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    1948 Dodge 1/2 on Dakota frame.

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    I'm married with three kids, and have been a Dodge man since I was 10.
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    I've rebuilt a few MoPars, scale model building, anything that keeps my hands busy!

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  1. furiousgeorge

    Engine swap question

    Yup, she drove pretty good before the rod bearing seized. I’m looking forward to going from 87 to 116-125ish (don’t know the year, and the numbers I’ve found online tend to wander). It’s not hitting anywhere, I can nearly spin it around in a complete circle. I’ll try going back in a few times. I’ve got a floor jack supporting it, and it moved fairly easily up until it didn’t!
  2. furiousgeorge

    Engine swap question

    Ok, so I’ve nearly got the toasted 228 ready to pull out of my ‘50 1 ton. I just have to pull the transmission out. I couldn’t get the driveshaft off the transmission, got the 4 bolts off, but it won’t come off? So I figured I’d just leave it on. I’ve got everything disconnected from the transmission otherwise, and it slid back about an inch or so off the bell housing, them stopped. I can’t get it to come out anymore. i can’t see anything holding it back or binding? I’m hoping to drop the 251 in tomorrow if all goes well.
  3. furiousgeorge

    Carburetor identification

    Does anyone know how these run compares to the B&B? I have a good running Carter on my ‘50 right now, but I’ll try the Rochester if it’s worth the rebuild.
  4. furiousgeorge

    Carburetor identification

    Hm, are they any better then the B&B? It seems to have a larger throat, flows more?
  5. furiousgeorge

    Carburetor identification

  6. I have this 251 sitting in my garage, I was told from a 55 or 56 1 ton. There’s a different kind of carb on it, not the usual ball and ball. I’ve scrapped off some crud (not all though, it’s on there good!), but can’t see a tag or any numbers? Does anyone know what this is? Is it better then the ball and ball? I tried googling it, but that just brought up b&b’s.
  7. furiousgeorge

    Block heater removal

    I had one that was the head bolt type, and two that are regular frost plug ones. I assume it was a 110v? My 50 is a regular one that seems to work good off regular house power.
  8. furiousgeorge

    Block heater removal

    I just punched a hole through it and pried it out. I got another off a friends parts truck.
  9. Hello, I recently picked up a ‘50 1 ton with a 228. It ran great, started great, ran smooth with no noise, good oil pressure. Then the other day it stopped dead and wouldn’t turn over. Pulled the pan out and found the seized bearing on cylinder 6. Ok. I’ll pull the crank and have it checked to see if it’s salvagable, though I think it is, doesn’t look terrible considering. The rod cap looks ok, but I can’t get a good look at the rod itself at the moment. My question is, being a 25” engine, are the rods shared with other sized motors? Or do I need a 228 rod? Same with the crank. Thanks!
  10. furiousgeorge

    Suspension swap?

    Possibly a dumb question, but will the springs from a ‘48 1/2 ton short box fit a ‘50 1 ton short box? Found a real nice (body wise) ‘50 1 ton, but the rear springs are shot. I have all the 1/2 tons parts, and a complete disc brack set up and Dakota rear end, thought it could be a quick fix and drive truck while I space over my frame swap for the ‘48.
  11. furiousgeorge

    Frame swap advice

    My frame is bent on the front, and has cracks here and there in the rear half. I have the Dakota, so I figured just swap it all over. Once I’ve got the Dak frame stripped and I can get a good look at things, I can figure out how to go about it. But I won’t be using the stock frame.
  12. furiousgeorge

    Frame swap advice

    The plan is to use the floor and firewall of the Dakota, figured it’d simplify things in regards to cab placement.
  13. furiousgeorge

    Frame swap advice

    I’m nearly ready to start a Dakota frame swap with my ‘48 1/2 ton. I’ve read over what the search brought up, and I’m no stranger worth fabbing stuff and welding. For those that have done this, is there any advice that you could give? This’ll be the first time I’ve done a major job like this. Thanks!
  14. furiousgeorge

    727 trans in a 54 dodge pickup

    I'm gathering parts for a 440/727 to put on my '48 1/2 ton. I haven't been able to get out to measure one yet, but I'm thinking that the transmission mount/crossmember from an '80's Ram would be close enough to make work.
  15. furiousgeorge

    Clunking sound after strut replacement

    Do you mean the rubber bearing at the top? If so, I didn't. The new strut didn't come with them, and they didn't make any noise prior to the strut change.

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