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  1. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    I drive my 48 coupe about 1000 mi/yr. I lived in NC for 5 yrs and drove it year round. Now that I am back in Massachusetts it has been in the garage since December 1. More snow coming tonight, so I guess it will stay in the garage a while longer.
  2. Driver side door lock assy.

    Only the end of the original rotor cover gets cut off. The original rotor slips off of the shaft, the new one slips on, the new rotor cover slides over the old cover and is held on with a set screw.
  3. Driver side door lock assy.

    The lock cam on my passenger door was very worn and the would pop open. I fixed it with a “Roto-lokit” repair kit. It was easy to do and did not require removing the lock from the door. These kits are not made today, but do show up on eBay fairly regularly. If you look for one, be aware that you need one to fit your car, and for the driver side door.
  4. Hint of spring

    I started this topic last Wednesday when it was warm and sunny .. today we have this! According to the forecast another foot-plus is on the way.
  5. Openings in Fenders

    Buick called them “ventiports.” They were fake exhaust ports, simply used as decoration. For a few years the number of ventiports was related to the model of the Buick. The use of them on the Dodge was probably something the owner added.
  6. Speaking of brakes...

    The tool you need is an Ammco 1750 brake adjusting tool. It is used to adjust Lockheed designed brakes. Mopars up to the early1960’s used these brakes, as did Ford products of the late 1930’s and 1940’s. You mentioned having a friend in the Ford V8 club, ask if he has, or knows someone who has a tool that you could borrow.
  7. Hood

    Could someone who has parts books or Hollander books check to see which years and models have hood strips that would interchange. thanks
  8. Glad you are OK. New England is getting pounded by rain, wind, snow right now. The coast is getting high tides 4 to 7 feet above normal. I am 50 miles inland at an altitude of 600 ft. So all we have is rain and wind, but my daughter lives on the coast south of Boston. The waves breached the sea wall at the end of her street and flooded her basement with 1 to 2 ft of water. They shut off their furnace and electrical service and are on their way to spend the weekend with us. ..we are supposed to get 3 to 6 inches of snow after midnight. ... and to think, I was enjoying the early spring weather two days ago!
  9. Body / Engine Number 42 Dodge

    You may be able to find the original color by looking for areas of paint that have been hidden and protected. Look at the firewall under the hood, door jambs, under door striker plates, etc. if you find some original paint you could match it to a color chart, or have a paint store scan it with their color matching tool.
  10. Hint of spring

    It is in the mid fifties in central Massachusetts today. Before lunch I opened the garage doors, checked the oil and tire pressure on the coupe; then woke it up from it’s 3 month hibernation and took a short ride. It felt great! It is the first time I have had the he coupe on the road since Nov. 26. Normally I would not take it out until the end of March, but the weather was too tempting. .. Come on spring!
  11. Those are better than the ones on my 3 window coupe. If Ebruns1 doesn’t want them, I would be interested. Please keep me posted. Dave B.
  12. Did you ever solve your hood opening problem with the center chrome strip?  .. Just wondering what the problem was.

    Dave B. (Busycoupe)

    1. Flatheadgasser


      Hi Dave I have not found a solution for the problem with the hood I have tried to  lift the front and slide the hood into the strip but the return lip on the strip doesn't seem to sit into the return lip on the hood so when you lift the hood it drops out so I don't think it's the right piece of trim.

      Cheers Damon 

    2. busycoupe


      Sorry about that, I don’t know what to tell you.  There are several auto salvage yards in the U.S. that have old Mopar cars.  Moore’s auto Salvage is  one.  They are in Rapid City, South Dakota, and they have a web site.  Perhaps they can help you. 

      Dave B.

    3. Flatheadgasser


      Thanks for the information I will have a look.

      Cheers Damon 

  13. According to the parts book the tail light castings and lenses are different on the coupes and sedans. The trunk mounted light shell is also different on the coupe than on the sedan, however, the lens for it is the same on both. That said, I agree with you that they appear very similar. I suspect that the difference from coupe to sedan is the slope and contour of the sheet metal. I don’t know if the sedan lights could be pressed into use on a coupe or not. It may be possible to make a special mounting pad to take up any difference in the contours. ... Whether this would be acceptable depends on how picky you are about appearance. Probably the best way to find out is to get a sedan light assembly and hold it up to your coupe.
  14. 1946 dodge coupe rear window

    Thanks! This gives us Dodge 3 window coupe owners more opportunities for finding backglass.
  15. 1946 dodge coupe rear window

    Do you have information on the earlier cars? The 1939-42 three window coupes appear very similar. Will the glass interchange?