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    1948 B1B

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    I retired in 2005. I have a 1948 B1B and a 1949 B1B that i am Restoring.
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    Retired (Mgr. Quality Assurance)


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    Vienna, Ohio
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    My hobbies are working in the garage,photography,hunting, hiking , traveling.

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  1. Allan Parkhurst

    Miller Tool MT-19 Need Bushing Chart

    Thanks I have bushings # 70 #41 #30 #35 Trying to find what they will work on. Thanks tor the quick reply.
  2. I need a bushing chart for Miller tool MT-19 Thanks arp4801@gmail.com
  3. Dave Erb 73 passed on Nov. 6th 2015 . I was informed by his wife Sandra. He had over 1891 post to the forum as Grey Beard and helped many with truck questions. He and I posted in the pilots knowledge section how to make wire system for the B1B trucks. I visited Dave and his wife in New Holland, PA. and I think several others have also. Dave and his brother also visited me in Ohio.
  4. Allan Parkhurst

    Length of Tail Light Crossover Harness

    Barry I bought my harness from RI wiring and had them build in for right brake and turn single. From the left light they added two wires with 54" of tape and 4" of untapped wires. This was built into the harness as a complete unit. They did an excellent job. My truck was a B1B 108". Attached is from knowledge section. Allan http://dodgepilothouseclub.org/know/wiring_harness/B1_series_wiring_details.pdf
  5. Allan Parkhurst


    Merle Your seat looks great. I enjoy all your post! Our Ohio weather is typical snow and cold and looking forward to the warm up soon.
  6. Allan Parkhurst

    Progress......then Fear and (self) Loathing

    I have a solid frame in NE Ohio if that would help. Wish I was closer.
  7. Allan Parkhurst

    floor board pictures/help

    I have an extra top piece if you need one. I could take a picture of it if needed. It is from a 1948 B1B and in good shape just surface rust. Send an e-mail if interested. arp4801@aol.com
  8. Allan Parkhurst

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Thought I would add to the collection.
  9. Allan Parkhurst

    Seatbelt questions

    This is where I got mine. They also have good instructions on how to mount. I also have pictures on how I did mine. Hope it helps. Go to the 3 point belt section. http://www.julianos.com/catalog.html
  10. Allan Parkhurst

    Fuel Tank

    http://s93.photobucket.com/albums/l79/allanparkhurst/B1B%20Fuel%20Tank/ I updated the Photobucket file with a few more. There are about 20 good discriptive pictures from this book I can update if anyone wants them.
  11. Allan Parkhurst

    B1B Throttle Control Linkage

    http://s93.photobucket.com/albums/l79/allanparkhurst/B1B%20Fuel%20Tank/ Posted both to my album. I may have the parts. Send me an e-mail
  12. Allan Parkhurst

    B1B Throttle Control Linkage

    I will post a good picture tonight.
  13. Allan Parkhurst

    Fuel Tank

    I will try link to Photobucket. http://s93.photobucket.com/albums/l79/allanparkhurst/B1B%20Fuel%20Tank/
  14. Allan Parkhurst

    Fuel Tank

    I found a 1948 Dodge B1 Parts Book at a car show yesterday,it had some fuel system pictures. Thought I would share the picture.

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