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  1. Mark D

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    I knew this would be something that is a uniquely American product. So I included the wiki photo.
  2. Mark D

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    Another use for NEATS foot oil. The valves inside the wiper motor are leather. I’ve restored two motors with this product.
  3. Mark D

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    I thought at first you might be referring to one of these, but it seems you’ve got the answer. This is a trico vacuum booster. Used to supplement and correct for poor vacuum conditions. I’ve got this recently in one of the p15’s I bought and have started the install in my p15 conv to see if it will assist the top operation. Ps nice speaking with you this morning!
  4. Mark D

    Top boot for a 1949 Plymouth convertible

    I’m afraid there is no source selling these Tom. They must be sewn up by a local upholsterer due to the low demand. As for suppliers for your top, Hirsch Auto Tops should be your only call. I’ve gone through the sourcing exercises for my car recently and they are 100% above all the rest. If you need help ordering I can help. -Mark
  5. Mark D

    NAPA Signal Flasher

    Love to know the answer to this myself. I’ve had 2-3 new ones do the same.
  6. Mark D

    Easy things are getting difficult

    Just slap this on the bumper and drive... ”did you see those Plymouth’s take off??!!!”
  7. Mark D

    P15 convertible counterbalance springs

    Both my p15’s have the same brake spring set up as yours greg. But the convertible top springs are coiled from a heavier wire.
  8. Mark D

    P15 convertible counterbalance springs

    Bob, i had my trimmer sew up replacements for the springs on my convertible last fall when the new top went on. I suspect also this was an a simple solution to eliminate road vibration and harmonics. This top was not meant to be hand operated, and I don’t believe the designers had hand operation in mind as the considered all the parts of the system involved. This top gold design was very ingenious. The simple physics of the fold are really ingenious. Aided by the springs, the vacuum assemblies begin the pull until they reach a fulcrum point where the spring tension is removed and the vacuum cylinders snug the top down. A little overlooked, one thing that is important to call attention to is the actuator “switch”. Not only does the switch open one side of the vacuum circuit for action, but it also relieves pressure on the other side of the cylinder. I am still amazed to watch that 71 year old tech do its job so well.
  9. Mark D

    Anybody going to POC meet

    Me! Flights and hotels booked. See you in motor city!
  10. Mark D

    1946 Plymouth interior

    Looks like a standard “Deluxe” interior.
  11. Mark D

    Choke Cable Clamp

    I clicked the xxx.tif and it revealed a carb photo that has the choke cable connected on the drivers side of the carb. Typically it’s the other side. I suspect this is a later model carb that would have been set up with a sisson automatic armature. Correct model carb for a p15 would be D6G2.
  12. Mark D

    Vent wing pivot stud repair

    i bought two on eBay, happy to sell you my spare at the cost I paid plus postage. Send me an email mark@rdusaclassics.com and we can coordinate.
  13. Mark D

    Vent wing pivot stud repair

    And then this happened. All points bulletin out for this top hinge pivot. Guessing the threaded post was cracked as when I reinstalled the nut it took no effort with a small wrench to spin it off. Posted on the Facebook POC page, and had one kind gent respond that he could make me one, but if someone has a stash, I’m in the market for buying one as I need to get this back in place. By the way I found a form of butyl silicone tape at Home Depot. Used to make quick repairs to water pipes it seals in the wet. Somewhat of a modern friction tape, I used the small roll to put on 4 layers. It conformed to the edge of the glass easily and the tape was easy to work with. A deadblow hammer made reseating the glass fairly quick.
  14. Mark D

    Vent wing pivot stud repair

    Good advice. Thanks. Now where do I get butyl tape?
  15. Mark D

    Radio fuse on D-24

    The fuse is the old glass tube style, and as Tim stated would be on the power lead. Original style would be steel jacketed, about 5/16” in diameter and 1-1/2” long.

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