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  1. White Spyder

    Dash chrome referbishment?

  2. White Spyder

    Crap Ignition Products

    Can you give mor info on the distributor line and how to apply?
  3. White Spyder

    Just saw total disregard for other's property

    Question, how does a show manager keep jerks like those from doing such a thing? Other than make them leave if that type of behavior is observed, I would think it is more the responsibility of the owner to lock their car when they are not in sight of it to take action on their own.
  4. White Spyder

    Wiring Harness

    I used RI for my car and was pleased. Their live assistance on the phone is worth the extra that you pay.
  5. White Spyder

    Brake lights conversion

    I took a simpler route to 3 brake lights. Single red LED round marker lights (can be found at truck stops) fit perfectly into the reflector holes on the sides. Easy to just splice into the center light and no worries with the t/s
  6. White Spyder

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Heard on the news that a slaughterhouse refused to take it because it was too big for their equipment.
  7. White Spyder

    Nice ones at the show today

    Fine as in exceptional. "That is one fine car, museum quality".
  8. White Spyder

    TV car shows

    One that I find that is realistic is Phantom Works. They show the time in days and frequently discuss parts and labor costs. One that I watched a few times until I couldn't take the BS was Graveyard Cars. All MOPAR
  9. White Spyder

    Nice ones at the show today

    Yes it is"Junk Mail". Fellow lives nearby. It was on My Classic Car not long ago. The Plymouth has been in one family all its life and is fine. It won best of Show at my Club's big show last year.
  10. White Spyder

    Interest Growing in Mopar Trucks

    It's not just the early trucks gaining interest. My 73 Club Cab gets a lot of "you just don't see many of these" comments at Cruise-ins and shows.
  11. White Spyder

    48 Windsor Hood to Radiator Seal

    When I first got my 48 Windsor it had the original radiator but showed no signs of any rubber like what you have pictured above. I would like to see more photo with complete and correct placement of this. Not hat I am doing my car to original specs just ordering if there was any functional need for this to be replaced. The new radiator I now have did not come with this trim and I have not see any effect of not having it. Just courious...........
  12. White Spyder

    what are the rules cruise in/ car shows

    I agree. We have been running a show for the past 15 years and ANY Vehical is welcome we have classes for modern muscle, most original, best restoration and even project Vehical. The common thing is an appreciation of cars/trucks/motorcycles/tractor anything with wheels and an engine.
  13. White Spyder


    If possible, send me his information.
  14. White Spyder

    I'm Not Jacking Around!

    More than one eventually leads to trouble!
  15. This is my '73 Dodge truck. I am in need of some help with the A/C. Anyone here have experience with these great trucks?
  16. White Spyder

    Not a Pilot-house but still a classic Dodge truck

    Not sure what parts are needed at this time. The A/C worked when I got it a year ago but intermittently and you had to jiggle a wire at the blower motor. Then the blower stopped working totally. Replaced the switch in the dash and the blower now works correctly but only when the selector is on heat and defrost. moving to vent or A/C and the blower stops. The compressor works when the selector is in the A/C position but no blower to move the air in the cab.
  17. White Spyder

    Movie Plymouth

    Her car that she drove off into the bushes is a Chrysler Windsor.
  18. White Spyder

    Nice patina photo

    Nice save.
  19. White Spyder

    Nice patina photo

    Ran across this car and took this photo and thought I would share. Enjoy!
  20. White Spyder

    Nice patina photo

  21. White Spyder

    Nice patina photo

    Ill CHeck I think in a video with some others. I do have another shot of the emblem on the side of the hood.
  22. White Spyder

    Gas gauge quit working

    If it is original it may be that the old cork has finally rotted off the float arm This happened to mine and I made a new float with wine corks until I can find a plastic fuel safe one.
  23. White Spyder

    Ford to quit NASCAR?

    OK race fans, with Fords announcing that it will only be producing the Mustang and the yet to be launched warmed over Focus, will they be getting out of NASCAR? I heard rumor that maybe Mercedes and Hyundai are considering filling the gap. Thoughts?

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