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  1. linus6948

    soda or sand blaster

    If you ever want to build a blast cabinet for contained cleaning of smaller parts you can take the inexpensive Harbor Freight model and "mod" it into a very efficient cabinet for not too much money.
  2. linus6948

    Vinyl Plank Flooring Accent Walls

    There was no apparent definite pattern to these planks that I saw, but I did as recommended by the manufacturer work out of multiple open boxes at once taking a plank out of a different box each time.
  3. linus6948

    Vinyl Plank Flooring Accent Walls

    This vinyl was Golden Arowana Timberland Oak 100% vinyl and it was not self stick, I used Liquid Nails Mable & Granite formula for one wall and DAP Heavy Duty contractors adhesive on the other. There is also an 18gauge brad nail shot into the groove of each plank at every stud at a slight downward angle. But I see no reason why self stick would not be fine to use in this application. https://goldenarowanaflooring.com/
  4. Our Parrot likes to shake her food violently before she eats it, I guess she is "killing" it. Since a large portion of her diet is fresh fruit my wife was buying Mr Clean Magic Erasers by the dozen trying to keep the painted wall behind her cage clean. I was looking for a wall covering that could be wiped down easily and stumbled onto a utube video done by Lowes promoting the use of vinyl plank flooring as an accent wall. Not far from me is a large auto shop whose owner has a sideline in freight salvage merchandise, from him I was able to get 10 boxes of vinyl plank for $150. I did the wall behind the Parrot with 5 boxes and it turned out so nice the wife wanted a wall in the bedroom done also. I got it done with very little to spare and it also turned out very well.
  5. linus6948

    Door Panel Reupholstering

    Don`t know if this helps but on my 48 D24 Coupe those door panel measurements are both 29 1/4 inches.
  6. linus6948

    stupidest thing I've ever seen

    "well I just talked to the previous owner, and he said he took the distributor out to change the points, I asked him why he took it out to change the points and he said because it was much easier than trying to change them in the car" If I`m not mistaken the service manual calls for the points to be serviced with the distributor removed and as one who has done it in the past more than once without pulling it. I would have to say in hindsight that pulling the distributor is the best way to go, so much easier and much less cussing.
  7. linus6948

    Bad Reproduction Fender Stone Guards on Ebay

    Thanks Greg, your comment sums up my experience very astutely, you are wise beyond your years. I usually steer away from ebay vendors that state "No Returns Accepted" but this time I did not and lived to regret the experience. My comments were about my buying experience and nothing more, if this vendor has been good for other members I am very happy for them, if he stocks "beautiful" stoneguards and other quality NOS parts and repops that`s terrific. My comments reflect my single buying experience with this vendor and what he shipped me was unacceptable and unusable even for a "Ratrod". My money was finally refunded and the sub-par repops are back where they started from in case anyone else wants them for their car.
  8. linus6948

    Dirty Oil!

    What was the reason you bumped up to 40 weight? I still run with what my manual calls for non-detergent 20 weight above freezing and 10 weight below. I also add a bottle of zddp for good measure. Any thoughts about going back to the 30 weight to see if that makes any difference.
  9. linus6948

    Carter B&B help

    Call or email Demetrius he would have it if anyone would, he is a "Prince Among Men" in my book a super nice guy. EMAIL: DKOLIORAD63@HOTMAIL.COM cell: 727 505-7901 http://www.oldcarbrebuild.com/
  10. linus6948

    Show your tools.

    Don`t know if anyone services their car`s AC but I have found something I have wanted for sometime now, a freon scale to accurately measure the amount of refrigerant going in. I had been doing it with an electronic bathroom scale but that left a lot to be desired accuracy wise. This is actually a Postal scale but it works just fine with a 30lb tank of freon. It is surprising accurate and well made for the money it costs and I am quite pleased with it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Accuteck-ShipPro-W-8580-110lbs-x-0-1-oz-Black-Digital-shipping-postal-scale/390765537903?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  11. linus6948

    Hubcap lettering

    I did mine with paint specifically made for auto pin-striping, it was pretty pricey for a tiny can but it worked well on my hubcaps.

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