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  1. 50fordtruck

    my first project car at 16

    The temptation to drop the whole project will start to set in as cost and frustration start to set in. Stop for a while then go back and continue where you left off. Keep in mind that when you are finished you will have a car that none of your friends have and they will envy you. Frank Elder's advice is spot on.
  2. 50fordtruck

    New 1936 Chrysler

    Very nice.
  3. 50fordtruck

    My Favourite At The Show...T&C

    A few years ago a gentleman with a nice unrestored 49 chevy that always parked next to me, always came in 2nd or 3rd and I always finished ahead of him. The last show I saw him at he couldn't get out of his car and was on oxygen all day. When the awards were announced he took first. Someone said I should have got it and my reply was I am here because I enjoy talking to all my old friends I have made over the years and I am glad he finally got first. I never saw him again as he passed that winter. I enjoy all aspects of the shows but most of all talking to all the people and explaining things about my car, which by the way even at 71 years old is still younger than me.
  4. 50fordtruck

    1948 Dodge Sedan to Coupe tail lights interchange?

    I had the same problem with my trunk lid brake light on my 47 Plymouth coupe. I sat in my garage for many hours filing a very good sedan trunk bezel to fit the curvature of my coupe. I taped the trunk lid to avoid scratches and kept filing and fitting, its good for a driver most people would not detect it. A couple of years later a fellow car collector at a local car show found a real good coupe bezel and lens in a pile of junk and brought it to the next car show and gave it to me.
  5. 50fordtruck

    1954 dodge kingsway business mans coupe

    Robert KB that is a beautiful car, well done.
  6. 50fordtruck

    Took a ride this afternoon

    Great pic. love the car.
  7. 50fordtruck

    Ride in a 1938 Chrysler Royal - Video

    Very very nice!!!!!
  8. 50fordtruck

    Top Of Gas Tank Leaking

    I had a leak at the top of my 47 Ply. tank . I got it off and found that someone but a long screw in the cover over the fuel sending unit and put a hole thru the tank.
  9. 50fordtruck

    Discontinued the loaning of my Miller Tools

    Sorry to hear of the damage to your tools, this happens to often these days. I quit loaning anything many years ago for this very reason,sad commentary on some irresponsible people.
  10. 50fordtruck

    On The Road Again (not by Willie Nelson)

    Third car show of the summer, it's great seeing old friends from USA and Canada. There are fewer and fewer 40's cars here in Northern NY.
  11. 50fordtruck

    MoPar body clips. Hey Guru's! What are they for?

    Rocker chrome clips.
  12. 50fordtruck

    Finally some photos of my P20

    Beautiful car and beautiful young lady.
  13. 50fordtruck

    One Repair Begets another Saith the Lord.

    I have to be careful now when cutting wood my feet seem to have a mind of there own get tangled easily. Last fall I fell about 10 feet when my ladder went sideways, hit my head and knocked myself out. My wife said I am getting too old to be climbing a ladder, I answered that it was stupidity not age. It just goes to show that at my age I still do stupid things just slower at it.
  14. 50fordtruck

    Not really a newbie

    Welcome back, a pic of when I started my 47 and backed it out to let it run. The only time it has seen snow in 17 years.
  15. 50fordtruck

    Happy New Year 2017

    I whole heartily agree with Rich, even though I am only 74 I have seen enough of life to know changes come and go and were still here. Happy New Year to all members. Phil Burnett An old Sub. sailor

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