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  1. Upholstry choices?

    I know there has been a lot of chatter over the years about interior kits for the B series, but now that I need to order something I search and haven't come up with much meaningful. My guy recovering the seat wants me to have it before he does his thing so he can match it. Anyone have any thoughts? I'm not trying to save $, just would like to end up with something that lasts and looks nice.
  2. Just leaving Brimson, Mn with my"new" 49.
  3. Just picked up my 49 dually

    Certainly, come visit. Don't expect a museum, though!
  4. Just picked up my 49 dually

    Just north of Columbia.
  5. Just picked up my 49 dually

    Well, I did avoid the weigh stations! :^) i haul my track loader on a 40' flat trailer with a pintle hitch. No problems.
  6. Just picked up my 49 dually

    Well, I didn't know I "needed" the 49 that I just drove to northern Minnesota to get, so who knows? So so far Linda has been tolerant of my disease, but I shouldn't push it too far! Besides, I'm running out of parking space.
  7. Just picked up my 49 dually

    Someone should get that. I'm overloaded. If I do one a year I'll be 90 when I catch up - I must practice restraint! (How much do they want for it?)
  8. They went from a Cleveland u joint to a more modern one in mid year of 49. Did they also go the synchro mid year, or not until '50?
  9. Upholstry choices?

    After seeing the prices and reading the feedback, that is probably what I'll do. I need 2 sets, so after getting one done right, 2nd should be a piece of cake. thanks for all the info.
  10. Just picked up my 49 dually

    I didn't make it to the scale, but... truck weighs about 7800, trailer about 1500, camper about 4000, pilothouse is a guess, but 3200? Tools, spares, chains etc another 500. So - 17,000 or so? Light load - I've crosssed the scale at a little over 30,000 before. Pickups are a little more than they were 60-70 years ago. For example, hauled this 3 axle White road tractor back from Western Kansas a couple years ago. I doubt the 49 was up to that, even when it was new.
  11. You'd really have trouble with my 23 dodge brothers roadster. Sort of a reversed "H" pattern. First it left and up, reverse is left and back, second is right and down, third is right and up. Doesn't the 4 speed just bolt in where the 3 speed was? Find a 4 speed from a B1B, just swap. Course, you might end up with an older one and have no synchro on anything!
  12. Upholstry choices?

    Wow! Pricier than I expected. Thanks for the links.
  13. Just picked up my 49 dually

    But it wasn't empty when I left!
  14. Just picked up my 49 dually

    It was good to visit Ed and meet his wonderful family, and a joy to go out and have supper with them. I got to see his new shop - he's still getting sorted out! - and some of his projects.
  15. Just picked up my 49 dually

    Yes, Tim, we did see some snow in Augsburg. Nobody had 4wd, either, and we made it everywhere. snow was getting close to melting, but they have another heavy round predicted in a couple days so we're headed south quickly. I think I'd do fine on it, but I've seen too many others who can't!
  16. Just picked up my 49 dually

    There is a quarry near my house, I may just do that. I have it licensed for 30,000 lbs, so I'm sure I'm ok.
  17. Just picked up my 49 dually

    Yep, had to pull it out of a snow bank. More coming, i'm getting the heck out of here!
  18. Be heading out tomorrow to get that 49 Dually dump I recently bought. If someone has parts they think I can't live without, or needs something hauled on my empty trailer going up give me a shout. What would i need? I usually don't know I need it until I see something. Didn't know I needed that '49!
  19. Friend's airboat

    I knew a friend owned an airboat, but I had never seen it. When he found out I'd never been on one he invited my girlfriend and I to go on a tour in it. When I saw the sign on the rudder I knew some of you guys would enjoy it. His wife admits it's cute, she would like it better if it was on someone else's boat!
  20. New glass

    Darn - I just placed an order with them Friday. Thought I went through everything the carried for my truck. Guess I missed them.
  21. New glass

    Putting the new glass in my B1B. Got usable parts for the wing vents located, all sandblasted, repainted and glass ready to go in. i've masked everything off and will set the glass in black RTV. After a couple days cure time I'll score the RTV all around, then peal all the masking tape. i did my 40 Dodge sedan some years ago and this worked fine. i got all my window materials from Bernbaum. The sweeps have no way to rivet then in, he says work a screw through them. (Really - horizontally in a 1" slot??). The other parts he suggested glueing them, unlike the original rivets. Pretty low rent, I'm not happy. I did tell them as well, anyway, ask lots of questions before you buy. i'll post more pictures as it progresses.
  22. New glass

    Good idea, thanks. Mine are gone, but I have several parts trucks. I'll check when I get home tomorrow. Hopefully I can salvage enough to make them work.
  23. New glass

    Your solution sounds great, I can see that working. Bernbaum doesn't seem to know about it. Do you know where I can get these clips?
  24. 53 New Yorker valve stem leaking

    They make an oval stem, usually has a nut on a threaded stem. A good tire shop, or one in farm country should be able to help. You can get them online, too. Such as these on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Milton-476-Oval-Tubeless-Valve/dp/B001O2ZTSQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1523047470&sr=1-1&keywords=oval+valve+stem&dpID=41xIDb%2BT2PL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch