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  1. 15 inch rims are 16 inch at the outer flange. I think the measurements are taken where the tire bead contacts. Coker Tire has a conversion chart on their website. That may help.
  2. 205/75R15 works well on those wheels. Ran tubeless radials on my D24 with no problems.
  3. Rhode Island Wiring and YNZ Wiring both offer complete harnesses. They look correct and have all the correct connectors.
  4. It’s really easy for the gasket to slip out of place. I’ve made some real messes in my engine compartment because of it. A little gasket shellac should hold it in place while installing.
  5. Looks good. Check underneath for any rust and take it for a drive. The price seems a bit high but I’m out of the loop on this stuff anymore. I’d certainly drive it!
  6. I can only speak to my experience. I drove my D24 for 12 years with radials on stock rims with no problems. A previous owner of my 52 Coronet replaced the rims with 15x7 police wheels. No matter how tight my hubcaps were installed they popped off frequently. I’m currently running the poverty caps that came with the rims. Not a great look. I’m going to check on some rims for sale that appear to be correct. I’ll switch back in a heartbeat.
  7. I’m 57 and my Coronet is 67. Lol. I learned to drive in a 52 Coronet in 1978( yes it was a real gem). I’m on my 2nd one for the last 6 years. I had a 49 D24 for 12 years before that. I definitely don’t fit the age profile for these cars but I’m pretty weird in general.
  8. The Coronet won best in class at the Highlands car cruise at Seven Springs. Of course it was the only one in its class but technically I still won. LOL! About a125 mile round trip or so. I’m really pleased with how well it performed. That’s the longest trip I’ve taken since the engine rebuild.
  9. Doug&Deb


    Casper50, front discs only?
  10. Doug&Deb


    Thanks everyone, now I have a better understanding. I’ll have to think about this.
  11. Doug&Deb


    I think I understand but I’m still not sure what the valve in the original mc looks like.
  12. Doug&Deb


    I’m sure this has been gone over numerous times but please bear with me. I was looking at scarebirds website and I’m wondering what the residual pressure valve is in the MC.
  13. Doug&Deb


    A while back when bleeding my brakes I had a leak on one of the connections inside the front drum. Made a mess of my shoes. Would it be possible to bleed the brakes using a mitivac with the drums off after properly adjusting the brakes? I’m wondering if this would show any leaks like when the pedal is pushed but without shooting the pistons out. Any thoughts?
  14. My 52 Coronet runs between 190 and 200 all day with no problems. Remember that the sensor is at the rear of the engine so it will be hotter than the thermostat temperature. If you’re not having problems with it boiling over I wouldn’t worry.
  15. That explains the problem I had with my D24 after I switched to silicon fluid. Live and learn.
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