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  1. Jim Yergin

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Looks good. Do you have a projected completion date? Jim Yergin
  2. Jim Yergin

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Looking good. It is going to be a beautiful car. Jim Yergin
  3. Jim Yergin

    started on the 55 pontiac

    I enjoy your posts very much. Thank you for taking the time to make them. Jim Yergin
  4. Jim Yergin

    Sand blaster advice

    Many years ago I built my own pressure blaster using plans from Skinned Knuckles magazine. With today's prices for new units it probably doesn't make sense to construct your own but it has been very useful over the years. Works well with my 5hp single stage compressor. I found the secret to be to spread the sand out in the sun to get it completely dry and then sifting it through a piece of window screen. I don't use it as much these days after my neighbor gave me a blasting cabinet that he fished out of a dumpster behind a Tractor Supply store (it had been dented and thrown away). I find it very convenient to be able to blast inside regardless of the weather. Jim. Yergin
  5. Jim Yergin

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Wow, you've come a long way. Looks good. Jim Yergin
  6. Jim Yergin

    started on the 55 pontiac

    Impressive. Thanks for sharing. Jim Yergin
  7. Jim Yergin

    Vacuum gauge question

    Jerry is correct. Joe retired and sold his car before moving. In retirement, he has published a novel. www.publishersweekly.com/pw/authorpage/joe-flanagan.html Jim Yergin
  8. Jim Yergin

    Overdrive indicator lights

    Greg, Not in quite some time. Joe retired and moved to, I believe, Florida. He sold his Plymouth before moving. I haven't been to the Sully show in a couple of years and that is where I usually saw Rodney. Jim Yergin
  9. Jim Yergin

    Overdrive indicator lights

    Thanks Greg. I check the site on a regular basis to keep up on what my friends are up to. Jim
  10. Jim Yergin

    Overdrive indicator lights

    Ward, Sorry but I no longer have the car so I can't provide a part number. I think you can find them on eBay or from air cooled VW parts suppliers. Just search 6 volt VW headlight relay. Jim Yergin
  11. Jim Yergin

    Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    How refreshing to learn of a helpful DMV. Congratulations, the plates looks great. Jim Yergin
  12. Jim Yergin

    Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    I was very happy with the results. I probably did it 8 or 9 years ago. I sold the car a couple of years ago but they still looked good when I sold it. I used a second hand Chicago Electric powder coating gun that I bought on eBay. Jim Yergin
  13. Jim Yergin

    Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    I was able to powdercoat my 15" wheels using a home powder coat gun and an electric oven/range I got off Craig's List. The wheel just fit in the oven. Jim Yergin
  14. Jim Yergin

    Carlisle Chrysler Nationals

    My past experience at Chrysler at Carlisle is that 90% of it is devoted to the muscle car era with just a smattering of older stuff. Jim Yergin
  15. Jim Yergin

    Cool tunes from stock AM radio with no antenna!

    Yes Bob, I used my stock radio and speaker. However I had to use a 12 volt converter to use the satellite radio in my 6 volt car. Jim Yergin

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