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    Hood latch spring 1947 dodge

    It is impossible to get a good picture. The spring on my 48 Dodge goes from the cable end to a little hook in the sheet metal up under the top lip o the fender. The hook is 4 inches back from the fender bolt near the front hood latch.
  2. busycoupe

    Tie Rod ends

    I don't know about the tie rods, but I am pretty sure that the wire coming out of the steering box is for the horn. It should go to the horn relay.
  3. busycoupe

    48 Plymouth vacuum wiper motor removal

    I freed up the vacuum wiper moter in my 48 Dodge by squirting a little light weight oil into the vacuum tube going to the motor without taking the motor out. I did this 3 yrs. ago and it has been fine since.
  4. busycoupe


    Many English cars were 12V with positve "earth".
  5. busycoupe

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    A lot of the early small outboards were air cooled. You can see some cooling fins just under the head housing. .. i don't know how they would stop it though.
  6. busycoupe

    Heater Options on a D24 Sedan

    yes! i believe that any heater was an option on a D24, but the simple "Comfort Master" installed on the passenger side was the least expensive, and likely most common. Many of the upscale custom models were fitted with dual heaters.
  7. busycoupe

    Horn Relay or Switch

    Thanks, great diagram.
  8. busycoupe

    Happy New Years...

    First ride of 2019! It is unusually warm today in Massachusetts, 52 deg. and heavy rain last night washed the salt off of the roads; so i woke up the Dodge and took a short ride. great way to start the New Year.
  9. busycoupe

    Knocking under car during deceleration

    is one of the rear engine/transmission mounts weak, or failing? A deteriorated mount could allow the engine to move and bang against the mount on decelleration. .... Something to check...
  10. busycoupe

    1940 Radiator aftermarket adapted?

    Thanks, my radiator core has several spots that weep slowly. i will check it when the weather warms up and if they get worse I will try your repair method.
  11. busycoupe

    1940 Radiator aftermarket adapted?

    PT81-Jan, what two part adhesive did you use? was it a type of epoxy? Thanks, Dave
  12. busycoupe

    6v stereo wizardry

    Check out www.classiccarstereos.com on their assesories page they list 6 to 12 volt inverters for $53.95. They are low wattage, but i am using one in my car to power a modern Sony radio with a CD player. it would certainly charge a small speaker.
  13. busycoupe

    230 plymouth

    Yes, several of the manifold studs go into the water jacket. When you get replace them you should use some kind of sealer on the threads. Also, it is good practice to replace the studs with new ones. Several suppliers sell complete sets with the proper washers and nuts.
  14. busycoupe

    Lost A Good Man

    I am so sorry to hear of Bob’s passing. After following his and Cooper’s adventures in the Wayback machine for over 10 yrs. I feel that I have lost a good friend. Thoughts and prayers to his family at this difficult time. Dave Boston
  15. busycoupe

    Bob Drown

    Sad news! I have corresponded with Bob many times over the years. He once sent me a coffee mug with a picture of my Dodge that I had posted on the forum. Although we have never met I consider Bob a good friend.
  16. busycoupe

    P15-D24 stickers

    I just received 2 nifty stickers in the mail. One for the car, and one for the toolbox. Thanks G.K. for the quick response.
  17. busycoupe

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    By trunk rail do you mean the channel in the body, or on the lid?
  18. busycoupe

    The purple people eater is slowly disintegrating

    About 5 yrs ago my wife and I were driving with a group of 4 or 5 other couples out. For an afternoon lunch in our old cars. Suddenly I heard an odd noise and looked in the rear view mirror in time to see a hub cap spin off into the weeds on the side of the road. I couldn’t stop quick because of our group caravan, but made careful note of where we were on the road. When we got to our lunch stop I discovered that the steel inner hubcap was still on the car. Only the stainless steel skin had come off. Later, after we had returned home, I went back and found the hubcap skin about 50 ft off the road in some trees. I later epoxied the skin back in place. It has been on the car ever since.
  19. busycoupe

    Trunk Weatherstripping

    On the. Late 40’s cars I believe that the weatherstripping is attached to the trunk lid. This leaves the channel in the body open to drain water. Perhaps someone with a pre-war car will chime in with what is correct on a 1939 car.
  20. busycoupe

    Teaching my grandson to drive a stick

    Sounds like me trying to tell the young guy at the local State inspection station how to drive my D24 coupe into the inspection bay.😳
  21. busycoupe

    Wiper Help 46 special deluxe

    If you do have vacuum wipers you can squirt a little oil. Into the vacuum line connection on the motor to lubricate it, then as hs been said, check the connections and vacuum lines.
  22. I had my coupe painted by Maaco ten yrs ago. They sanded it, patched a few small rust spots ( with modern Bondo) primed, color painted and gloss top coat. The result came out well. Several people at shows couldn’t believe that it was done by Maaco. I made a couple of compromises that if I had the money at the time I may have done differently. 1) I did not have it sanded down to bare metal. They sanded it then sprayed it with a filler primer and sanded it again. Now after 10 yrs there are places where little bumps are appearing in the paint. .. probably rust spots coming through. 2). I did not want to take apart the car to paint the interior and door frames etc. the previous owner had the car painted a GM red color and I matched that so that the exterior dry closely matches the door frames, interior of the trunk, etc. the car still looks good. It is a driver. Never was and never will be a show car. My Macao paint job cost just over $3k. I couldn’t see investing thousands of dollars in a paint job on a car that at best is worth less than 10k. Overall I am satisfied with the paint job. You may want to take your car to your local Maaco and see what they say.
  23. busycoupe

    Tail-light upgrade?

    I, and several other forum members, have replaced the tail light and brake light bulbs with l.e.d. bulbs. 6V positive or universal ground l.e.d. bulbs are available. They make the rear lights much brighter.
  24. busycoupe

    Overheating. 210 in a 160 thermo

    Check the point gap and the timing. Incorrect timing and dwell can cause an engine to run hot.
  25. busycoupe

    Oil filter canister

    The top nut is usually the head of a long bolt that passes through the center of the filter. It should have a fiber or rubber washer under the head.

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