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  1. Installed some 12 volt lighting, two led spot lights with motion-sensors and a two sided led dome light.
  2. Well the Wife`s new tire came along with the Bubble Balancer and weights so I ran out of excuses and got busy on her wheel. I was a little nervous as I had never used a rim-clamp before and it was a low-profile tire and a nice rim. But I have to say being an old hand with a Coats 20-20 these rim-clamps are amazing. Easiest tire I have ever mounted in my life, ridiculous easy it was. I am also pleased with the $50 chinese bubble balancer, it gave me a perfect balance and I think I will stop looking for a balance machine.
  3. I repurposed a pair of crutches and part of an old industrial light fixture into a solar panel stand.
  4. I cleaned some of the protective "grime" off the old girl and gave it a "lick of paint"here and there, I am getting the correct lubricant container with bead swab for it and I printed up a copy of the original manual for it.
  5. That`s funny Frank we think alike, I got five 12 volt cooling fans that I adapted Apollo 13 style and will power off a solar panel powered battery setup.
  6. No definitely not, but I always wanted one, and if life isn`t funny enough as I was unloading the tire changer off the trailer the Wife was busy coming home from the Dentist and hitting a pothole right behind another "poor-soul" and they both destroyed their tires. So she will be my first customer when the her new $107 replacement tire arrives, I`m just lucky the rim is not ruined, the tire sidewall split open.
  7. I was weened on the 20-20 and one was for sale for $100 on FB Marketplace but you need a rim-clamp for today's wheels, the 10-10 and 20-20 were for steel wheels. Just about everything can be done on a rim-clamp up to a 23 inch for this vintage model.
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