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  1. 1950 Plymouth Suburban chassis question

    I will copy the page from the part book tomorrow and post which has the various #'s for all the door check parts, have to go for now and it will most likely take some time as computers stuff is still mostly foreign to me!
  2. 6 or 12 volt question

    What was the resistor wired to? Where is it mounted on the motor? What transmission does the van have? DJ
  3. 1950 Plymouth Suburban chassis question

    the correct part# for the wood "station wagon" door checks are 1246702 for the front doors and 1256576 for rear doors and I have a copied piece of paper that looks to be a original factory parts book correction that states the 1246702 was for all 1949 for all p-17 and p-18 - that was wrong # for all - except the station wagon which is the correct#. The other body styles used part # 1244142 for the front doors only. Any other parts #,s needed I can look for you as I received the Wood wagon body parts manual for P-18's when I purchased a original 1949 parts book some years back. Hope that is some help, DJ
  4. Straight 6 Engine 218 CI - Rebuild

    Look at the engine # on drivers side above the generator/alternator if updated. It is just above them on a flat area just below the head. Could be a motor from any Mopar flat 6 of the era up to 1956. Start with a P or D, S or C. Brand of car only. #'s after tell the year the motor came from if not the original motor. Very common to find them changed, No big deal. Post the motor # and someone will ID it for you. Nice car!! Oh ya, more pictures of the car! DJ
  5. This is in Ca. No pictures at this time, just heard about this. Just asked by my neighbors good friend if a $17.5k price was within reason. I did not think so. My quick opinion only.(best, but lousy guess). Supposedly very nice condition, newer flat 6, no known rust after top side and rocker panel condition inspection by the friend. show topside, nice driver condition as seen/ridden in. Opinions as to reasonable price?? I suggested 12K in $100 bills --after on rack inspection. High or low?? DJ
  6. Show your tools.

    Nice find! If you learn how to use them well you could fund your hobby by just doing older cars! DJ
  7. Fuel and oil gauges

    Branded, did you notice that the speedway runtz resistor says for negative ground only? Just in case if that polarity change is Not make- just pointing that out for info. DJ
  8. Empi Dune Buggies

    Can anyone picture Paul flying over the dunes while throwing sand everywhere on the sand dunes with those paddle tires of Pismo Beach Ca.??
  9. Friend's airboat

    Signed, D. I'm in trouble now, back to the corner of the garage I go! DJ
  10. T5 Swap or R10 Rebuild?

    Did Mopar ever have a R-11?? Have seen lots of Ford r-11's on ebay but the input shaft and mount pattern are not the same as Mopar. If your current 3 spd. is side shift type and of the same type syncho's (pin or brass spider type, later years or early) the parts can be interchanged with the R-10 except for the main shaft. If your into the job, taking the OD housing and parts off to inspect them for damage you may be able to just rebuild the 3 spd. part if the OD section parts are good! Input shaft, rear output shaft etc. bearings and seals are available from local bearing supply houses. Other parts are not hard to find Except the OD pieces can be Very hard to get. I believe rebuild instruction are avail. on this forum in the downloads section located at the header of this forum. Probably I would get the truck up and running, drive through the summer as is and inspect the OD parts of the R-10 which will really give you a choice at that point. Very nice truck and on your hemi work! DJ
  11. removing horn button, B1B

    I Need a definite answer on the "swirl" question! Please! I had many people ask me if it was true- I had no answer for them as I did not ever pay any attention in the 8 months I spent there many years ago. One person got MAD at me for not assuring him that it was true! DJ
  12. Molly Time!

    Fuel pump arm springs from 2 pumps that came apart?? DJ
  13. Fuel Sending Unit help

    On many "new type fuel senders one pole is for a separate ground wire as to not count on the tank itself to be grounded. Usually they are marked on the sender. If not make sure both poles are insulated from the mounting plate and use either one as a ground terminal makes no difference as the sender is just a variable resistor to ground. Run a separate ground to be body close by. DJ
  14. Will never get pedal pressure if all the drums are not all installed or tie down straps wrapped tightly around all the shoes. if the shoes can expand much the air cannot be released. DJ
  15. 52 b3d "Little Blue Truck"

    Choke?? DJ
  16. B1B ujoints - some feedback

    Maybe a grease needle will work? Amazon.com Lumax LX-1415 Silver 3-5_8' Needle-Type Adapter Automotive.html
  17. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Thanks for the response Dr. I will share this with him and hopefully answer all his questions at once. The comparison pictures close together really show the differences. DJ
  18. Aaarghhh! Suspension woes, '41 Bodge

    Possibly the frame is twisted? Long shot, but measurements could tell you or sure with suspension parts out of the equation if frame to leveled side to side and front to back on a good flat surface. ?? DJ
  19. If it can be done to Furd model a's and t's, sure do not see why not. Finding the bearings with the correct dimensions may be the issue?? DJ
  20. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    The owner of this 47 Ply. bus. cpe in my garage (a good friend) keeps asking what is the difference between a bus. cpe. and the club cpe. Some pictures for his comparison Dr would possibly answer his question. Pictures please! Thanks for your response. DJ for Ken.
  21. Cleaning the old farm dust

    Hang a line and clean you underwear at the same time! Make your wife happy also! DJ
  22. Used engine purchases

    Are you sure you we reading PSI? Maybe Kpa where 125 is about 18 Psi? Is not 125 almost at the top of Max? Sounds like your new truck engine to me! DJ.
  23. Antifreeze and your car

    The new owner of Mary's 47 has a gallon at least for free also. Shipping only cost. ($45.00 value) Almost enough for the change with both over-minus their recommended flush solution! Anyone e;else what to what to donate? DJ
  24. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Ya looking for a new project Paul ? May know of a short wheelbase Dodge flathead 6 with flatbed in Modesto area! Make your own cab-over? DJ
  25. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Seems some like to piss in other Wheaties! Stock steering clearance? Trans mount? Can he weld or have others do it? Here is a motor mount kit, trans mount kit to fit with 1" passenger offset for $300. http://www.butchscoolstuff.com/eng-trans-mounting-kits-4/ DJ