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  1. DJ194950

    P15 door hinge repair progress

    I had to drill out the pins which was a real hassle with a drill press and was also was an issue to align, drilling almost all of 4 hinges - I not drill perfectly centered. I ended up going oversized pins to deal with this. This is the reason I suggested a machine shop. They are more experienced have and better machines to do this. To determine if the hinge is broken somewhere in the middle as mine where I carefully watched the operation and movements of the hinge pivot to see what parts were moving as it was opened and closed. Hope this is helpful with a diagnosis of yours. DJ
  2. DJ194950

    tire valves for 47 plymouth

    Something like this work? https://www.amazon.com/Milton-476-Oval-Tubeless-Valve/dp/B001O2ZTSQ DJ
  3. DJ194950

    My starter broke!!!

    If there is a starter/electrical repair type shop within a reasonable driving distance I would take the starter to them and see if they have/can get replacement nose cone. DJ
  4. DJ194950

    P15 door hinge repair progress

    Neither of the ends are supposed to turn so I would guess that the pin is frozen to the pivoting part of the hinge and has broken the pin inside. Maybe still be removed with heat of the car/truck but if not I would take the hinge to a machine shop if possible to be removed. DJ
  5. DJ194950

    Oil Pan Installation

    A further description of the (red) gasket holding pins and how they are installed (removed at some point or left?) would be very much appreciated. DJ
  6. DJ194950

    Need Ideas for Converting Coins into Paper Money

    How about when you do out to have a meal offer to cover the tip. Bring a jar of coins to leave for the tip!?? 🙄 Problem solved. Becomes the waiter/waitress's problem, novel tipping, may catch on.? 😏
  7. DJ194950

    Oil Pan Installation

    Instructions that came from the gasket company that made my pan gasket said Do Not trim the ends! First time I had even had worked on flat 6's I trimmed the gasket ends and it leaking almost immediately, but I Did cut them almost flush. I had to redo it. Not fun! DJ
  8. Sure like the 48 Dodge limo? and the price is very reasonable as it appears. Probably sell fast unless rust is a main ingredient. DJ
  9. DJ194950

    shock absorbers for my 53 truck

    Check that shock # on Ebay and Amazon. I bought new shocks cheaper with free shipping by looking. Just a thought. DJ
  10. I get you. My friend was going to install one of there cams and did not read the instruction and had the motor shop go thru the heads,ect. and let them install both springs. I Had read the instructions and stopped him from doing the run in until he removed the second spring. What a pain since neither one of us had ever done the valve spring removal with the special tool before- - . He called their tech line and was told to Follow the instructions! He said the tech line was friendly and helpful. He also called them again as to what oil to run after the break-in. Helpful again.. So maybe a call to them to make sure?? 😉 DJ
  11. DJ194950

    P 15 Interior- What to do?

    Here is one vendor for real old style interior materials. May scare you with the prices however. http://www.hirschauto.com/hvywtbcloth.htm One of several after a web search for _ antique auto interior materials. http://www.lebaronbonney.com/index.htm Best, DJ
  12. Jomani- - Make sure to read the Comp break in instructions! Some Comp cams say to do initial break in with only 1 of the two valve springs installed for the initial break in. After broken in install second spring using high pressure air to keep the valves closed and then using a different type of spring compressor to remove the valve keepers and install the second spring. Also Use Break-in oil with plenty of zinc per the flat tappet cam with high tension springs! Just making sure that all goes well! DJ
  13. DJ194950

    Bypass " Bump " Head

    I thought I have read from some past forum posts that the non- bypass port blocks could be used with a non-bypass head with the correct head gasket (I think it was the early non bypass gasket but could be the opposite!). Just need to use the water pump with the correct backing plate and the block non-bypass thermostat housing with the by-pass on it. 🤞 Maybe some one with that experience will join in with Correct info.. DJ
  14. DJ194950

    Change a 39 Ply Business Coupe (P8) to a floor shift

    As looked at earlier pictures, I was thinking the shifter rails were different and the main trans box May not have been relieved on the pass side for a longer front protruding rail but the pics were not at a angle to be sure, yes or no. This was mentioned in the post from John Reddie above. DJ
  15. DJ194950

    Grounding and painted parts

    Many pics I have seen on this forum have shown a ground to the front left head bolt that has the special but available at times-threaded top with the positive grounded there. I do Not personally like that because the bolt itself goes into a water jacket of the block! Most Mopar trucks on the truck side of the forum however show the ground to the starter bolt at the block. I Much prefer the truck method of the grounding. I agree with other posts- add a ground motor to body-motor to frame and add as many as reasonable between major parts! You never have grounding issues then. DJ
  16. DJ194950

    speedometer calibration

    Other ratio adapters are avail- a few for your pleasure or terrorize your wallet! 😉😫 DJ ECD-100 Electronic Signal to Mechanical Cable Drive Adaptor.htm Amazon.com PATC speedometer ratio adapter 17.6% decrease Automotive.html Ratio Adapters.html
  17. DJ194950

    P15 coupe to be in Palm Springs auction in Nov '18

    probably sell cheap! Maybe cheap enough to buy and repair the motor/frame to Mopar. I do not mind the other mods if that is your style! Just 1 persons take! DJ
  18. DJ194950

    218 Timing Issues

    #1 is also on TDC ( #1 and #6 are both at TDC) and on compression stroke. Seems to me if you put the wires on as planned you will be 180 degrees out! Put the wire at 7 o'clock on #1 and around as planned! DJ
  19. DJ194950

    What engine do I have in my 48 Plymouth?

    See if this attempt to add a link from a post of mine a day or two ago. Has a list of mopar flat motor #'s and year,size. DJ phlA6yf7.html
  20. DJ194950

    Steering Shaft Safety Modification -- seeking advice

    Some more companies that make these collapsible shafts and connectors to install. ididit.com flamingriver.com speedwaymotors.com Shop Steering Coupling Assemblies - Free Shipping @ Speedway Motors.html
  21. DJ194950

    Thoughts on General tires

    Coker bought from the original tire manufacturer the old molds that were mothballed and I guess the right to use the name with it. For the steel radial tires that Look like original bias ply tires Coker made their own molds to look the same. DJ
  22. Cannot have too many grounding connections, body, frame, and motor!
  23. DJ194950

    Steering Shaft Safety Modification -- seeking advice

    Have a machine do some work with the stock shaft to add something like this in? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Borgeson-450024-Steering-Shaft-Telescopic-Steel-24-Extended-Length/291813769558?_trkparms=aid%3D555017%26algo%3DPL.CASSINI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D54339%26meid%3Dcb4b9f46349746d48aabbed0a50e2f4d%26pid%3D100505%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26%26itm%3D291813769558&_trksid=p2045573.c100505.m3226 DJ
  24. DJ194950

    Bad 230 crank

    Just wanted to add that any 218" 23" block can be changed to a 230 Ci by just changing the crank And rods from any 230 CI motor, so the block # only tells as the built size. I found a motor that had that change, so? Then motor #'s are not the total answer. Yes the 218's where used in Many Apps from mopar as compared to the 230's. Also I (from reading this forum) the 25" long blocks have some interchangeable pieces (cranks, rods) that will alter total displacement but have no experience myself Only way to measure displacement for absolute sure is to measure stroke thru the plug over Piston #6. DJ
  25. DJ194950

    Bad 230 crank

    http://www.t137.com/registry/help/otherengines/otherengines.php This is a good site to check the motor numbers for year and size of motor. Also a 218 and 230 block are identical. The difference is is the stock of the crank. Matching rods are required to match the crank. 230 rods are shorter than the 218 rods. Evergthing like the pistons, rings, rod and main bearing size are the same. DJ

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