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  1. Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    Apparently not .....
  2. 51 coronet d42 dash refinishing?

    Do a search on this forum for wood grain. There are several excellent threads on the topic including one called “wood grain thoughts” from Sept. about the “Grainit” company products and process.
  3. New Year Resolutions

    I always suspected you were a special agent! ... or a moon shiner...
  4. New Year Resolutions

    I’d like to finish the trunk somehow. It is going to be a big job, because I have a business coupe. When I go to cruise nights people always ask to see the big trunk, but now I have it full of junk; 6 folding chairs, a pop up canopy, a folding hammock and I’m not sure what is under all that. I’d like to something like Bob Toft did with the trunk of his vert.
  5. What does this dash knob do?

    It controls the brightness of the instrument lights. As Don Coatney likes to say, the instrument lights can be either dim or dimmer.
  6. 1947 dodge business coupe

    At the top of this page under the pull down menu labeled “Resources” is a listing for D24 reference information. That should get you started. Dave
  7. 1-2 Shift Clunk

    First gear does not have synchros and will grind unless you are stopped, or nearly so. From your description it sounds like the second gear synchros are worn. You might try double clutching when down shifting from third to second to help line up the synchros for a smoother shift.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving

    HappyThanksgiving! The turkey is just about ready to go into the oven here on the east coast!
  9. 1-2 Shift Clunk

    If you find out how to turn off the automatic hyperlinks please tell everyone how to do it. I think that a lot of us are plagued with them.
  10. 1-2 Shift Clunk

    Is the clutch fully disengaging? It sounds like it may be dragging slightly.
  11. Need a photo or two.

    Which tube are you referring to? The oil pressure line is 3/16 in. Outside diameter. The metal vacuum line coming from my intake manifold is 1/4 inch outside diameter. The rubber vacuum line that goes to the wipersis 1/4 inch inside diameter.
  12. Heater Cowl Vent Project

    Nice work! What is the round rubber piece for?
  13. New Tachometer

    When I tune up my car I use a 1970’s vintage Sears dwell/tach meter that works fine despite being labeled “for 12V negative ground only”. I wonder if some of the modern techs would work on our 6V positive ground systems in spite of what they are labeled.
  14. Top Of Gas Tank Leaking

    When I first filled the tank in my car 10 yrs ago, I discovered that it had a crack on the upper rear corner. I ran the car for a year or more by not filling the tank entirely. Finally I pulled the tank and had a local radiator shop clean it out and solder the crack. It apparently cracked because someone had tightened the tank straps too much. It has been OK since.
  15. Hood Emblem Paint

    Craft stores sell transluscent paints used to make “stained glass”. I have used it to touch up a pinball machine back glass. I’m not sure how weather resistant it is, but it is inexpensive and may be worth a try.