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    1948 Plymouth Transmission Swap

    Just like now the model year started in the fall the year before. So 52s built in 51 could have OD. Also with the Korean war going on and Chryslers war contracts they almost didn't built 52s. The 51s and 52s are all lumped together as P23s.
  2. Young Ed

    Interest Growing in Mopar Trucks

    PT81 I think is 39. 40 is PT105 and then PT125
  3. Young Ed

    Interest Growing in Mopar Trucks

    Thanks Merle. T series is 39 V is 40 and then 41-47 trucks are W series. The T and V each have a unique grill(one above is a 40) but the same front fenders with the headlights in towards the grill. The 41-47s have the headlights in depressions on the top of the fender. The C means 1/2 ton so if you want that you'd want a TC VC or WC. Plymouth pickups were made from 37-41 and the 39-41 models don't seem to bring much more $ than the equivalent dodge model. Dad and I each have a 40 plymouth pickup along with a few dodges.
  4. Young Ed

    1948 Plymouth Transmission Swap

    FYI if you go looking for 49 OD manuals you won't find anything as that 49 would have been an OD swap itself. Plymouth didn't start installing them until 52.
  5. Young Ed

    Broken Piston Rings?

    when I was little my Grandpa had one of those. When the diesel finally died my Dad bought the car and converted it to a gas engine. My only memory of that car is being on a family vacation and being a fancy olds it had a lighter and ash tray in each door. So what does a little kid do when the button pops out and is now glowing? He touches it of course!
  6. Young Ed

    NiCopp Brake Lines

    For the fuel line I wonder if the factory went up the drivers side to keep it away from the exhaust?
  7. Young Ed

    NAPA Signal Flasher

    Yup you can feel it just from picking them up. I bet the old or NOS ones weigh 5-10 times what the cheap new ones do.
  8. Young Ed

    NAPA Signal Flasher

    I told the guys at my store but I doubt it went any higher. The ones I bought at I think OReilly had a guarantee so I did warranty out a few replacements. Eventually gave up on that too
  9. Young Ed

    1950 P20 218 put a 1956 P28 Head on it.

    What you need to check is if the head is a bypass version or not. Look for a little bump in the front behind the water pump. If both of them have it or neither of them have it you are good. If one does and one doesn't you'd have to seal that hole.
  10. Young Ed

    NAPA Signal Flasher

    I went through many new 6 volt flashers. From napa and other retailers like oreilly. I finally gave up and went to the junkyard and grabbed as many old used 6v flashers as I could find. I put one in my coupe probably 5 years back and it's still going strong!
  11. Young Ed

    New to me 1947 WD-21

    I have a 47 WC that someone put a 25" six into. They put some angle iron onto the frame to make the front mounts have a place to bolt to and to live the engine a little so the pulley cleared the cross member. Not sure how much extra stress that placed on the rear engine mounts. They also took a torch to the radiator U to move the radiator forward. However you are supposed to be able to take the U and install it backwards to fix the bigger 6.
  12. Young Ed

    Easy things are getting difficult

    got me thinking what the book showed for that. I don't see the stop light bulb mentioned specifically but the tail light is NC. The stop light assembly is .3h
  13. Young Ed

    I bought another old dodge !

    Yup and for a long time. Dads early 80s CJ still used it
  14. Young Ed

    Oh, what to do? AND Are these wheels stock?

    I'd try to turn it over by hand with the plugs out. Then build from there if nothing is stuck.
  15. Young Ed

    I'm Hearing Something New...A Bearing Howling?

    Cut the retainler and then push the inner race off with a air hammer and a punch. Of course that won't work to reinstall the new one. That requires a press
  16. Young Ed

    Oh, what to do? AND Are these wheels stock?

    I've seen an update that someone has one of the doors hanging on a wall and the rest of the car is believed destroyed.
  17. Young Ed

    Time for an overhaul...

    My trucks use a 2 piece plate with the vertical piece having a piece of felt like stuff riveted on for a seal. I remade mine with carpet jute scraps. Does it look similar to this?
  18. isn't that a panel truck rather than a town wagon?
  19. Young Ed

    Rare sedan

    transition year. Cab is the same as 55 and very similar to earlier trucks(in 55 they changed to single rear window and push button door handles). The grill I believe is 56 only. Then in 57 they came out with the A series for their anniversary.
  20. Young Ed

    Large hole in floor

    that is odd as the 53 could have come with it from the factory. Did you go from plain standard 3 spd to overdrive?
  21. Young Ed

    shining up the plymouth for back to the 50s

    they are So-Cal speed shop mirrors if I remember correctly. The drivers side one works fairly well the pass side one could be a little bigger or maybe placed better.
  22. For the first time since I've had it my coupe is regularly indoors. Started doing a little polishing job on her. It's amazing how well what I think it original paint can still shine after being neglected for so long(my car came out of a junkyard in Wyoming). LIttle before and after-door is done 1/4 is untouched
  23. Young Ed

    butt connectors / whats the deal, pickle :)

    I use the modern connectors like you mentioned above. Throw away the plastic colored piece. Crimp then solder and then heatshrink over the joint.
  24. Young Ed

    butt connectors / whats the deal, pickle :)

    I had that trouble at first too. One of the guys at Napa showed me that along with the different colors for the wire end there are actually a couple sizes of bullet ends too. We were able to match some up that fit nicely in the headlight switch.

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