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  1. 1946 dodge coupe rear window

    I think that it has to be a window for a 3 window coupe. But I wonder if the rear window for Chrysler or Desoto three window coupe would work. The roof section for 1939 through 1948 Chrysler, Desoto, Dodge 3 window coupes all appear very similar. Perhaps someone with a Hollander exchange book could look it up.
  2. Hood

    One.more thought... The supports for the center chrome strip are different heights. The front is about 3/4 inch. The rear is about 1/2 inch. If someone reversed your center strip the rear would stick up and the front would be too low. ... just something to look at.
  3. Hood

    Your picture looks correct. Again, the hood has a lip that hooks under the edge of the chrome center piece, but it must be slid on from the end. It will not hook on from the side.
  4. Hood

    The hood hooks onto a lip on the center chrome piece, but it cannot be hooked on from the side. You need to remove the bolts holding center trim piece to the front support above radiator, lift the center chrome piece an inch or so and slide the hood into the groove.
  5. Battery not charging

    Also, as Jerry Roberts mentioned, the generator will not charge the battery at idle. Check your ammeter with the engine running at 750 rpm or higher. If it does, then your charging system is working normally.
  6. Replacement Radiator Cap Source

    I used Rustoleum hammer finish spray paint. It can be applied without a primer and the hammer finish disguise slight irregularities in the surface. I used black, but it comes in several colors.
  7. Replacement Radiator Cap Source

    Your cap appears pretty solid. Why don’t you clean it up on a wire wheel, paint It, and put a new gasket on it. It doesn’t have to hold pressure, the old cooling systems were’nt pressurized.
  8. Old mopar's. What do I need to know?

    I have bought many parts for my 48 Dodge coupe from the local auto parts store as well as from Rock Auto, Andy Bernbaum, Robert’s Auto parts, etc.
  9. D24

    I seem to remember that when my son and I installed the windshield glass in my D24 we put it in from the outside. We used a stout piece of twine to help pull the rubber around the glass. It is a job that can be done at home, but like installing drywall, or painting windows, it is a job that you get better at with experience. Looking back, I think that I should have let the auto glass shop do it. If you have good glass shop in the area, it may be worthwhile to inquire as to what it would cost to have it installed. ... just my 2 cents worth.
  10. Fuel pump to carb 218

    I am not familiar with poly armor, but if “poly” refers to plastic you may want to be careful if you try to use this as the fuel passes close to the exhaust manifold.
  11. Speedometer Repair Facilities

    I don’t know what you have tried with your speedometer, but some times problems like registering too slow or a bouncing needle can be remedied with a couple of drops of oil in the oil hole behind the speedometer head.
  12. hood bumper diamensions- 1947 P-15

    I bought my car 11 yrs ago. It had only a couple of hood bumpers and they were dried and damaged. I bought new ones from Andy Bernbaum about 10 yrs ago. My car is a 48 D24.
  13. measuring is knowing

    The kind I have used in the US looks like this: Depending on engine compression ratio the pressure should be somewhere between 95 p.s.i. And 120 p.s.i However, it is more important to compare the cylinder pressures to each other. They should not vary by more than 10 p.s.i.
  14. measuring is knowing

    That is an interesting looking compression gauge. Does it record data on the little cards next to it.
  15. Sparkplug wire questions

    Thanks Walt, one picture is worth a thousand words. It is hard to tell, but it looks like the plug wires in the picture are black lacquered cloth covered as you said that yours was. Some of the other details in the picture are interesting also.