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  1. Now you can change your title below your member name to: "Frank the Elder. Mopar Prophet" ! I'm on my knees, face to the ground currently in front of a p-15 alter. Only problem, I cannot get back up! ☚ī¸ DJ
  2. Just measured a P-15 clearance for you. This 47 Ply. has the Same champion rad. you mention but has 16" electric fan in front of it. Purchased with a different electric fan and no motor driven fan. So I measured from the radiator fins to the front side of the water pump face which is 2-3/8" between the two. Should be close with stock fan but might work fine. I think stock setup is very close originally, is yours?. Measure from your pump pulley face toward the forward most edge of the fan blade to see on your p-15. Hope that info tells you what your asking, Also, holes in new rad. matched pretty well ,only two needed slight opening toward the sides. Yes the neck needs to be altered as you said. DJ
  3. Something like one of these? Be sure to check travel length. How about when truck is jacked up by the frame?? https://www.summitracing.com/search/Product-Line/Borgeson-Universal-Telescoping-Steering-Shafts/ DJ
  4. Now when you locate a used spin balancer you can open that friendly tire shop or not. To many friends looking for free help. 😉 DJ
  5. Maybe a complete explanation from someone who certainly know more than I. 😄 DJ how-do-sacrificial-anodes-work.html
  6. Well one place carries what you want but it is in US. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/SUM-G2516/ DJ
  7. I would replace the plug for now but it also begs a question-where is your vacuum hookup for a hose for your vacuum wipers>> Maybe that is where it used to be somehow?? DJ
  8. res Now I know why I never heard of that car dealer. He was located away from most of the new car dealers where the police station now stands. Plus- I stated new "cars". Rambler or Metropolitan never seemed to be real cars (🤐) and my dad would never ever buy a Rambler so we never went to the dealership to see the New cars when they came available as was a highlight in September for the grownups back in the day! War surplus spot lights a blazin' and all. Even bands at times. 🤩 Man that dude made a bundle of $$ ( 5mil. was major bucks back then) when he sold the property where the 'Mc Henry Village" was built! The village was a brand new style of spread out multi shopping experience with about 25 businesses in one big lot with plenty of parking in contrast to most similar types stores downtown where parking was a bitch! DJ
  9. My bet is a used car dealer. I can tell you that by 1955 no factory dealers had that name in Modesto. Before that I did not look much as cars because I would have less that 5 years old. DJ
  10. I think I may prefer the EC52PLY mainly as the top rad. connection is easy to find a curved hose to fit as compared to cutting off the top connect on the CC4749 which is the wrong angle and will not work as is. Experience with that rad. in a 47 Ply..😏 The 3 row model really is overkill as this cools very well as compared to originals. 2 row is plenty- But 3 row is only a few $$ more so why not? 😉 Just 1 opinion ! DJ
  11. Many of the films cover Mopar mechanical and body basics so I guess that I'm saying almost all the films can help when you are working on a particular part or car section. DJ
  12. Tony, I found my reconstruction pictures of the underdash heater tube just for clarification The outlets for driver and passenger heat to the feet are shorter than I remembered. I built this one from fiberglass using the badly broken one as a mold. Hope this is informative. Any other thing that I may help with-give a holler. DJ
  13. Trans mount ??? Ya know, that big chunk of iron thingy that the trans bolts to! 😉 DJ
  14. I found on my 50 Ply. the same issue with the driver side rear mount install so- - I took the pipe section loose from the upper washer by putting in a vise just open wide enough for the pipe part to drop down in with washer on top and took a correct size punch and hammer and rotated the pipe -hit -rotate -etc.-until pipe came loose. Install just the top rubber and washer, install pipe from below add lower parts. I installed the bolt from below and used a locking nut on top to insure it would never fall out. PS- I still had to use a hammer to get the top rubber mount and washer in place- What a pita! DJ
  15. Seems to be a fair price! OD transmission did not come in that car. stock, that is.😎 If it was closer I would buy it for a easy flip! 😉 DJ
  16. Are you replying to this forum or meant for the "other" one?? DJ
  17. Tony- Depends on the model of heater installed -there were 3 optional heaters models. I "think" you have the top of the line for Plymouths that year and you will have three heater outlets. One at each toe boards just in front of the doors about 8-10" up from the floor and a louvered look vent in the center of the underdash ductwork. The defrost vents out the top of same underdash ductwork and up through vents right behind the front glass window frame if I remember correctly. I have 2 50 Plymouths and one has the system described. DJ
  18. There is two places to adjust the timing at the dist. 1 is the main one where the dist clamp bolts to the block, easily seen. 2nd. is under the dist. where the clamp has a bolt head hanging down that can be loosened and more rotation of the dist. is possible. Having a section of rubber hose in the vacuum advance line at the dist. also make timing Much easier as compared to a solid line from carb. to the dist. DJ
  19. I believe that method is to achieve the highest vacuum not highest rpm's ?? DJ
  20. The blower motor for your heater is clear up front to the left of your radiator and to the passenger side. Under the dash you have a second small blower for the defrost function. It is pointed toward the dash on the back end. Your under-hood heater duck has been repaired with?? Very,very common as originals were made from a heavy coated paper as are the replacements that have been avail. but thinner cardboard now. Nice place to start!! DJ
  21. Acetone works for me. I,ve read of commercial car painters using carb cleaner to clean out their sprays guns as a final cleaner so it should be fine also. If there is still some older paint left on your parts-be careful as some cleaners/solvents will wrinkle /lift older paints. test on a small hidden spot. DJ
  22. Try -oldmoparts.com. catalog says yes but do they have the correct one?? One phone call will tell. DJ
  23. I like to add a colored light that lights up when the switch is in the "on" position as a reminder. I need it! Pick your color-red, green, or yellow. Mount in easy view when driving. Next to switch, under dash, in dash, your choice. Enjoy your OD. Never heard anyone that did not love it! DJ
  24. Well it appears that he took "massage lessons" from Jack Armstrong's book on how to build your arm muscles with a weight held in your hand and with a swinging motion done repetitively will add muscle mass. 😉 A little paint hides everything -right?. DJ
  25. First are all of your motor mounts in new shape?? Can the rear motor mounts be loosened are motor moved slightly towards the driver side and re-tightened down?? LAST THOUGHT CAN THE PASSENGER SIDE OF MOTOR BE LIFTED SLIGHTLYand shim installed to get clearance?? Sorry hit caps lock by accident! 🙄 DJ
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