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  1. busycoupe

    Look what I found!

    Looks terrific!
  2. busycoupe

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    If you have the vacuum port for the wiper motor open that is likely the cause of your problems. Try plugging it to see if it makes a difference.
  3. busycoupe

    ? about oil pan removal

    I took the pan off of my 48 Dodge a couple of years ago. I did not have to remove the steering linkage.
  4. busycoupe

    Temp needle adjustment

    Thanks, I forgot that his gauge was out of the car. I wonder if an infrared temp gun could be used on the engine. Perhaps by measuring the head temp near where the gauge bulb is inserted.
  5. busycoupe

    Temp needle adjustment

    How did you find out that the gauge is reading low? Did you measure engine temp? Where and how did you read the temp?
  6. busycoupe

    Master brake cylinder quality?

    Check with Bernbaum, but with some of his catalog listings he shows a picture and lists a range of years with a price, but when you order the item he asks for the make year and model. I suspect he stocks parts for specific models, but lists them with one listing to simplify his catalog.
  7. busycoupe

    Fluid Drive Stumble Help

    Greg is right. The ISO32 goes in the fluid drive coupling. The transmission gets light gear oil. Another thing to check is the point gap and the timing.
  8. busycoupe

    front fender mount spare tire

    You should probably post this on the truck side of the forum.
  9. busycoupe

    Speedometer cable lubrication

    I have not lubed my speedo cable, but it looks like it would be a straightforward process. When I bought my car the speedometer needle jumped plus or minus 20 mph. A few drops of oil in the speedometer head cured it. There is an oil tube behind the center of the speedometer. A “ Zoomspout” Oiler makes it easy to get oil into it.
  10. busycoupe

    free 1 46-48 Dodge coupe rubber sill.

    Pm sent
  11. busycoupe

    D24 Ignition/Won't start

    Since the car has been sitting, and you have no spark, perhaps the points have an oxide coating on them. Try cleaning the points with very fine sandpaper, or better yet, a metal fingernail file.
  12. busycoupe

    D24 Ignition/Won't start

    The resistance on the low voltage side of the coil should be low. 1.6 ohms sounds possible. The resistance on the high voltage side should be in the thousands of ohms range. You reported it as “8”. 8 ohms is far to low, 8 K (thousand) ohms would be reasonable. What did you measure? If you pull the hi voltage wire from the center of the distributor and position it near the block while cranking the engine, do you get a fat spark?
  13. busycoupe

    What Is This Tubing For?

    Could it be a brake line to connect the brake light switch to the connecting block for the front brake lines?
  14. busycoupe

    Woodies on the Warf

    Beautiful cars.
  15. busycoupe

    1st car show with the coupe

    That is a sharp car! How about some pics of your coupe at the show?

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