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    Guru, have been a long time contributor

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    Plano, TX
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    Cars - Hockey - Cars - Baseball - Cars
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    37 Plymouth Coupe with 360 Magnum and 727 transmission.

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    Born in 61 to a mom and dad who were both into cars. Dad raced and built customs.
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    Distribution Sales Mgr for Japanese connector mfg.


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    Plano, TX - 48 Plymouth Club Coupe
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    cars and hockey

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  1. hkestes41

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    Great to see younger guys taking up the hobby. My first car was a 48 Plymouth business coupe that I purchased in 75 at the age of 14 with yard mowing money. Drove it all through high school with the flathead and three speed. Right after graduation I spun a bearing in it. Bought my grandfathers 68 Plymouth Belvedere wagon for the 383/727 and put them in the coupe. Sold my second 48 coupe about two years ago after driving it as my daily driver for about nine years in Dallas traffic. Both cars had rebuilt stock front suspension with the second having an Olddaddy disc brake conversion. I had a professional street rod builder do a subframe swap on my first coupe when I did the big block install and other than picking up disc brakes I didn't really see that much difference in the ride or driveability. You have received a lot of good advice so far on upgrading the safety level and that should be first and foremost before you ever start driving the car. All the creature comforts and performance upgrades if any can come later. These are fairly easy cars to work on and a great way to learn. Good luck and keep us updated on your progress. One thing that I might suggest that does not fit in with the safety side of things and falls directly into the creature comforts side is to insulate it now while you have the full interior out before you start to reassemble. There are numerous options out there from Dynamat $$$$ to EZ Cool $ and everything in between. Just do some research on what is available and what you can afford. All will help with the heating/cooling of the interior and help kill rattles and squeaks. With the insides stripped bare you have access to all the surfaces that would need to be covered including inside the doors, above the headliner and behind the dash. Believe me this will be much easier to do with an empty shell than having to work around interior components. It will also make driving the car much more pleasant once you hit the road.
  2. hkestes41

    Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Drove my 48 as a daily driver for about 6 years before a ring gear swap and work travel schedule caused it to sit for about 18 months. Sold it a couple years ago and it is now in Florida. Handled the Dallas traffic just fine with the 230 and OD. With the wing windows and cowl vent the Dallas summers were somewhat bearable. Made multiple trips to the HAMB Drags in Joplin, MO about an 800 mile round trip each year. Now I have a new to me 37 with a 360/727 and A/C that is my daily driver. Without wing windows and the fact that I am getting soft, had to have the A/C.
  3. hkestes41

    New 37

    Funny you should say that Bob already had a post about the car deleted for being "off topic", but I will be at the HAMB Drags in August anyway.
  4. hkestes41

    New 37

    Yeah the pictures do not show the color well, it is Mauve and a lot more pinkish than the pictures show.
  5. hkestes41

    New 37

    Two years ago I sold my 48 Plymouth coupe. Began looking for something to get started on again. When I mentioned it to my wife she pointed out that I really don't have an adequate place to build another car and she was right. She also pointed out that with my work travel schedule I really don't have time to build another car either and she was right again I hate when that happens. So, my response was "then I will buy one that is already done". Of course that was not the reaction that she was looking for, but agreed. But, the joke is on her because as you know they are never done. Had two absolute must criteria for a purchase. 1) Car must be a Mopar and 2) Must have Mopar running gear. Those criteria limited availability of potential candidates. However, I think I found a good one. 37 Plymouth Business Coupe with a 360 Magnum, 727, Vintage Air, Butch's Cool Stuff complete front suspension, Power Disc Brakes, Nice Paint and Interior. I'm not really digging the interior color, but it was well done and I can live with it for a while. Flew to Detroit to get the car and drove it back home to Dallas with a side trip to Joplin to visit my mom for a couple of days. It does need some transmission work, but other than that it ran and drove great over the 1300 mile trip.
  6. hkestes41

    finned valve covers

    Something to think about is that they are hard to see on the engine unless you are specifically looking for them because the intake and exhaust is in the way. I had them on my 230 and with the fenders and aforementioned manifolds in place you barely saw them.
  7. hkestes41

    Overdrive CABLE in P-15

    As others have stated mine was installed in the switch panel below the center of the dash.
  8. hkestes41


    This was mine through the cast iron Fenton repop headers with 2 inch pipes back through no name 14 inch turbo mufflers. Had an H pipe in it about 2 inches past the end of the bell housing. https://youtu.be/AxfKQ4KMM9s
  9. hkestes41

    Dual carb/split intake

    I will agree that the dual carb / cast iron headers with dual exhaust through short 14 inch I believe turbo style mufflers made a noticable difference in the performance of my coupe. When I moved them from the 218 to the 230 along with the aluminum head there was a significant seat of the pants improvement.
  10. what are you asking for the shift button ?

  11. hkestes41

    R10 overdrive

    You want the entire transmission with the OD not just the OD. That and the proper bellhousing with the 230 should be a direct bolt in to your coupe. Wire up the solenoid/governor/kickdown switch and you should be good to go.
  12. hkestes41

    Motor transport stand

    Unfortunately, I sold the car to a guy in Tyler back in the spring.
  13. hkestes41

    Motor transport stand

    Here is how I did mine to transport an engine from Denver back to Dallas. Used 2X6 lumber to build a rectangle that was about 5.5 or 6 feet long and about 14 inches between the side rails. Put a couple of short pieces on the inside of the rails where the bellhousing mounting bolts were and a cross brace under the tail of the transmission. Used lag screws to put it all together. Also put triangular blocks on each corner and added casters. I don't remember the exact dimensions as this was a few years back, but I just took the lumber with me and built the frame on the spot using dimensions measured off the actual engine. Took me less than an hour to build using a hand saw if I had been able to use a circular saw would have been a lot quicker. This design allowed me to screw into the top of the rails through the motor mount and through the bellhousing mounting hole into the blocks mentioned above to secure the engine to the frame. As you can see I even used the frame after rebuilding the engine to move it around the garage until I installed it in the car. With the casters it came in pretty handy.
  14. hkestes41

    What year and model of Plymouth was this?

    About $1K would fix that scab. New Grill Insert
  15. hkestes41

    A visit with Earl Edgerton

    I ran an Edgy head on my 230 for about 5 years as a daily driver before selling the car this summer. Never once had an overheating issue with it despite driving in Dallas traffic in temps over 110 degrees plus. Made multiple trips to and from Joplin Missouri for the HAMB Drags in late August again no overheating.

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