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  1. C-3-B FORUMS

    That surround trim is standard equipment on our trucks... I have the same on my E series suburban truck. I have a stainless trim which goes between the nosecone emblem and the hood emblem and will install that down the track as I reckon it will look better than the old rusty body-colored piece in there at present. It's funny just how different our trucks are in that area... but then you guys didn't get DeSoto trucks over there either!
  2. C-3-B FORUMS

    It is great to see more C series trucks appearing here. I am surprised to see such a difference between our Aussie C series trucks and those across the pond - ours seem to be more based on the B series trucks. I've had a 56 C series DeSoto 1/2 ton sitting in my shed for many years, and it is a very different truck than those others which I see. Maybe one of these days I will get around to fixing that old truck up... but Wifey tells me that I am restoring my last truck (53 Dodge coupe truck) at present!
  3. Define Irony.

    If your vehicle is travelling at the speed of light... do your headlights still work?
  4. I know that Julie is pretty keen on these old trucks... I reckon its the other way around and she's actually bringing Brent along to the BBQ
  5. I'm not familiar with the replacement gas tanks as I have only used original ones, but it looks to me like you are missing the rear mount which levels the tank - check this thread...
  6. Road trip to get a 1948 Panel....

    I will watch this build with great interest Tim... but I'd still be happier if you'd just load that panel truck into a shipping container and send it to me here in Oz!
  7. rear leaf spring pin removel

    I'm sure that Hank would be pleased with your kind words Tim. He did a great job on his steering box and his truck drives really nice and very straight on the road. He has been quite busy with family matters of late. He has recently been cleaning up some original rims readying them for his truck. I am trying to lure him back here, and I'm pretty sure that Rod is doing the same! I had a couple of 53/54 Dodge truck steering boxes rebuilt last year. I was fortunate that a tenant at one of our commercial properties repairs CV joints and car rack and pinions... who'd have thought that he'd be very good with old 50's truck steering boxes hey! I'm still hoping to have my 53 Dodge 'coupe' truck back on the road later this year.
  8. 1955 c3-c brake pedal spring

    Scott, I sent some stainless springs over for Mark a while back. He had photos in this thread... Mark had done some homework on the springs before I sent him that stainless set and has the specifications here...
  9. Spare tire carrier interchange question

    John, your photo is too small for me to view. I took a couple of photos of the spare tire carriers I have down at my shed. The overall (end to end) length is 3 foot 7 and 1/2 inches... the mounting holes are just inside that measurement. One of the carriers has a bigger kick-up on one end for some reason.
  10. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Removing the hub without the drum should be easier. The axle is tapered with a square locator key preventing the hub from turning on the axle. Maybe a little heat and a harder pull? I'm not sure what your link issue is all about. Try a Google search on 'Tanks Inc' and go to their 'fuel tanks' section. Your truck will be listed as a '39-47 Dodge truck tank'.
  11. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    So many questions Steve Keep 'em coming! Q1. The puller is your best chance with the rear hub. Some of them do get stuck on there hard. I haven't found one yet that my puller and a hammer couldn't remove. I'm thinking that you would have backed off the brakes with the adjuster nuts on the back of the backing plates. Try tapping the drum with the hammer some... but not too hard that you will distort or damage the drum! If that doesn't work... maybe a little heat or a more heavy duty drum puller. Q2. 80-90 compression is alright. A new engine will push out closer to 120. Your readings are consistent between each cylinder so I reckon that should work fine. Q3. Your gas tank looks like one from Tanks Inc. I can't help you with which hole the sender goes in sorry as I have not bought one of their tanks (I'm in Oz and the freight to me would be ridiculous). Here's their link... http://www.tanksinc.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=349/category_id=68/mode=prod/prd349.htm
  12. 1953 b4 window conversion

    There's a fella on Ebay at present selling a good set of the vent-less (if that's a word?) regulators and windows... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1952-Dodge-B-Series-Truck-Drivers-Side-Window-assy-1948-1952/263378560216?hash=item3d5295e4d8:g:o-sAAOSw9mpaLHEr The 'search' box at the top right of your forum screen can be your best friend when chasing information on a particular topic - try this thread for information on vent window removal...
  13. 1 ton tires

    Looks great Brent. Have you got it running good now?
  14. Assembling front end sheetmetal..

    Best bet is to see if you can find a parts manual. Hope these pics from that manual help...