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  1. Driver side door lock assy.

    Rekbender, Thank you for the last picture. Now I am confident that should I need to I can repair one, with my old stiff fingers also. Thanks again! Tom
  2. Driver side door lock assy.

    Gents, What holds the Rotor on? I see the post. Then the Rotor and Cover. (Pic second from bottom) What keeps it in place? Is it peened onto the post? Thanks Tom
  3. Cowl vent linkage

    These typically get bent out of shape. When you get a chance to buy an extra, they come in handy. Tom
  4. holes in floorboards

    If you lived in North Carolina you would throw a scatter rug over them, up and until a chicken came by, then its dinner time.
  5. sourcing parts for industrial flattie

    OldSid, Yes. The Industrials tend to be a tad tougher to find parts for. Vintage Power Wagons is a good source. On ebay under "Chrysler Industrial 251" is another. My buddy has one in his 1947 Windsor, and the parts are tend to be a little pricier than standard 251 engines. I guess if not all, most all got worn out along the way. Tom
  6. everdry kit

    Don, Call me the streaker. Tom
  7. everdry kit

    Gents, In my humble opinion: One can tighten the Plugs down into their place as tight as one wishes, however, water, will find its way - if its going to - though a split Hood for example down into the plug Cavity and around the Plug. I believe I have heard down through the Centuries - I mean Decades as these being called "Ever Wet Spark Plug Covers". Water finds its own Level - that is - full into the spark Plug cavities. I also find them too expensive for my tastes as well. But then again I remember Coke selling for 10 Cents a Bottle and getting a 5 Cent Deposit back for the Bottle. Don't get mad at me I just see these as after Market Gimmick Items. Restored Cars do not don them. Only in the buyer's minds. Tom
  8. I agree with DPollo. My brake pedal went way down after the cold drop and I refilled the MC. and Bled it several times. Its seem some trash in the M.C. may have also caused it. I took all wheel Drums off and inspected them - no leaks, finally after third bleed brakes have worked like new with no issues or leaks since.
  9. Risk of Mice Nests

    They were recruiting at J.M. Robinson High School in Concord, N.C. while on leave in this picture. When they are on Leave they help Recruit at the High Schools.
  10. Risk of Mice Nests

    We were 40 and then 42 when we had these two wonderful children. Jennie is a Firing Range instructor (Lance Corporal) in Japan. Chris is stationed in Raleigh North Carolina (Lance Corporal) They are 22 and 20
  11. Risk of Mice Nests

    Set Traps. I caught three in my Garage one Twas the Night before Christmas when my kids were 8 and 10. I bought them to their attention while singing: "They'll go down in history". And they did. No alive mice near my cars - Traps set. My kids today. U.S.M.C.
  12. Looking for a carb rebuild part

    E-Bay seller KFParts Type in 1948 DeSoto
  13. Rookie question - water pump

    I took my Radiator out and Flushed it upside down. Lots of wierd chunks of Star Shaped Chunks came out. Flushed the engine without removing Engine Freeze Plugs. Removed Brass Drian plug though. Runs at 160 all the time now. When its 90 - 95 Degrees out it runs at around 170 - 180 Degrees. I am happy - so is my engine - it seems to be Tom
  14. Looking for a carb rebuild part

    E-Bay - Type in 1947 Chrysler - search Dash Pot Plunger - $26 most of the time it is listed this way. Seller's name escapes me, I think it may be i-monet
  15. 1947 New Yorker electrical

    Harvie, The small cylinder is a Condenser. It is there to subdue Radio Static noise. It is not needed. I will stand aside to others for your other electrical questions, as I am not qualified to comment. I am electrically chalenged. Tom