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    I am disabled and take life one day at a time. I became disabled in 2005 with Guildon Bree' sendrum.
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    Before I got disabled I worked for National Oilwell Varco

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    18611 McKay Alvin, TX. 77511
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    I love working and driving my old cars around getting the thumbs up when someone passes by or I pass them. I love woodworking in my spear time. I love talking to the geese, chickens, ducks, goats, squirrel and dogs in the morning when feeding them on the farm. These are just a few of the animals we have. Just a way to clear my mind and get a friendly response without something negative coming out of their mouths. LOL
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    I have two project cars at this time and they are two 1948 Plymouth,s. I have a coupe and a sedan that I love to drive more than the 2000 F250 Ford pickup or the 2007 Toyota we have also.


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    I live in Alvin, Texas or I should say a little town called Algoa but my mailing address is Alvin.
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    Woodworking, Fishing and camping, Old cars and trucks

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  1. Labrauer

    plymouth three speed removal

    There are only 4 bolts that hold the transmission to the bell housing two on each side. The transmission will come out of the bell housing with some resistance but it will come off. Be sure you have someone there to help you as it is quite heavy and keep it at a level as it has to come out of the though out bearing and the pilot bushing. I have changed three and sometimes you have to pry between the bell and transmission to break it loose. Good luck.
  2. Labrauer

    Coles notes on 12 volt conversion please...

    I don't know much on the heater motor except people saying you can use a 12 to 6 volt converter but they can get hot so I haven't did mine yet either many people say it is best to find a 12 volt motor for the heater. When I went to 12 volts I went with the one wire alternator and it works great. My wiper motor is still vacuum run so I didn't have to change that. There is a site on the web that can change your old generator over to 12 volt if you want to keep the old look on the car but I didn't have the money to do that either. I do like the fact that the car starts much easier on the 12 volt verses 6 volts.
  3. Labrauer

    Another Brake Question

    Hey guys I have been thinking about the disc brake conversion on the 48 P15 and have read here and other places that it is pretty easy if you chose the right kit. When it comes to brakes I am a little scared of making a mistake all I need is to going down the road and the car doesn't stop. I have read about the master cylinder changes you have to do and then others say they put a dual master on after doing the change. All this talk is some kind of Greek to me because I just don't understand how a dual master is or how it would mount up. Any pointers out there that can shed some light with pictures.
  4. Labrauer

    Another Brake Question

    Hi guys I took the drums off the front and took the brakes off. I looked at them and found on one side the cylinders were leaking making the shoes grab in the forward movement. I have ordered some front cylinders from Napa at $25.00 a piece. I also had the drums turned today so they are nice and round. Just as soon as the order comes in I will put back together and see if they will work as they should. Shouldn't be no reason why they shouldn't after this. One comment was to change to disc brakes and I have read about them but I don't under stand what you have to do to the master cylinder and what you have to take out. Can anyone in-lite me on this procedure.
  5. Labrauer

    Another Brake Question

    Not sure but I will have a check
  6. Labrauer

    Another Brake Question

    I have put a new master cylinder on the 48 Plymouth and benched bled the master cylinder. Bled the brakes cylinders and now I have a problem. On the two front wheels I can roll the wheel with my hand backwards but when I try and roll the wheel frontwards I can't get it to move backwards yes forward no. I have checked the drums for clearance on the brake shoes and they seem to be fine. This all seems to have happened after I bled the brakes. The back wheels are fine moving both ways. Anyone out there know what's up with this. Thanks in advance, Larry
  7. Labrauer

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    Hey Don I did tell what fixed the problem in my post # 33. I guessed you missed it but you were the one that nailed it on the head. There was the metal spring still in the points box and when I installed it the car ran fine at 60 mph and above. Thanks
  8. Labrauer

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    Thanks for all the great information on my problem it is fixed and running good. We have a great group of people here on the forum.
  9. Labrauer

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    Well guys I have finally gotten to look at the Plymouth tonight after getting the wife all settled in. She came home yesterday and seems to be doing okay just hurting a lot and taking some pain pills for release of pain. What a crazy weekend and week this has been. Now to the Plymouth. I think we have a winner with Don"s commit on the points bouncing. I took the distributor out once more and also the points. It's much easier for me that way if I take it out. I look in the box the points came in and there was another clip spring in the box. I connected it to the points behind the copper tab and put back together. Started the car making sure the timing was at TDC once again. Stepped inside went through all the gears all the way up to 60 mph and no spit, spud-er, and no backfire at all. The car ran just fine up on the jack stands now when I get the R10 wired up and get it back on the ground we'll see if I get the same results as tonight. I know a lot of you don't like a 12 volt conversion done on these old 6 volt cars but I tell you I am very pleased with how easy the car starts now. I am amassed it seems it starts in less than one revolution of the engine. Anyway I appreciate all the replies and all the help as always. Thanks, Larry
  10. Labrauer

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    Well guys it will be a few days before I can get to the car now because I had to put the wife in the hospital Monday morning with possibly of surgery so please bear with me and I'll get back on this as soon as possible. Thanks for all the replies and I'll let you know how it goes
  11. Labrauer

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    Don what I am saying is the car was converted over to 12 volts from the 6 volts so I got a 12 volt coil, condenser and points.
  12. Labrauer

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    Well guys this is all great advice. I have not checked the timing when this happens. I will do so as soon as I get back in town Monday. I have to leave town in about one hour so it will be Monday or Tuesday before I can report back. I take all of your commits and check each one I'm sure someone hit the nail on the head. Thanks a lot, Larry
  13. Labrauer

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    No I am not sure it isn't a carburation problem. I would think that if it runs fine until I run it through the gears it wouldn't be that but maybe I just don't know. I guess that could be the problem I am just wondering because the carb came off the old engine and it was doing fine although it has set on the shelf for about 6 months before reinstalling.
  14. Labrauer

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    I have got the 48 Plymouth coupe ready to go on the road again but I have one problem. The car is still on the jack stands and I have run it idling and with the throttle cable pulled out running. It runs great at this stage of the game but when I go through the gears and in high (3rd) revved it up to around 45 mph the engine starts to spud-er and back fire and seems to loose power. I have checked the timing and it is TDC. Put the timing light on it and revved it up to see if the vacuum advance is working and it is. Everything seems to run great until I get up to the speed of 45 and then all heck breaks loose. Checked the compression and it is great on all cylinders. Put new spark plugs in. Check the gap on the points several times and they are right. Changed the points and condenser in the distributor checked the wires inside the distributor all looks to be fine. The car has been changed over to 12 volts with a new 12 volt coil and also everything in the distributor 12 volt. I just don't understand what's the problem or how to fix it. Any suggestions or advice please. As always thanks in advance, Larry
  15. I am thinking on changing the points out for the pentronix electronic ignition system but have heard different stories on using with the R 10 overdrive unit. I have heard the interrupt service for the overdrive will not kill the engine for a millisecond for the shift. My car is now 12 volt negative ground and is a 48 Plymouth Flathead 218 if that will help and the distributor number is IAT-4011 #1343554. I know many of you have had experience with this type of setup so I'm here to get some reliable information. Will this setup work? Is there any modification I have to do? By chance do anyone know what part numbers I need to order? And last is there a such a thing as a 12 volt condenser and a 12 volt set of points available? As always thanks in advance, Larry

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