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  1. busycoupe

    Just Discovered Dyke’s Auto Encyclopedia

    I just found PDFs of the complete 1911 edition and the complete 1920 edition online for free. Simply Google Dykes Automotive Encyclopedia. The 1911 edition is listed by Google, the 1920 edition is listd by the Dodge Bros. club. I think that the physical book would be great to thumb through, but the online version offers immediate gratification for zero cost.
  2. busycoupe

    from the driver's seat and other images

    I envy all you guys in southern California. You can drive your old cars year round. Here in New England we get about 7 months of driving weather. My Dodge has been in the garage "resting" since Dec 1, except for a brief run on New Years day.
  3. busycoupe

    Sleepless nights

    You've made me jealous! Our house has a brick courtyard with a crude fire pit, but right now it is buried under a foot of snow and we are currently enjoying freezing rain! ...... Spring is coming,,, I hope.
  4. busycoupe

    Clock not working: any usual suspects?

    it may be the position it sits. It may be something rubbing ... one of the hands, or the escapement wheel, or part of the winding mech. sitting on the bench may allow whatever is rubbing to move slightly thereby removing the rub. I would start by carefully examining the position of the hands.
  5. busycoupe

    New business for business coupe

    Could be a way to make my coupe self supporting.
  6. busycoupe

    Steering Box

    Lares will rebuild your steering box. Rock Auto sells the Lares service for $331.
  7. busycoupe

    Hood latch spring 1947 dodge

    It is impossible to get a good picture. The spring on my 48 Dodge goes from the cable end to a little hook in the sheet metal up under the top lip o the fender. The hook is 4 inches back from the fender bolt near the front hood latch.
  8. busycoupe

    Tie Rod ends

    I don't know about the tie rods, but I am pretty sure that the wire coming out of the steering box is for the horn. It should go to the horn relay.
  9. busycoupe

    48 Plymouth vacuum wiper motor removal

    I freed up the vacuum wiper moter in my 48 Dodge by squirting a little light weight oil into the vacuum tube going to the motor without taking the motor out. I did this 3 yrs. ago and it has been fine since.
  10. busycoupe


    Many English cars were 12V with positve "earth".
  11. busycoupe

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    A lot of the early small outboards were air cooled. You can see some cooling fins just under the head housing. .. i don't know how they would stop it though.
  12. busycoupe

    Heater Options on a D24 Sedan

    yes! i believe that any heater was an option on a D24, but the simple "Comfort Master" installed on the passenger side was the least expensive, and likely most common. Many of the upscale custom models were fitted with dual heaters.
  13. busycoupe

    Horn Relay or Switch

    Thanks, great diagram.
  14. busycoupe

    Happy New Years...

    First ride of 2019! It is unusually warm today in Massachusetts, 52 deg. and heavy rain last night washed the salt off of the roads; so i woke up the Dodge and took a short ride. great way to start the New Year.
  15. busycoupe

    Knocking under car during deceleration

    is one of the rear engine/transmission mounts weak, or failing? A deteriorated mount could allow the engine to move and bang against the mount on decelleration. .... Something to check...

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