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  1. How’s your coolant level? Notice any loss?
  2. Proud to say, all good friends of mine!
  3. Mark D

    Where to look

    Chris Paquin has them at Bernbaum.
  4. Sound like you got a problem gub-na... remove, cleanse and reinstall. Or grab another of eBay and test.
  5. Glad to see this. Hope it’s something that can be brought back to life.
  6. From my experience in the north east, serial number is synonymous with “VIN”. I’ve only come across one yet that was registered with the motor number and that car was a 1940 p10.
  7. The original rubbers were stapled to the steel in your photos.
  8. The metal strips do indeed support a rubber fin that is meant to close the gap between the radiator and the hood. This purpose is to deflect the air coming via the grille thru the radiator and not up and over.
  9. Interesting to learn this, I had assumed all the Motorola radios worked the same thru the 40’s.
  10. Pull the silver caps off the buttons and dial in your station with the small dial under that cap. Then replace the silver cap.
  11. I'm not 100% sure what Chrysler called it but this paint was a near 100% match for the steering wheel that I repaired and repainted. The wheel matched the column. I also just searched the paint color name on this forum and its been used a few time by others here. https://repaintsupply.com/sem-15023-cordovan-brown-color-coat-vinyl-paint-p996.html?utm_source=google-shopping&utm_medium=organic&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsOHIkJ2n4AIVR1SGCh3VBAlZEAQYASABEgIlJvD_BwE
  12. Thanks for the info guys. While I appreciate the value of the scans for portability, I think I will chase one of these vintage Carter Manuals. Will go good on the shelf with the rest of my collection of vintage Mopar service and reference manuals.
  13. Mark I have a Cater Cab manula that describes the various Carb and the breakdown of the carbs. This has been scanned onto CD.  The cost is $20 plus $5 shipping to your home.


    Write to me and I can send a sample page of what is in the catalog.  Also send me your hom email and I will send you a listing of the various other catalogs that I have scanned.


    I live near Philadelphia pa


    Rich Hartung

    cell 484-431-8157

    Home 610-630-9188


    1. Mark D

      Mark D

      Thanks Rich. Appreciate the offer. I’ve established a big collection of original manuals in the past ten years and had no idea the carter company created these manuals. To be frank I’m likely to buy one of the vintage editions, just to have in the collection. Just found you on Facebook and sent a request to connect. I travel quite a bit that way, we own a house in NC as well as Mass and pass often. 

  14. I'm looking for a resource that I suspect existed at one time, maybe still does? Specifically some sort of publication that describes the differences between the B+B Carter Carbs from the 30's -50's. Any one have any links to reference materials? Names of books I can search? Example: Would be nice to see something that gave basics for what the difference is between and D6G2 and D6H1. thanks in advance, Mark D
  15. Mark D

    Bob Drown

    Shane is a good friend of mine. I've seen the car you bought up close a year or so ago, when it was with the prior owner also a friend I'd made out that way. All good people and I am sure you will have this car up and running in no time. Love to hear what your plans are for it and what progress you've made. Mark D
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