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  1. FWIW, I picked up a copper L from the then local hardware store. Picked one that had the right O.D. to match the I.D. of the radiator hose. A bit shorter than the original but you cut the two pieces of straight radiator hose to match anyway. Painted the outside black to make it less noticeably copper. Did that back in the 1970s, still using it and nobody notices that it is not original.
  2. Hot spots on your radiator may be significantly cooler than the hot spots at the back of the head. . . You might want to check the head temperature around where the sensing bulb is located. If you have a coolant circulation problem in the block (years of gunk building up in the water passages) you might have cool temperatures in the radiator while the back of the block is overheating. Meters/feet, kilometers/miles, Celsius/Fahrenheit . . . Both work, it is just what you get used to. FWIW, I've switched to mentally using meters/kilometers when hiking and camping because the UTM grids on the USGS topo maps are basically a kilometer grid but I still think of elevation gain and loss in feet. On a recent trip to Europe it only took a day before I could glance at the temperature and decide if it was going to be cool, warm or comfortable.
  3. Something like this?
  4. Assuming something like a 80 or 100 amp-hour battery and a couple amps for the ignition system if you are not running lights, radio, etc. then you should be able to run the truck all day, maybe even two or three days. Longest I ran a car with a car where the alternator failed in the middle of the desert was about 200 miles. I've talked with others who were able to complete a 1000 mile trip by pulling the battery each night and fully charging it in the motel room then running all the following day.
  5. Not a very big infraction. I'll move this thread to the truck side where it may have more viewers.
  6. I don't see a copper washer/gasket for that location in the '36-'48 parts book nor do I see any specific wording in the '46-'54 factory service manual, so I am guessing not. You should probably look in a '52 specific set of parts and service books to be sure though.
  7. I hadn't seen or heard of this style intersection before. Interesting take on the problem. Looks like it might work pretty well once all the local drivers get used to it.
  8. Also, DOT 3 ("regular") brake fluid is a pretty good paint remover while DOT5 is not. They smell different too but I've no way to describe that in a way that would be useful.
  9. I just created a community event for this. Link to event is, I think
  10. until
    The National Chrysler Product Club (Anybody a Member) is holding its annual meet in Bethlehem, Pa July 20 - 22, 2015. This meet is open to all Chrysler branded vehicles. Looks like it would be a good destination for quite a few forum members in the northeast. Since the POC and WPC are both west of the Mississippi river, this looks like the main east coast event for Mopars Save the date, come on out.
  11. Nice photos, thanks! And the location of water jacket core plugs is quite a bit different than for my '33 Plymouth block so I'll keep my mouth shut about where they are next time this topic comes up.
  12. I think the one "under the clutch housing" is actually a plug for the end of the oil gallery and/or camshaft. On my '33 there is a cooling system plug on the block above the bell housing. I was able to get access by pulling the front floor boards. But they redesigned the block in '35 so my experience with my '33 may be slightly different than for later engines.
  13. This thread has already been moved to the truck side. While there are differences, a lot of of information is applicable to both cars and trucks and this topic seems like it may fall into that category.
  14. Not sure what has changed for you. I usually click on the little circle or star near the top left of the topic to be taken to the first post I've not read. That is still working for me. I haven't tried clicking on the time of the most recent post, so maybe that is changed while the method I use is not.