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  1. Look what I found!

    I was lucky to find a local old skool installer that been in the biz for 40 years. Most of the guys I went to wouldn’t touch any car made before 1960. This guy also let me work along side him which I wanted so I knew how it was put together, and also for personal experience. The guy I used is at the end of his career, has severe arthritis and put about 6 hours max per week into my top replacement. I won’t put his name here, but if you’re interested to speak with him, drop me a PM.
  2. Look what I found!

    Been some time since I provided an update. After many trials and tribulations, the convertible came home last night. Spent the day yesterday with the trimmer in his shop covering up the staples, trimming fabric, installing stainless trim and snaps, and cleaning her up. She hadn’t been started for 13 weeks, and I was pleased she jumped quickly to life and other than the tires with flat spots from sitting, which thumped a for a little bit), she drove well on he way home. Lots of stares and thumbs up kept me grinning. Next up, the interior replacement. Stay tuned.
  3. Duals for Plymouths - Speed Mechanics 1954 View File Part two of the article I last uploaded. Submitter Mark D Submitted 11/30/2017 Category Reference Information  
  4. New to Plymouth need some help

    Gonna need some photos to say exactly what you have. Photo attached shows my 47 convertible. Note they were painted body color for this body style, all others were wood grained.
  5. "Plymouth Soup-up" from 1954 Speed Magazine View File Bought this magazine after hearing about hearing about this article online. Very interesting read, which illustrates HP the gains from basic part swaps. Enjoy! Submitter Mark D Submitted 11/28/2017 Category Reference Information  
  6. P15 Front fender lowers

    P15’s shared all sheet metal 1946 thru the first week of March 1949. Bodies changed totally when they retooled and started the p19’s. There is no common sheet metal with the p19’s.
  7. True the R10G was early 50’s. I was only drawing the comparison for price point reasons.
  8. Saw this for sale locally, not mine, so buyer beware. Not sure about the price of these compared to R10G's. https://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/pts/d/borg-warner-electric/6385481528.html
  9. V8 conversion for my 47 P15 sedan

    Stop thinking out loud, go out and buy something with an automatic trans and add it to the collection.
  10. Oops - report post button

    I touched the report post button on a thread accidentally and it didn’t give me the option to back out. Hope this doesn’t negatively affect that persons standing. What’s the deal here, is that how it works?
  11. D6G1 carb. needed

    Not much casting for a helicoil to bite into.
  12. D6G1 carb. needed

    Something you might try is to use a machine screw of a smaller diameter and a longer length with a nut and lock washer below. This worked for me on a carb that had one stripped out tap.
  13. D24 Project Started - P18 Block?

    One of the wise sages here told me to pull the inspection plug on my engine, over the #6 cylinder and check the measurements of the cylinder at its low position. The resultant dimension will tell you if it’s a 230. And since I can’t remember which is which at the moment, I’ll leave that to the sages to specify below.
  14. P-15 convertible top boot snaps on rear seat?

    My car has all original fasteners in place. I’d be happy to photograph them next week for you.
  15. 52 suburban springs

    Wrapping the springs allowed for grease to stay between the leaves, thereby making the ride quieter with less squeaking. Probably also helped immensely at the submarine races...