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  1. I have the 8.8 and I added a 4 link and bags to mine. I used the original front spring mounts for the forward lower link mount and worked out all the other links to match them. I also added a brace above the pumpkin to center the upper links because the pumpkin is off center on the 8.8 I used.
  2. They were on the Dakota that I bought to get the 5 speed from. 4 link, Airbags, 5 speed trans, brake system, steering column, AC/heat all came from the donor. I didn't get any pics but I did have to cut the trunk floor right where it normally humps up anyway. I didn't notch the frame because I didn't want it too low. I actually lowered the bumpstops so that the axle would sit on them right at zero air pressure so that the bags would not have to hold up the car. (front and back). I did that so that if something ever went wrong with the air delivery system, I could still drive it (albeit carefully). I'll try to get some pics while it's up in the air, I'm installing a new fuel tank this winter also.
  3. I used the radiator that came with the v6 Dakota that the transmission came from. Mated to the 360, it's never read hotter than 180 degrees F. I mounted it in front of the brace.
  4. I have a 48 so it should be similar. I bagged the front first and liked the ride so much that I'm in the process of doing the rear now. I've got it finished up by getting rid of the leaf springs and did a triangulated 4 link. I went with manual air valves because I really like the simplicity and reliability. Here are a few pics fully aired up and down. Don't mind the dust on the car. LOL.
  5. The pacifica's brackets. I did have to put a couple of washers on the outside tracks boltholes to level them out.
  6. I have Chrysler Pacifica seats. Perfect height and width with the Pacifica center console.
  7. Good question, I can tell you what my seat-of-the-pants-ometer thinks of the airbags....MUCH better. I've driven the car with the original springs, then I cut an inch and a half out of them, then I put in new Aerostar coils in when I rebuilt the front end, then I put in the airbags. The airbags win hands down. No comparison. The front end rides so smooth and tracks so much better. I can adjust on the fly if I need to. I set them up so that when completely deflated, they sit on the bump stops. That gives me plenty of adjustability and I can ride anywhere from 30 PSI to 120 PSI depending on how I want the front end to sit. Usually 70-75 PSI is the sweet spot for comfort and drivability. And the best part is, the mods I made to the lower A-arm wont interfere with the coils if somewhere down the line I decide to go back. I'm really looking forward to bagging the rear, not so much for the looks but for the comfort of the ride.
  8. Here's what is nestled up with her in the barn. My dads 55. She's getting power steering and a few cosmetic touch-ups this winter too. At least I won't be complaining that I don't have anything to do. LOL.
  9. Sorry for the wait, I have been having way too much fun with the old girl. Here are some updated pictures... I painted her again, I went with gloss black this time. I also airbagged the front end. I'll be adding a 4 link and airbagging the rear this winter. I drove her all over this summer and had a great time. She is running and driving perfectly. 75 on the highway is right at 2200 rpm and she still has plenty of power in reserve. If there are any questions, just ask, I'll be glad to go over anything I missed. Gratuitous shiney picture...
  10. I dropped a newer (magnum) 360 and 5 speed into my 48. I made my own mounts also. Thread located here http://p15-d24.com/topic/37426-360-magnum-nv3500-in-my-48-plymouth/
  11. They should work fine. I've had mine in for about three years now. I even removed the drums and went with disk brakes and they are still great. The studs will bite into the drilled hole so the serrations aren't necessary.
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