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    Wheel cylinder repair kits

    go to Rockauto.com
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    buying titles?

    Here in SD all we have to do is take the vin to the court house pay a small fee, they will run the VIN and give you the address of the last owner. You send a registered letter to that address and if it come back unopened you go to court house they open letter and you get a title. If it does reach the old owner they will (99% of the time) give you the title. Its good to live in South Dakota most people arent out to get you.
  3. When you were a little kid, what was your first car memory. Just something that stands out in your mind. What stands out the most for me I was able to stand on the floor board of dads 69 Roadrunner just able to see out the side window. The radio was playing Hooked on a feeling by Blue Swede, mom was driving back to the house. Dad also raced back in the early 70's. He was always working on his 56 ford crown vic race car in the shop. I got to go for a test run down the road (man was it loud). Why I remember that I dont know! I couldnt have been more than 3 or 4 at the time. I think about that all the time. I hope my kid look back and say do you remember when dad would take us out in the old dodge and tear around (man that thing would smoke the tires).
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    I just found this site yesterday, looked around and liked what I say. So here I am, This is one of my toys I bought this for 50 dollars in 94 been playing around with it ever sence. I put a volare sub under her, It also has had several engines in there too. The first 2 were small block chevy with a 4 speed trans, then a 318 with a 3 speed OD manual, and last one is a 360 with the same trans. It is kind of nice to fly down interstate at 80 running 2200 rpms. kiotes
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    Ok the pictures didn't come through, so here it is again I hope.
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    [ATTACH]26[ATTACH]26198[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26199[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26200[/ATTACH]198[/ATTACH] I talked to the wife about selling the Dodge one day to fund a 65 Rambler American drag car project I am working on now. Her answer was (NO). I was really glad she said that, that would have been one of those ( I wish I would have never sold that stories) Looks like FNG was a great ice breaker. Thanks to all for the welcome. Here are a few more pics of the old girl. Also a few of the Rambler.

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