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    Lotta stuff…mainly getting this truck that I have been dragging around since HIGH SCHOOL back on the road…still in the garage and one in the driveway…and Mama wants something done!! So that's my main interest now!
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  1. I plan on being there again this year with a big 'ol chunck 'o smoked meat too....(as long as they don't keep pushing off my surgery)!!! I'll be calling you soon Tim!!....and here is a brisket pic from last year!
  2. This is a supposedly original....less the cob webs...lol
  3. Bluzhog53

    New 1953 Pilothouse questions

    The serial number is a straight serial number with no dashes. it is on the plate. It is also stamped up front on the drivers side of the frame near the front left wheel. It may need a wire brush or sand paper to see it if it's real rusty or muddy etc. up there. Then you can de code the number here if you want http://www.t137.com/registry/help/decode.php As far as the NY DMV....can't help ya on that one but you should be able to reg it with that info...Good luck! Kevin
  4. Hey Tom,

    Here is that guy that I was looking for in Tim’s garage at the BBQ that messes with the Flatheads

    Just search on Facebook - The Freewheeling Tony Smith....he’s in Montana.

    cool stuff



    1. tom'sB2B



      Cool. I’ll check it out. See you next April.



  5. Ok...hope I shrunk this enough and not too much! I'll get this down yet!!
  6. You’re a brave guy to drive way back there Paul. I know that road well on my motorcycle....back behind my house in the hills of Hollister!
  7. Is anyone going to post pics of the awards for this bbq? I didn’t get a couple I wanted including mine and Ted’s (’36 Dodge)I need to prove to my wife I won it and didn’t make it in Tim’s garage or steal it....lol....thanks! Kevin
  8. ish I knew why my 2.6 pic won't load....grrr
  9. Another excellent day picked by Tim...don’t know how ya do it buddy! You and Steph did another great job along with the team of buds that get you set up every year! ...and I finally got an award after six years! I feel so privileged and would like to thank the academy! Ha! I got more stuff I can leave layin around up there if you want!...thanks again for babysitting ol Red for me....actually, this could get me motivated to get the ol Flathead back to life and drive ol Blue up to #12.... guess we’ll see! Hope y’all Enjoyed the brisket as well! Maybe next year it will be some smoked pork...great job all around and Thanks again! Will be looking for more pics!
  10. It looks like you drove right by my place here in Hollister Paul!
  11. I agree that it was not completely machined right and neeeds to be returned to Andy. Did you get others you can compare to be sure? It sure looks like it was not done right and is leaking through the "rough" area.
  12. Bluzhog53

    Amazing '53 B4B for sale

    Wow! Saw it yesterday and sold for $17250 overnight! Shew!
  13. Bluzhog53

    50 B2b, Seat back access?

    You have to take the bottom cushion off by lifting it out of the tabs and remove the whole cushion. Then lift the back cushion straight up. Should be two tabs that the back cushion basically “hangs on” the back frame. Then you can take all that stuff out through the frame.

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