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  1. Tom Skinner


    Rich, When you say the old original AF, do you mean the stuff in the white plastic gallon bottles? Please advise as to which container, or what title you are reffering to. Thank you. Tom
  2. Tom Skinner

    Philco radio model 802

    A good try would be maybe ebay I have bought tubes for my Philco Radios on ebay. Type in your part number under Philco Tube Radio. You might also try buying a cheap 9 Tube Philco Radio on ebay and using the vibrator out of it.
  3. Tom Skinner

    Where to buy a Desoto s11 starter

    The SS4705 Selenoid is becoming as rare as hen's teeth. I am assuming you have the MAX4050 Starter. I know of a man here in N.C. (Generator Starter repairman - retired) that tested my extra starter. Last year I was lucky and still able to obtain and restore a MAX4050 should I ever need one for my spare parts. It still proved to be around $290 to do this, me doing all the work - replacing brushes, bushings, selenoid etc. I started with an ebay starter around $125 the rebuild kit from Bernbaum $40- ish a new SS4705 Selenoid from a man in Georgia around $125. Mind you others wanted $200 for that Selenoid ( out in California). One like him should you remove it from the car can ascertain whether it is faulty in the actual Starter or the Selenoid. Then finally test it and check the proper Pinion Clearance which if memory serves me correctly it will be 1/16". Good Luck. I tried my friends and members of the Chrysler Club, whom all seem to be sitting on any decent spare starter parts available. I was truly fortunate enough to pull it together and restore one. I am not at will to part with it any time soon. The big Part Yards out west are your best bet. Can someone chime in with their names? D.V.A.P. and some to the North in Wisconsin, or Minnessota. Tom
  4. Tom Skinner

    She came home today

    That reminds me of a George Jones song: "He stopped Loving her today" The Girl Friend that is - not the car - L.O.L.
  5. Tom Skinner

    Why are parts crap???

    Vintage Power Wagons, a win. Good Parts. Knowledgeable. Fast Service
  6. Tom Skinner

    glass lens gaskets ?

    Shazzaam Shazzaam Sergeant Carter. I have never seen them before. I know Andy Bernbaum's got all the Rubber ones for Pot Metal Housings to the Body and License Plate Light. I would probably opt cut my own before I would pay $24.95 for two little Gaskets. Just saying. Tom
  7. Tom Skinner

    glass lens gaskets ?

    JD, I have a 1948 Chrysler so I am not sure this will help. My marker/directional lights in the front have rubber gaskets between the glass lense and housing for them. My directional's in the back have rubber between the body and pot metal housings for them but no gaskets between the glass lense and the housings. I have owned 1948 Chrysler's for 45 years and this is the way I have always observed them to be. Tom
  8. Tom Skinner

    Fluid Drive Stalling

    Sharps40, Ditto. Check Points, Condenser, Cap, and Rotor. Set Timing with a Vacumn Gauge. Look for 20 inches steady hand. Get RPM's to just click at Upshifts - say at 550 RPM. Drive it every day until it runs smooth. A Car that sits - especially a Chrysler Product must be run. Do not let it sit for long periods. Put non-ethanol gas in it. Use QT Gas if possible. Crap Gas will always screw things up (ethanol gas) Drive it. Tom
  9. Tom Skinner

    Is this valve/tappet noise???

    Branded, Thank you. I saved your instruction sheet/notes above. Tom
  10. Tom Skinner

    Is this valve/tappet noise???

    OK I'm game. How does one know when they are at each cylinder properly while trying to line up the rotor to the next cylinder. In other words how is that more acurate than the chart the forum provides? Please advise. Thank you. Tom
  11. Tom Skinner

    Is this valve/tappet noise???

    Hey Jim, This is all I have for Valve Order
  12. Tom Skinner

    Electrical issues

    All real good advice above. Also though a quick check of Generator Brushes once you run down your bad ground/wire issues, it would be cheap (@$15) and keep things charging once your up and running. One more thing. generally one needs to take a half hour ride to charge everything up good. Its also good for your spirits to ride along in your old car, say at 45 - 50 down a long country road apiece. It lowers my stress level and puts me into a friendly disposition.
  13. Tom Skinner

    Is this valve/tappet noise???

    Breather Tube hole?
  14. Tom Skinner

    Is this valve/tappet noise???

    Jimy, Some mechanics set their Valves a tad over the .012 and .010 for if the vehicle will be driven on hot days for long periods the valves wouldn't burn up. Usually this is the case in trucks. An old mechanic in the 70's told me real quiet valves are more likely to burn up. A little ticking keeps them ticking - he said in other words noisy valves tended to be happier valves. They would last longer. Just a little story that I found comical that took place some 44 years ago. Tom
  15. Tom Skinner

    Is this valve/tappet noise???

    A Fuel Pump can also cause this noise. Get a Long Handled Screw Driver and Place the tip of it near the Fuel Pump when engine is running - the other end on your ear. Listen. Locate the noise. The fuel pumps get to the tick tick tick noise sometimes also. This is one method of listening around the engine and isolating a noise (My bad you say you removed your fuel pump) Tom

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