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  1. nice P15 Deluxe locally

    2014 Silverado z71 LTZ 1500 - Trailer is 18 feet long. I’ve towed a 67 Cadillac back from Syracuse to my place in central Mass with no problems, however I’ve decided when I trade this one in next fall it will be for a 3/4 ton version. I love the half ton ride, but with a load the springs are too soft. I’ve done helper spring in the past and air bags on the rear as well (this is the 10th GM truck I’ve had) but I can’t justify making these upgrades five years into ownership.
  2. nice P15 Deluxe locally

    Gray looking car John, looks like the one I picked up in Boston this past February. Any clue what they want for it?
  3. Electrical issues

    Two words of advice mentioned at length above... BATTERY CABLES....
  4. 49 plymouth

    One of my cars is a first series ‘49, p15 sedan. Was sold new at a dealership in coast Rhode Island. Came of the line Feb of 49, and delivered to the dealer in April of 1949. It’s always been titled as a 48. Not sure controls were as strict back then as they are now, locals probably had made lots of paperwork decisions that normally wouldn’t fly today.
  5. P-15 Totaled

    Photos? How’d it happen? Everyone ok?
  6. P15-D24 stickers

    Looks good Dave!
  7. It’s a d24 convertible
  8. Body mount tabs

    Sadly Wayne Brandon (the plymouth Doctor) 517.625.7596 is not producing these for the p15.
  9. NOS fenton head

    What you should do is send it to me to sort out. Is it for sale?
  10. Fitting where does it go

    Could it be the threaded fitting above cylinder #6 that is removed to check for TDC?
  11. Rims

    Oval stems are available, Amazon has them.
  12. Removing inner door handles, B1B

    These photos came from my convertible, but should be the same situation for the truck. There was a spring behind the handle, really had to shove the tool in to get it to engage the pins. Can’t imagine trying to reinstall the handles without the tool.
  13. Appreciate you posting this Bob. I had reached out to him via email to ask about recreating some p15 convertible only parts, and sadly got no response. I do hope the renovations to the house go smoothly and he gets back into the biz soon!
  14. Stone guards

    these are universal, one pair fits all p15 rear fenders.