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  1. This one is a bit different that the others pictured, but I believe it is also a Mopar bracket. If anyone wants it, it is yours for the cost of shipping. The mirror itself needs re-silver or replaced.
  2. HughForrest

    Glass Questions

    My local glass shop that works on oddball old stuff suggested using tiny flathead screws to hold the sweeper to the door. I found the factory style clips very hard to use, so I followed their advice. As long as the screw head is small enough to burrow below the surface of the whiskers of the sweeper (so as not to scratch the glass) it is a quick & easy way to install it.
  3. HughForrest

    Fuel Sending Unit Erratic

    These folks http://www.mykmlifestyle.com/1938_Chrysler_Fuel_Sender.html are the licensee of Atwater Kent which made them Oem back in the day. I bought one from them and am happy with it.
  4. HughForrest

    found a couple of treasures...

    😄 the tag line on the Royal Enfield coozy: "Untainted by Technology" Seems a little newer that the rest of that stuff, but I like it anyway.
  5. HughForrest

    Rumble seat/ rear glass question?

    Leaving aside the openable rear window- 'cause I don't have that- is there drainage for the mini-trough that the edge of the rumble lid closes into? I couldn't think of a way to weatherstrip around the rumble lid that won't leak.
  6. HughForrest

    1938 chrysler hubcaps...

    Check your P.M.s
  7. HughForrest

    Show your tools.

    Think small:
  8. HughForrest

    Show your Goodies!

    I'll see your Nicson intake, and raise you an unused, "You've never seen one before" Nicson screw-in temperature gauge:
  9. HughForrest

    Big block install

    Thanks Andy, that's kind of you. If anything those pics look better than real life! Except for the dash paint & running boards it all looks pretty stock on the outside. The seat still has the original upholstery afaik.
  10. HughForrest

    Big block install

    Been a running & driving machine a couple/few years now.☺️
  11. HughForrest

    Big block install

    In my '38 Chrysler (I think a bit less room under the hood than your car) I put a 383/727. It is a tight squeeze. No inner fenders, Cavalier rack, relocated shocks, remote oil filter, and disc brakes with the master on the firewall. I didn't have to alter the firewall or core support, but I notched the front cross member to allow the engine to sit lower. With the extra width a 440 wouldn't have fit with the hood sides on.
  12. I'm thinking you could try Clester's for that: https://clestersauto.com/page/dodge-trucks/
  13. HughForrest

    Door window seals

    X2 on Clesters. I was happy with the product, price, and service.
  14. HughForrest

    Edmonds Head qestions and problems

    Greg is right about just exchanging with George if he has the carbs you need on hand (which he probably does). Linkage wouldn't be hard to do yourself, but again he probably has all the little bits right on his workbench. You'll be scratching your head and chasing parts around. I don't know what George charges anymore, but I'll bet it is worth it to just get it from him. I didn't need any spacers with my Edmunds intake so I can't speak to that. I suspect the headers add more coolness and bragging rights than horsepower.
  15. HughForrest

    Edmonds Head qestions and problems

    I run an Edmunds head- milled, but I don't know how much. Just enough to get it flat- with the stock cam, tube headers, and Edmunds dual intake. I had my Carter B&B carbs re-jetted by George Asche and the whole setup works great together. I think without re-jetting it would run kind of rich.

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