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  1. Young Ed

    Hound dog hauler

    did you get the one with the free hammer? https://www.amazon.com/Wilton-WIL11128BH-Hammer-BASH-Combo/dp/B00WH6JIEO/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1540000892&sr=8-5&keywords=wilton+vise
  2. Young Ed

    No heater

    I ran my truck like that for years before adding a heater. No issues.
  3. Young Ed

    Hound dog hauler

    Not sure what you've got available in your area but I've had great luck with the masterforce vice I got from menards. I've abused it quite a bit and other than the handle getting bent(I was using it as a press and using a cheater bar on the handle) it's still 100% the same as when I bought it. This one is quite similar to what I have. https://www.menards.com/main/tools-hardware/hand-tools/clamps-vises/masterforce-reg-5-1-2-reversible-bench-vise-with-swivel-base/65155/p-1453088413107-c-9135.htm?tid=-7509889267200335726&ipos=6
  4. Young Ed

    1955 Coronet

    Love your 55! Can't wait to see how the polish job comes out on the rest of the car.
  5. Young Ed

    Hound dog hauler

    My feeling it sounds like you won't get anywhere until you pull those frost plugs and really clean the inside of the block out. The flathead I got used was supposedly rebuilt and had about 2 lbs of gunk that came out.
  6. Young Ed

    electric wipers

    No but I think the extra width is all at the outside. For instance the fresh air heater box fits from a dodge. I believe the one in my car came out of a chrysler.
  7. Young Ed

    The purple people eater is slowly disintegrating

    I have seen advice somewhere-possibly someone on this forum to take a sharpie and write your cell # inside the hubcaps. Then you can hope the finder will give you a call.
  8. Young Ed

    Teaching my grandson to drive a stick

    Yes I quoted myself-coming back to add pictures. Also this is my Moms car that I also learned to drive in. That's our trailer across the street in the neighbors driveway.
  9. Young Ed

    Teaching my grandson to drive a stick

    I learned to drive in a variety of stick shifts. At the time Dads truck was a v6 dakota with a 5spd. I still have that one although it's in pretty sad shape these days. Besides that one was his 39 plymouth road king touring sedan, 40 Plymouth PT105 pickup(before he restored it I used to drive it around in the woods), the 46 dodge 1/2 ton that replaced it as the woods truck, and his 50 plymouth 4dr.
  10. Young Ed

    Starter Removal

    Time to break out those wobble extensions or 1/2 moon wrenches!
  11. Young Ed

    Let's see your other rides

    Were you able to transfer anything to the new ride? I'd want to move the shift knob or hubcaps just to make it my own again.
  12. Young Ed

    Let's see your other rides

    sad you lost your car to the storm! Glad to see you replaced it-looks like you upgraded to the hardtop
  13. Young Ed

    Tucker Sno Cat speedometer

    Dads Worthington Chief lawn tractor is the same way. Mostly dodge truck parts some house made stuff. Crosley gauge cluster. Seat probably from some tractor line.
  14. Young Ed

    Great Grandpa's Truck. It's time.

    guess I've never seen the underbelly of the bigger trucks. I'd love to have one of the big 2.5 or 3 ton flat nose trucks
  15. Young Ed

    Great Grandpa's Truck. It's time.

    Interesting the bigger W series trucks the gas tank moved from inside the frame to outside however it looks like the same tank with a relocated filler neck.
  16. Young Ed


    Yes they are. I would guess they are just rebranded by snap on though.
  17. Well beyond collecting parts and assembling a T5/flathead combo http://p15-d24.com/topic/17701-my-own-t5-install-thread/ I've finally gotten a slight start on my build. The better chassis I have had a 47 cab on it. Last weekend the two cabs were swapped.
  18. Young Ed

    47 Dodge Turkey Truck Build

    just a quick update-went to the junkyard and managed to salvage the springs and spacers for the gas tank. Now I can get that installed. Any suggestions on what to clean the tank out with? Looks clean on the inside but it's been laying around so I'd like to rinse out the dust etc..
  19. Young Ed

    We and the Windsor 2018

    In this case since they aren't mounted on a car couldn't he just push them from behind?
  20. the 3spd in my 46 is syncronized but its kinda worn so I still have to double clutch 2-3.
  21. Young Ed

    P15 high beam indicator light bulb socket question

    that socket looks different than mine. Did you replace them when you did the new wiring? My socket goes inside the high beam light and its a tight fit. You can just see it at the top and a better view of the socket
  22. Young Ed

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    not sure on that. I know the later COEs had a door added at the front but I believe that was for engine access not cab cooling. I've seen most of those options but no idea about an AM radio. There certainly isn't a spot in the dash for one. I've got electric wipers for my truck along with arm rests, dome light, heater, and the air seat. Dads 40 plymouth came with the 4spd but he swapped it over to his 46
  23. Young Ed

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    vent windows were optional through part of the 39-47 series. They all had a cowl vent though.
  24. Young Ed


    couple years back I found these on craigslist. I emailed and emailed and got no reply. Finally gave up and then a few weeks later saw them listed again with a lower price. Emailed again and got an answer that time.
  25. Young Ed

    1949 Chrysler New Yorker rear tire lockups

    one other thing to add to Tims list-did you mess with the brake pedal push rod adjustment? If that is too tight it can cause wheels to lock up.

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