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  1. 230 1926 Chryslers Rescued

    Very cool video, I bet the refurbishment included new odometers...
  2. Asian Beetle Invasion/ Infestation

  3. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    This is one I`ve never seen before, it is a really good idea. very effective in my opinion.
  4. Buster Keaton and a lot of old cars

    I`ve always been a huge fan of Keaton, I read once he almost drowned working out that RR water tower bit. He was one fearless comedian who did some amazing dangerous stunts to give his audience a good laugh. Thanks for posting this.
  5. Home Automation With an Echo

    My brotherinlaw convinced my wife she needed an Echo/Alexa in her life and so I finally gave in and got her one from the amazon warehouse. Being a lover of gadgets I soon got another one from the warehouse and a couple of the Echo Dots. That quickly escalated into a bunch of smart switches and smart bulbs installed in a lot of the house. I guess I always was a big childhood fan of the Jetson`s Cartoons and this is getting pretty close in a lot of ways. You can tell it to turn things on and off, dim or raise lights, change light colors in rooms at request, raise or lower music volume, request just about any song be played, weather, news, time etc. One issue started to show up with the two Echo units where it would take three repeated questions/requests to get a response. I contacted the amazon tech dept that handle these things where I spent 20mins on the phone with a guy in South Africa who gave up and connected me with a woman in India who kept telling me to do the resets and other tricks I had done a dozen times before. Finally after about 20mins of listening to her nonsense I hung up and made and posted a couple of short videos to document this problem that amazon claimed they never heard of. I have now heard from them twice as they now have seen the video and they said items from the warehouse are often "unique" which is their business speak for defective. I have sent one of the bad units back and a new not from the warehouse Echo arrives today. Then I will be boxing up and sending back the 2nd bad unit, they are offering me a discount on the new units as compensation for the problems. I wound up making two videos as my 5 dogs were making some background noise in the first one. The echo dots work flawlessly and never have a response issue or lag of any kind. All in all we love these damn things.
  6. Wishing you the best of luck, stay safe.
  7. Electricians: What Is This In My Shop?

  8. Carpel Tunnel damage

    In my 30 plus years as an electrician I saw a lot of this happen to a lot of guys due to the nature of the work. Many opted for the wrist surgery and had the problem successfully corrected, others wore wrist braces to get thru the workday. As for myself I always followed the advice given by Norm Abrams of This Old House which was basically to never use a hand tool when a power tool was available to do the job. It was good advice and I bought my first cordless screwdriver and cordless drill back in the early 80`s and always used them whenever possible, it sure saved me from a lot of "wear and tear" on my wrists. I have also carried that over to my car hobby, I use cordless impact guns in both 3/8 and 1/2 whenever possible. I might have to break loose a bolt with a socket wrench or breaker bar but I will finish it`s removal with a cordless gun. Same for putting back in, tighten with a gun and finish with a torque wrench.
  9. Has anyone ever had to deal with a aggressive neighbor?

    To quote the Poet Robert Frost "Good fences make good neighbors."
  10. Got a shovel?

  11. New Parts For My Plow Truck

    My plow truck has continued to inflict "Penance" upon me, this time was the transmission which suffered an internal failure of spectacular proportions. It was the first time I got to use my AARP Road Service (which I can recommend) because I needed a tow to the transmission shop. The two offers/options I got after they did triage on my trans. were $2700 to fix my old one with 12 months 12,000 miles warranty (30 days on electronic components) or for $2900 I could get a re manufactured unit out of the midwest that came with a 36month unlimited mileage warranty and it isn`t voided by snow plowing, I opted to take the latter. Next came engine misfires creating engine codes and poor performance going up mountains. This was easily corrected by the replacement of the Bosch plugs I installed a couple of years back with Motorcraft plugs which the forums I was reading highly recommended. I also replaced the wires and fuel filter. Then we had a 60 degree day with 2ins of rain that dropped to 0 degrees in a matter of hours coating everything with a layer of ice topped off with several inches of snow. After clearing my ice layered windshield I found a crack that started in the bottom left side and was heading up into my field if vision. I drilled a relief hole at the end of the 12inch crack with a diamond glass bit and filled it with a 10 dollar Rainx glass repair kit. So far it has not spread any further but that might change come the Spring thaw. Then I was getting a terrible dry-bearing/creaky hinge sound out of my steering wheel every time it was turned. It even seemed a little harder to turn and I was getting close to pulling the steering wheel when I ran across a utube video of the exact same noise and it was being caused by the new steering shaft where it passed thru the new rubber dust boot. I applied some lube at the friction point and the noise and resistance were gone.
  12. Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    I would suggest led shop lighting as opposed to fluorescent, they give off clean bright light and are cheaper to run. A mechanic friend of mine has recently done the switch over and the results are amazing. The inside of his once dark dingy shop is now like stepping onto the beach on a bright summers day. https://www.amazon.com/Hykolity-daylight-linkable-fluorescent-equivalent/dp/B01GJVEM4S/ref=sr_1_5?s=lamps-light&ie=UTF8&qid=1515936712&sr=1-5&keywords=led+shop+light
  13. New Parts For My Plow Truck

    Rust continues to use up my time and my money, this time the steering shaft was the culprit. I kept feeling a clunk in the steering wheel on hard acceleration and breaking. My mechanic friend took it for a ride and educated me about the telescopic steering shaft that had rusted solid on me. He told me to buy a new one or learn to love the clunking, I opted to replace but the damn things are expensive. After much searching I found a vendor on ebay selling the one I needed for 190 bucks or best offer. He had sold over thirty of them already, I pleaded my poverty and got him to laugh and he took 150. It was a miserable job and I had to finally break out the saws-all and cut the frozen shaft under the dash where I had the most room and it wasn`t a lot of room, I don`t fit under dashboards like I used to.