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  1. What paint did you use to spray the bows?
  2. @fede i got these in the mail on Friday. They'll be off to our garage in the NL tomorrow. I'll have my mechanic send photos when they are installed. forst observations, good quality. Looks like they will do the job well.
  3. As it happens my convertible was dropped to the trimmer shop on Friday. He will be removing and installing a new haartz top for me. Part of the deal is that he allows me time to reprint the bows while the top is off. I will be able to make photos for you likely mid week.
  4. The law states that if a rock hits the outer glass lens, the inner bulb must stay illuminated.
  5. Our shop is prepping a P15 in the Netherlands at the moment for delivery to a customer in Luxembourg. The MOT will not accept sealed beam headlamps so we just bought a pair of these to install.
  6. no problem Tom, happy to help. By the way I'm the same mark that Bob Drown referred you to on Facebook in case you hadn't already figured that out. Cheers!
  7. Good news is that these parts are easy to find here. You'be got plenty of options, eBay is always a first check for me, and then there are two great vendors here in Massachusetts. and there is a company here in mass that will rebuild your fuel pump, but I'd just order a replacement as they are not expensive and will get you up and running quicker. The complete breaker plate is also with points will be found at oldmoparts, but you will need to call them as I don't believe they have them listed on their website. the condenser and points will need to be bought separate from the plate. Remember to check the small red wire in the photo for damage as these are known to fray over time and give headaches. need help collecting parts drop me a call as I am 30 minutes from both vendors. mark d
  8. You've tried the Plymouth Doctors website?
  9. Heat is your best friend in this situation. Heat the part you are trying to remove.
  10. No the engine appears to have been factory silver in color.
  11. This tag is mounted to the (assumed) rebuilt engine in my convertible. The tag is mounted on the block over the original serial number location which has been machined off the block. I've read here that lots of places rebuilt engines, (even sears had them I believe) and as you can see from the image its hard to see what may have been written on the tag. I have checked the stroke and confirmed it is set up as a 230. Stampings may indicate it was bored over slightly, thus the 235? From what I can tell this car spent its entire life in Massachusetts. Wondering if anyone else has seen this tag shape and may have a better image of what else was printed on it.
  12. Great question! I gave up with the new style and sourced an NOS which was much easier to install.
  13. Ebay has them all the time. 1940-1950 Mopar Air And Oil Filter Water Slide Decals | eBay
  14. Too late for that my friend, applied some million year old dinosaur soup to them last weekend, this did revive the leather, but I believe the fault lies in the rubber beneath which no longer has the ability to push outward. I was thinking that if I am to disassemble the plates, that a single rubber neoprene or like casting may be an improvement. Alternative would be to find a rubber O band that has the required diameter and thickness. Picture attached shows how the leather is pinched in place between the plates with the rubber behind it. Maybe I will just try adding a thick rubber band behind the leather.
  15. I'm wondering if neoprene would be a good candidate for substitution of the leather seals in the top cylinders? I read recently of a guy in Oregon that rebuilds vacuum wiper motors with this material as a substitution but I don't have any contact info. I just sent a note to to ask them for their opinion on rebuild, waiting now on their response. I did try applying oil to the seals, and get a very slow retract with the system, but there is no closing ability at all. Note that I replaced all steel and rubber lines 1:1. Appreciate collective thoughts on this. Mark D