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  1. busycoupe

    Aluminum water distribution tube

    Aluminum does conduct heat quite well, however, it is more chemically active than iron. This may cause it to erode fast, or gall in the water tube channel. I believe that aluminum heads have to be installed with a special head gasket to isolate them from the block. The water tube would not be isolated and therefore I suspect it may be subject to a chemical reaction. Perhaps our more learned members can add to this. Dave B.
  2. busycoupe

    Light Bulbs

    Not knowing what bulbs you need, I just searched on Google for a #55 6V bulb used for the instrument panel and found them available on e-bay, Amazon, Walmart and Lightbulbs Plus. I think that you need to search harder.
  3. busycoupe

    Engine Number in the title?

    Some US states did title cars that way years ago. If the engine is original to the car the engine number will also be stamped into the frame rail near the left rear wheel. Usually just at the bottom left of the arch over the axle. You may need to clean the area with a wire brush to find it. If the numbers match that may satisfy the inspector.
  4. busycoupe

    1950 DeSoto fuel pickup problem

    I used lengths of bendable gas/brake line from the auto parts store.
  5. busycoupe

    1950 DeSoto fuel pickup problem

    My car had pinholes in the gas line over the arch. It would run fine, but when it sat with less than half a tank of gas the gas would drain from the high point in the line and then the pump would suck air and not pump the gas. I had to pour gas into the carb to start it. Don Coatney told me to look for a leak in the line and when I pulled the rear wheel I could see that the line had been seeping gas, not enough to make a puddle. I replaced the entire line and in the process found a couple of more pinhole leaks that were buried in grease and gunk where the gas line goes under the front of the engine to the pump. Since replacing the line I have had no starting problems. Check the rubber line connecting to the pump also.
  6. busycoupe

    1950 DeSoto fuel pickup problem

    Check the fuel line, especially where it goes over the rear axle arch. If there is a pinhole leak there the car will run as long as the level of fuel in the tank is above the pinhole. But when the fuel level is low the fuel pump sucks air through the pinhole and won’t pump gas.
  7. busycoupe

    Left over part

    I think that you are correct. It looks like the Oiler tube for the timing chain. However before you start taking apart your newly rebuilt motor, perhaps one of the more knowledgeable members of the forum can chime in.
  8. busycoupe

    Rebuilding A Water Pump

    Tom, what is your point? Is the new pump different from the old? Will it fit OK or not fit? The box says “made in China” is this a problem? Explain please?
  9. busycoupe

    Rebuilding A Water Pump

    I have not rebuilt one, but new pumps with sealed bearings are available from Rock Auto and big box auto parts stores. I would check those before buying the kit. rock auto has a Gates pump to fit your car for $34.79 and it has a lifetime warrranty.
  10. busycoupe

    Grinding Gears or Clashing

    First gear is not synchronized. You could try holding the clutch down a few seconds to allow the gears to stop, then try to put it into first. If this does not work then I suggest that you check the free play on the clutch pedal. The clutch may not be disengaging fully.
  11. busycoupe

    Fluid drive

    On the right side of the floor hump, just under the edge of the dash there is an access plate. Remove this and you will see the round fluid drive unit. With the engine off, turn the engine until you see the fill plug of the fluid drive unit in the center of the access hole. Pack some rags around the plug so that when you remove it you don’t lose the plug into the bell housing. After you remove the plug fill the unit until the fluid is up to the bottom edge of the threaded plug hole. The position of the access panel ensures that you cannot over fill the unit. Replace the plug, remove your rags, replace the access panel and you are good to go.
  12. busycoupe

    I need 12 Volt

    If you want to change to 12V because it is slow to start, perhaps you need to clean all of the battery and starter cable connections. You may need new starter cables. They should be quite thick, #1 or #0. The #2 cables used on 12V cars are too thin. You should also Che k to make sure there is a good ground connection from the block to the body.
  13. busycoupe

    Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Sharp looking car! Congratulations.
  14. busycoupe

    ECI dual reservoir master cylinder?

    I could deal with the side slop on the shaft with spacers, like Don used. I could also drill another hold if need be. But I do not have the tools to fabricate and weld pedal stops. How critical are they? Why didn’t ECI include them? Will the pedals come to a rest position without the stops? Thanks, Dave B.
  15. busycoupe

    ECI dual reservoir master cylinder?

    Thanks Branded. How long ago did you purchase your kit and did you continue to use a clutch pedal?

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