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  1. Wish i could make it again this year, but will be travelling to London later in 2018. Hope that those who attend will post up plenty of photos. I'm aiming to be back at the BBQ in 2020 (with wifey this time).
  2. Is this a rear light surround?

    Good score GK... now you just gotta buy the truck to fit that part hey!
  3. No signage ......

    I wondered what those signs meant. I better watch out for these crazy bicycle riders doing burnouts and stunts ...
  4. New Year Resolutions

    2018 is the completion year for my 53 Dodge coupe truck. The old "Pop truck" will get final paint soon. and full assembly will be completed before our Chrysler Expo car show later this year! It's been a long and expensive project... but well worth doing it right!
  5. Merry Christmas & A Safe And Happy New Year

    May God bless you and let this Christmas season bring comfort and joy to you and your family. Merry Christmas my forum family, and best wishes from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
  6. Don't Suck at Parts Ordering Like Me!

    Those DCM Dodge lenses do look good! The tail light housings were quite universal back in the day, so you will most likely find that style now in most good old car part places. I found a stainless steel one and installed it on my 52 truck. I looked into installing a 'DESOTO' lens, but the tail lights are turned sideways on our Oz 'style-side' trucks to cater for the number plate location.
  7. Boards in Box

    I thought about using the old floor boards in my truck bed, but they were too far gone so I ended up making a work bench with them. I ended up having some Aussie 'Spotted Gum' (hardwood) planks ripped down to the right size and painted them in 2-pack clear. They have lasted for about 6 years, but a couple of those boards are starting to show signs of deterioration so I am thinking of sanding and painting them again. I would eventually like to get rid of all of the (90) screws in the back there, so I might even consider installing new boards with bed strips. It's funny as I had a fella come up to me after looking at my truck last week and made mention of how all of the screws in the back were facing the same way... I told him that he better not look at the rest of the truck then as he might notice a lot more of the same. Things we do hey!
  8. 1 ton fender extension

    I haven't met Mike, but those other two guys that he's with in that above photo look 'dodgey' !!!
  9. Sisson Choke

    We would call that 10 'bucks' here in Oz... although our 10 bucks would only buy about $7.50 in USA at present!
  10. Mark did a post with good photos a while back. Hope the link works...
  11. I had some made a while back but not sure if I have any left. Will post a photo when I get home from work later.
  12. Use the search button in the top right corner of your screen and look for a thread called 'hand brake'. Tim (aka 48D) explains the e-brake in the second of his 3 video's in a post on that thread.
  13. 1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    You talk like an Aussie mate. I reckon you'll be wanting to throw a shrimp on the Tim's barby next April I was playing around with Desoto and Fargo hood emblems as I have a friend who works at a foundry. Those are a little rarer than the Dodge hood emblems here in Oz, so I thought I would look into having a supply made. I'm still waiting on my Chromer to tell me how much they will end up when finished, but I expect that they will be too pricey as chroming is not cheap here - DCM has the Dodge hood emblems listed at $52.50 there in USA so maybe I need to send him some good samples and he could forward them to his supplier for manufacture? We did a couple of samples (see photo). The casting metal they use comes out gold-colored, but they should look quite close to the original ones when chromed. I was messing around with some of my gas tanks at the shed. I already have tanks repaired for the 52 and the 53 trucks, but I still need one fixed for the 55. I have a friend who said that he could repair them, so I was looking at having them repaired (if the price works out ok) and I might sell a few of them off. They are quite hard to get here in Oz and I suspect that they will fetch a good price once repaired. Wifey keeps telling me that I spend too much on my trucks so I need to sell off some parts to recoup some outgoings. My friend (Kenny) who is looking to repair the tanks was thinking of widening one of them for his V8 Dodge truck as the extra gas capacity would be good for him out west there. I must check back with him to see how he's getting on.
  14. Today marked a big day for my family, as today was the day that we relocated my 1953 Dodge (Australian) coupe truck to our other shed for a complete body-off restoration. I plan to document that restoration for all here to view, learn, and offer assistance as the need arises. The project is planned as an original restoration which will take place over the next couple of years with similar attention to detail as my previous restoration project (my 52 blue Desoto truck). I picked this truck up with my late Dad back in March 2009 from a town called Tara, which is located around just under 4 hours west of my place - I live on the east coast of Australia (near the capital city of Brisbane, Queensland). I had planned on starting this restoration project a couple of years back but life seemed to keep getting in my way and the project was put on hold until now. I do not know much on the history of this truck apart from the fact that it was owned by the family of the previous owner for many years and was mostly used as a wild boar and kangaroo hunting/shooting vehicle. The truck had racks fitted, which stretched from the front to the back of the vehicle, in order to carry those culled animals (which I was told were generally destined for export to Germany). The overall condition of the vehicle was good, apart from a lot of surface rust and the stench of rats! I had initially thought of an appropriate name for this truck a few years back, but have most recently decided to name this truck 'Pop' after my dear old Dad who passed away tragically last week after a very short battle with cancer. Please enjoy this topic and feel free to offer comment, words of encouragement, or advice at anytime.
  15. 1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    Time sure passes by quick these days. Thanks for the reminder Tim. I have been away with charity work, and working plenty of overtime at work while I have been back home!... but things have been happening on my old 'Pop truck'. I had all of the LUCAS electrics refurbished by our local Auto Electrician and now have them all back together, but I am yet to have them painted. My smaller side projects on the coupe truck have seen me playing around with transmission speedo adapters (to cater from 4.1 to 3.54 diff swap), dual horns, handbrake cable, gas tanks, casting of Desoto and Fargo hood emblems, external door locks, horn ring, and steering wheel. The panel work on the truck has been slow (mostly my blame as I have been directing funds toward our investment properties of late), but our coupe truck is nearing completion. I thought the truck was looking good a couple of weeks back with both doors and hood pieces fitted, but we have had a minor setback with one of the doors since then so the truck looks less complete at present! The process now involves working clockwise around the front of the truck from the dash area to perfect gaps and undertake minor adjustments. The external door lock will soon be installed on the opposite side door with the use of a USA door latch mechanism (thanks to Mark aka ggdad1951). I was hoping to have the truck in final paint at the end of January 2018, but this may not happen until April/May 2018 now as I want the truck to sit in primer for a couple of months prior to paint. I should also have the running boards back all repaired and looking new by this Christmas. I have been looking at all of the screw/bolt holes in the firewall over the past few days as it seems that quite a few holes have been added during the many years that the truck spent out west as a pig shooting truck. I didn't realize that there were so many holes to identify in the firewall! It has been a long and costly project... but it appears that the end is finally in sight!
  16. That's how I made it to the BBQ in 2014 and 2017 . I have suggested to wifey that she will be with me when I'm back in 2020.
  17. Bernbaum Bowl Fuel Filter

    Are you talking about the in-line sediment filter Dennis? If so, there should be a small spring between the filter and the bottom of the glass bowl.
  18. See if this works for you... https://www.ebay.com/itm/1957-Dodge-Other-Pickups/192378286677?hash=item2ccaa3b255:g:8XQAAOSwke9aHJW4&vxp=mtr
  19. Oil Leak Jack

    I had to take my old floor jack in for a new seal when it started leaking oil like that. If yours is new... I'd be contacting the seller to arrange an exchange jack.
  20. Spring bushing

    I tap a cold chisel in where the end curl of the spring meets the flat section as that seems to release some pressure on the spring eye.
  21. Steering Wheel Interchange

    What a timely thread as I have been playing with steering wheels today. I received my steering wheel horn ring back from my Chromer yesterday, and only today fitted it with my recently obtained horn ring button (thanks again ggdad1951). I found that the trucks here in Oz seemed to progress from the steering wheel with the closer 'Y' spokes to those with a wider 'Y' spokes within the steering wheel ring. Our Oz trucks 48-52 seem to been fitted with part # 1272165 with the closer spokes, and the horn ring (part # 1272411) was a match for that steering wheel. Our Oz trucks from 53 seem to have been fitted with steering wheel (part # 1195035), and our 'coupe' trucks even had their steering wheel painted white! So, I have had to find an older steering wheel down at my shed and will now clean it up to fit on my 53 coupe truck as I reckon it will look better with a horn ring attached. I'm not sure what you guys did over the other side of the pond... but that steering wheel which you have shown in the above picture would be a match for a 48-52 truck here in Oz. If you do happen to buy that steering wheel and horn ring from your friend John, the straight spoke in the steering wheel center is said to be positioned to the top so as not to block view of your speedo when driving.
  22. California Assembly Plants: Where, What & When?

    Cool photos John. Looks like they just assembled a couple of 'Spring Special' trucks in the background of the first 2 photos!
  23. B1B Project / progress thread

    I am pleased that you chose to start and share a project thread on your truck here John. I am sure that stories of your progress will be enjoyed by many of us here. Thank you for sharing... and keep the updates coming!
  24. Speedometer drive gear seal

    I suspect that the 4 speed would be no different to the 3 speed when it comes to the speedo gear drive seal as it appears to have the same fitting (as the 3 speed) where the speedo cable connects to.
  25. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    I have found a few drums with outer springs fitted on my trucks over the years. There are a few theories to the spring around the outside of the brake drum: used to dampen harmonic resonance (vibration), used as additional surface area to disperse heat when a drum has become thinner due to machining, used to prevent the drum from over expanding and breaking. I find at least the first 2 theories plausible. Keep up the good work Paul - gently as it goes for now though!