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  1. My box has looked like that for years.I put them back after each job. It was a challenge at first but now I love it. I can always find what I'm looking for!
  2. wasn't sure if that was county or company. WI does have a Juneau county. I'd love to have the welcome sign off the side of the road!
  3. Alaska or WI?
  4. Well beyond collecting parts and assembling a T5/flathead combo I've finally gotten a slight start on my build. The better chassis I have had a 47 cab on it. Last weekend the two cabs were swapped.
  5. slightly outdated picture but I'm kinda anal and like to have sets. Sockets I do have some random ones and would guess 1/2 or 9/16 is the most.
  6. I sold off those redlines. They didn't fit my look. The wheels are 15x6.5. Not sure what size radials I need to look for those wide rims.
  7. That car has the 3 green round gauges? If so someone did some swapping!
  8. probably using metric tape!
  9. Not very well. Causes issues lining up the hood etc.
  10. Sounds like either it's really a 50 or someone has been swapping stuff around on you.
  11. If you need it I believe patch panels are available for both of those areas.
  12. haven't found any yet but it will be some dodge or mopar bottlecaps of some sort.
  13. Hauled these assembled to Dads and then back home. Got rid of the tires planning to use the wheels on the 47.
  14. Got a few more things lined up. Wheels and a 51-52 dodge speedometer. The 53-54 one mentioned a few pages back won't fit between the gauge pods.
  15. That's called the floor it's just removable. You will also need to buy or make the wooden piece that goes behind it if that isn't there.
  17. anyone explain why they don't allow sealed beams?
  18. There are DIY articles to take the bullseye lenses off the metal backing and turning them into lights that take replaceable bulbs. Sounds like you'd just need the lights those guys are using as donors. I believe they also have 6v or 12v bulbs for them.
  19. Let me know if you want some specs
  20. That is a biggie! 46-47 I believe 2.5 ton or 3. Unique flattened grill.
  21. They are quite rare but they did make factory 9' beds for 1 ton duallies
  22. A stock bed would be a flatbed for that truck. You could maybe find a 9' box that could be made to work.
  23. Ya at some point back in the ole days they had reproduction windshield frames for 39-47 trucks. Now they cost almost 1K
  24. currently all of mine are attached to engines and transmissions. thanks for inquiring though