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  1. austinsailor

    Engine Number in the title?

    That was standard at that time. You are lucky - many changed the motor but not the paperwork. It was common to change the motor, then update the title. There is still a simple procedure in Mo. to do this, it was a form and $2 fee last time I checked. there is a chance the motor was changed and paperwork updated, so your motor may not match other numbers. I'm having trouble figuring out why you'd have a problem - maybe a young inspector who knows nothing? tell us what sort of problem it's causing you and there's a good chance one of us has already been through it.
  2. austinsailor

    Light Bulbs

    I just bought dash light bulbs at NAPA an hour ago for my B1B.
  3. austinsailor

    Light Bulbs

    Headlight? Taillight? Dash?
  4. austinsailor

    I bought another old dodge !

    New glasses??
  5. austinsailor

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    A friend of mine who used to own a garage and some wreckers frequently moved boxes like this when mechanics changed jobs. $80 or so on the back of a wrecker, old job to new job.
  6. Trying to get the steering wheel off, of course, first step is removing the horn button. As I recall, you push it in and turn it to get it off of some fingers. It's not like I haven't done this before, on this vehicle even, but nothing is letting loose trying to turn it either way. Searchs turned up nothing, so, does anyone recall which way it turns, clock wise or counter clock wise? If I know I'm going the right way I'll get violent with it. It is sort of pissing me off!
  7. austinsailor

    Spotted...1924 Dodge Bros. truck

    My 24 Dodge Brothers 100% stock.
  8. austinsailor

    Air Wrenches

    I have a harbor freight 1/2" air impact, lasted a month. Got a sears electric 1/2" in 1974, still use it regularly.
  9. austinsailor

    Opinion. 49 pilot house

    You'll probably need some bedsides soon, too!
  10. austinsailor

    Opinion. 49 pilot house

    I understand that - I've sold a few things, and in most cases i've regretted it in the end.
  11. austinsailor

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Damn, don't let that get around - someone will think I built it!
  12. austinsailor

    Show your Goodies!

    The heck with tools - let's see the goodies you have laying around. Here are are a couple manifolds I have to start:
  13. austinsailor

    Show your Goodies!

    Oh, in the other room I have this AOK triple setup, ready for my 251. Add those Langdon headers on the other pictures, a shaved head and the cam Edgerton ground for me - I think it'll be a runner.
  14. austinsailor

    Making my Airflow a daily driver

    This is more a brainstorming session than a particular question. rather than buy yet another newer POS plastic car, I'm toying with turning my '36 Desoto Airflow into my daily driver. What good are they if you don't drive them? biggest problem is I either need new rear wnd gears or a different transmission. I'm owner #4 of this 50,000 mile car, and for some reason many years ago the original overdrive transmission was disassembled and an unknown 3 speed was put in. Overdrive came in a box with it, but rebuilding it is a $3-4 k exercise, and likely not reliable. Rear gears are something lower than 4:11, so right now 45 is about the top you'd want to go. i have a set of nos 3:56 gears that might solve some of this. Also, maybe a 5 speed with overdrive. You'll say right off " Wait, you'll lose your e brake". Well, not really, because when they put in this 3 speed it was a foot shorter than the overdrive. The e brake interfeared with the frame so they tossed it. so, maybe a T5 and a modern rear axle. Airflow has a 5 on 5" wheel pattern, so that needs to be solved. (And no left hand threads on the left - not a problem, just a curiosity). Original motor, runs fine and should last a long time. Brakes, suspension and steering all in good shape. Just looking for thoughts, ideas, maybe feedback on a T5 fitting an Airflow.
  15. austinsailor

    Making my Airflow a daily driver

    Nope, and I got rid of my Tv last year, too. The world has become a much nicer place!
  16. austinsailor

    Making my Airflow a daily driver

    THat's the worst idea I've heard in a long time!!
  17. austinsailor

    Show your Goodies!

    Here you go, another manifold. Fenton cast iron headers, currently on a 40 Dodge truck motor. Bought it from a guy who put a stovebolt 6 and powerglide in his 40 Dodge pickup. Why??? Who knows, but I got all the goodies, including aluminum valve covers and lots of chrome.
  18. austinsailor

    1939 Plymouth

    Why tie it up?
  19. austinsailor

    Media Blast Cabinet Build

    Mine is a bigger Scat Blast cabinet, similar to this, and it's probably the most used thing I have. From big parts to just nuts and bolts. Taking old rusted bolts and nuts out, if you can get them out without breaking, and 15 seconds to have them work like new.
  20. austinsailor

    Looking for a new worm gear

    I used the new sector and old worm. Never found another option.
  21. austinsailor

    Looking for a new worm gear

    This is probably a long shot, but I'm trying to put new parts in the steering box of my S2 1936 Desoto Airflow. I have a new sector but a new worm/shaft seems to not exist. A little info so you'll know where I'm at. From everything I know, there were 4 basic choices in the worm/sector choices. One worm was either 2 1/4" long (I'm going from memory, might be slightly different) the other is 2 3/4" long. Then there was either right hand or left hand thread. I have a new sector, so I'm not worried about that. The worm/shaft varied in length and maybe how the threaded end was made, but it's the other end, the worm I'm worried about. The smaller ones were used in normal dodge/plymouth/Chrysler setups, the larger in 7 passenger and who knows what? Airflows, for one. Most were right hand thread, of course, the Airflow is left hand. If I can locate a larger size left hand one I can either press it off the shaft, or graft my shaft into the new one. My problem is I have no idea what used the larger worm with a left hand screw. Most of the boxes have a vertical sector shaft, going down with the pitman arm pointing to the rear. The Airflow has the shaft going out horizonatally, then the pitman arm points down. I'm guessing, and it's only a guess, that I need to start by figuring out if there is another application where the sector shaft is horizontal. Then find out if any are the bigger worm arrangement. Anyone know of such an animal?
  22. austinsailor

    1953 dodge Coronet transmission issues

    Guess my reputation is intact - stuck clutch.
  23. austinsailor

    Rear end choices for the Airflow

    Strange - it says it's 60% full. I'm deleting a bunch anyway.
  24. austinsailor

    Rear end choices for the Airflow

    In the quest to make the 36 Desoto Airflow a daily driver, it's been suggested I do a a rear end swap. Seems reasonable, get the correct gearing and disk brakes, plus the E brake. so, since it seems someone here can always come up with the info needed, what rear would give me 58" side to side from the wheel mounting surface, disk brakes and a low 3: something gear ratio? 3:23 or there abouts? I'm not concerned with spring mounts or shock mounts, I can fix that. i have another challenge on the front disk brake. Rusty Hope can only provide a kit if I have my spindles machined to a smaller diameter. I'm a little reluctant to do that. Anyone have other thoughts? Surely there are other 30's Chrysler or Desoto conversions.

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