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  1. Mark D

    Electronics wizard needed...

    I'm to blame, I revived the thread seeking details of the latching relays used. Mission accomplished, will see one in the mail when I get home.
  2. Mark D

    Electronics wizard needed...

    Robin - how does one tell if these are a latching type relay?
  3. Mark D

    Electronics wizard needed...

    Appreciate the extra thoughts here. Will read more tonight when I am back in the hotel room. Been in Sydney for the past week on business, so my day is just starting. Mark
  4. Mark D

    Electronics wizard needed...

    Sleeping dogs never lie too long Robin. Once I get something in my head, (blame this on Greg G), I tend to chase to the finish. - MD
  5. Mark D

    Electronics wizard needed...

    Hey DJ - The info provided on their web site doesn't indicate if this is a latching type relay. From my very basic knowledge on this subject, headlight relays require constant power to remain latched. Will need latching style in order to use a momentary switch.
  6. Mark D

    Electronics wizard needed...

    Thanks for that. I've been thinking about this and realized that I got a 12v step up transformer in the car to run some convenience stuff. I am thinking that I will find a modern 12v latching relay and use power off the step up transformer to run the relay.
  7. Mark D

    Electronics wizard needed...

    Hey DJ, Yeah exactly, 6V... Had the shift-rite for ages and would like to get it connected. Been talking to Greg G on the phone lately about his install and its got my electrons flowing to get this solved. Bought a couple VW relays off ebay and they've arrived DOA... hesitant to try that route again. Any national vendors sell these? Mark
  8. Mark D

    Electronics wizard needed...

    Hey Robin - How'd this work out? Can you share your source? thanks, Mark
  9. Mark D

    Detroit POC Event

    Wish I could, not enough vacation time this year. Couple more years and the early retirement kicks in, then we'll be a little more mobile. Enjoy, hope to catch up with you at some point. - Mark
  10. Mark D

    brake fluid pressure

    Yes, very hard pedal after only a couple pumps. Feels as if the brakes are dragging. Think you guys are spot on with the pedal free play. My guess is my mechanic did not adjust free play after installing and resetting concentric.
  11. Mark D

    brake fluid pressure

    No never touched the free play, but all things point to this being the problem. The shop that did the brakes for me last year had the car for the non-start issue and asked me if I have done anything to the brakes as well. The car literally has been in dead storage except for one recent run to the auto body shop. I’m guessing the 10 miles I drove it was enough to create the issue. Also guessing the free play was not re-adjusted after four corners were done by my mechanic.
  12. Mark D

    brake fluid pressure

    Had an issue arise over the weekend in the process of shifting the convertible from the body shop over to the storage unit in waiting for the new interior to be installed. Had a starting problem that was turned out to be glazed points and a weak coil, and noticed the brake lights were on as it was being worked on. The car also has a very hard brake pedal and the brakes seem to be dragging. All four corners got new brakes and cylinders last summer, although the car has not been driven more than 100 miles since. One of my buddies thinks the fluid in the reservoir expanded and that was triggering the pressure switch for the lights. A good triple stomp on the brake pedal offered no remedy to the condition. I rebuilt the MC myself, but am thinking that the internal passage for the brake fluid return may be clogged. Anyone have suggestions as to a remedy before I pull the MC and buy a replacement?
  13. Mark D

    Hello from Scotland

    Editted to fit more of us in .
  14. Mark D

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome! Will you be attending the p15 picnic this year? A couple of us Americans are going.
  15. Mark D

    Springtime In The Midwest!

    Dug mine out of her shed this morning as well, and drove her to work. She got 15 minutes of highway time, just enough to blow off the winters dust accumulation. Supposed to be 100% washout weekend here in central Massachusetts, so it wasn’t a hard decision to make, and it’ll make the drive home a little more enjoyable today.

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