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  1. I'm on board with that. Service Manuals. What a concept. True dat.
  2. How about a Clutch adjustment? It doesn't cost anything. Gotta try something it sounds like.
  3. One can also set their 592 plugs to .035 Gap as well as they come set at .030. Any Resistor Plug should be set at .035, or reset them
  4. Once again. Do you have any Clutch Judder? Leakage will wet down a clutch and cause slippage the Front Seal or Fluid Seal are possibly bad but it sounds like Clutch Disk slippage or Judder. Smell has nothing to do with a proper inspection of the Clutch Housing area. Just my humble opinion
  5. I had to Sleeve my Yolk. They Groove, and make things very un-groovy L.O.L.
  6. LazyK, My thoughts exactly. One must position a seal correctly. That is to say to hold back the Pumpkin Grease it must be in the correct position. The Cupped side facing the Pumpkin, not facing the Drum/End of an Axle. The Seals shown in the above pictures appear to be in backwards. In my Humble Opinion. I am not trying to incite anyone here - just to help out. Tom
  7. Jsabah, It looks like your seal is in backward?
  8. I just have a 250.6 Six (C-38). So I may be off on some of the Numbers here however my Manual shows a C-39 (323 Eight) as follows: 1. Set Points at 18 Thousands 2. Check Dwell @ 27 -30 3. Start - set Timing 2-6 BTDC (Lean toward 6 because of modern Gas) 4. Use Vacume Gauge to set Carburator Mixture @ 19-21 Deg of Mercury (Or as high as you can get it) 5 Set RPM Last (usually in the 450 range at Idle for a six. 6. Use a decent Tach and Dwell with a RPM Gauge to set things up correctly No run good - something wrong - Conduct tests - Compression Test Cylinders - Vacumm Leaks with Starter fluid around Intake Manifold Gaskets etc etc
  9. Correction: Hecho en Mexico Senor! L.O.L.
  10. I agree with Andy. Just get a gig going separately. That Radio is not hard to repair. I use my phone using (Pandora) with a small speaker attached to my phone at shows. Not a big deal.
  11. I am not sure what you'all are talking about. Goodyear in Concord N.C. put my 1948 Chrysler Royal on their rack and aligned my front end in 20 minutes. It rides like a new Cadillac (I know, I know, what T.H. kind of foreign car is that)? L.O.L.
  12. You have got to re-torque it when hot, otherwise you are wasting your time. Smell the plugs. Change the oil. Do not take a chance on internal engine damage
  13. I went to Frank's Transmission in Concord NC. He put my drive shaft in a Lathe and spun it. While using an Acetylene Torch, Crayon, and cold Water Wet Rag he straightened the Shaft, right on that Lathe, and then installed my new U-Joints in the Drive Shaft with a Ball Peen Hammer, and Wires to hold it until I got home to re-installed it. He only Charged me $80, I told him that was the most interesting thing I have ever witnessed and tipped him generously and left. He even tried to not receive any tip at all. It took him less than 20 minutes. It was as we say in the South - The G.D.est thing I have ever witnessed. I even asked him if he had a degree in physics. He laughed and informed me that he never even finished school. Older Machinists know their stuff. Tom
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