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    I am restoring a 1941 P12 Plymouth station wagon.
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    Warrenton, Virginia 1941 P12 woodie wagon
  1. I was very happy with the results. I probably did it 8 or 9 years ago. I sold the car a couple of years ago but they still looked good when I sold it. I used a second hand Chicago Electric powder coating gun that I bought on eBay. Jim Yergin
  2. I was able to powdercoat my 15" wheels using a home powder coat gun and an electric oven/range I got off Craig's List. The wheel just fit in the oven. Jim Yergin
  3. My past experience at Chrysler at Carlisle is that 90% of it is devoted to the muscle car era with just a smattering of older stuff. Jim Yergin
  4. Yes Bob, I used my stock radio and speaker. However I had to use a 12 volt converter to use the satellite radio in my 6 volt car. Jim Yergin
  5. Another option with the RediRad is to use it with a portable satellite radio unit. I did that with my '41 Plymouth. Used the satellite radio antenna which is a small magnetic disc on my dash that is easily removed. Worked great. Jim Yergin
  6. Looks terrific! Jim Yergin
  7. I installed an Explorer rear end with discs in my '41 Plymouth. There was interference with the stock wheels and I had to remove some material from the calipers to make it work. Because I didn't like having to do that, I ended up converting the rear end to drum brakes. Jim Yergin
  8. Looks great. I know what you mean about fitting the hood. I could never get the hood on my '41 to fit level with the cowl. Jim Yergin
  9. Bob, Here are pictures from my '41. Hope they help. Jim Yergin
  10. Bob, I never experienced that kind of noise in the overdrive in my '41 Plymouth wagon. Jim Yergin
  11. Lloyd, Sorry but I can't help on the pictures. I no longer have my '41. Jim Yergin
  12. Lloyd, I installed a R-10 o/d transmission in my '41 and the shifter worked just fine. Jim Yergin
  13. Lloyd, I think the MC on the P15s is under the floor behind the brake pedal. On my '41, and I assume your '38, the MC was in front of the brake pedal under the steering column. Also, I think the shift rod was on the side of the column on the P15s but on the top of the column on my '41. Hope that is correct and is of some help. Jim Yergin
  14. Joe, Good luck and have a great time. I know this has been a long time goal and I look forward to hearing all about it. Jim Yergin
  15. I am still in the hobby. I am now restoring a 1956 Thunderbird. Glad to here you are still driving and enjoying your car. That was a good time the day we tuned your car. Jim Yergin