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  1. Buy a classic edition of Hollander interchange book 1946-1956. Like this cheapest I found with a quick EBay search. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1946-1956-Hollander-US-Parts-Interchange-Manual/263797721398?epid=22006523244&hash=item3d6b91c936%3Ag%3AeKsAAOSwnwVanwm1&_sacat=0&_nkw=hollander+classic+interchange+1949-1956&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313 There are many car-mopar third member that with fit in your trucks rear axle housing, but it gets very confusing as to which work easily and it is to complicated just for me to post it here. Buy the book and if you have problems uderstanding how to check the info PM me with your phone and I will walk the pages with you! 😉 DJ
  2. DJ194950

    Bad Reproduction Fender Stone Guards on Ebay

    This person most likely is still a member on this forum although now he only pops up here and there and things have been said in the past that the posters may have taken some heat for the posts?? Do not know anything for sure. DJ
  3. DJ194950

    Oil pressure problem seems solved.

    That was something mentioned in the repair manual. I never used a ball bearing for that purpose and Not used in the stock relief valves in these motors that I know of. 😉 DJ
  4. DJ194950

    Oil pressure problem seems solved.

    Not to sure about this but adding washers where used in hydraulic oil systems on equipment I used to work on, but-- my Plymouth repair manual 1949-54 says- DO Not add washers/ball bearing under the pressure relief spring to attempt to raise oil pressures. Try a new spring that matches your original. Different springs where available by color, red=light spring, medium is unpainted and heavy spring is green. I doubt replacements are painted at all but not sure. DJ
  5. DJ194950

    California health food

    Plan to make jam or preserves?? Save me some! DJ
  6. DJ194950

    1948 Plymouth Transmission Swap

    Anyone want to open the car-o-worms about if the factory started installing the OD's in late 1951 vs. 1952? 😉😣 DJ
  7. DJ194950

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    Ok, it sounds like the vacuum advance on the distributor is leaking vacuum causing problems with running. At idle the vacuum should not have any effect as the should be none as the carb. vacuum port should be located in a position that is blocked off in the carb. So should have no effect whether hooked up or not at idle (500 rpm) . If it does there is something else going. If a good condition vacuum advance does not leak and as carb. vacuum increases it advances the timing to more before top dead center( spark in the cylinder happens earlier) If timing was set with the advance disconnected the timing must have been st to work without any advance. The car can and will run Ok without it but wastes fuel and maximum performance and can cause overheating the water/motor if it is hot outside. After the carb. is opened some it does get vacuum depending on speeds/loads etc. Best of luck with the car it is nice, take your time with it and enjoy. Time to meet some other old car lovers where you live and ask for some positive help and encouragement!
  8. DJ194950

    p 15 with dakota swap

    A absolutely second on the weld quality! Also how is steering hooked up with quality parts and work?! Are the wheels centered in the fender wheel openings? If not Pass-pass-. Also if any of the above is Crap work--PASS! Two thumbs down! Unless/maybe ?? a cheap price is offered after mentioning what you see and you are willing and able to to the work properly. ?? DJ
  9. DJ194950

    Time for an overhaul...

    Flat black radiators where the norm for color. Lookin" Good! 😀 DJ
  10. DJ194950

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    To what are you naming a vacuum booster? There is a vacuum line (from the bottom of the carb.) to the vacuum advance on the distributor and most likely a different line off the intake but Not on the carburetor, to work the vacuum operation of the convertible top mechanism. There is a vacuum line of the intake manifold to the vacuum wipers. Do not know if the two vacuum lines from the intake manifold to the top and windshield wipers uses the same connection or not, I do not have a convertible. DJ
  11. DJ194950

    1939 desoto s6

    I can attest to adjusting new brake shoes on a 50 Ply. and also perfectly sized (as new measurement I bought off EBAY about 7 years ago now) with the Proper tool it took me several tries to get the initial setup very close and the minor adjustments. Experience using the tool is most likely the best way. I found out the both front back side shoes where not parallel to the drum surface. When I found the info in the repair manual to fix the situation, things finally went smoothly! Still needed to have the minor adjusters redone however. Just one opinion, DJ
  12. DJ194950

    Wiper set-up problem identifcation? Help :-)

    Have you measured the amount of vacuum you are getting with a gauge at idle? Too low no wiper operation. See your repair manual as to normal readings. Around 15-16 would be good, not sure what the metric readings/conversion is. If they are about normal it should work but these are known to accumulate a waxy buildup inside them and the seal on the wiper paddle type of thing iside gets dryed out. Have you tried adding a light oil to the vacuum line and trying with the line hooked up to the car when running and work the on/off slide that the cable from the dash knob connects to.?? Just a few thoughts. I see some replies to this Question already posted as I typed this (I am slow typer!) so my response may now be a repeat. DJ
  13. DJ194950

    Mopar Oil Filter

    Hook up the oil lines as the are labeled on the filter housing. Some manufacturers add-on filter housings had the in and out reversed -top/bottom- from other brands but it is in the way the internal oil holes where located. Just run the oil lines to labeled fitting as needed from your motor. JMO, DJ
  14. DJ194950

    D24 Ignition/Won't start

    Have you a proper year repair manual for your car? The voltage adjust of the voltage regulator is well covered to help you out. 🙂 DJ
  15. DJ194950

    Temp needle adjustment

    Marty that is true patience and determination!! 😉 DJ
  16. DJ194950

    D24 Shock Absorbers

    Check this measurement tutorial and search online for a shock absorber that works for you! DJ https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1&q=how+to+determine+shock+absorber+length&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwie5OjtnZjcAhUBP6wKHVtbBU0Q1QIIugEoAw&biw=1746&bih=959
  17. DJ194950

    1953 Suburban with a V8

    A lot of what a car is worth can depend on how well the work is done - body work/ paint/interior condition/ V-8 install properly done or thrown together/real overall condition of everything. At a glance-- Not impressed- at least not yet! More pics could change that. Remember money spend has No relation to worth. 😯 Enjoy your vacation and watch your diet. 😉 Best to you and wife, DJ
  18. DJ194950

    Head bolt questions

    Check- vintagepowerwagons.com They sell NOS head bolt for bolt on accessories. 😉 If it works- see- DJ Vintage_Power_Wagons_Parts_Catalog-Group_01_Engine.pdf - Google Drive.html
  19. DJ194950

    1948 Plymouth Transmission Swap

    Any OD trans will help with your quest. Best if the 49 has an R-10 G Borg-Warner trans which is a easy swap if all the electric pieces are available. Where do you live? Big mountains often driven? etc. will affect final gear ratios that would work best. The Windsor trans, not so much unless you drive like a grandma (not my grandma, she was a led-footed driver when she drove!). Maybe the rear end gears could be of use depending on the gear ratio? DJ
  20. DJ194950

    Hyd hitch brake

    Hydraulic parking brakes are not a good solution as any bleed back on the master cyl. or leaks anywhere in the system will release the brakes eventually. We had many forklifts with hydraulic park brakes of the lever type that when you flipped the lever and stepped on the brake pedal it would activate the brakes to stay on until the lever was flipped back. The operation instructions decal on the lever stated in large letters do Not leave the forklift unattended with park brake on! If on a hill or unlevel ground they could and Did often roll away sometimes with Bad results. 😣 DJ
  21. DJ194950

    Oh, what to do? AND Are these wheels stock?

    Have to disagree Paul, Tempered metal and weathered/exposed bare rusty metal are two very different things. 🙄 DJ
  22. Need some info on correct sizes for the rubber bumpers that go on the top side of fenders-6 taller from radiator to cowl area and two short in front of the radiator also on top. current one appear to short measuring 1/4" tall by 9/16" diameter. Fit into 5/16 hole for the 6 at least -front not sure at this point. Also where did you purchase them, Thanks, DJ
  23. DJ194950

    Happy 4th

    Nice work on the house! How many families live in the mansion?? DJ
  24. DJ194950


    From the pictures shown for the commercial model they have a giant main sprocket compared to yours and a good sized clutch. The big sprocket lowers the ratio therefore less clutch slippage in use and a heavy duty clutch for a lot of slippage in very rough terrain. JMO as I have no experience with such machines and only observation. 😉 DJ
  25. DJ194950

    1937 Dodge, Ol Bessy Is Coming Home!

    Continued with screenshot Fatman install. DJ

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