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  1. DJ194950

    Another 230 build thread

    Just my opinion but I would make every effort to find the correct length of throw out bearing sleeve before install. At lot of work to just try. I think there is a good chance that you will Not have enough adjustment to make the new shorter one work! DJ
  2. DJ194950

    Me and the B-1-D

    I believe that is called by driving by braille. When the vehicle hits something you are too close. Time to turn some or quit all movement in that direction! 😁 Lot of kids learned to drive very young on farms and used the braille system to get started. DJ
  3. DJ194950

    Vacuum Advance Connection

    I agree with desoto1939 as to the stock type. I did mine that way But it is hard to adjust timing with the normal steel line , I used even with a good sized loop. My thought if I needed to do it again would be to use the newer Ni-cop style of line which bends or add a section of vacuum hose with about 6-10 inches of rubber hose from the steel/Ni-cop line to the distributor. Your choice as to ease of service or stock type. DJ
  4. DJ194950

    1952 Suburban restoration project

    Just for your info-those rear tailgate painted hinges (as stock) are solid brass and look great polished. My 50 Ply. Suburban (not completed) is the same and I have polished them but I have been thinking that keeping them shiny may be a lot of work! May have them chromed but that is not cheap! Paint looks OK too!! 😎 DJ
  5. DJ194950

    Shocked by 40 yr old air shocks

    I use air shocks(new) on my 50 Plymouth 4 dr.. Put them on because the original springs were OK for normal driving but say crossing RR tracks the bounce was to much-I felt even with new Monroe shocks installed. Found some air shocks on Ebay or Amazon for a reasonable price so I tied them. Found the correct app by the sale adds on EBay to fit ,then went internet shopping for price with shipping. You all ready have some so new paint?? i Put just enough air in them to barely raise the rear body. Ended up at 50-55 lbs. Now crossing RR tracks it does better than my much newer car (still not a new car-100k miles). i LOVE EM! Way cheaper than new springs!😉 DJ
  6. DJ194950

    License plate restoration

    His EBay store still show Ca. as the Fortech location, So? DJ
  7. DJ194950

    mufler explosion

    Look like you found a cheap way to have some straight exhaust exit/bypass the muffler through pipe like they do on some the high $ cars on TV, but without the electric open/close button! 😉 DJ
  8. That i correct if motor is still stock and has Not had a 230 crank and rods installed. They are a drop in replacement with no other changes required! DJ
  9. DJ194950

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    I guess my attempt to respond to a picture post somehow ended up on the wrong place!? DJ
  10. DJ194950

    What causes a wall outlet in your house......

    Did you wire the garage or add new wires to existing wiring? Did the cat do some of the work? DJ
  11. DJ194950

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Is a political statement?? Anyone? DJ
  12. DJ194950

    New replacement gas pedal

    Sometimes a lube on the rubber will help it fully set the studs into the new pedal. I prefer spit- it will dry up with little residue- not causing it want to pop off later as a silicone spray might or might not! 😉 Just my 2 cents and I am sure others will post with their experiences! 😉 DJ
  13. DJ194950

    Engine oil gage rubber hose

    Taking orders now? Ed ?? Maybe a special order to supply them?? 😉 DJ
  14. DJ194950

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Paul, You need to get it finished enough to drive it to Clements,Ca. and Tim's BBQ this April !!! 🙂 Keep on it, - - -maybe? Only 3 mouths away! 😉 DJ
  15. DJ194950

    Horn Relay or Switch

    Ok, no other wires than shown in the diagram are hooked to the relay?? What I am suggesting is someone may have tried some other creative wiring?? That is crossing some hot and grounding wires that in end up crossed when you try to connect your wires to the relay? You may also have wires that are currently grounded (bare, etc.) that should not be. Condition of all wires involved? Just a few thoughts and things to check. DJ
  16. DJ194950

    Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    I guess the RR co. Had not abandoned the line in their mind. Just had not been used for some time. The real problem was of the developers for never notifying the RR Co. to let them know of the change. I guess the General contractor was also at fault for never finding out any details about removing and what to do with the removed materials?? The Feds gave RR companies land and title to wide swaths of land on each side of a new RR line in exchange for building the lines at their expense. The local RR co's. often here in Ca. would approach new developments with offer of free spurs to new buildings to create more usage for themselves but I guess somewhere in the agreement must have been a claim for all pieces used to build same forever?? I am not or claim to know law, especially in Ca. They change daily! 😏☹ī¸ DJ
  17. DJ194950

    1946 Dodge fluid drive clutch replacement

    I found one Mopar flattie with one bolt on the passenger side in side the bellhousing to the block. Hard to see up inside the bellhousing but there it was. Not easy to get out either. I doubt it was stock, but?? Just a thought. Maybe just hung up on the alignment studs between the motor and bell?? DJ
  18. DJ194950

    1939 3 window plymouth coupe

    hkestes41- Rear wheels appear to be possibly the early Mag wheels (made from cast magnesium) hence the mag name. Many other companies started making look a likes out of aluminum, way cheaper! Ever seen magnesium burn?? Almost impossible to put out with average fire extinguishers! That is about the rear wheels only. The fronts look like Mopar with all the holes in the. Most likely wheel that fit and a narrow, light tire for low front end weight. All interest back then was weight transfer to the rear tires for traction. Ignore the aero. Remember a few tried weights that could slide under acceleration. Started with weight to the front and moved rearward as the car launched . Outlawed after one season.😉 DJ
  19. DJ194950

    Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    Back in the 80's in the Ca. Bay Area a General Contractor was building a new concrete tilt-up type building which I guess was on a older industrial plot that had a railroad spur track on the property which was removed, tracks,spikes, ties off to a side area. Near the end on the job the Supervisor on site decided to sell the left over RR pieces as best he could, scrap etc. THEN the railroad police showed up and had called the local PD also. They wanted him arrested, jailed, fined and on and on for theft of the RR property ( the old RR pieces).!! He was able to talk the police out of being arrested but was issued a summuns to appear in court. Boy was he in trouble, hired a defense attorney and ended up just paying back what he had received for them and paid a fine to the RR company! I'd pass on any such offered to me!! DJ
  20. I'd suggest putting some white lithium grease between each spring. Helps with future rust and made them slide smooth and a nicer ride. DJ
  21. DJ194950

    Plasti Dip

    Maybe some will want to try this as a temporary or longer if liked way to test colors in a spray can that is made to be removable.?? https://www.duplicolor.com/product/custom-wrap-automotive-removable-paint Many colors in matte not so much for gloss- semi, but anyone can spray their clear over any matte color- so? DJ
  22. DJ194950

    Plasti Dip

    Why not?? 😏 DJ
  23. DJ194950


    Yes but-- It will most l;likely be a 3.9 ratio. More 3.73 10 spline ratio pumpkins are out there and also fit. The 3.54 ratio gears are a hard but Not impossible find! But some cars also have a optional 4.1 so check the ration stamped in one of several areas of his pumpkin. Look near the fill plug Or up on the top edge. A lot of heavy cleaning will most likely be needed to find the hand stamped in ratio #. Good luck. DJ
  24. DJ194950

    Transmission housing HOLE ?

    I would like the answer to this question also.!! Even after taking apart two of these trans I could not see any reason for it to be open, others have said on the forum that they came to the same Q. and plugged it with a newer style freeze plug that has the side lips on them in a appropriate size as measured. You can also add sealer the the two shaft ends that you see that are the cluster and counter shafts that originally counted on the very tight fit to seal but over the years and repairs may not be sealing good anymore. Your picture has a Q. mark over one that does have a plug over the end as stock but may leak. The other shaft showing straight down below the input /trans shaft has no plug and may leak. Again some have added after a perfect? cleaning of silicone/epoxy sealers. Just a Q. and what others have done. DJ
  25. I'd say #1 Take a lot of measurements between the front mounting points. Take measures of everything that looks like something that will be needed to be exactly the same. Top side , bottom, etc. write them all down!! Support the fenders in several lower locations-blocks,shims,etc. before loosening any bolts. Best of luck with your project! DJ

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