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  1. I'd like to know when it was built. It would make a lot of sense if it was built about 40 years ago
  2. Even the same #s. You drop the 5 for Napa and either get a 1051 or a 21051. One is the gold line
  3. hardly in the same league. Those are mostly matching parts! Does have some GM headlights grafted on but I've seen that mod a few times.
  4. I've got a 40 although in a million pieces. The plymouth pickups were built 37-41. I'd like to get a trail duster someday....
  5. It's only taken me 8 years but I finally located and purchased that missing drawer. The box no longer has a gap!
  6. I believe they still are making them. Its just not a Chrysler thing anymore.
  7. that looks like a factory installed v8
  8. The grill looks ok but those fake spot lights and portholes on the fender aren't for me. I also don't get the diamond rear window.... was this thing built in the 70s during the van craze?
  9. Personally I've always used the headbolts anyways. Just re torque the two bolts
  10. 1. Your car next to a body of water, ocean, lake, river, creek, etc 2. How about with a steam engine 3. Roadside fruit/veggie stand with a WATERMELON 4. Your old Mopar with a lake or body of water in the photo 5. Your car in front of vintage Theater Marque 6. Let’s see an old Mopar with a church in the picture 7. Your classic Mopar by a large animal sign 8. Photo of a car or truck with a large sign shaped like an animal? 9. Your car with an obscure piece of antique farm machinery 10. How about a photo of your car in front of an outhouse 11. Vintage Mopar with a Veterans Memorial Monument! 12. Seasonal harvest photo with your car next 13. Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler and Desoto together at least one of the cars has to be yours. 14. Next your car with a scary haunted castle 15. Next up, your car with snow on it 16. Your car, or truck (truck guys/gals can play too) up on blocks, ramps, jacks, or a combination of those. all 4 wheels off the ground. NO lifts. 17. Your car or truck in front of a fire station 18. An old Mopar at an auto parts store. 19. Let's see an old Mopar at a drive-in movie. Either in the parking area or with the drive=in sign. 20. Vintage mopar with a car seat belted in the backseat. 21. Your car next to a swimming pool. 22. How about next to a cannon or artillery piece. 23. some nice fall color with your old Mopar... 24. your old mopar with a vintage airplane 25. How about you car at a car dealership. 26. your Mopar at a neighborhood baseball field.
  11. I bought these years ago but I'll certainly be calling them for truck #3. I ran down there on Friday and its a great place to have access to.
  12. probably stainless. that's what I'm using for my next one. I know its not correct but I'm not doing a restoration.
  13. if I ever go for another truck thats my goal right there. 53 pickup I've I'm going to be even pickier blue and black like the one we had before
  14. Now that the big car show is over I'm back to work
  15. I ordered them from Rockauto I believe and just looked up early 50s jeep.
  16. Is that red thing leaning on the fender a Jeep dash board?
  17. yup and apparently it doesn't work too well from my phone. Just got the photo fixed.
  18. Still haven't gotten the new bed angles but I got started on the flooring
  19. I was reading something about WWII uboats and how they had no provision for bathing. They would go back to port 6months later wearing the same clothes they left in.....
  20. thats why you buy that 6K truck. It won't be much of a project.
  21. and most years I find his truck and not him. Same with Ed from the car side. Typically see his car by the grandstand.
  22. We can certainly do something but I won't do the smoker all day if it's pouring rain
  23. The 30 amp gauge instead of 35 is a sign that its a little earlier. I'd guess 37-39 year range
  24. Sounds like my grandpa his camper special Ford exhaust was more soup cans than actual exhaust pipe
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