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  1. '49 Dodge

    New member in need of parts for my B1B

    Thanks for all the help! I'm from a town west of Rochester NY. I pulled the carb last week and cleaned and inspected every Nook and cranny, I'm hoping once it burns off all the old gas the problem will resolve. He other issue I've been having is wig the vacuum advance line. It seems much too loose and I'm assuming that's what is causing the truck to not reach speeds over 40 mph.. any suggestions??
  2. '49 Dodge

    New member in need of parts for my B1B

    I can imagine the seats werent comfortable! I just need an original frame, i can make a new cushion and upholster it myself. The seat thats in it now is jammed in there so tight you cant fold it forward for storage, also it is not bolted down as it still has the sliders attached from whatever vehicle its out of! I was wondering however if the original seat folded up as well for storage in the box underneath the seat..
  3. '49 Dodge

    New member in need of parts for my B1B

    Thank you! It is mostly stock, a few things have been changed but im in the process of returning it to stock. It has been converted to a twelve volt system and the idiot who owned it before liked plywood (running boards, bed, battery box, glove box, he even built a "cubby" above the windsheild for a radio and headlight switch) It also has a seat that doesnt quite fit from lord knows what car, and obviously non original wheels. The original flathead six is up and running though it wont idle without the choke yet. I will post more photos!
  4. '49 Dodge

    New member in need of parts for my B1B

    Thank you! It has a battery box and glove box currently that the previous owner built out of plywood.. not liking that idea very much!
  5. Hello out there! I recently purchased a 49 1/2 ton and I am looking for a few parts! Luckily none to get me on the road (just need to get her to stay running off the choke!) I have put up a few photos if anyone is interested. I am the third fourth owner, however its been in two families. It doesnt need a whole lot, Im pretty impressed with the shape shes in but theres always room for improvement! If anyone has access to these parts pm me please! Seat, Running boards, Both sun visors, Battery box, steering wheel. Thanks in advance!
  6. '49 Dodge

    49 B1B Parts

    Hello all! I am a new member grateful for the wealth of information about my truck! I am the proud owner of a 1949 Dodge half ton B1B. It is in very good condition, mostly original with almost no rust! I have just finished rebuilding the brake system and she should be on the road next week after a good carb clean (it doesnt want to stay running off the choke). Anyway, I have a few questions if anyone can help and am looking for a few original parts. Im looking for an original seat (just the frame of it would be fine) and a set of running boards. The person I bought the truck from gets an "A" for inventiveness as he built a battery box, a glove box, running boards, and a bed floor... from plywood. Yup, plywood. So my questions are, is there an original battery box or did the battery just sit on the floor board mounts? Also was there an actual glove box? (thats one part I cannot find!) Any help or resources would be greatly appreciated! ~Erin

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