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  1. Doug&Deb

    M6 (Gyro-Matic) stalling issue

    There is a troubleshooting manual available for download on the Imperial website. I highly recommend this. There are easy ways to check the trans. I had the same problem and my solution was bad wiring. A trans harness is available if needed.
  2. Doug&Deb


    Do you have the semi auto trans or the 3speed with fluid drive?
  3. Doug&Deb

    Engine dies

    Is the trans downshifting when you come to a stop? There’s an Imperial website that offers the factory troubleshooting manual for the M6 that you can download. If you follow the steps it’s easy to check the operation. My Coronet did the same thing and it turned out to be bad wiring to the trans. I replaced the trans harness and it solved my problem. Good luck.
  4. Doug&Deb


    Thanks, I’ll try that.
  5. Doug&Deb


    Finally got the Coronet back after the engine rebuild and it seems to be running on the battery only. Amp gauge shows discharge when loaded but not showing charge when I up the rpms. Could the gen need re-polarized? The car has been down since mid August. Charged the battery last night and I’m going to load test it today. Not sure what else to look for.
  6. Doug&Deb

    Gyromatic fluid

    I use floor jack oil in my 52 Coronet. Easy to find and no problems with it.
  7. Doug&Deb

    Color on wheels

    I believe they should be body color.
  8. Doug&Deb

    Electronic ignition again

    Some people have had no problems with Pertronix but I’ve heard more bad news than good on this forum. I’ll wait until it’s time for a tuneup and decide to convert or not. I had no problems with the points just looking to simplify maintenance. Btw I do have the correct coil and wires. Pertronix agrees that the module is bad. They’re going to stand behind the product so no complaints about them.
  9. Doug&Deb

    Electronic ignition again

    I never got mine in service. I’m having my engine rebuilt and the module worked twice and hasn’t worked since. Pertronix is willing to send me a new module , I’m just not sure I will use it. Does the slant six mod work with a 6 volt positive ground? I’m not willing to convert to 12 volt.
  10. Doug&Deb

    Electronic ignition again

    Well it seems that I got a bad Pertronix module. I guess I’ll stick with points. At least I found out during the rebuild not on the road.
  11. Doug&Deb

    Tire size question for p-15

    They did indeed change size in late 47 I believe. It seems odd that the speedo reads correctly with the 16s on. I had the same problem with my D24 when I put radials on the stock wheels. I’m not aware of any changes to the gears or speedo
  12. Doug&Deb

    Automatic choke

    Never mind I found the old posts from this forum that covers this topic. I seem to be on the right track.
  13. Doug&Deb

    Automatic choke

    I tested the choke and it works. The screws had broken which seems to be common. I’m trying to use the linkage from a D24 on my 52 Coronet and I’m not sure it’s the same. It’s hooked up, I’m just not sure it’s right. Guess I’ll find out when the wiring is done.
  14. Doug&Deb

    Automatic choke

    Can anyone with a 49-52 Dodge please post a picture of the choke assembly. Mine was in a box of extra parts and a hand choke was installed. Since I’m having the engine rebuilt I’d like to install the correct setup. Thanks.
  15. Doug&Deb

    Gyromatic Tranny 1951 Coronet

    Do you have the gyromatic trans? These cars also came with a 3 speed trans with the fluid coupling. With this you need to clutch to shift. You have the option to start in 3rd gear and leave it there. You don’t need to disengage the clutch when you stop. I have a 52 Coronet with the gyromatic and it’s a blast to drive. The Imperial website has a troubleshooting manual available for download along with other information. If I can help just ask.

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