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    Have a wife and 2 sons a daughter and 4 old mopars. What more can anyone ask for?

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    40 Plymouth PT105 1/2ton, 46 Dodge WC 1/2 ton, 47 WC 1/2ton, 48 Plymouth club coupe, 64 Belvedere station wagon


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    Minneapolis MN: 46 dodge 1/2 ton,48 & 51 ply club coupes
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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1939-1940-1941-42-1946-1947-Dodge-Plymouth-Pickup-Truck-Switch-Nut-Removal-Tool/153525351941?hash=item23bed2f605:g:nWgAAOxyzHxRJD5o&vxp=mtr this seller has a few premade tools if you'd like a shortcut. You can also hunt for vintage tools if you want a challenge. Far right is a vintage snap on dash tool socket. Other tall one is the ebay one I linked too above. Short ones are for the oblong fastners used on wiper motors.
  2. congrats on the new place! Nothing wrong with stashing the COE safely indoors until you have some time
  3. I haven't heard from him in years but there was a guy that did that to his 40s dodge truck. He said it worked great.
  4. The 39-47 truck headlight and panel light knobs have a small indent in the bottom. You have to release it with a small screwdriver or blade while pulling the knob off. Then you can remove the bezel and the switch will come out the back. The choke and throttle typically have the knob attached to the inner cable. There is a nut from behind that holds the outer cable.
  5. while cutting up lug bolts would work I personally would want something a little longer to get the wheel on and them make sure I could get it back off to replace with the regular lugbolt. That being said my truck has been without them for 19 years and I still haven't made myself a set of these. Everytime I take the wheels off I think I need to remember to do it though....
  6. get some bolts and cut the heads off. Then you can start the wheel with that holding it and remove it after a couple other lugs are started. Challenge might be finding the LH thread bolts to cut up
  7. agreed it looks like the panel is already painted and the holes won't hurt anything. You can fix them next repaint
  8. Are you missing yours all together or is it just bad?
  9. Those are from my 46. You should be able to use any 39-47 truck seat.
  10. That site also doesn't list the early 49s. The p15 series was built into 49.
  11. You sure thats burnt and not just a crumbling ancient wire?
  12. I'm slowly doing the bed on my 47 project. The hardest part I had was finding boards the correct thickness. On mine I ended up thicker and used thinker crossmembers to arrive at the same total height. However on a newer truck with steel crossmembers that wouldn't be an option. So if you can a source that will sell you a specific thickness then the rest is pretty easy. My other truck has boards from Mar-K. They came with the grooves for the strips already cut. I had to drill the 8 holes for the bed holddown bolts and then it was ready to go.
  13. So the photos on the site were out of date?? Looks like it could be a good one! You coming through the twin cities?
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