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  1. jcmiller

    EPiX's 1942 Plymouth Coupe Resto

    I do have those. PM sent.
  2. jcmiller

    Correct jack for '42?

  3. jcmiller

    Correct jack for '42?

    Does this look like the correct jack for a 1942 Plymouth? It was in the trunk when I bought it.
  4. Deceptively fast! I'll be sad to see it go, but I am short of space, and I can use the money to work on my Fury. Sorry it took a couple days to update the status.
  5. I received a down payment, so it is not available unless the deal falls apart.
  6. This one is mine. Please PM if you have any questions. Thanks. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/d/1942-plymouth-club-coupe/6497582336.html sold
  7. jcmiller


    We're working with a company that helped operate an oil disposal sump on the bank of a river in the 1940s and 1950s. The sump was created at the request of and with the assistance of the local authorities because until the sump was created the used oil and dirty bilge water was poured directly into the river. The sump was occasionally burned off. It seems crazy now, but it was an improvement at the time. Now the river is a Superfund site and guess who has to help pay to clean it up?
  8. jcmiller


    I guess so. That is a common justification though.
  9. jcmiller


    Yes, along with uranium and asbestos. Plus used motor oil has other toxic constituents in it. I'm pretty sure the original post was a joke to show stupid methods of the past. In my line of work, I regularly deal with properties that are contaminated by this sort of thing. It is usually on a much larger scale, but we have dealt with residences as well. It's really pennywise and pound foolish to get rid of oil this way. It costs many thousands to excavate contaminated soil and many more thousands if it gets in the groundwater.
  10. jcmiller

    Toyota V12

    It reminds me of the Chrysler WW2 multibank engine. https://oldmachinepress.com/2012/10/05/chrysler-a57-multibank-tank-engine/
  11. jcmiller

    Dash help

    "A" operates fog lights on my 1942.
  12. jcmiller

    Heathkit tube tester

    Would anyone be interested in this Heathkit tube tester? I picked it up at an estate sale last weekend, thinking it might be useful for the radios in our old cars, but I don't have an immediate use for it. I don't have a tube to test, so I can't say that it fully works, but it does fire up and the gauge works and moves when you turn the "set line" knob. I also got the ignition tester shown in the picture. It lacks the leads. I'll put them on Craigslist if no one is interested here. I just want what I paid ($45 for both) plus shipping.
  13. Has anyone used Mac's for a gas tank clean and rehab? I talked to them yesterday. For $200-275 they cut it open, bead blast inside and out, weld it back up, and coat the inside with some sort of liner.
  14. jcmiller


    I have one on the C body forum: https://www.forcbodiesonly.com/mopar-forum/threads/convertible-fury-1970.24740/
  15. jcmiller


    Thanks for the invitation. I have not been very active lately on p15-d24 because I've been focusing on a newer Plymouth.

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