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  1. I am not sure what you'all are talking about. Goodyear in Concord N.C. put my 1948 Chrysler Royal on their rack and aligned my front end in 20 minutes. It rides like a new Cadillac (I know, I know, what T.H. kind of foreign car is that)? L.O.L.
  2. You have got to re-torque it when hot, otherwise you are wasting your time. Smell the plugs. Change the oil. Do not take a chance on internal engine damage
  3. I went to Frank's Transmission in Concord NC. He put my drive shaft in a Lathe and spun it. While using an Acetylene Torch, Crayon, and cold Water Wet Rag he straightened the Shaft, right on that Lathe, and then installed my new U-Joints in the Drive Shaft with a Ball Peen Hammer, and Wires to hold it until I got home to re-installed it. He only Charged me $80, I told him that was the most interesting thing I have ever witnessed and tipped him generously and left. He even tried to not receive any tip at all. It took him less than 20 minutes. It was as we say in the South - The G.D.est thing I have ever witnessed. I even asked him if he had a degree in physics. He laughed and informed me that he never even finished school. Older Machinists know their stuff. Tom
  4. Kanter had mine (1948 Chrysler Royal) about 10 years ago for $125 each. Mine are the Bat Wing Type. They are in Booton NJ
  5. Run it a while till warm. Take the plugs out and smell them. Do they smell like coolant? If so you have a slow head Gasket Leak. Particularly if say 1 and 2 smell like coolant as was the case in my Head Gasket Leak, or say two adjacent Cylinders. Tom
  6. Ubung macht dem meister. Practice makes perfect. Pick out your Wood whether it is burled Chestnut etc. Apply a base coat . Use Brushes and feathers to complete the application. Then seal with many clear coats. Walla!
  7. Small Plastic Prybar/flatbar pop them back and off clip by clip. Not hard you will get the hang of it. You could use a thin flat screw driver also but could scratch paint if the paint is too purdy to risk it.
  8. Gents, I do Not want to sound high falooting, however, there is a section in your service manual on how to adjust your fuel gauge at your dash board. Bending the float Rod sounds like the right thing, but the Service Manual addresses this issue in a completely different manner. Jus sayin, I cant barely read. Livin in NC takes away my abilities to do such. L.O.L. Tom
  9. A 250.6 cu. in. Spitfire calls for between .007 - .015 Ring Gap. Always reference your Service Manual. All other information is heresay. Service Manuals pay for themselves immediately in cases like this. Good Luck! Tom
  10. Chrysler1941, The above carpet from East Orange is only one piece. One for the entire front and one for the entire back. It is also loop carpet not hogs hair. Save your Carpet for patterns. One will have to sew the configuration you refer to above. I know of but 1 extant Company in Newark New Jersey (Bill Hirsch) that sells the hogs hair carpet and piping one can sew to the proper fit. That one will either be you, or someone you pay to do the job. Good Luck. Tom
  11. Cold Blue, I believe this Thread started with a Carpet referral request. When you go on ebay and type in 1948 Chrysler Plymouth Carpet from East Orange New Jersey you will see a listing with colors for your car. I believe its about $175 for a sedan. These people have been in business for over 45 years and seem to have the right stuff that fits. I have not bought from them but they have excellent feedback. I have heard guys up there speak highly of them. I would think they have been doing something right to stay in business that long. I have lived here (NC) for 39 years and remember hearing good things in the 70's about them as I am originally from East Orange and have owned 1948 Chrysler's since the early 70's. Good Luck! Tom
  12. Adjust Clutch first. That is most likely the problem. Then drop back and punt if and only if need be.
  13. It should go to yellow around 40 then red around 50. There is a prism in the unit that does this.
  14. Great Job! You must have that young energy working for you! Tom
  15. Is your 10WT Non-Detergent Oil full in the Tranny? Is your Tranny Screen Clean? Have you checked all your Electrical Wires and Connections? Also is the Fuse in your Tranny Selenoid good? Just a small check list before a full on trouble shoot from the manual Tom
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