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  1. Does anyone know if a head from a 48 230 fit a 52 230? Found a crack in the head on my Coronet. Not sure how long it’s been there. No sign of anything leaking. I have an extra head if I need it just not sure if it’ll work.
  2. The mechanic said he re-torqued the head after the first warm up but I will check again. If I remember correctly the engine should be warm not operating temperature.
  3. Not overheating. The freeze plug on the head above number 6 was being pushed up. This is the 3rd plug that’s leaked. There seems to be too much pressure in the block and I’m stumped as to why.
  4. It’s that whole “installed correctly “ part that worries me. I’ve never seen coolant come out of the overflow on the radiator no matter the engine temperature. This car has been a nightmare since the rebuild.
  5. I agree. Hopefully the correct cap fixes things. I’ve had more problems since the rebuild than you could believe. I just want to drive this car.
  6. Thanks, that explains a lot. I’ve resealed just about every freeze plug on this thing. It had a 4 pound cap that apparently got changed during the engine rebuild. I’ll get the correct one and see if that works.
  7. What pressure cap should be on a 52 Coronet? I’m thinking 4 pounds. Someone put a 7 pound on mine and I’m having problems.
  8. Good to know. Thanks everyone.
  9. What a great idea! Love it.
  10. I’m in need of a new battery. I’m thinking of an optima. I still have a 6 volt system. Anyone have any problems with them?
  11. None of my cars have had a cover there.
  12. Either the car temporarily fixed itself or i figured it out. There are 2 wires wrapped around the e-brake cable that were making intermittent contact. It appears to be the brake light switch harness. My switch is near the rear axle. Not sure why or why these wires were left hanging but I hope I’m done with that problem. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  13. I’m sure this has been covered before but here goes. What made you pick the car you drive? In my case my parents bought a new 52 Coronet 4 door. We had it long enough for me to learn to drive on it in 1978. Just wondering.
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