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  1. 18" cable from the Positive post to the head stud nearest the thermostat housing. 18" cable from the negative post to the starter solenoid terminal, then 18" from he solenoid to the terminal on the starter. All cables heavy gauge.
  2. Mines lasted 70 years without. I'd be afraid of particles sluffing off and clogging other parts and passageways. Leave it like the engineers planned it.
  3. I just bought this one for my convertible.
  4. Not only you... I gave up after working on my brakes for four days. Moved it over to a guy that has more patience than me at the moment. However I was at his side as we spent 2.5 hours on the front end. Passenger side was only tweaking that got the drum to turn. Drivers side required me to flip the shoes, the. We had to slightly sand the toe on each side to get it to turn. Rear ended will be done while I am on a business trip to Chicago this week.
  5. Found some minor rot in the rockers, two drivers side body to frame mounts are beyond repair, I suspect that the undercoating is hiding more. This weekend as I put her up in the air it became evident as I watched the door seam grow from 1/8" to 3/8" at the top of the door. I will only ever likely do one frame off. This is the car to do it to.
  6. My latest wallet drain... spare no expense. She will be a driver for the next few years, then when we relocate to our place in NC she will become her a frame off resto.
  7. hi do you wanna sel that p15 convertible ?

    1. Mark D

      Mark D

      I'm sorry but she is not for sale. Thanks for asking.

  8. Can't recall exactly where I read it, but I'm pretty sure the woodgrain is referred to as "Sapele", and the The name of the brown insert it was "Cordovan" Brown.
  9. We are in Bath, sure would like to meet up. Be here til the 22nd.  Paul

    1. Mark D

      Mark D

      Welcome to the east coast!  Will look at the calendar and get a date formed up.

  10. Hi Mark, I have bought a couple of items from you for my B-4-C and, as such, I trust your opinion. I am looking to swap out the 4.1 to 1 ratio rear end in the truck for something like a 3.73 to 1. Although my wife gets a kick out of me rolling along at 45 mph with traffic backed up behind me, I get tired of pulling over so people can pass. In my own hunt to find something better I have come across the following ad on eBay. I am having no luck trying to cross reference the numbers in the photos with the B-4-C parts book. I truly appreciate any assistance you are willing to offer. John

    1. Mark D

      Mark D

      Hi John - I cant recall what I sold you.  I have mostly p15 car stuff.  Might have me mixed up with another Mark?  Do you know if the truck and car axles where the same?  I have some reference books and can take a peek tonight.

    2. John H.

      John H.

      Hi Mark, No, my error as it was ggdad1951 that I was thinking of with the parts. As for the eBay ring, pinion, and axles I am unaware if the ring and pinion match the axles as listed. I tried to use the 1953, B-4-C parts book to match numbers on the parts in the photos, but no luck there. I started reading some threads regarding the subject and I suppose I should start the differential question by removing the gear case and axles and working from there. I need to replace the rear seal as part of repairs I will do, anyway. I will next count the axle splines and find out the ratio, although I am positive I have a 4:10. I apologize to you if I wasn't clear in my request. I have a house full of grand kids visiting as of late and right about now I am contemplating on going out to my shop and drinking a quart of 30W.

    3. John H.

      John H.

      Hi Mark, By the way, I thank you for your response and help. John

  11. I've had this same unit in my sedan for three years. One day it mysteriously fried and Matt helped with a replacement at no cost. The unit worked real well on my old 802. Recently had an old-timer rebuild another 802 for me and I replaced the one in my sedan (which I sold to Bob Toft), now the Redi-rad I find it that the signal isn't as strong as it used to be so I guess I need to hear more about your tuning on the 802! Redi-rad is nice unit at a decent price and I love that the old tunes on my Pandora 50's channel sound so sweet on the 70 year old equipment.
  12. Holy cow! Well let's ralleye the cars and get together! Welcome back.
  13. Absolutely a priority for me.
  14. Haven't checked the mounts yet, assume they cant be that bad as they didn't get much road time. They were changed out with the new engine 27k miles ago. Pry bar my firewall??? eeek....
  15. I think we all know what this is, and I know it was a factory provided device. The one installed on the reman engine in the convertible is frozen with what I assume is rust on the interior. I've doused it with PB blaster on the back side, as well as lubricated the cable. The knob on the dash is a 50%. Not sure if there is water going past at the moment due to the fact that I have not run the engine for any length of time. I'd like to remove it to bench service and swap for another that I have in my stash, but this is so close to the firewall, I don't see how it would rotate out of the head without damage. Really don't want to remove the head, but if that's what it takes... thoughts?