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    Have a wife and 2 sons a daughter and 4 old mopars. What more can anyone ask for?

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    40 Plymouth PT105 1/2ton, 46 Dodge WC 1/2 ton, 47 WC 1/2ton, 48 Plymouth club coupe


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    Minneapolis MN: 46 dodge 1/2 ton,48 & 51 ply club coupes
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  1. last I've heard they are providing a little less in the way of decoding the build cards and no longer charging for the service
  2. Those look like 51-52 caps without the ship. I wonder if they are old aftermarket caps.
  3. That is a second series 49. The 46-48s continued into early 49 but what you have is what most consider a 49.
  4. I believe someone on the forum sourced via ebay a modern starter that was adapted to the flatheads.
  5. What does this have to do with someone swapping a 218 for a 230?
  6. It will all bolt up. You just need to watch the flywheel spacing. You might need to source a different flywheel from a 230.
  7. You end up closer or further from the cities?
  8. Am I thinking right the gasket only goes one way to line up with everything?
  9. this at the front half of the manifolds below the exhaust? there is usually a heat shield for the fuel pump
  10. The two roundish pieces go on each heater box. The Y goes at the back of the head and splits the coolant to each heater core and also always the water to be turned on and off. Here is my heater cores mid resto and you can see the 3 stand offs where those roundish pieces mount.
  11. If you strike out on making one send me a PM I've got a few parts carbs
  12. Ive got over a decade of use and 20k miles on my 48 using gl4/5. The bottle did specifically say safe for use in manual transmission. The same bottle no longer says that so ive got to track down some of this older style.
  13. plymouths never had fluid drive. You need Gl1 gear oil
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