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    Currently 35 have a wife and 2 sons and 4 old mopars. What more can anyone ask for?

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    Minneapolis MN
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    40 Plymouth PT105 1/2ton, 46 Dodge WC 1/2 ton, 47 WC 1/2ton, 48 Plymouth club coupe


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    Minneapolis MN: 46 dodge 1/2 ton,48 & 51 ply club coupes
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    old cars
  1. stude maybe? the same guys designed their flathead
  2. nice crew cab dodge in the background
  3. check your PM
  4. who is doing that bushing? also if you don't mind what is the approximate cost?
  5. that looks right. the wiper motor has a U that the short side of the L goes through
  6. I was thinking plymouths not dodges but I'm still having a hard time believing that coupe trunk is smaller than a sedan
  7. Anyone else questioning that the club coupe is that much smaller than the sedan??
  8. coil on these is firewall mounted. besides the oil filter I see maybe 1 headbolt missing or broken and you'll need an air cleaner once you have a carb
  9. You can get the 50/50 if you want. I prefer to save a little $ and mix my own water into it.
  10. yes that is the overdrive lockout. It should be pulled out when parked or driving around town.
  11. My box has looked like that for years.I put them back after each job. It was a challenge at first but now I love it. I can always find what I'm looking for!
  12. wasn't sure if that was county or company. WI does have a Juneau county. I'd love to have the welcome sign off the side of the road!
  13. Alaska or WI?
  14. slightly outdated picture but I'm kinda anal and like to have sets. Sockets I do have some random ones and would guess 1/2 or 9/16 is the most.
  15. I sold off those redlines. They didn't fit my look. The wheels are 15x6.5. Not sure what size radials I need to look for those wide rims.