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  1. Hi Arthur,

    I hope things are going well for you.

    I managed to get a brake drum from Wayfarerstranger. I bought some other things from him, a window crank and cover was in reasonable condition, a turn signal kit was just me giving him my money. He said it was $30 for a new kit and my price was $50 CDN...so I asked him to get one for me. He sent me something that was not even complete, let alone new. Chance said he was sorry for the mixup and offered to have me send back this one, send him $29 more and pick up shipping of the new one. Long story short, I bought a new one here and lost the $30US and shipping of that. It just put a bad taste in my mouth dealing with him.

    Anyway, Arthur, I was at the mechanic's today and he showed me the emergency brake drum. It looked like an ice cream cone with the edges bitten all around. Strange, but true. Do you happen to have one? This is for a 48 D24 4-door Sedan.

    Please let me know and thanks for listening.



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