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  1. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Ya looking for a new project Paul ? May know of a short wheelbase Dodge flathead 6 with flatbed in Modesto area! Make your own cab-over? DJ
  2. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Seems some like to piss in other Wheaties! Stock steering clearance? Trans mount? Can he weld or have others do it? Here is a motor mount kit, trans mount kit to fit with 1" passenger offset for $300. http://www.butchscoolstuff.com/eng-trans-mounting-kits-4/ DJ
  3. Tappet Wrench

    A search for- tappet wrenches for sale-canada got some responses like this one, https://www.acklandsgrainger.com/en/category/Open-End-Wrench-Sets/Wrenches/c/26853 DJ
  4. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Temporary cat hotel or full time? They only need a cubicle! No matches allowed! DJ
  5. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Key word-lived with? Sorry to get maybe out of bounds with this post? To be honest-never worked out good for me.
  6. 52 plymouth underside of hood coating ?

    Some bed/under coating can be mixed with color pigments to match the car color. Consult your local paint store about the possibilities. Just a slightly different/mix/match of ideas? DJ
  7. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Well it may be a ________, but i am sure you can noise with the best!! DJ
  8. help me find sbc swap into 50 plymouth links

    A call to Butch or the new owner may help. For what is worth. http://www.butchscoolstuff.com/eng-trans-mounting-kits-4/ DJ
  9. 265 Dampner

    How about a call to some very experienced people on the Power Wagons? https://www.vintagepowerwagons.com/ DJ
  10. Tools required for engine work

    Dishwashers also do Not like laundry soap-not even a little! What a mess I had! DJ
  11. Recommended maximum overbore in 218

    Have your machine shop use sonic cylinder bore thickness first . If thick enough your good to go. A friend has a 1950 Plymouth 25" 218 bored +0.070 has never had problems. DJ
  12. My vapor lock story

    You may need a fuel pressure regulator Before the mechanical pump in this system? A thought. DJ
  13. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Paul the new tan paint on the Suburban looks better than your truck (one color) but the runs in the paint may take a bit of sanding to get it a Little smoother. Get well soon! Best to ya, DJ
  14. working with plastic

    A heat gun has worked well for me on several different plastics that needed some slight reshaping. Heat until pliable bend as needed cool and check to see if shape held. if not heat slightly more and try again. Easy does it. Sneak up to it!! DJ
  15. 48 P15 steering Box seal kit

    Andy B= oldmoparts.com online. DJ