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  1. You should be able to replace that circle piece with one that is splined and then get a wiper arm. Roberts would have both pieces. The circle adapter is part of their wiper kit.
  2. 50 Coronet project

    To make mine easier you can get the small nuts with a captive star washer built in.
  3. 48 Desoto Project

    one thing that you can do is count the holes and then see what style of bolt you have that many of or close to that many of.
  4. OE Wheel bolt pattern

    Come visit...
  5. Starter grind

    did you reuse the same flywheel with the 218 and the 230?
  6. Rear Brake drum on B2B

    I kinda thought that'd be the next issue......
  7. Rear Brake drum on B2B

    That's what I always do! That nut needs to be tight.
  8. Me and the Meadowbrook

    That is a 52. Hope you checked it for overdrive!
  9. 1940 pt105

    I believe they are military but not really WWII. In other words I don't think any were overseas in combat. They might have also been more along the lines of forestry service or something. You'll find it has the unique gas tank along with the fender hole for the filler, the spare tire and fender well, and the bed is also slightly different with wood going front to back on the frame before the cross members. I think that was done to make room for the gas tank. I've seen some of them that also have the ash tray in the dash center.
  10. Fire Extinguisher Recommendation

    oddly enough the trucks do not have that brace! They also tend to have smaller air cleaners than cars.
  11. not sure if any of them work but I've probably got a dozen of them
  12. Moore's Auto Salvage

    Wasn't it just the window that was incorrect?
  13. Moore's Auto Salvage

    I was there in 2000 I think for the Plymouth national. Maybe it was 2001. Was a great place to walk around! What part of WI are you in?
  14. Goodbye and Thank you!

    Glad you had an enjoyable run. Are you going to get something a little more modern? Either way just because you don't have the car doesn't mean you can't stick around for the entertainment. Even Pete still shows up on occasion.
  15. Fire Extinguisher Recommendation

    The oil bath if properly clamped should have no way to fall off. Personally even before the recall I wouldn't touch anything by Kidde. We had their 10y smoke detectors and couldn't even get a year out of them before they started going bad. They replaced them under warranty and one of the new ones went wacko too. They all went in the dumpster at that point!
  16. The postwar trucks don't have as many ribs so they could be a little more easily modified if one wanted to. Controlling from the phone sounds like a better idea though.
  17. Be careful guys last time I checked those cheaper plans didn't get you the third party hosting you need to be able to share photos on this site.
  18. Starting next project - 1967 Barracuda

    nice car. I went with when my old boss bought a 69 340 version. His has some rust but it's a fun car!
  19. Early christmas goodies...

    Just guessing at a few figures here but at 4K miles a year and assuming $3 a gallon I get about 18 seasons to break even on that $1500. Which I bet Greg is close to 1/2 way through. Now gas can easily jump over that $3 mark and actually was closer to 4 for some of the years. Combine that with some big longer trips and that break even point may be reached already.
  20. New Guy In The House.

    I found the tall ones at my local hardware store.
  21. Painting with Pizza Boxes

    I like it except for the using it over and over part. Ruins the excuse to order more pizza!
  22. Steering Arm ID

    I was kinda thinking that too but the slight bend near the ball end has me questioning that fit.
  23. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Paul they also go opposite directions. So if you are hammering the second one from the same side as the first you're going the wrong way!
  24. Spitfire head

    just watch your internal vs external bypass situation.
  25. where is this heading

    I don't think I did. I think it was so called out that I noticed it.