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    Senior Member, have way too much spare time on my hands
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    I am disabled and take life one day at a time. I became disabled in 2005 with Guildon Bree' sendrum.
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    Before I got disabled I worked for National Oilwell Varco

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    18611 McKay Alvin, TX. 77511
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    I love working and driving my old cars around getting the thumbs up when someone passes by or I pass them. I love woodworking in my spear time. I love talking to the geese, chickens, ducks, goats, squirrel and dogs in the morning when feeding them on the farm. These are just a few of the animals we have. Just a way to clear my mind and get a friendly response without something negative coming out of their mouths. LOL
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    I have two project cars at this time and they are two 1948 Plymouth,s. I have a coupe and a sedan that I love to drive more than the 2000 F250 Ford pickup or the 2007 Toyota we have also.


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    I live in Alvin, Texas or I should say a little town called Algoa but my mailing address is Alvin.
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    Woodworking, Fishing and camping, Old cars and trucks
  1. Ocala pumpkin car show

    Got to love that suburban
  2. New Wiring Harness Routing

    Plymouth Adams Thanks for the reply. I have talked to a couple other people and one has said the same thing and one told me he ran the wires in the frame out-of-sight and they work fine. Deciding which way is best for me to do without taking down the headliner is best all though some have said doing the headliner is not all that bad a job either. Both ways sounds good to me if I don't have to deal with the dreaded headliner.
  3. New Wiring Harness Routing

    Ok people I am trying to install a new wiring harness in my 48 Plymouth Coupe and have come to the part for the tail lights and stop light routing. My question is which route I should take in getting the wires back to the trunk. I know the old wires run through a sort of channel over the door but I am not quite sure the procedure. I really don't want to pull the headliner down unless it is an absolutely half to. Is there any other route I can take and still be in a safe mode. If I have to take the headliner down how hard is it to put back into it's original state and what tools are needed.
  4. I don't have anything to add to this instruction stuff but I would love to have one of these tools. Anyone getting rid of one? LOL
  5. 6v positive ground question

    So after reading all the post on this topic I am still confused to what needs to be done to go from positive ground to negative ground. I just got a new wiring harness for my 48 Plymouth and before I hook any wires up I would like to change to 12 volt negative ground. I know there are lights, and a few other things that need to be changed over to 12 volts but this electronic stuff is not my thing. Is there anybody out there that can explain the procedure of changing 6 volt to 12 volt and list the parts that need to be changed in plain old english. Like what do you mean when you say "change the polarity" in something and ect.
  6. ignition/electrical help

    Just a thought you might want to check the little wire inside the distributor to see if it has a broken place in it. I had this problem before when I wasn't getting any spark to the plugs. Just a thought
  7. Hey Fellow Texan,

    I saw one of your posts & it looks like we have them same projects...I have two 48 Plymouth 2 door sedans.

    a 41 Plymouth 4 door sedan, a 59 Dodge Coronet... A Ford work truck & newer Tundra... Plus I live 2 hrs from ya!!

    IF you need 48 Plymouth parts or may have some let me know!! 

    Thanks, Mike



    1. Labrauer


      Where are you located I would like to maybe get together some day. I am located in Alvin as I guess you already know that. I had planned on rewiring the coupe this past winter but never found the time to do it yet with all the other projects I have been doing for the family and friends. If it isn't one thing it's another that comes up but I am bound and determinant to get it done before summer is over I hope. post-7392-13585365857331_thumb.jpgpost-3724-0-81378800-1406446030.jpgpost-3724-0-27580800-1428036514.jpg20170222_195548.jpg.837cf97aa4115fb343e1e6fb049be3ad.jpg

    2. TX48Plymouth


      You have a great collection!! You willing to trade your red 2 door for my beige 41 that's in the picture?

      I'm in Port Neches, its a about 8 miles from Beaumont. Yes, we need to get together soon!!


    3. Labrauer


      Hey there TX48Plymouth I am sorry I haven't gotten back to you untill now I was out of state and just got back. I have family in Orange Texas we go visit from time to time. Maybe next time we are on the way up there to see them I'll give you a shout. My Red 48 coupe is not running at this time as I had some wires that need replacing so I took all the old wires out and just haven't' had the time to rewire her yet for too many other projects going on. I plan on getting her running again buy November I hope. While I am doing the rewiring I have been thinking of changing to 12 volts as the bulbs and such are so hard to find around here. You always have to order then on line from the internet. Only one auto parts store has them and they only carry a few for old 6 volt tractors that are still around. Anyway I love you collection and if I need any parts in the future I will contact you and maybe you will have what I am looking for.


  8. A classic car place burns to the ground. http://fox2now.com/2017/08/09/fire-heavily-damages-country-classic-cars-in-staunton/
  9. The Love for A Truck

    I'd just love to have one of these today.
  10. This is dumb, but Im going to ask anyway

    You can find all kinds on e bay that clip on the door with set screws. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Large-4-3-4-Door-Edge-Clamp-Mount-Mirror-Exterior-Rearview-Universal-Mopar-/360669381841?hash=item53f99204d1:g:K1EAAOxyzpdTjkqn&vxp=mtr
  11. Adding A/C to a P-20

    This is an interesting topic. I was always under the impression that you couldn't put air conditioning in the P15's simply because of the Flathead engine and the power it has being able to maintain the performance without bogging the motor down. I am very interested in where can someone get one of these Hurricane 1000 units and also am interested in some pictures of the set up in peoples cars to see just what it might involve. Down here in south Texas it gets mighty hot on these long summer days.
  12. Vapor Lock Solution?

    I wrapped my fuel line in exhaust wrap from the fuel pump all the way up to the carburetor and ran the fuel line as far away from the exhaust manifold and pipes as I could. Never had a problem. I also wrapped the two exhaust pipes from the manifold all the way under the cars floor board about three feet. You can get this stuff in about any car parts store but one thing to remember is that it sometimes makes you itch if you wrap in a short sleeve shirt.
  13. wiper motor

    Anyone know a source where I can get the gaskets to do my vacuum wiper motor for the 48 Plymouth? They quit working and I took the motor apart to clean it now I need gaskets for it. Thanks in advance, Larry
  14. Need Help With Location

    Thanks guys I thought it was the high beam indicator but wasn't sure. Getting your head up there far enough to see the darn thing is something else and once I did I couldn't see the threads where it screwed on. Pushed the instrument panel up and then I could see where it screwed on. Got it back together with you all's help. Larry
  15. Need Help With Location

    Hey guys I need some help in locating where this piece goes under the dash of the 48 Plymouth. It fell out of somewhere and I can't seem to find the hole where it goes or what it screws onto. The sides of this piece has one hole on each side and the bottom hole is larger with looks like some threads in it. Do any of you know what it is and where it goes. Thanks in advance, Larry