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  1. The end of our hobby?

    Bob, get back on your Meds dude.
  2. gasket oil pressure relief valve

    Vintage Power Wagons
  3. 1946-1948 Chrysler Plastic Dash parts repros?

    Dennis has alot, great call. also I searched for the Royal Dash Parts and came up empty. That guy in Canada must have sold them.
  4. help me please!!

    New rebuilt engines are usually tight and somewhat tough to start the first time. I know when I have done a few piston and ring jobs that has been the case. It has been told to me several times down through the decades, that upon that first start to run the engine at a higher R.P.M. for about 15 to 20 minutes to allow for the initial rings to seat/set themselves. In this manner the engine will then be able to start smoother upon subsequent re-starts. After a few gentle rides (break in period) all will be corrected in such a manner that it will start smoothly each time. I typically find resetting the Timing, and also using a vacumm Gauge to reset the carb is quite useful at this time as well. Tom
  5. 1946-1948 Chrysler Plastic Dash parts repros?

    Search ebay, and you will find a group of the Bake Lite Parts you are referring to. Ssearch 1948 Chrysler, I believe they are the Royal Style (Cream Color with marbled look). The seller is proud of them.
  6. Hendrick's Shriner's Christmas for Kids - Best of Show

    Too Sunny today for good pics but here goes. I just took these moments ago
  7. Hendrick's Shriner's Christmas for Kids - Best of Show

    One more going out to ride
  8. Got Best of show today in Concord North Carolina. Great Cars there - about 300 - 350 Cars
  9. Auto choke issues P20 '50 Special Deluxe

    Vacumn Gauge test tells alot about the health of an engine and whether it has vacumn any advance as well if you know how to use one. Cheap @ $20 for a Gauge at Auto Store - easy test also. You can set a Carburator with one or discover a problem with the Carb or choke as well
  10. Fluid drive transmission won't seat

    Mash down on the Clutch Pedal. It should drop right in place
  11. Where do you buy door checks?

    One on ebay now under 1948 Chrysler