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  1. vacation

    Look up The Buckhorn Exchange in Denver. Great place for a meal and if your into history even better.
  2. California Guys Anyone Guess This Location and Circa

    If you can read the overhead street signs on your original pics I could help you out I’m in So Cal drive these roads a lot.
  3. 12v alt on 6v system

    Vintageautogarage.com you will find everything there.
  4. Fuzion tires

    Go to TIRE RACK.COM You can have the tire shipped anywhere. At my place of employment we wont use the the tires made in China or Korea. We have a fleet of 2000 motor homes. A few years back a vendor said their tires would do fine. Well you can imagine the fun when tires blow at highway speed and start tearing the units apart.
  5. 1946 Dodge Deluxe 4 door part issue

    Go to DVAP as Wayfarer stated they have multiple D24's they are parting out presently.
  6. Fender Welting on a 1948 Dodge

    BXVD-3 Stromberg ebay item 3018759178
  7. Compression readings and assessment

    Sent PM you might interested in. All the parts you wanted in one place. Real close to you
  8. Cowl trim

    Desert Valley Auto Parts is parting out a few. Phoenix area.
  9. Wirin'

    I do a lot of rewire jobs on RV's I use solder connectors with heat shrink like these it makes the job a bit easier and you can get a similar connector from your NAPA store.
  10. 1948 Dodge sedan rear fender question

    Check Desert Valley Auto Parts. Last I new they had a few D24's they were parting out. Some really good parts from Arizona desert.
  11. Battery placement 2013 Chrysler 200

  12. SoCal Old Mopar Breakfast Cruise-In

    i have a cold that is kicking me pretty good. Will be hibernating and avoiding spreading this bug.
  13. SoCal Old Mopar Breakfast Cruise-In

    El Dorodo Park would be the best in that area. Exit 605 at Willow street go west. When you get to Studebaker turn left if you want to be by the lake . Turn right if you would rather be by the open park with pines and grass with mega parking. Grew up in that area used to hang there with a lot when I was a kid. great place to wax a car as they don't mind if you drive on the grass. As for me and my D24. still collecting parts. Have found all nos trim minus 1 rocker piece. Most of my time is spent helping others on their projects. If I could decide what color I want I could get it done.
  14. Looking for recommendations for a late-model Dodge P.U.

    Had a 2001 1500 318 for 8 years sold when it had 90k plus. only regular upkeep. 2004 2500 ram 5.7 has 89k on it now runs like new. We have a 99 R/T Dakota 125 k 5.9 did the diff. 2 years ago other than that bullet proof.
  15. Braggin'

    That's really cool. My son was 14 and a freshman in High School when we found out he was type one. Made him a stronger athlete. He had to prove to his coaches and himself that he was stronger then his disease. Pitched in High School on the varsity team 3 years. They took league all 4 years. Earned himself a scholarship to a four year college. Pitched there 4 years went to the playoffs senior year.We have been trough all the ups and downs. If you have any questions send me a PM .