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  1. TodFitch

    34 Plymouth round gas tank

    If it is like my '33, the two straps have a fold over with the short end of the fold over against the tank. The folded over part of the straps go through some slots at the back of the frame cross member. To the front of the tank there are to round holes on the frame cross member, the threaded part of the straps go through that and a nut on the end holds them in place. There is supposed to be some canvas between the straps and the tank. I would guess maybe some canvas above the tank too where it is pressed into the frame cross member but if there was it was long gone from my car. Sorry, I don't see photos in my album that clearly show this.
  2. TodFitch

    Auto Lite points with separate spring

    It isn't extra: It is the spring as the flexible conductor is just that, a conductor not a spring.
  3. TodFitch

    Overheat or bad gauge?

    Water pump on order? Are you sure that is what you need? Has the block been thoroughly cleaned out (core plugs removed and some vigorous poking and prodding to loosen things when flushing)?
  4. TodFitch

    seals for the headlight lenses?

    For about the last 40 years I've used some cotton clothes line cord, about 1/4" in diameter cut to length. Seems like the clothes line cord I've seen recently has a nylon core so I am not sure how good it would be regarding compressibility, etc.
  5. TodFitch

    New to the Forum!

    Welcome to the forum! You haven't been here long enough to know the rules but one of them is that any parts requests need to be in the classified ads area. The website owner is pretty strict about this point. I'm leaving your first post in this thread intact but you will want to create a want ad for the parts you desire.
  6. TodFitch

    Gauge Water Temperature

    This thread is about to get locked due to uncivil behavior. . .
  7. TodFitch

    ANSWERED Torque values

    They didn't publish torque values back then. Earliest I've seen were from the very late 1930s. A couple of choices: If the bolt/stud sizes are the same as a later Chrysler engine, go with the torque values for the later engine. Not sure when specialty steels started to be used for higher tensile strength fasteners, but if you assume a fairly low grade material you can look up standard torque values in a machinist's handbook. For what its worth, my '33 Plymouth engine has no contemporary torque values available either. But since it is very similar to later Plymouth engines I generally use the numbers I find for the later engines. See: https://www.ply33.com/Repair/torque
  8. TodFitch

    Gauge Water Temperature

    Also, at least on my car, there is a core plug above where the bulb fits in the head. You can remove that and then get some pressure behind the bulb to help extract it without having to pull on the capillary tube. Glad the instructions on my web site will be of use to you.
  9. TodFitch

    Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    I am sure that someone on this forum works or has worked in fire fighting in brush environments and will know far more than I on this, but . . . Back when I lived in a brush fire prone area I joined a group associated with the sheriff's department to assist in some of issues arising from brush fires. Primary duties were to observe and record all the vehicles and people leaving the fire area (helping generate a list of arson suspects). But on one fire I ended up being a spotter radioing in observations about the fire front in one area. It was quite enlightening. At least for the conditions I observed, the fire spread more from falling and blowing embers than anything else. Seems like mote around a building would do nothing to protect against embers falling out of the sky or being blown into the building by the fire driven wind. Seems like fire resistant construction with a good sprinkler system (needing, of course its own pump and emergency power supply) would do more than a mote.
  10. TodFitch

    24 Dodge Brothers tours a park

    I am wondering if momentarily taking the foot off the accelerator every 30 seconds or a minute would be enough to refill the vacuum tank. . . Works for me on my vacuum wipers when climbing a long hill, especially if it has been a while since I put Rainx on the windshield. That is maybe the work around would be a change in driving technique rather than a change in equipment.
  11. TodFitch

    Indian Plodge

    Nice restoration work! But I wonder where/if they actually drive it. . . I was in the Delhi metro area and in Agra earlier this month and that sure isn't a place I'd want to drive. Near as I can tell lane striping, when it exists, is for purely decorative purposes. One way indications, including on dual carriageway roads, seems to be advisory only. And use of horns provides the information about vehicles around you since obviously mirrors, etc. are not to be trusted. And, of course, the cows have precedence. Fortunately the cattle are usually either slow or stationary so you don't need to worry about them running into you and they seem much more mellow and undisturbed by noise and traffic than I'd expect of any cattle in the US.
  12. TodFitch

    Score: New car -1, Plymouth +1

    On the old car when the key is off, the light switch off, etc. there is draw on the battery. A decent battery should hold its charge for quite some time. On the new car, nothing is really ever off. The keyless entry system is always listening for a key, the infotainment system is keeping its clock powered, etc. Any car like that will eventually drain the battery if it is not started. The question is how long will it take. I was expecting it to be good after three weeks and I was wrong. If I don't put a trickle charger on it, I should at least pull a battery cable off if it is going to be parked for a while.
  13. TodFitch

    Score: New car -1, Plymouth +1

    I think that when you replace the entire drivetrain, including converting from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive, you can't really call it a Prius anymore.
  14. TodFitch

    Score: New car -1, Plymouth +1

    My 2004 Prius died when a trash truck backed into it: The repair cost was more than the 14 year old 200+K mileage car was valued at. Got a 2017 Prius Prime. So far averaging about 84 MPG with it, current tank is over 110 MPG. And it qualifies for the car pool lane stickers which helps if/when I have to get somewhere on a freeway. I suspect feed and care of a horse would exceed the cost of a trickle charger, especially since I already have a trickle charger left over from a different application. Not sure the neighbors in this fairly densely developed beach town would appreciate a stable either.
  15. Got back from being overseas for over a couple of weeks and needed to stock up with fresh food. Went out to the garage and the 2017 was dead (-1 points). Hopped in the '33 Plymouth, cranked it on over and it fired up in a couple of seconds so I drove it to the market (+1 points). New car has a ton of electronics that are always on and being a hybrid the 12 "aux" battery is quite small so it apparently did not have enough capacity to last without the car being started in a couple of weeks. I guess I need to put a trickle charger on it if I'm not going to be driving it for a while.

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