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  1. Another question. On the bottom shoe pins there is an arrow etched into the end inside of adjusting pin. When installing new shoes, where should the arrow point to star the adjustment process? Straight up, facing inward or facing outward? thanks,
  2. Putting the new return springs back was a B$&@? The ones from Andy's are noticeable shorter than the ones that were on them.
  3. Got it! Used a 4' pipe over my 1/2 inch drive. When it let go, there was a loud bang and I thought I had broken the driver. Getting that side drum off was also tough glad I invested in the puller.
  4. Started the project. I am having trouble getting the castle/axle nut loose. Right side was easy just a bit of pressure and it was loose. Left side I couldn't get it to budge. Used Some penitrating oil, hit the wrench with a dead blow hammer even tried an air wrench. Should I try a breaker bar or heat next?
  5. Ordered cylinders, springs and shoes from Andy B's. Also getting a drum puller.
  6. When I did the front convertion to disc brakes I replace all the lines and hoses. I will start looking for a good drum puller. I plan to use ne cylinders, shoes and springs. Thanks for the tips.
  7. It's time for the rear brakes on my Windsor to be re-worked. They are dragging. I replace the hoses a couple of year ago when I did the front disk conversion so, I believe that the wheel cylinders need to be replaced. Any hints or suggestions to make the move go smoothly would be much appreciated.
  8. My son works for Aumann Auction. At the Pre 30’s event just a few weeks ago. I had the pleasure of driving several of them.
  9. When you turn on the key, do you hear a click from under the hood?
  10. Here is the tab, time has taken its toll. If you zoom in, you can just make out the faint letters.
  11. Oops, missed the follow up from Dodgeb4ya. Now I need to drain the trans. Put in about a 1q of the GL1.
  12. Thanks on the GL1. I thought it was the side port.
  13. I am pr ping my 48 for a road trip that is 3 hours each way and was making sure all fluids were topped off. Experienced the fun of putting fluid into the fluid-drive coupling and went to check the gear oil in the transmission. Can't recall what gear oil is needed and want to confirm that the fill point is on the SIDE of the transmission just in front of the electrical connections and not through the large bolt on the TOP behind the electrical connections. Thanks
  14. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I need to add a bit of fluid drive oil (small leak about a 1/4 quart in the drip pan over the last year). I did a search for "fluid drive oil" in the topic and got 23000+ results. Including threads that had nothing to do with what I am searching. I am feeling pretty dumb but anyone got any hints on how I should search the topic?
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