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  1. austinsailor

    motor choice question

    I have a 49 3/4 ton frame out back. I should check it. Hadn't thought about that. Thanks.
  2. austinsailor

    motor choice question

    Well, thought I would get farther tonight, but rusty bolts removing the front slowed me down. It also occurred to me that whatever choice I make I'll have to switch pans and oil pickup going from car to truck. Maybe not the one that came out of the 57 dodge panel, though. It's in my loft and I haven't checked it yet. I also found that the bracket that holds the radiator frame, therefore the whole front end, is broken and nearly falling off! Since riviting it back isn't an option, I think I'll weld it to the frame in it's correct position.
  3. austinsailor

    Visited Brian's junk yord

    Just left a great visit at Brian's junknyard, American Canyon, California. Hundreds of 40's and 50's cars and trucks. Some 60's. Spent about 5 hours with him and his wife. Absolutely delightful. And - I finally found spare wheels for my 1924 Dodge Brothers roadster. He has quite a few Dodge trucks from 40 into the 50's.
  4. Well, I just bought it. Factory radio?
  5. austinsailor

    Motorola 802 radio, any good?

    I guess straight. Was installed in a 48 pickup, looked factory. Should fit mine when I remove the delete plate.
  6. Looking at a motor that doesn't show up in the charts. t786, what is that?
  7. there is a junkyard about 60 miles from Sacramento that has a lot of old Mopar's, including a truck he still uses with a 413 flat head motor. I talked to him recently and am on the way to California, planning to visit. Now i can't find my contact info! Can someone help me with the name or phone #? I know it's been mentioned here before. thanks!
  8. austinsailor

    Old Mopar Junk yard near Sacramento, ca

    That was probably a 413 V8, which was common in junky motor homes.
  9. austinsailor

    Old Mopar Junk yard near Sacramento, ca

    I was hoping to find a 413, didn't yet. Just for what it's worth, Brian has 2 - 377 ci flatheads, wants $1500 each. I have 2 - 331 engines, so I'll pass.
  10. austinsailor

    Old Mopar Junk yard near Sacramento, ca

    Will be in the area tomorrow night (Wednesday) and probably see him Thursday or friday. i'm bringing a Crosley farm-o-road to a guy in Sacramento, then bum around a bit on the way back to Missouri. probably go south to I-10 and visit a friend or two in West texas, then head north. Any interesting things to see?
  11. austinsailor

    Old Mopar Junk yard near Sacramento, ca

    Well, I know trucks. But yes, I believe that is him. thanks a lot. i should post pictures after I visit!
  12. austinsailor

    Old Mopar Junk yard near Sacramento, ca

    I'm replying to my own post only because I forgot to click the "notify me of replies" button.
  13. austinsailor

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    He used components from other cars, i would guess salvaged cars. It would be hard to set up a factory using junk cars as your art shop source. And that Is if the big guys didn't sue you!
  14. austinsailor

    Forum member visitor..

    Almost back to Missouri. What a pleasant visit! Plymothy has quite a collection from classics to bordering antique. It's obvious from his projects he's quite a craftsman. And, although he didn't say as much, it appears he enjoys the building more than the driving. I hope to be invited for another tour. I think the best way would be to trailer something like my 24 Dodge Brothers roadster to somewhere in the area and wheel into his drive in it. Thanks for the hospitality, Tim. If you get to central Missouri on a car chase please drop in.
  15. austinsailor

    Hurricane Harvey - What a mess!

    No insurance, except liability. Cost, even if you can get it, is outrageous.
  16. austinsailor

    Hurricane Harvey - What a mess!

    My 40' sailboat was right at ground zero when Harvey hit. What a mess. Mine stayed afloat, but was stuck on top of 2 more big sailboats. I managed to get her off and free at high tide, but she was dismasted (they are in the waster somewhere) and had several big places there the hull was broken. Oh, well. It was just a boat, not my body!
  17. austinsailor

    Hurricane Harvey - What a mess!

    I've been asked by several people if the devastation was as bad as portrayed in the news. it's much worse. There is no way they can show how bad it was. Block after block, just torn to hell. 1000 boats sunk or beat to hell like mine. And that is from insurance reports. Many, like mine, had no insurance.
  18. austinsailor

    radio model 606

    This fellow has rebuilt 3 radios for me, very good work and reasonable prices. He's retired from something else and is a radio nerd, loves working on them. I recommend him. http://southtexasantiqueelectronics.com
  19. austinsailor

    Looking for starting help/advice '53 Cambridge

    Yes, and there are about 500 articles to read! You might be awhile.
  20. austinsailor

    B3B passenger limitations

    Just looked up the California law, you can if you have suitable restraints installed. (Seatbelts)
  21. austinsailor

    23" and 25" engines

    Some parts are interchangeable. Pistons if the same bore, oil pump, I think flywheels, bell housings.
  22. austinsailor

    Dodge Demon Released!

    Supposed to be the first production car to raise the front wheels. Sure thought I saw hemi cars doing that in the early 60's. Maybe they had suttle modifications that made them not production. Or maybe they just didn't test for that or report it.
  23. austinsailor

    48 Windsor - Heat Riser

    Take it all out and drill and tap the holes to a standard thread, put a bolt in? Or am I not getting it?

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