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  1. 54Illinois

    Oil Filter Question

    I might have an OEM filter from a tear down. Let me know.
  2. 54Illinois

    1954 Plymouth Belvedere

    My 54 Belvedere is positive ground. The pos bolts to the engine head back to the battery.
  3. 54Illinois


    An oil will say whether it has detergents or not.
  4. 54Illinois

    My vapor lock story

    Sounds like vapor lock to me!
  5. 54Illinois


    If all we ever did was a search...then there would be no more forum. I run whatever is on sale. I stay away from synthetics, but gobble up any older, higher in zinc oil.
  6. 54Illinois

    Oil sludge....non-detergent

    Or you could have the floats boil over and mix gas with the oil....cleans the motor FAST!
  7. 54Illinois

    engine oil

    Either is fine. Monitoring the oil pressure is a great idea.
  8. 54Illinois

    Normal oil pressure

    The Plymouth manual says "any" oil pressure is okay....
  9. 54Illinois

    tiptoe transmission question

    Tiptoe would require a different carb too, right?
  10. 54Illinois

    Blue motor oil???

    I scored some Valvoline VR1 racing oil from AutoZone when it was $1.00 a quart. 10w-30 was the viscosity. I added one quart to an oil change to increase the zinc for the 230. The other oil was SAE 30 PennZoil which was also a $1.00 a quart. Why was the Valvoline blue???
  11. 54Illinois

    What's your Favorite Motor Oil for your P15 and D24???

    I use SAE 30 or a 5w-30. brand not important. I did score some Valvoline 10w-30 VR racing oil when AZ had it reduced for a buck. Tons of zinc in that oil!
  12. 54Illinois

    Oil bath filter versus paper filter?

    I always thought about doing the paper filter as well. Then I got to thinking.....(not very hard mind you). One of the novelties of having these classic cars is the way they function. An oil bath filter draws some curiosity. So I decided to leave as is.
  13. 54Illinois

    Three on the tree....that's the only shifter for me!

    What they said...
  14. 54Illinois

    5w-50 good for classic cars?

    I love talking about oil....in my experience I have ran just about every weight of oil in my 230, along with different brands. Not once have I heard a strange noise, loss of pressure, higher pressure, pinging, slap, etc. Do what makes you feel good, and follow advice from trusted car friends. Whenever you can, buy it cheap and stack it deep!
  15. 54Illinois

    5w-50 good for classic cars?

    My dad had his 63 t bird motor rebuilt...several mechanics told him the same thing about the zinc.

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