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  1. Well, I hit a dip while going to take pictures with Bouncy B. Went back within an hour and the hubcap was nowhere to be found. Does anyone have an extra? Doesn't have to be show quality, the other three aren't. Thanks
  2. Because my speedo isn't hooked up yet, I used WPS on my first run. WPS is Wife Positioning System. She was positioned in the car behind me and we were on our cell phones. Works on cloudy days as well.
  3. Here's the process I use: 1. Wife gets behind the wheel. 2. Husband gets under the car with the wrench. 3. Husband yells "OKAY" 4. Wife steps on brake. 5. Husband opens bleeder until it squirts him in the face. 6. Husband moves to other side and repeats entire process. Works great for me. Of course, I too dumb to know of a better method!
  4. My 1949 B1B didn't come with a title. Has anyone done a Texas Bonded Title? Not sure what other options I might have. I know if differs from state to state, so I would like to hear from Texans. Thanks!
  5. Black for sure. All the pictures show black until 1950.
  6. Dennis, How much did you spend on this conversion? I know exactly what you're talking about wondering which side is going to grab first. Braking is an adventure. I'm wondering whether I should redo the original system or switch it to disc. I'm not a purist, I'm a pragmatist. Whatever works, works. Richard
  7. Those values are pretty low. Not saying they aren't accurate, just surprised how low they are. Doesn't seem to put much value in the Business Coupe. Maybe they are rare and not sought after. Don't know. Still unsure about purchase.
  8. Merle, I'd be interested too. That seems like a great way to redo the gauges and speedo, especially if anyone has ever priced gauge restoration. One of things I love about this forum is that people figure out unconventional ways to tackle a problem. There is more than one way to skin a cat and this forum has some of the best catskinners I've ever been around! Richard
  9. It didn't come with chrome bumpers. Actually the only chrome is the hood ornament, door handles and DODGE pieces on the side of the hood. Oh yeah, hubcaps.
  10. I'll look for the Old Car Price Guide. It's a pretty decent car. Probably a 4. Needs repaint, chroming but pretty complete
  11. Hog Heaven is Right! Love the pictures. Back to the subject. Does anyone know if a Chrysler New Yorker Business Coupe would be very valuable? Normally I would compare prices of restored models on the internet, but I can't find any. Thanks, Richard
  12. From looking at the pictures, I think the back window said, "Ran off the road, then parked."
  13. Got to admit, it is surprising the back window hasn't been shot out.
  14. Thanks to everyone who has posted information. I guess the next question would be "Does scarity equal value?" Does anyone know if these are highly sought after or what their value would be?
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