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    just a wild colonial boy...
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    At the moment: Corporate Real Estate, In the future; old car sourcing & export.

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    a little of this and a little of that, its all good.
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  1. Mark D

    Cruise control, anyone? anyone?

    Thought the remote throttle cable did that for you.
  2. Mark D

    interior question

    Kleenex dispenser. They are fetching $50-75 each in ebay at the moment.
  3. Mark D

    Anybody coming to New Jersey for Lead East this year

    Is there a web site for this event? Likely to know more. Thanks.
  4. Mark D

    Highlander material cloth

    One caution automotive fabrics and cloth from the local bolt shop are not necessarily of the same caliber. Managing 2.5 millions square feet of corporate home office I have had the opportunity to learn all about fabrics and wear testing. “Butt rubs” as they call it is the measure of quality. Make sure you go for fabrics that are intended for upholstery.
  5. Mark D

    Highlander material cloth

    Yes - they have a horrible reputation also. But this is the closest I’ve found. In the end I decided to stay all leather. But I might add some accents in the future on the door panels and that willl keep the cost down. Sadly I don’t know of any alternatives.
  6. Mark D

    Fulton visor? No thanks!

    Two words : “beer fridge”
  7. Mark D

    46 dodge 3 window coupe

    A good and thorough service of the drivetrain and engine bay should result in happily achieving 55mph (and in my humble opinion: fast enough) speeds for your beautiful black Betty. What a nice car!
  8. Mark D

    Front bench dismanteling/ backrest

    Typically two bolts at the bottom of the backrest are threaded into the body floor pan. Remove bolts and lift the back rest off of the clips which are welded into the body.
  9. Mark D

    Axle identification

    Helping out a friend in Finland whose got a p15 that he imported this past summer. He’s trying to find a rear axle that has a gear set for better highway speeds. Gave him photos out of one of the p15 parts catalogs I have for the ratios that were offered from p14-p24. He’s found an a guy nearby that has an axle but it has numbers that don’t correspond to what I sent him. Supposedly this axle came out of a 1950 dodge convertible but we don’t know if it original to the car. Also in a past conversation with One of you gurus there was mention that there was a way to tell what gear set was installed in the pinion from markings on the case? Still working on my first coffee of the morning, So I may still be a little under caffeinated. Appreciate guidance here.
  10. Mark D

    Baby Boo Meets the D24

    Looks be about the same age as my grandson Jace. 14 months old, he loves looking at the pictures of the P 15‘s that are hung in my office. Seen here sitting on what day what will be his car.
  11. Mark D

    Look what I found!

    Been a while since I updated this thread. Made another milestone this past weekend and installed my new leather interior. Leather came from a Garrett Leather in NY, and at $9/sf it was certainly and investment. Took five hides to cover everything and there were still some areas that I chose to cover in Vinyl such as the rear seat side bolsters and rear of the front seat. New door cards and kick panels were sourced from a company called remautoinc.com. They were advertised as made to OE measurements, but the door cards were too short and the kick panels needed to be cut down to fit. Would do those again from scratch if I was not rushed to get this part of her refresh done. Next up new black wall tires, shocks x4, new rear spring bushings, and front sway bar bushings to tighten her roll in corners. Custom made carpet will be completed next week. After that a new parade boot and Tonneau.
  12. Mark D

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    I knew this would be something that is a uniquely American product. So I included the wiki photo.
  13. Mark D

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    Another use for NEATS foot oil. The valves inside the wiper motor are leather. I’ve restored two motors with this product.
  14. Mark D

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    I thought at first you might be referring to one of these, but it seems you’ve got the answer. This is a trico vacuum booster. Used to supplement and correct for poor vacuum conditions. I’ve got this recently in one of the p15’s I bought and have started the install in my p15 conv to see if it will assist the top operation. Ps nice speaking with you this morning!
  15. Mark D

    Top boot for a 1949 Plymouth convertible

    I’m afraid there is no source selling these Tom. They must be sewn up by a local upholsterer due to the low demand. As for suppliers for your top, Hirsch Auto Tops should be your only call. I’ve gone through the sourcing exercises for my car recently and they are 100% above all the rest. If you need help ordering I can help. -Mark

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