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  1. I recently found a passenger side mirror for my convertible (yeah, I know it's useless...) the casting has one bolt hole in the center of the back. Try as I might I can't see how to access the back of the fender to install it.
  2. Mopar wheels

    I may have four 15" rims for sale, please send me an email and we can discuss further. mark@rdusaclassics.com Cheers, Mark D
  3. What some of us got up to in England, today

    Such great pics, looks like everyone had a fantastic time. Can't wait to do this one in person.
  4. I've found that the Testors Red Enamel is the closest to what was left on my original examples.
  5. Look what I found!

    Greg all this time we've been beating the bushes to get a gang out and about on tours, and all we had to do was offer them garage time at your house? Who would've guessed... Looking like the craftsman inn will be booking up.
  6. Look what I found!

    The convertible top on the plumber has one Oakbow just before the Klopf waterfalls towards the back of the car. Just above the rear window this bow served as a tack surface for the rear curtain and the top fabric, as well as the padding which runs above the left shoulder of the driver in the right shoulder of the passenger. This bow is visible from the inside of the car. As such it is wrapped in fabric to make it less noticeable. As mentioned prior there were two other pieces of wood that are wrapped in fabric, these 12 inch sections of oak or shaped to fit into steel C channels at the rearmost sections of the driver and passenger door windows. These identical sections of wood service tech services for the side curtains, as well as for surfaces to receive the weatherstripping that the chrome encased window seals against when shut..
  7. 12 volt battery to start

    Someone asked this very same question on the POC facebook page...
  8. Look what I found!

    Last Monday I visited the trimmers shop. He's been plugging away at the interior rear well liner and has been slowed waiting for materials to arrive. However I was able to help him reinstall the top mechanism and the paint job I gave it got a good cure while I was in Australia last couple weeks. In addition to the well liner, he has also made repairs to the oka bow, filled all old staple holes with epoxy and wrapped it and the side window jambs all in Hartz fabric. New rubber door window seals and baric tape has arrived from Steele and that was completed yesterday. Today the top goes on the bows and the tacking begins. He is taking photos of the entire process and I will have all of these delivered to me with the car. My plan is to put them together in a document with full descriptions on each photo that I will make available.
  9. Look what I found!

    My floor rubber is cracked in several places. Carefully removing the rubber allowed me to replace the jute with modern carpet pad, (using the old one as a template) and to also apply 3" wide gorilla tape to the underside of the rubber thus repairing and closing the cracks. I hope to part of your pit crew when the OD arrives, and will bring the gorilla tape with me.
  10. Look what I found!

    I did nothing more than to remove the factory floor panel. A dozen bolts and it was out of my way. Several here have given that advice in prior threads. mark d
  11. Look what I found!

    Hey paul, thanks for the suggestion. When and if I do get around to it, it won't be my first time. That happened a few years back when I bought an OD from Paul Flaming, tore it down to a pile of parts, rebuilt and replaced all bearings and seals, then swapped it for the three speed in my sedan. The secret to the game is pulling the floor out of the car. Makes it 100% more easy to see what you're doing and to literally lift the tranny into position and then thread the bolts into the bell housing. Cheers Mark D
  12. P-15 Convertible tacking strip

    Getting back to Wards original question, attached are a few pictures of the tack strip replacement on my car. Here you can see the new PVC tacking strip installed. This requires opening the bead slightly and removing the old pressed board strip. Once complete the new PVC needs to be warmed and it will slide in place. Then the bead is closed again. White marks on the body are grease pencil recorded reference marks that my trimmer made in order to have everything line up again. A close up showing the new bead being worked into place. The header rail in the front of the also has a tack strip, however it is thicker and requires a little more patience to put in place. Rather than a full bead, the head has small tabs which need to be very gently opened and closed to prevent breaking.
  13. Car shows

    I've always had a problem with this as well, and with the exception of one show that uses the money for charitable purposes, and another that gives good value for the fee (food, entertainment, etc..) I don't feel it's fair. There's another local show that collects only from the cars and spectators are free, which I feel is quite upside down. Seven years ago when I bought my first p15 I attended a lot of shows. Nowadays I'm happy to take the odd tour with likeminded car friends, wrench on my cars, and drink beer or two in the Garage with my buddies.
  14. P-15 Convertible tacking strip

    Good question... are they OEM? Still 6v? Wonder if the throw is the same as my vacuum cylinders.
  15. P-15 Convertible tacking strip

    Unfortunately and for posteritys sake, dean bennett supply wasn't able to deliver the leather cups in the correct diameter. Onward now with the search.