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    Wiper Motor 6v to 12v

    Yes that the way I was told. The value of the resistors depends on the max amp load expected, I don't believe you can have it to high of a value, just not too low of they will burn out. I bought 100 watt - 1 ohm which should be good for at least 30 amp max draw. About $3 each. delivered. They can be had online for about $1 each but you get to wait for them to be shipped from china- prepaid with only a credit card purchase- - Not for me, pay up front to get them from a US based seller with a great rep! DJ
  2. DJ194950

    Question for od gurus.

    Remove the governor for cleaning inside. It supposed to take a Very special wrench for removal, but just grip the governor housing using some channel locks right at the wide part just above the slimmed down lower part and turn counter clockwise and unscrew it, forgot to mention remove the wire! Clean it out well inside after removing the top outer plate. Using brake clean or similar Blow out the insides with air. May need to do this several times to get the old hard grease out out between the flyweights inside the housing. lightly grease with moly grease or light oil. Do Not overdo this ! Wipe any excess off! On the top plate you will see a set of points. Lightly clean them. Using a multi-meter make sure contact is made when closed, housing to wire connection. This should make the governor work at 25-28 MPH. like the manual says. Enjoy. 😀 DJ
  3. DJ194950

    Wiper Motor 6v to 12v

    I found out that it takes two of those big resistors wired to together and a center tap wire to your motor to work, Why that works?? I do not know how to explain it nor really understand myself! My good friend that does some electronics did his best trying to explain it to me. Do a web search on 12volt to 6volt automotive wiring using resistors and you will see many diagrams on the how to's. I have "somewhere" a rough wiring setup my friend did for me. I wanted this for the horns( dual) and the electric choke on my Ply. 50 4 dr.. Have not done this yet as they both work but seem to draw heavy amps and I am not really happy with that. Happy hunting and wiring! DJ
  4. DJ194950

    overdrive options question

    Save it for your next project?? Just a maybe?? 😃 DJ
  5. Yes, I agree totally with what what was said, Merle's and yours. But the other end of the connections to the filter depends on the filter itself which should be labeled on the ports of it! Some are reversed to what other after market brands filters installed. Few were factory installed and many aftermarket were installed by many others in the day. Hope that answers your Q. DJ
  6. DJ194950

    Rusty hope brake conversion

    How much deeper you taking about? A small amount should be no problem but more? I had one done that needed about 1/8" which was about the edge of safe. Not a mopar so.. I cannot really say after your needed modifications. DJ
  7. DJ194950

    questions about paint

    Los_, You are talking about using a acrylic enamel aren't you?? The Real old enamels were a real Bitch to spray without runs! I Did have some experience with those. Glad they are not in general use if at all anymore! 😉 DJ
  8. DJ194950

    1947 Vin Number location.

    Boy, that must of have years ago unless you are/were good friends with at least someone in the Ca. CHP ( highway patrol) !!! Last time I checked -you ( about 10+ years ago) people had to make an apportionment through local CHP office and either drive to where they said at the right time or trailer it there. NO house calls!! 🙄 At least you got it done!! 😁 DJ
  9. Man o man! They could give me a push start anytime, even if I did not need one. 😊 DJ
  10. DJ194950

    1947 Vin Number location.

    40desoto- Before i would open a can of worms with the Ca. DMV about this issue I would pay the have A Ca. bonded, licensed DMV independent licenser help walk you through this as to the best way to get you and Ca. Dmv happy, their # one goal of the Dmv here is your Money! I will attach just one of many available. They can come to you or you go to them (cheaper). They can and will help with this issue and can keep that can of worms Closed! A web search should help locate someone close to you- I hope! http://vehicleregistrationexperts.com/ Just a suggestion. Friends have used this type of service and been quite pleased. DJ
  11. DJ194950

    Thermostat Housing Problem

    It I had that problem I think I would take the straight new one you have to my favorite muffler shop with the picture ( or measurements and angle need) of what was supposed to be and have them make what you needed-price should be reasonable. Done deal! 😉 Could be either just the straight small part cut off and the angle part welded on or completely remove all the pipe down to the mounting flange and start over make the piece with the angle and weld it all together. Your choice?? Cost that way will probably higher but look original. But that is just me. 😏 DJ
  12. DJ194950

    Clutch Pedal and related components

    I doubt it did sit flush per-say Should not make any difference since both ends of the shaft are on ball end type of a pivot. Since the picture Don posted -listed that metal plate as a spring it was most likely made of a spring steel metal that can flex as needed.. So no worries?? DJ
  13. Do not forget Paul F. may still drive his truck. DJ
  14. Time to wake up your neighbors with your straight exhaust pipes?? Good luck with the start up! DJ
  15. DJ194950

    pertronix for Dodge

    I suggest you do a web search using the term -resistor and the value recommended- will most likely give you pages of places to purchase online with prices all over the board. Most are so cheap you will surprised. I bought some fairly large ones for $3 each shipped. You probably need something small and cheap! I recommend using Pertronix stuff. Just follow all their directions even the proper coil for what you buy and the # of cylinders of the motor( changes their recommended coil) . If questions, call as needed. No problems myself with 4 of their point changeovers! DJ
  16. DJ194950

    Wiring Question for my 48 Plymouth

    Well the starter big black relay is is from a Furd. No preblem though. It's the "I" post is meant to be a bypass full voltage boost for starting only that bypasses the voltage drop resistor to the coil. Not used on most Mopars. Use it or Not. No worries. The currently loose wire (red) should NOT be a problem with anything. Headlights most likely no be working. Issues to deal with later. Worried?? unplug the green the green wires also for now while taking note of the current orientation. That can be sorted out later! Good luck with the motor startup! DJ
  17. DJ194950

    Wiring Question for my 48 Plymouth

    Well it is a add on relay for some function. Cannot tell. It is intended to used to boost voltage to something. Trace one of those green wires either back to the source (one way) or follow to what the other green wire is connected to. Horns/lights/whatever. Then we may have a clue to try to help. Another question.?? Where does the red wire in the picture that goes from one of the plug in terminal of the 4 shown on the bottom of the relay to over the top of the relay- the other end cannot be seen in the picture- is it plugged into something?? DJ
  18. DJ194950

    Gas filter

    You talking about a inline see through filter?? Before or after the mechanical pump? Or see through glass bowl types, again before after pump? Most inline type plastic filters never get really full based on my experience only. DJ
  19. DJ194950

    remind you of anyone?

    Hey what wrong with using the parts in the scrap pile to save money on a project that is going to be sold to a new owner/sucker?? Paul is Very frugal!
  20. DJ194950

    severe storms in AL/GA

    Just hope everyone hears And pays attention to the alarms, And also have built a safe room big enough for all family members to gather. Supplies in the safe spot never hurt either. Please be safe to all of you! Certainly took too many chances living in mobile homes not properly secured during my time in the 70's in S.C.. No safe spot either! 😲 DJ
  21. DJ194950

    Rock Ato discount code

    Good to 3/17 only they say. Just type the code into the box that says were did you hear about of I think it was. I saved $5 off a 60 order (shipping included). Worth it to me! Your RockAuto discount code 10017406395328911 will expire on March 17, 2019. If you or anyone you know is thinking of doing some vehicle repair, now is the time to order the parts! How to Use Your Discount Code Taking advantage of this discount is easy, and will save 5% off our reliably low prices. Enter the code above in the "How did you hear about us" box without any other numbers or characters. DJ
  22. DJ194950

    Show your tools.

    Love the tool But I would Never use one these days. 😣 Asbestos is some Bad stuff. 😝 DJ
  23. DJ194950

    TP23 Specs Question

    Suggest checking these other sites for the info you want. Will hopefully attach. Has the motor been rebuilt, probably not but only way to really know is to remove the head and clean off the top of one piston to the look for a stamped on top of say 0.30 or higher. also, Remove one rod cap and main bearing cap to see if the bearings have a oversize # on them. # , if any -Will be on the back side of them. DJ Flat Head Engines Plymouth-Dodge-DeSoto-Chrysler Six and Eight.html Flathead Six Engine Numbers.html
  24. DJ194950

    Aftermarket Starter motor 218 230

    Looks like it can be done as described. A friend with his flat 6 mopar was talking to our local electrical shop- -Modesto Electric, Modesto, Ca. said to him a change 6volt field winding's to 12 volt windings was no issue- -No Problemo. 😉 DJ
  25. DJ194950

    overdrive options question

    Tim I do agree with you, I was just Musing? Cost would be to much to sue over the value anyway, maybe the threat of it will get them off their asses and locate the trans.! Hoping for the best, Yes! Tough pill to swallow, again sorry! DJ

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