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  1. Has anyone used Mac's for a gas tank clean and rehab? I talked to them yesterday. For $200-275 they cut it open, bead blast inside and out, weld it back up, and coat the inside with some sort of liner.
  2. Welcome!

    I have one on the C body forum: https://www.forcbodiesonly.com/mopar-forum/threads/convertible-fury-1970.24740/
  3. Welcome!

    Thanks for the invitation. I have not been very active lately on p15-d24 because I've been focusing on a newer Plymouth.
  4. Solar Eclipse 2017

    Here are a couple of pics of pinhole images cast by gaps in the tree canopy just before total eclipse.
  5. Solar Eclipse 2017

    Me too. I'm still peeved that none of the y2k hypsters apologized for being so wrong.
  6. Trunk Bolt size

    Remote control calipers?
  7. Remanufactured Engine Tags

    A cruddy picture of my engine tag, along with a quote from the Plymouth judging guide about these tags, is here:
  8. Removing Floor Pan Rust

    Then phosphoric acid, then rinse (really well), then dry, then prime and paint.
  9. I like that color too.
  10. Wasn't someone here looking for a 2 dr sedan? A very rare new yorker is on cleveland Craigslist. On mobile and cant paste link. This is almost as rare as that 42 desoto.
  11. Business coupe back glass

    It's true that the rear window on the 46-48 business coupe for these three lines interchanges. I searched for a couple years and never found one. Club coupe rear window is different than the 3-window window.
  12. diameter of brake and clutch pedal shaft

    To wrap this up, the bushing I received was about a half inch longer than the original but otherwise matched. The machine shop cut it off and pressed it in and the pedal is back on the car.
  13. diameter of brake and clutch pedal shaft

    Yes, I just received one from them. I came here to post that info and saw your post.
  14. diameter of brake and clutch pedal shaft

    That's not a bad idea. I'll look to see how much other stuff I would need to disconnect to do that. It does move a bit so maybe it will slide right out.
  15. diameter of brake and clutch pedal shaft

    Thank you. That's what I measured also, but I wanted a double-check. The reason is that I have the clutch pedal off and need to replace the bushing and I'm sure the machine shop will ask the diameter of the shaft. I'm trying to avoid removing the master cylinder from the car.