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  1. How is it I never heard of this place?? going to be another weekend used up!
  2. I sprayed a can of carb cleaner (basically acetone) through it after draining, should have removed some. We’ll see.
  3. Thought I knew a bit about cars. Found out I have a few gaps in my knowledge. My 24 dodge brothers clutch was dragging and chattering when I take off. Thought resurfacing it was in order. Being a multiple disk clutch, similar to a motorcycle, I knew it was going to be a bit different. Come to find out the factory method to try first to solve this is - really - to plug the drain hole in the clutch housing, fill it with gasoline and run it a bit. Once someone showed me an actual copy of the manual I figured, what the heck, it’s worth a try. Plugged the drain hole, pulled the floorboards and the inspection cover. Then I poured in about half a gallon of kerosene. No way in hell am I pouring gasoline in it to be flung all over! Kerosene ran out numerous places and I fired it up. It was kind of like a pump gone berserk - spraying everywhere. Poured in more, ran it through the gears for a bit (rear was on stands) then shut it off. Pulled the plug, more kerosene ran out. I took it for a drive. I can now shift from neutral to any gear with no grinding. Very little chatter as I take off. Slips just a bit where it didn’t before, but that was less after a 3 mile drive. I suspect with gasoline it would leave the plates not so slippery, if you didn’t blow yourself up, but I think the kero will evaporate in a little time and be fine. What the heck will I learn next???
  4. Looks like something i’d Drive - if it had been a Mopar!
  5. Just speculating, but the rules and laws were very restrictive back then, along with some pretty cramped city streets.
  6. I’m going to be spending some time in the Ft. Myers area. I thought it would be simple to see who might be around there who might also be interested in the old Mopars, but it wasn’t that simple. Only a few people show up on that mapping deal - non in that area - and if you search for people in Florida, most just say Florida. at any rate, we’re heading down this week to house hunt. As time goes on, i’ll Probably spend time there when it’s cold up here in Mo, and time up here when it gets hot down there. It it would be nice to find out what is going on in the old car world down there, particularly mopars.
  7. Technically, a turbo charger is a specific type of supercharger, but it’s become so common to look at them as completely separated you can almost start fights trying to argue the point.
  8. We have 5-9” predicted for tomorrow night. After a couple weeks of 50 to 60’s highs in January, this dose of reality is going to be tough!
  9. https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2012/10/18/tech-101-zinc-in-oil-and-its-effects-on-older-engines/?fbclid=IwAR32gY2KcZHQ7CTFvSrbzv72Nq-UA0-rB2pKYh8KYEH9mz0dS6lethJFoEs
  10. 2019 F550. Building a custom bed. I’m tired of wimpy trucks!
  11. My 48 B1B had similar problems, just very slow cranking. I’d checked everything, including the guts of the starter. Cleaned the armature, brushes bearings and all. Cleaned connections. One day I got particularly fed up and just pulled the starter off another truck I had and presto - all was good, cranked very fast. might save yourself a lot of headaches if you just buy, borrow or steal another starter.
  12. You guys sucked me in - mine should be here tomorrow.
  13. A friend has had auto parts stores, collects old auto items and Chebby trucks. He has an item that we’re not sure of. He thinks it might be to service or check vacuum wiper motors. Any ideas?
  14. Someone posted this on Facebook on the flathead 6 group. Since it’s a Dodge, shouldn’t it be here, too?
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