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  1. austinsailor

    24 Dodge Brothers tours a park

    Trailered to Tomahawk, Wi for a week at the Antique outboard meet. Then to Bozeman, Mt for a couple days around there. Then to Bonneville for a week of driving around there, around the pits, to the starting line (about 6 miles one way) and errands. Then to the Arches park. Now on the way to Missouri after visiting Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.
  2. austinsailor

    24 Dodge Brothers tours a park

    Spent yesterday touring Arches National Park in eastern Utah. Really neat day. Caused a lot of picture taking - and a lot of thumbs up. Held up traffic at times, but if there were any 2 finger salutes, I missed them! But - and a big but. After about 4 years of occasionally driving this thing in many places and temperatures, I found a big shortcoming. It has the old vacuum tank for fuel delivery. If you are not familiar with them, they were a for runner of the fuel pump. They allowed the gas tank to be located low or in the rear instead of just gravity feed from a tank in the cowel. They do this by using vacuum to suck gas from the tank into a small canister on the firewall. It then gravity feeds to the carburetor. A float and valve tells it when to suck gas. Mine has worked fine for years. Then, I go to this park with long, steep hills. Steep hills means full throttle for long periods of time. Overheating was not an issue, even though it was nearly 100. No vacuum at full throttle, though, was a big issue. No vacuum, no suckie has. Vacuum tank runs out, a couple early warning backfires from lean mixture, you're done! Stop, fill the vacuum tank from a gas can, repeat. Solution? Stay in low gear at about 5 mph so vacuum can develop. i think I may install an electric fuel pump with a momentary contact switch to solve this. Any thoughts are welcome.
  3. austinsailor

    I bought another old dodge !

    Good chance the points have a bit of corrosion. Turn on the ignition, hold the coil wire near the block. Short and unshort the points with a screwdriver. If you get fire, clean the points.
  4. austinsailor

    Edgy speed shop car down

    Earl Edgerton's racer had a problem. After making the fasted run ever, next run resulted in holes in the pan and water on the ground. Pulling the covers revealed at leadt a cam in several pieces. That's what happens when pushed to the max running 5100 rpm! this is a 251 with the f head conversion. Overhead intake valves. When I asked, he wasn't sure he'd rebuild. I'm guessing, even using parts off this motor, it would take $10k +, starting with a new block.
  5. austinsailor

    Exciting week with the Montana Dodge Boys!

    If you live up north you'll get a rusted out vehicle and have no fun! :>) i'm putting all over it in my 1924 DB. Yes, I'm having fun.
  6. austinsailor

    New speed record today

    We sat at mile 4 in the Bonneville pits and watched Mickey Thompson's streamline pass on it's record setting run about 8 this morning. Awesome!
  7. austinsailor

    Exciting week with the Montana Dodge Boys!

    And parked next to us is Earl Edgerton with his F head (over head intake valve) conversion. It's like I've stumbled into all the gods of MOPAR!
  8. austinsailor

    Exciting week with the Montana Dodge Boys!

    Pits are going together. That's the 62 Autocar running in French fry oil that brought the whole mess down. and a quick shot of the end of the pits.
  9. austinsailor

    Exciting week with the Montana Dodge Boys!

    Yes. It's here, he drove it down. Awesome car.
  10. What a week this is. Spent yesterday with the Montana Dodge Boys at their Speedweek party, then today caravaned with them to the salt. Tomorrow starts the next level of fun. Firing them up, cars running for records. How's this for a young boy's start. The engine builder's son turned 15 about a week ago. Got his driver's license last week. He makes the first record attempt run in the Fast Four car! Holy cow, at 15 I was lucky if I could ride a moped in the yard! I did bring my 24 Dodge Brothers roadster to drive to the various pits. Figured I'd have more credibility than if I showed up in a Prius! a few pictures of the parking at the party.
  11. austinsailor

    Went to the Chevy dealer., what did I find?

    Went back to leave the Vette this evening, snapped a picture of the Studebaker "police car".
  12. austinsailor

    Went to the Chevy dealer., what did I find?

    It was probably sold at Columbia Motors, which was in downtown Columbia, Plymouth Desoto. In 62 I was working around the corner at Boone County Motors, the Dodge Chrysler dealer since maybe '29. They tore down Columbia Motors in '62. The downtown location of Chrysler went on a few more years. I don't know who owns the old Desoto, but I'm going to find out. I need to know him!
  13. austinsailor

    Went to the Chevy dealer., what did I find?

    Columbia. Was looking for a couple minor repairs for my Vette, found them in the shop. Big dealership ( Bob McCosh), they have one guy who works on carbureted things. I guess that is almost a lost art.
  14. austinsailor

    Went to the Chevy dealer., what did I find?

    Only 1 repaint. Has the auto type transmission, tip toe, I guess. No restoration. Inside looks pretty much like a 2 year old car. Strangely, on the rack around the corner is a 60 Lark made up to be a police car. Someone is getting it as a birthday present.
  15. Sitting there after being serviced was - a 1950 Desoto. 1 family car, originally bought by his Grandmother.

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