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  1. austinsailor

    Fast Four

    I don't think they were Dodge wheels. An older guy gathered parts all over the midwest and put it together. Most are correct, but I don't think the wheels are. I have no idea what they came off of. He died a few years before I found it. His kids had heard of me said they were just waiting until I found out about it, they knew I'd buy it. Another restored chassis with running gear, but no sheet metal, came with it. That one has wood wheels without the metel rims or tires.
  2. austinsailor

    Fast Four

    The car has 24", which is not correct for the car. The spare is 20".
  3. austinsailor

    Fast Four

    Here's my 24 DB the with the solid wheels. It's not obvious in the pictures, but they are split ring. I have one extra wheel if anyone needs one.
  4. austinsailor


    For an example, Tim,a few years ago I wanted a set of wire wheels. They were on a 65 plymouth. Car was probably going to the crusher, not likely anyone would fix it. The guy wouldn't sell the wheels. Wouldn't put a price on them. Finally bought the car for $300. (I'd probably have given him that for the wheels!) sold the 383, torque flite and diff for $500, $190 at the crusher for the remains, and kept the wheels! sandblasting them today to get powder coated, going on the before mentioned Desoto Airflow. Look at the big picture before you walk!
  5. austinsailor


    Los_Control, I get it. I think, technically, it's not a lie if they believe it. a few years ago I flew to Seattle planning to buy a 1936 Desoto Airflow. The car had a number of problems that counterdicted what he'd told me. I quickly figured out he just didn't know a 1936 car was capable of steering a straight path down the road, and really should stop in less than a block. We agreed on a $5000 price reduction, all was good.
  6. austinsailor


    Personally, I'd walk when I realized I was dealing with a lying SOB, but that is just me. As to tires, over the years I've learned there are two types - new and worn out. Everybody thinks they have new tires until the cords show. But - and this will probably start a new war - any radial over 6 years old is dangerous. 13 years? I'd have bought new ones before driving home! We've had this discussion here before, but there are probably new people now. They are subject to just fly apart after that aproximate age. I was skeptical for a while until I had too many failures of perfectly fine looking tires over that age.
  7. austinsailor

    Synthetic oil

    For years I've heard that synthetic oil can cause leaks in old motors because it's much slicker that petroleum oil and will slip through the seal. i've also heard a new motor won't break in properly because of the same properties.
  8. austinsailor

    Synthetic oil

    Oh, no! Not the zinc/no zinc battle again!!?? But, whichever side you are on, the "modern" diesel oils have most of the zinc gone. Rotella's current version, J, has little. But the older H version, which had plenty, is still made. It's sold for Detroit Diesels, which I've bought by the drum lately, and even in Walmart by the gallon, sold as older vehicle oil.
  9. austinsailor

    master cylinder upgrade to dual

    Everything I saw was $279 and up. What did I miss?
  10. austinsailor

    What's wrong with this picture......

    So, you're working on the coupe? Good show, next visit I want a ride!
  11. austinsailor


    One thing I've found that will help is to have a fed ex account. Many things I've found were for local sale only, no shipping. However, once they find all they have to do is walk into a local fed ex office and set it on the counter they are happy. Fed ex packs, ships and charges it to me.
  12. austinsailor

    1970 Plymouth Barracuda

    Let me see if I get this. Great restoration candidate, most body panel are shot, several that are left are not original and need serious repairs. Original mumbers matching motor and transmission are gone, a worn out 318 is in it's place. Only $21,000. Did I get this right?
  13. austinsailor

    Anyone in the Ft. Myers area?

    I'm in North Ft. Myers, will be here for a week or two. Was wondering if there was anyone who might want to visit and talk old Mopar's while I'm here. Found it it impossible to find member's locations on the mobile version, but I'd welcome any messages. Drop a line. Maybe meet for lunch or? Gene Gruender
  14. Getting ready go start on my 36 Desoto Airflow, hoping to make it me daily driver. The original overdrive is in parts in a box, not practical to repair. The current non-od unknown 3 speed leaves a 50 mph top practical speed, so I plan to use a 53 Plymouth od. I'll eventually figure this out, but would anyone know what is compatible and what isn't. Will the plymouth tranny bolt directly to the airflow bellhousing? Is the pilot shaft the same? In the event the transmission won't bolt up, will the bellhousing from the Plymouth bolt to the airflow?
  15. austinsailor

    Bellhousing/transmission questions for Airflow

    No idea what the current transmission came from. I know it's not original, and is probably a foot shorter than original.
  16. austinsailor

    Bellhousing/transmission questions for Airflow

    Ok, this isn't s final answer, But after comparing 3 speeds from a couple 40's and 53, and a case and pilot shaft from what I think was an Airflow transmission, they measure the same. I'll have to pull it to be sure, and there is a chance that front piece that the pilot shaft sticks out of is not compatible, but the basics sure look like they will work.
  17. austinsailor

    I bought another old dodge !

    Dale could answer that. Dale, is it like a normal 3 on the tree, or a 2 range sort-of automatic? Either will have a clutch and torque converter type arrangement. Regardless, a donor car should provide all the parts needed to go to a normal 3 speed.
  18. austinsailor

    I bought another old dodge !

    I think by this time it wasn't a 3 speed behind a fluid coupling, it was the semiautomatic with 2 ranges. Pretty sure it is. That is a whole different animal.
  19. austinsailor

    I bought another old dodge !

    I was talking about a swap to a 3 speed or 3 speed with od, both were offered originally. How are the brakes now? Were you able to get them right with my tool?
  20. austinsailor

    I bought another old dodge !

    Parts are around to swap. You can do this.
  21. austinsailor

    Bellhousing/transmission questions for Airflow

    Oh, there is an Airflow club and internet group. If I ask these questions there I'd get eaten up and spit out! Purists! But it's my car and I want to drive it, not just to an occasional gathering. don't know about the floor yet. Right now it has a very stubby 3 speed which had the brake drum interfere with the frame, so they just removed it. The brake and drum, not the frame. Another problem this will solve. not hard to get my answers, thought someone might know. This is the car in question.
  22. austinsailor

    Bellhousing/transmission questions for Airflow

    There are other changes down the road if this works out. I have a 251, ported, hot cam, shaved head, 3 carbs and Langdon tube headers. I might install it once I get the rest of the car in a daily driver shape. But that's another project.
  23. austinsailor

    owner/license info on sides of trucks

    In Missouri, for one, owner's name, licensed weight (in 6000 lb increments) town and local or beyond local were required on ALL trucks, pickup or not. Another quirk is, a station wagon could chose to be either a truck or car. A cars license cost was based on SAE horsepower, a truck was based on gross weight. A local truck license (with a range of 25 miles from it's licensed address) was much cheaper. As a result, many wagons were licensed as trucks. Of course, they had to stay under the gross weight they were registered go - including a trailer if they towed one.
  24. austinsailor

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    That looks pretty cool. Got any more pictures or info?
  25. austinsailor

    24 Dodge Brothers tours a park

    Spent yesterday touring Arches National Park in eastern Utah. Really neat day. Caused a lot of picture taking - and a lot of thumbs up. Held up traffic at times, but if there were any 2 finger salutes, I missed them! But - and a big but. After about 4 years of occasionally driving this thing in many places and temperatures, I found a big shortcoming. It has the old vacuum tank for fuel delivery. If you are not familiar with them, they were a for runner of the fuel pump. They allowed the gas tank to be located low or in the rear instead of just gravity feed from a tank in the cowel. They do this by using vacuum to suck gas from the tank into a small canister on the firewall. It then gravity feeds to the carburetor. A float and valve tells it when to suck gas. Mine has worked fine for years. Then, I go to this park with long, steep hills. Steep hills means full throttle for long periods of time. Overheating was not an issue, even though it was nearly 100. No vacuum at full throttle, though, was a big issue. No vacuum, no suckie has. Vacuum tank runs out, a couple early warning backfires from lean mixture, you're done! Stop, fill the vacuum tank from a gas can, repeat. Solution? Stay in low gear at about 5 mph so vacuum can develop. i think I may install an electric fuel pump with a momentary contact switch to solve this. Any thoughts are welcome.

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