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  1. Hah! I'd think about if I wasn't convinced that Australia is actively trying to kill off all its human inhabitants (see http://www.australiangeographic.com.au/topics/wildlife/2013/03/australias-dangerous-animals-the-top-30/). Thanks for the well wishes, definitely the better half!
  2. Thanks everybody for the information, I'll post it to the facebook page if I can find it and the link you gave me Mopardude.
  3. It's a destination wedding for us, so it'll probably be a hotel close to downtown Austin/airport.
  4. Hey everybody, I was hoping to have my car finished in time for my wedding in October, but it doesn't look like it'll happen. My question is, are there any of you who would be willing to drive my future wife and I from the wedding venue to our first stop on our honeymoon? Likely 15-20 miles away.
  5. 1940_dodge

    Media Blasting and Surface Prep

    Go for it then, but just know you'll have to get or rent a pretty beefy setup to do it. It'll save you a lot of time, and energy for sure.
  6. 1940_dodge

    Media Blasting and Surface Prep

    It depends on why you're blasting it. Are you trying to save chrome, non steel pieces, and don't have any rust? If so, then it's perfect, but if you are trying to get rid of rust, it's not going to help out. Also you're supposed to use a neutralizer after you soda blast or they say it can leave a film that discourages paint adhesion.
  7. 1940_dodge

    Media Blasting and Surface Prep

    Woah, that is the first time I have ever heard someone say don't sandblast to remove rust. What examples do you have that show warping or metal removal? I just was sandblasting my wheel fenders and saw no issues when I was doing it.
  8. My local supplier only carries 18 and 20g steel, what do you use for patching body panels?
  9. 1940_dodge

    Dodge D14 Hobby Restoration

    Hah, I tried reading that twice to see if I could make sense out of it. If it was directed towards this thread, are you saying don't listen to previous owners and open up the engine?
  10. 1940_dodge

    Dodge D14 Hobby Restoration

    Hey Andy it was great talking to you. Posting some pictures of my progress, I found some more cancerous rust when I took off a wheel faring.
  11. 1940_dodge

    Hidden Stereos

    I like that you had multiple grilles so you wont be stuck if you ever want to go back to stock.
  12. 1940_dodge

    Hidden Stereos

    You'll want to make sure the Ohm rating between those two speakers is the same. Usually on the back of the speaker there will be a sticker or plate that says either 6 or 8 Ohms. If they are mis-matched you could blow out the speaker or put a lot of wear and tear on the stereo's amp depending on how they were made.
  13. 1940_dodge

    Hidden Stereos

    I'm actually thinking about doing something similar to what you were talking about OldDad. I want to get an old suitcase and cram that equipment in there and just leave it on the back seat. Of course it will have a quick disconnect and be completely removable.
  14. 1940_dodge

    Summer Trip Research

    If you want color, delta Colorado is amazing in the September October time frame

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