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  1. austinsailor

    CHANGE TITLE "Fuel Pump, Putz"

    I just read this entire thread, and am left with one question - why does anyone think welding a lump on the fuel pump arm will increase the stroke? It'll alter the starting point of the stroke, but not the distance. ???
  2. austinsailor

    Stupid carburetor!

    Yes, less than half. Thanks. NAPA failed me on this one!
  3. austinsailor

    Identifying a T786 motor

    Brian has a selection of molyblocks in his yard, including the 413 industrial in his truck he uses regularly. When he replaced the original 331 many years ago he found his starter pedal rubbed the block because it was wider. He and I measured several motors and found his industrial 413 was a bit wider, I think about 1/4". Head bolt to head bolt, where we measured them, were not the same.
  4. austinsailor

    Identifying a T786 motor

    All the 30" motors had 12 ports. I have a couple 331 ci motors, 12 ports.
  5. austinsailor

    Industrial engine into truck

    Probably also the distributor to get vacuum advance and proper advance curve.
  6. austinsailor

    Identifying a T786 motor

    The 413 block is a bit wider than the 331, although it's close enough you'd have to put a tape on it to tell. Not sure about a 377, never saw one to tell. when I saw this motor I thought it would be simple enough with the factory motor number, so I didn't check other details. I regret it now! not sure if it's stuck, so even if I was there checking the stroke might be a challenge. i asked here a few months ago and got no answer, was hoping someone new would see this and have some info. I suppose if I get serious enough I'll just have to make a trip.
  7. austinsailor

    Identifying a T786 motor

    If it in fact is.
  8. austinsailor

    Identifying a T786 motor

    If it in fact is.
  9. austinsailor

    Identifying a T786 motor

    Flathead 30" dodge molyblock. I'm 1500 miles away, so more details would be hard to get. I thought at the time the motor number would be sufficient, but it doesn't turn up anywhere. dual carbs, dual exhaust. don't know what an "Rb" is.
  10. austinsailor

    Identifying a T786 motor

    Still trying to figure out what this motor is. I believe it's a 413 but can't find it listed anywhere. It's in about a 55 wrecker, may or may not be original.
  11. austinsailor

    Stupid carburetor!

    I've been kind of quiet for a few days. My girlfriend decided it was time to pull the carpet out and tile my house (we'd talked about it for some time) and she was here volunteering to help. Stupid carburetor was put on hold and sat in the laquer thinner for days while we put in 12 hour days on tile. I did tile while she mixed mud, cut tile and mowed my yard and pulled weeds when her part was caught up. Carb could wait - I know my priorities! Almost done, so I slipped away last night and rinsed it, put it in WD 40 rust desolver (couldn't find any evapo-rust locally) overnight. That stuff did a good job. Slipped out a couple hours ago, washed it all, blew it out and put most of it together. Might get to finish tomorrow. I do have to wonder why a Carter BB kit has gone from around $21-$22 to about $50! How the heck did they manage that?
  12. austinsailor

    Stupid carburetor!

    Got a fresh kit in hand, carb is completely disassembled and soaking overnight in a gallon of lacquer thinner. For what it's worth, dwell, timing etc is all set. No vacuum leaks. Just a clog somewhere, I'm sure.
  13. austinsailor

    little Hit and Miss going on here

    Amish in this area still use them.
  14. There is someone else on the board who will ship his to you with a deposit. I'll let him jump in or PM you if he's inclined.
  15. austinsailor

    Stupid carburetor!

    Idle screw has no effect, in or out. Vacuum leak it would idle fast with some adjustment, in my case, when it's slow enough to go on the idle circuit it just dies. Seems pretty certain no gas is being delivered through the idle circuit, not so simple as to why. if you could still buy a decent carb cleaner that might get it solved. But I won't go down that political rabbit hole! i can, and do, still drive it. I just have to pull the choke enough to run the rpms up when I stop.

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