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  1. Appreciate you posting this Bob. I had reached out to him via email to ask about recreating some p15 convertible only parts, and sadly got no response. I do hope the renovations to the house go smoothly and he gets back into the biz soon!
  2. Stone guards

    these are universal, one pair fits all p15 rear fenders.
  3. everdry kit

    picked up a set when I got my sedan 8 years back, installed them and noticed after I washed the car that the water was now trapped outside of the cup in the spark plug well. Removed them not too long after my freshly painted head started to look ugly from water stains. I also tried with and without the washers under the cups, theory was that since there is a small machine groove in the spark plug hole that the everdry cup may not deform that far to make a good seal. I found no noticeable difference in performance, and since the car really only gets wet in when washing, I decided to run naked.
  4. Oil in Exhaust Manifold

    Some of the valves were on high cam when you poured the MMO into the head, as it should be, some are open an some are closed.
  5. Clock repair recomendations.

    Set it to 5 o’clock and leave it alone. Unless you’re looking for concourse quality, its really not worth repairing. If your car is not a daily driver, the clock will just drain your battery if left energized. The alternate to repair is to replace the guts with a modern battery driven motor. There are threads in the archives here that describe that in full.
  6. Kick panel resource

    Just bought kick panels and correct door cards for me 47 Convertible from a seller on eBay known as muscle maniac car parts. They’ll be waiting on my doorstep when I get home from Australia on Thursday. Will let you know quality and fit after I get back.
  7. this was the exact "look" i was after when I bought my p15 sedan. I wanted it to appear stock, but have a few extra things that a highschooler would have done to the car that his dad gave him. So I went with the Offenhauser dual intake, and headers. Installed finned covers on the galleys, but they really cant be seen from most angles. Last thing I did was the OD which I rebuilt end to end and swapped myself. It's a sedan so alot of people walk right by it, but anyone that's an in-liner fan usually asks whats under the hood, which leads to some decent conversation. Some day I will tear down the engine and rebuild it, when that happens I will shave the head and swap out the cam for something with some pop, but for now the mods i did are perfect for a "highschool" driver, that graduated 33 years ago.
  8. Not silly at all. It’s the longest threaded post on the back of the ignition switch. But be careful of how many accessories you tie to the post, you might want to consider and accessory fuse block installed on the firewall.
  9. Just a quickie: Transmission gasket set?

    If you have gasket material available I can send you a PDF that you can trace and cut your own. - Mark D
  10. I was granted permission by our Admin today to host a community page in the Clubs section of the site. I invite anyone in New England and New York to join and contribute. The goal ultimately is local support, exchange of info, parts resources, and potential future gatherings. Looking forward to your participation. You can find the relevant page by following this link; All the best - Mark D
  11. Just posted on a Facebook page

    Clicked on the sellers name and it said Syracuse, but now the link is gone.
  12. Just posted on a Facebook page

    And it’s in your backyard mr. g
  13. Edgy

    Edgy is only grinding custom cams now.
  14. Headliner edge strips

    Pics please!! the rest of us wanna see what this looks like too.
  15. price differences wheel brake cilinder

    We can still buy these off the shelf at auto parts stores for decent prices. Can’t recall exactly what I paid for a single, but it wasn’t anywhere near the $50 people are gouging in ebay.