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  1. Thank You to let us see Your travel!! Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
  2. form me, adjusting the regulators is the most difficult thing! 1.) You should do it in hot conditions, if not You will find much different readings while driving later. Therefore I drive to a lonely place to let the engine run without bothering others. Because of the complexity I always had adjusted some spare regulators at the same time. 2.) some regulators have a metal arm to be bent to change the spring´s tension. If You think of making a bending tool (see manual) remember to provide a good isolation. You must bend really in very small steps, pause a moment and check the result. As today´s (chinese??) regulators suffer of wear, more than 50 yrs earlier, this procedure has to be done peroidically. I really hate it, and I ordered a solid state, 50 A 6V regulator at "Power Wagon" to replace the old electro mechanical one.~120$ When I have some practical experience, I will report it´s reliability. Another option is a modern Alternator with built in no frills regulator . ~150$ In old- fashioned case ~ 400 $, but I didn´t go into prices deeply. Greetings! Go
  3. beautiful car! I like Your road fotos! Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
  4. Thanks for the hints! That is exactly what I hoped to find! And it is so easy.... Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
  5. Thank You! Perfect! I have nearly ther same diagram in my Service Manual, but no ohms in it! Very helpful! Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
  6. Hello all, couldn´t find a function to change the order of the answers to a posting from oldest first (as mine is now) to newest first. Is it possible to change?? I find it annoying, particularly when a posting has page 2 and 3 ... The postings themselves here are in my preferred order : the one with the latest addition first. Thanks for hints! Greetings! Go
  7. looking for a BIG regulator was not successful. I only found some for Lucas replacements in GB, too small (20A). So I will take the 60 A alternator with its included regulator and its bonus output and leave the old regulator unused in its place. Current drain: For safety reasons, I disconnect my 3* batteries whenever letting the car for more than a couple of hours. I don´t trust the old wire harness too much! Shutdown charging: And I have 3 battery chargers installed , only 1 power plug needs to be plugged in in my own or the hotel´s garage. It sits under the horns. The complete unit is easily removable via 1 collective connector and 1 quick fastener if I want take it out at a car show. (foto) Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go * 3 Batteries 1.) 6V 115 Ah for the usual car system, was always a problem to start engine, hence the 2nd: 2.) 6V 115 Ah , in series from starter solenoid to starter motor, gives 6+6 V and starts always immediately, since 1996 no problem for the 6V starter! no charging on route, but lasts more than 3 weeks without charging, not hidden (foto) 3.) 12 V hidden Gel battery with its own hidden12V alternator for GPS ... I love old cars and their character, but not their electrical shortcomings. And yes, everythig is fused!
  8. Thanks all! The solution 1 wire Alternator in an old fashioned Generator´s housing will be my choice. https://www.qualitypowerauto.com/catalog.php?category=145 It is 484 $, but it will be worth it for my wife (!) and me! :)) Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
  9. definitly: I too recommend to pull engine out. Plugs are prone to headache, if not replaced perfectly! And You must have good sight and access to do so! Don´t forget to make many fotos, they will speed up remounting engine + trans! Another hint: if revised long ago, take the cylinder head off and inspect valves and cylinders. If engine out, rebuilding it is easy to add to the worklist!! Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
  10. Thanks for the useful link! Well, my car came with minus ground. But Qualitypowerauto maybe has some for me, just asked them, if this https://www.qualitypowerauto.com/item_544/6-Volt-GM-Negative-Ground.htm contains a regulator, it is one wire and has the old DC generator look. I hope they will answer!! Thanks! Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
  11. Hello all! Is such fully electronic device available? 6 Volts, 50 Amps needed, if I remember well. I would like to test one. Here is the reason: After all these years of improving the car´s electrical funktions with (more or less) hidden, more reliable devices, the old electro- mechanical voltage regulator is the only major part beeing able to stop my Plymouth en route. Yes, a spare one is always on board, but I hate these inaccurate devices, lesser contact quality now than 60 years ago! I usually try to adjust some regulators at once. This speeds calibration up a lot, as I have not to learn the procedure again and again for one single unit only. The temperature of the devices is crucial to their performance, so I go to a lonely spot and let engine run while calibrating- I find this even more annoying! My wife refuses to risk loosing 3 days again just because of a failing (new! chinese??) distributor contact set, as we did in 2007 in Cote d´Azur. Since then I have an electronic ignition - happy go lucky! I whish to reach this staus for the voltage regulator too... Thanks for any hints! Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go PS.: asked this in the POC- Forum a month ago, but only got tips not fitting my needs or getting no results.
  12. Hello all! Maybe I need a new 1 wire sending unit for my 51 P 23; 6 V,. How can I evaluate my existing unit: Can anyone tell me how much Ohms the sending Unit should have between full and empty? Thanks! Go
  13. Beautiful! The black and white graphics seem to be those off the parts book. But I never saw such a beautiful boxes parade (lower colored) with their texts. Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
  14. You took a beauty home!! Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go
  15. Thanks for Your hints: works like this: klick on a member: open s "Profile" klick on "about me", the right registercard next to "activity" (there can be more registers) ther comes text and fotos, if added. To add text or fotos: klick "edit profile" which is barely visible in the upper right edge klick on "about me", the right registercard next to "activity" (there can be more registers) here You can edit text and add fotos (drag + drop) the fotos in the brown box add to the text above klick "save" to have all sorted together By klicking "edit profile" again, You can now shift fotos to another position. What is still missing: taking all these "about mes" into some sort of member´s gallery to have them easily available. Greetings from Düsseldorf! Go - well I didn´t find out how to cancel one of the fotos.. are double ... sorry!
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