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  1. linus6948

    Sleepless nights

    I have experienced a lot of what I read above but in my case I always blamed 30yrs of working rotating shifts changing every 7 days as being the cause of my "body-clock" being totally out of whack. Finally retired I thought my sleep would improve with time but it never did, I would awaken in the morning exhausted though I had slept. Finally I off-handily mentioned my plight to our family Doctor while accompanying my wife on her Dr. appointment. He asked me a few questions and said I was suffering from what he suspected to be sleep-apnea. What followed was the wearing of a halter device during a night in my own bed and then a night spent in a sleep lab where I was monitored for 6hrs of what passed as sleep for me. The lab reported that I never get into the stages of restful sleep, never hit the REM stage where you dream and recharge. I was also told I have restless leg syndrome and that my legs woke me 168 times during the 6hr test besides the awakenings I was experiencing due the cessation of my breathing due to the sleep apnea. I was advised to stop wearing Crocs Clogs which I lived in to help with the leg issues and I was prescribed a cpap machine to use during the night. I now go to sleep wearing a mask that is reminiscent of what Mig fighter pilots wore in the 1950`s. I won`t say I like it but it does work, if I can get through at least 4hrs a night wearing it I wake feeling rested. When I don`t use it I wake up feeling exhausted and totally unrest-ed again. So I wear it and I don`t know if I ever will grow to like it but I do like the rest it provides and yes now I have dreams again but that is a whole other story..
  2. linus6948

    TV in a COLD garage?

    I`ve had an off-brand 32in Flat Screen TV in my unheated steel shop/barn for three years now with no ill effects whatsoever. It has been subjected to temps of below zero and over 100 degrees and so far no worries.
  3. linus6948

    What causes a wall outlet in your house......

    Actually the service cable feeding the electric panels in most homes is aluminum wire and as long as it is sized correctly for the panel it is feeding and the exposed ends are covered with ox-guard protectant or something similar prior to being secured in the panel lugs it is just fine.
  4. linus6948

    What causes a wall outlet in your house......

    Another important factor is the receptacle itself, I saw all the scenarios already mentioned and saw a bunch that were wired correctly but where the 35 cent "builders-grade" receptacle finally failed. Unfortunately most people have no idea what is behind their receptacle cover and don`t give it a thought. https://www.thespruce.com/cheap-outlets-vs-receptacles-1152790
  5. linus6948

    Fuel Mixture Screw doesn't change the idle.

    If you want it restored to like-new you can send it to Dimitrios and he will do it, his work is the best I have ever seen and he is a truly nice guy. http://www.oldcarbrebuild.com/
  6. linus6948

    Buttermilk Falls

    With all the rain we have been having in north east pa I stopped to see how a local waterfall was running, it was really nice. Sorry for the shaky camera work but the ground is all wet moss covered rocks and I did not want to take a spill.
  7. linus6948

    New Project

  8. linus6948


    Happy Birthday..Cent`Anni
  9. linus6948

    Fuzzy dice

    I have liked fuzzy dice since I first saw them as a boy, I also like the "Bob Falfa" skull from American Graffiti that I got in the 70`s
  10. linus6948

    New Plymouth and new member

    Congratulations and best of luck with her, I would suggest changing out all the fluids from the radiator to the rear end so you know what you`ve got. I also agree that was one heck of a Road Trip, my guess is that you definitely had an Angel on your Shoulder.
  11. linus6948

    Phony business scam

    Exactly how did you pay them, if cash or a gift card was sent you are out of luck. If Paypal or a CC was used you make a dispute claim and you get your money back. Been buying goods from china for years and never had a problem getting my money back from a bad transaction.
  12. linus6948

    soda or sand blaster

    If you ever want to build a blast cabinet for contained cleaning of smaller parts you can take the inexpensive Harbor Freight model and "mod" it into a very efficient cabinet for not too much money.
  13. linus6948

    Vinyl Plank Flooring Accent Walls

    There was no apparent definite pattern to these planks that I saw, but I did as recommended by the manufacturer work out of multiple open boxes at once taking a plank out of a different box each time.
  14. linus6948

    Vinyl Plank Flooring Accent Walls

    This vinyl was Golden Arowana Timberland Oak 100% vinyl and it was not self stick, I used Liquid Nails Mable & Granite formula for one wall and DAP Heavy Duty contractors adhesive on the other. There is also an 18gauge brad nail shot into the groove of each plank at every stud at a slight downward angle. But I see no reason why self stick would not be fine to use in this application. https://goldenarowanaflooring.com/

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