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  1. Used two sources from eBay, both delivered a good kit. Material for the interior of at least one of my cars came from SMS out west, but many have not been happy with them. All went well for me. Next time around I’ll go to an upholstery store and find a decent substitute.
  2. I’ll send you pics of the one I have. - mark
  3. Let’s see what the weather looks like tomorrow for Sunday, and I can swing up with the convertible for a visit Sunday .
  4. Happy to help - love 25 miles south of you. Would even drive my p15 up to see you. I’ve seen that car on Craigslist for a while now. Looks like you got a nice one!
  5. Mark D


    Hebrew, but you’ll have to find someone else to translate.
  6. How’s your coolant level? Notice any loss?
  7. Proud to say, all good friends of mine!
  8. Mark D

    Where to look

    Chris Paquin has them at Bernbaum.
  9. Sound like you got a problem gub-na... remove, cleanse and reinstall. Or grab another of eBay and test.
  10. Glad to see this. Hope it’s something that can be brought back to life.
  11. From my experience in the north east, serial number is synonymous with “VIN”. I’ve only come across one yet that was registered with the motor number and that car was a 1940 p10.
  12. The original rubbers were stapled to the steel in your photos.
  13. The metal strips do indeed support a rubber fin that is meant to close the gap between the radiator and the hood. This purpose is to deflect the air coming via the grille thru the radiator and not up and over.
  14. Interesting to learn this, I had assumed all the Motorola radios worked the same thru the 40’s.
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