum wiper motors. Any ideas?
  10. austinsailor

    Dodge car chase

    Someone posted this on Facebook on the flathead 6 group. Since it’s a Dodge, shouldn’t it be here, too?
  11. austinsailor

    Got my wheels back!

    Just got my wire wheels back from the powder coater. I think they’ll look pretty darn good on my 36 Airflow.
  12. austinsailor

    Got my wheels back!

    No bevels, flat like a mag wheel.
  13. austinsailor

    Got my wheels back!

    Don't have any. Might have to try aluminum spinning again. It's been 55 years, surely Ican remember how.
  14. austinsailor

    Got my wheels back!

    It'll be tubes. Not sure what to use for a flap. Thought about a few wraps of duck tape. A friend tells me he's done it and it works fine until the first time you take a tire off,then it's a mess.
  15. austinsailor

    How to change your oil

    In this particular instance, his mother had sent him there before I heard anything about it. Later, I was with her when she insisted in going to a different one and have her oil changed. “They are professionals. They’ll do it right, “ says she. After a half hour of high pressure sales, and no concern about the oil it took or had been used previously, she finally got it.
  16. austinsailor

    How to change your oil

    My stepson took the 4 year old Mercedes to the local quick change place. When he got back he told me it needed a new oil pan. Seems it was rusted out and leaking. ”What the heck are you talking about??!!” He said that was discovered when they were changing the oil. Took him and the car back and the kids working there insisted that was the problem. Over their objections I pulled it in and went down in their pit. Turns out they got the gasket folded over on the canister type oil filter. Made them get another filter for the gasket (they mistakenly thought I should pay for it), fixed it myself and left. Never again unless i’m Watching. My motto is, “ Consider everyone incompetent until proven otherwise.” It’s served me well.
  17. austinsailor

    Red Ram Hemi engine size

    I have the first 3 but won’t be home for a week. If you still need it then let me know.
  18. austinsailor

    Fast Four

    I don't think they were Dodge wheels. An older guy gathered parts all over the midwest and put it together. Most are correct, but I don't think the wheels are. I have no idea what they came off of. He died a few years before I found it. His kids had heard of me said they were just waiting until I found out about it, they knew I'd buy it. Another restored chassis with running gear, but no sheet metal, came with it. That one has wood wheels without the metel rims or tires.
  19. austinsailor

    Fast Four

    The car has 24", which is not correct for the car. The spare is 20".
  20. austinsailor

    Fast Four

    Here's my 24 DB the with the solid wheels. It's not obvious in the pictures, but they are split ring. I have one extra wheel if anyone needs one.
  21. austinsailor


    For an example, Tim,a few years ago I wanted a set of wire wheels. They were on a 65 plymouth. Car was probably going to the crusher, not likely anyone would fix it. The guy wouldn't sell the wheels. Wouldn't put a price on them. Finally bought the car for $300. (I'd probably have given him that for the wheels!) sold the 383, torque flite and diff for $500, $190 at the crusher for the remains, and kept the wheels! sandblasting them today to get powder coated, going on the before mentioned Desoto Airflow. Look at the big picture before you walk!
  22. austinsailor


    Los_Control, I get it. I think, technically, it's not a lie if they believe it. a few years ago I flew to Seattle planning to buy a 1936 Desoto Airflow. The car had a number of problems that counterdicted what he'd told me. I quickly figured out he just didn't know a 1936 car was capable of steering a straight path down the road, and really should stop in less than a block. We agreed on a $5000 price reduction, all was good.
  23. austinsailor


    Personally, I'd walk when I realized I was dealing with a lying SOB, but that is just me. As to tires, over the years I've learned there are two types - new and worn out. Everybody thinks they have new tires until the cords show. But - and this will probably start a new war - any radial over 6 years old is dangerous. 13 years? I'd have bought new ones before driving home! We've had this discussion here before, but there are probably new people now. They are subject to just fly apart after that aproximate age. I was skeptical for a while until I had too many failures of perfectly fine looking tires over that age.
  24. austinsailor

    Synthetic oil

    For years I've heard that synthetic oil can cause leaks in old motors because it's much slicker that petroleum oil and will slip through the seal. i've also heard a new motor won't break in properly because of the same properties.
  25. austinsailor

    Synthetic oil

    Oh, no! Not the zinc/no zinc battle again!!?? But, whichever side you are on, the "modern" diesel oils have most of the zinc gone. Rotella's current version, J, has little. But the older H version, which had plenty, is still made. It's sold for Detroit Diesels, which I've bought by the drum lately, and even in Walmart by the gallon, sold as older vehicle oil.

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