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  1. Favorite shop chairs

    I second the roll-around shop stool with the hydraulic height adjustment, use it all the time in my shop. For $20 on sale I can also highly recommend it. For lounging I have an old Desk Sergeants chair rescued from a dumpster.
  2. How to keep the mice away?

    Ditto on the Peppermint oil, here is the one I use very strong, good stuff. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PRMTNNG/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Media Blast Cabinet Build

    Thanks, I have to say this cabinet really does work amazingly well and I am still amazed by it`s performance on every piece of rusty metal I`ve put in the cabinet.
  4. Out and About in central Massachusetts

    That is one beautiful car you`ve got there.
  5. It is a good friends picture, I think it is such an interesting way to do a mount. If you did the moose that way you would need most of a wall.
  6. Media Blast Cabinet Build

    So far it has been running great, I only keep 3 cups of media in the hopper at anytime so it is very fast and inexpensive to replace but so far no clotting issues, I think the heat the spotlights provide is helping with moisture issues. I replaced the miserable stock drain "valve" on the bottom of my 60gal air compressor with a ball valve plumbed to outside the base so dumping the water daily from the tank is now a pleasure and I have a decent water trap installed on the line for good measure. The shop vacuum system is doing a fine job of keeping the visibility clear, in fact I throttled it down by about half. The bottom pane of sacrificial glass is single pane window glass from Lowes, I got four pieces cut to size for $15. This cabinet has made dealing with rusty scrap metal much easier, a lot less time spent with the angle grinder and wire wheel.
  7. Scrap Art

    It started with a discarded helium tank that was up at my gun club waiting to be shot full of holes. I took it and turned it in a piece of "yard art" a pig and from there I made few more from old 20lb propane tanks and old freon tanks. Then came other things made from RR spikes and horseshoes and other assorted pieces of scrap metal. The wife likes it as it keeps me out of her hair and she actually likes the stuff I`ve been creating.
  8. Media Blast Cabinet Build

    I`ve been doing some scrap-art and seemed to be spending most of my time grinding rust off of scrap metal. I found a series of videos on utube on how to modify the cheap harbor freight 40lb cabinet into an excellent blast cabinet. I can now clean a rust encrusted Railroad spike to like new in about 20 seconds and in it`s altered form it just "sips" media and requires less than half the air pressure.
  9. D-24 antenna ?

    My D24 is an original survivor and my antenna does not look like that one and my antenna has more than two telescoping sections.
  10. I`ve used Wix Filters 51080 for years now, very happen with them. These Wix filters were NOS when I bought a case of them a few years back.
  11. Vacuum Advance

    I went with trial and error Don and my interpretation of the specs found on page 92 of the shop manual. Starting with the 4 shims and applying vacuum and getting no movement. I then kept reducing the number of shims until I finally got down to 1 shim and started to get movement at 7 1/2 lbs of vacuum and kept getting movement thru 16 lbs of applied vacuum. Now I don`t know if this was the correct way to do it or not, but I am more than pleased with the results and my car is running better than it ever has since I`ve owned the car. I`ve been using the heck out of it lately to take in the fall color which is peaking in the Mtns. right now
  12. Vacuum Advance

    Thanks Rich, I don`t get to many swap meets nowadays but I have had luck on ebay finding NOS components and I found the right cap on amazon and points from a forklift supplier HGM lift parts inc.. http://store.hgmforkliftparts.com/prestolite_forklift_parts/pligs-2224lb.aspx?afid=1&gclid=CjwKEAjwrvq9BRD5gLyrufTqg0YSJACcuF811HWqnqj52QCLXmcYh4V3sgQtwq_naoXOdRnaIlnKkhoC6G_w_wcB
  13. Vacuum Advance

    Glad to help, apparently the IGS dist is a pretty rare bird and even the proper cap.rotor and points can be hard to find. I ordered a tune-up kit from AB and they work well but are cheaply made re-pops. The rotor and "two-piece" points look very chinese and the cap seems very light, I chose to not use their points as I still had some NOS points . But as I said the car runs well.