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    Currently 35 have a wife and 2 sons and 4 old mopars. What more can anyone ask for?

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  1. well then if you do make that trade I would expect a little $ thrown in with the 49
  2. you are correct on #1. I've got #1 and 2 covered.....
  3. 1956 first year they got rid of the toothy grill
  4. on the 51s the jack base has a hook on the floor and then you have a spring that you use with the jack to hold it down. the tire wrench just sits against the tire in the well
  5. or transfer the ring gears?
  6. 46-48 plymouth rear fenders are all the same except maybe wagons
  7. The club coupe rear window is different from the business coupe but I've read I believe on here that the club coupe rear window fits the entire DPCD line for 46-48
  8. You need to come visit her
  9. I've got 2 pieces of copper with a T to replace one of the broken heater pipes in my 48. Mine is painted grey though
  10. yup any reason why you wouldn't paint those wheels to match the truck instead of the other way around?
  11. It's very hard to ensure it all stays external. I wouldn't do it unless this was a full rebuild and you were tanking the block afterwards. Which I believe cleans it anyways.
  12. That would be the cast date. I've always heard they liked to let them season for a while so your actual build date is likely later.
  13. Being it was rebuilt by a shop doing large amounts of engines are you sure it was rebuilt to tractor specs? They could have easily mixed and matched parts to rebuild to car specs or truck or??
  14. we're getting another round of bad weather tonight. Hope you got that p15 inside now!
  15. the inline or one in the box would do the same thing. The fuse box just gave them all a central location as the cars got more complicated.