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  1. The Imperial website has a troubleshooting manual available for download. I’m a bad mechanic but I was able to follow it easily. One other thing to check, on the right side of the trans between the drain and fill plugs is another plug. Remove it and check that the bolt for the shift fork is tight. I believe you’ll need a 7/16 deep well socket. The m-6 is usually pretty bulletproof so it’s probably something minor. My problem was some bad wiring. Once I replaced it I’ve had no problems. Good luck.
  2. Bernbaums or Roberts come to mind. I’m sure there’s others. Do yours need rebuilt or would a good clean and re-greasing work. As long as you don’t press the pin out they’re easy to service. New boots are available and are a must. If they are too far gone there’s someone who makes a complete driveshaft with modern u-joints.
  3. Anything more will cause problems also.
  4. Steele rubber, Bernbaums, or Roberts motor parts off the top of my head.
  5. I drive my 52 Coronet as a daily driver most of the year. It’s completely stock except for an aluminum radiator. You’ll have no problems with the 6. Remember your car was someone’s daily driver once.
  6. I found some at an old dealership that still has old parts. The shank is .010 larger so I may have to ream the holes but I’ll make it work.
  7. I’m keeping it stock. It’s easier for me.
  8. Replaced the shocks with the 5752’s. Big improvement. Thanks everyone.
  9. Thanks, I’ll check Dormans. Everything I’ve seen online is serrated and mine aren’t. I wasn’t sure if that mattered. Just wondering what anyone else used. Only Dodge used studs and nuts for some reason.
  10. I need left hand studs for my Coronet. Any ideas for a source?
  11. Does this shock require modification to the suspension to fit?
  12. Thanks everyone.
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