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  1. Steering Wheel Interchange

    What a timely thread as I have been playing with steering wheels today. I received my steering wheel horn ring back from my Chromer yesterday, and only today fitted it with my recently obtained horn ring button (thanks again ggdad1951). I found that the trucks here in Oz seemed to progress from the steering wheel with the closer 'Y' spokes to those with a wider 'Y' spokes within the steering wheel ring. Our Oz trucks 48-52 seem to been fitted with part # 1272165 with the closer spokes, and the horn ring (part # 1272411) was a match for that steering wheel. Our Oz trucks from 53 seem to have been fitted with steering wheel (part # 1195035), and our 'coupe' trucks even had their steering wheel painted white! So, I have had to find an older steering wheel down at my shed and will now clean it up to fit on my 53 coupe truck as I reckon it will look better with a horn ring attached. I'm not sure what you guys did over the other side of the pond... but that steering wheel which you have shown in the above picture would be a match for a 48-52 truck here in Oz. If you do happen to buy that steering wheel and horn ring from your friend John, the straight spoke in the steering wheel center is said to be positioned to the top so as not to block view of your speedo when driving.
  2. California Assembly Plants: Where, What & When?

    Cool photos John. Looks like they just assembled a couple of 'Spring Special' trucks in the background of the first 2 photos!
  3. B1B Project / progress thread

    I am pleased that you chose to start and share a project thread on your truck here John. I am sure that stories of your progress will be enjoyed by many of us here. Thank you for sharing... and keep the updates coming!
  4. Speedometer drive gear seal

    I suspect that the 4 speed would be no different to the 3 speed when it comes to the speedo gear drive seal as it appears to have the same fitting (as the 3 speed) where the speedo cable connects to.
  5. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    I have found a few drums with outer springs fitted on my trucks over the years. There are a few theories to the spring around the outside of the brake drum: used to dampen harmonic resonance (vibration), used as additional surface area to disperse heat when a drum has become thinner due to machining, used to prevent the drum from over expanding and breaking. I find at least the first 2 theories plausible. Keep up the good work Paul - gently as it goes for now though!
  6. Speedo cable ends

    Size does matter hey! My trucks all have 3-speed column shift... so it might be best to confirm the actual speedo cable length with someone who has a fluid drive fitted. The length of my cables depends on how you talk: 54 inches, or 4 foot and 6 and 1/4 inches, or 1375 millimeters (from and to outside edge of end fittings). I have 3 cables out of the trucks at present as I have been messing around with a speedo correction fittings to correct my speedo from a diff change from 4.1 ratio to 3.54.
  7. Speedo cable ends

    Looks to be the same fittings to the speedo and gearbox which I have Dave. I've attached photos for you.
  8. I'm back home again. Have been quite busy with charity work. Will message again soon RD46.
  9. Pilot house sighting Houston, MN

    That's a good looking truck. It has some good wax beads in the water on the paint too. She won't get far on that spare rim though!
  10. DIFF information

    Hi Andy, Welcome to the forum. It's always good to see another Aussie pop up here. We would love to see photos of your truck. I'll send you a PM.... so click on the envelope icon in the top right of your screen to open.
  11. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    It is better to remove the hood and the radiator first as it makes the front clip ('dog house') a bit lighter. There is only about 8 bolts which hold it on at the rear - brackets down the 'A' pillar and up under the rear of the guard at the side of the firewall... and 2 more bolts under the radiator support channel piece. You also have to disconnect wiring for head lights and parker lights, but that's about it. I have found it best to have 3 people to lift is as you need to spread the rear section of the guards a little to get them around the mounting brackets.
  12. So this is what being fired feels like

    Thanks for the update Mark. I was wondering what you were up to a couple of weeks ago. Good to see you back in the game again my friend.
  13. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    I was looking into parking brake cables for a friend here in Oz recently. The inner cable seems to fray with age. I pulled 4 of them from my trucks and found that 3 of them needed the inner cables replaced. I found a fella at a brake and clutch shop down the road who has the machine required to crimp the ends onto the inner cable. He said that they plastic coat the inner cable when they make them as that prevents the inner cable from getting caught up inside the outer case. They charge $55 for the new inner cable (if the outer case of the park brake cable is ok). It would not be cost effective for you to send your cable here to Oz, but it may be worthwhile checking with a brake and clutch shop in your area as they may well be able to do the job. There are a few part numbers for park brake cables for the different sized trucks... but the most common part number (which is for the 1/2 ton truck) is A1272599.
  14. Dual horns

    You're not looking hard enough mate !!!
  15. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    You are welcome. Dodge truck, B series Parts Manual, 1952 The steel tubes are known to rust. I found that there was a brass tube fitted to my 52 Desoto truck. I have had a stainless steel tube made for my 53 Dodge coupe truck.