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  1. Mark D

    Andy Bernbaum's site

    It’s likely down for service. But i’d Just call Chris Paquin (the owner) or email. serviceabap@oldmoparts.com
  2. Mark D

    What is it?

    Standard Plymouth issued wheel chock.
  3. For six volt jumping, I’d suggest avoiding hooking this directly to the battery terminals. Although the leads on your device appear to be too short, the safer method to bypass sensitive aging electrics would be to place key in the run position, positive clamp to positive battery post, then use the negative clamp to touch the top post on the the starter until the car starts.
  4. Mark D

    Replacement Gas Tanks

    Chris Paquin (the new owner of Bernbaums) also sells the same tank.
  5. Mark D

    Replacement Gas Tanks

    ive bought several new old style tanks from Vintage American Parts (Michael Warshaw) in NY. He advertises on eBay also. The tanks are good quality, well made, and pretty faithful to the original design. Updating this response with picture I had taken at the time I replaced the tank. They show side by side comparison and a (upside down) shot of the gas pick-up and drain internal to the new tank.
  6. Mark D

    Bob Drown

    Spoke to his son Shane tonight on the phone. Shane carried the load of his failing parents for many years also. Not easy for any of them at the moment. One thing for sure, Bob sure sets a good example as to how to approach the late days of life, lessons that will stick with me when I get there. Good to know that the wayback machine, Bob, and Cooper his gps will always be cruising the eternal byways together.
  7. Mark D

    The 4th Annual P-15 Picnic in the UK (pictures)

    Such an honor to take the wheel, (and brave of Robin for doing so!). Truth be told, no problems driving lefty on the left, plenty of experience from two years tenancy in Ireland in the 90’s, and I’ve spent a lot of time in Sydney Australia in the past 18 months for work. Would be nice to see some trucks in a future picnic! I think Tom Poulter will be the first to bring one when he’s finished his own.
  8. Mark D

    The 4th Annual P-15 Picnic in the UK (pictures)

    We had a great weekend with our English Plymouth brothers and sisters! From the fantastic period appropriate hotel, to the lovely little pub down the road, to the marvelous historic tours provided. And the warm greeting received by all we met along the way, and I can’t forget to mention how welcome the three gents that arranged it all made each of us feel. The weekend was fantastic and over all to quickly. Delighted to have met everyone in person and to have made a few more friends over the weekend. I’m absolutely sure we will return in years to come. Take a look at the pic attached and I’m sure you see the smile on my face as Robin gave me the wheel for a few miles of smiles.
  9. Mark D

    P15+D24 = happiness

    Picked up this sweet D24 a month ago. Prepped her for shipping to our garage in Rotterdam Netherlands this morning. She’ll make someone in the EU real happy. But before that I had to make the opportunity to get a P15-D24 shot happen. Next week Greg G and and I, together with our wives are off to the P15 picnic, so I just had to get some drive time in.
  10. Mark D

    230 dodge w/Edgy aluminum head, problems

    Tim - I thought I had read there was some coolant circulating in to the head around the head bolts. I recall when I replaced my head gasket 7 years ago that the studs had wet rusty coolant all over the relief. Apologies but I must be mistaken as to the coolant passages. Thanks again for the lesson, but quite frankly the format of your last two sentences is quite off-putting.
  11. Mark D

    230 dodge w/Edgy aluminum head, problems

    Can you please explain how the factory head differs?
  12. Mark D

    230 dodge w/Edgy aluminum head, problems

    I’m looking at your pic and the first question I have is what kind of head bolts did you use? They don’t appear at first glance to be arp, as they are polished. The correct bolts are relieved on the sides to allow for water flow around the bolts. Got pics of the bolts?
  13. Mark D

    Throw out bearing blues

    Whose the rebuilder? I’m in Mass would be handy to know for the future.
  14. Mark D

    Dual carb linkage

    The ones that come with the offenhauser intakes are junk, don’t bother. I built mine from RC joints, flat stock, and basic list supplied for andual Holley setup. Will find the link and foawrd it to you via PM.
  15. Mark D

    1940 P10 Speedo Rebuild

    hey all - Got a guy calling on me to help him rebuild/service his P10 speedo. The rotating face of the gauge has come apart with age and likely heat. I assume this is old celluloid film it was printed on. Wondering if anyone has rebuilt this with success, or if anyone might have a serviceable unit for sale that I could salvage for parts? Advice appreciated. Mark D .

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