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  1. Molly Time!

    and the last part yes those car handles should fit just fine.
  2. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    On the flip side the distributor can only go 2 ways so then it's easier to get right.
  3. 1953 b3

    It's a plug like a frost plug in the engine. Your king pin kit should have come with new ones. Or when you say king pins came out good do you mean the old ones went back in well? Either way Dorman products has what you need.
  4. Look what I found!

    That seems a little different than cutting out 3 feet of the transmission tunnel. I feel that would hurt the structure of the body.
  5. Got myself a 1947 Dodge D24

    Same as atleast the R series IHC trucks
  6. Look what I found!

    Paul your tunnel isn't removable. The p15 that whole piece of the floor unbolts. Your's you'll need to do from underneath but the benefit is your car was built to house an OD.
  7. 265 Engine Color opinions

    Many of the later mopar engines used a blue very similar to Dons. IDK about the Ford flatheads but weren't the Chevy 6s a more grey blue? This is the latest one I did.
  8. The lucky ones have a spot to store them where they can work on them. Others sit out or get stored. Mine 46 and 48 coupe get stored. The 47 project has been sitting out. With any luck everything will be indoors this winter!
  9. Gates 42554 water pump

    how is one 218 and one 230? I thought they were the same pump including the long 6s
  10. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Still waiting for you to venture a little further north!
  11. Engine block number help

    Probably Kansas
  12. and if you do that be careful with the ooze. lots of lead in it from the leaded gas.
  13. Pilothouse spotted locally

    Is that chrome or silver paint? The correct color for the 39-47 is argent silver.
  14. T142 engine

    You'd have to find a junkyard truck and grab a set. You can just see one on the side of my bellhousing and the upper rubber mount.
  15. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Well that changes things! If they were new that recently you might be lucky and one just fell out. Hope that is the case.
  16. Pilothouse spotted locally

    48-50 I'm not sure if there is anyway to know from pictures beyond that. The floor shift could be 48-49 but it could just be a 4spd too.
  17. Me and the Meadowbrook

    You're missing one of the 4 that hold the two manifolds together? I'm 99.9 % sure you'll find that it's broken off and not missing. Very common on these. If you want to fix it right I'd pull the manifold set and work on it off the car. Use lots of heat to try and remove the other 3. Then hopefully there is some of the broken one left above the surface. You can weld a nut to it or cut a screwdriver slot in it to try and get that one out.
  18. P23 engine head

    The p23 should be internal bypass and that 1940 head would be external. I believe you could use it as long as you installed a plug in the water hole in the block. Might be easier to find the other type of head.
  19. T142 engine

    Yes if you look close you will even see floating power stamped into the front mount. The trucks have the rubber mounts in the back to the sides of the bell. There is an upsidedown L shaped piece that bolts to the bellhousing. Under that are the rubber mounts.
  20. Plymouth Truck

  21. Car shows

    11K each year getting close to 12K
  22. Car shows

    most of the ones I frequent are cruise nights more than car shows. No awards come and go as you please. Back to the 50s does cost money but if you pre register it's not too bad. $30 gets the car and 2 people in for the entire weekend. Since it's over $10 I believe to walk in the car admission is a good deal. You can also then pack in your own food and beverages which saves you too.
  23. Need help to identify part number.

    I'd get it. Pretty sure that 355-1 means 3.55:1 ratio
  24. Charging Issues.

    only after a couple bean burritos!
  25. Any gas tanks close

    I didn't start it but I've been in it a long time.