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    Old cars, younger women, ya right!
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    50 Ply. 4dr. Driver NOW! 2 years of work.
    50 Ply. Suburban, Hot rodded, 80 % done, on hold, w/ 49 ply. frontend w/ grille v-8 Lots of updates.Waiting for glass,upholstery, paint-the $$$ things!

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    old cars are my phys. therapy
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  1. R-10 OD trans-same seller. $350 shipping after that price? Oh, well! Some newbies beware! Sorry for the Ebay rant but this is over the top for me, hope I am not alone. Over the past 6-8 years ago, Ebay prices have gone stupid and almost nothing as to variety compared to back then. Junk and more Chinese junk, nothing to do with the 1950 Plymouth parts I am searching for !! 😫 DJ Plymouth Overdrive Transmission Dodge 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 MoPar eBay.html
  2. For sale on Ebay from forum member, Sold as is no guarantees! Shipping costs after original price? Up to you. DJ 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 PLYMOUTH BORG WARNER R7 OVERDRIVE TRANSMISSION MOPAR eBay.html
  3. DJ194950

    rare parts

    R-10 for sale from a forum member. Last time I sold and shipping one that was rebuilt for less than half this price (been 7-8 ago however) shipping -boxed Fed-Ex was about $35-40 Ca. to N.C.. Has shipping gone up this much?? Plymouth Overdrive Transmission Dodge 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 MoPar eBay.html
  4. Anyone who has any of these Rare exhaust manifolds to hide them for your retirement portfolio! Shipping costs?? 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 DODGE AND PLYMOUTH FLATHEAD 6 EXHAUST MANIFOLD WOW eBay.html
  5. DJ194950

    Pullin' the 218

    Does the front lift at all with the hoist beyond removing the weight of the motor? Jack up under the tranny does it lift up? Just some checks. DJ
  6. DJ194950

    I think I broke my transmission!

    Turn off the OD! Push handle to disengage if not already done. Trans will Not work in reverse if the OD is engaged! It is supposed to turn off the OD when in reverse is selected manually in the trans but something has happened somewhere during your changes? Hope there is some help here. DJ
  7. DJ194950

    Pullin' the 218

    Drive line disconnected- hate to ask-but?? DJ
  8. DJ194950

    electric wipers

    Start with their website, several are avail. somehow different? Call them. They have a lot of more local companies selling their stuff and they can tell you who is local. Last I checked buying direct did not give you any deal on price- they support the sellers. https://newportwipers.com/product/1946-48-dodge-and-plymouth-wiper-motor-clears-stock-radio/ DJ
  9. That is what I really love about the R-10 OD setup. Soo many choices to make the operation of it function, you can make it work the way You want! Stock to mild/ wild setups. DJ
  10. DJ194950

    Stockton Wheel in California

    An internet review search on them was very bad overall! Sorry if I mislead in any way.!! 😏 DJ
  11. DJ194950

    Stockton Wheel in California

    I have been to Stockton Wheel several times in the past. They have been around since the horse and buggy days same family and had a top notch reputation but Not cheap! About 7-10 years ago the company changed hands I heard but I do know for sure. Still have not heard anything bad about them though. Someone on this forum had some work similar to what you need not sure who. Suggest you give them a call to see what they can do and just how much it would cost if so. http://www.stocktonwheel.com/ DJ
  12. DJ194950


    You may accidentally write the wrong words and get even more watching. Posting different views is just asking for problems, Comrade! 🙄 I only joke, but the watching may come be to true??? News- - don't believe anything I read and little of what I hear, but that is another story. (non-political post I hope). 🤐 DJ
  13. Every Mopar old type master cylinder I have seen used a pipe threaded adapter fitting into the cast body. It should be either 1/8" npt or 3/8" npt male end by Inverted flare female to fit the brake line. I do not have a C series truck but these old vehicles within the same manufacturers of the same era tend to be very similar on the mechanical design. If you can use some calipers and get the outside dimensions of the fittings you have now and post I believe I or another can measure fittings they have and get the right info for you. I have a box of pipe to inverted flare fitting to measure and maybe that way I could lead you to an answer. 🤞 DJ
  14. DJ194950


    My opinion on using Facebook Period! I gave it up long ago and when just trying to get off it I had to jump through many of their hoops to get it done but they sent emails for months about what I would be missing.- - - NOT. I like My personal info to stay mine much more! Sorry the miss some info others post that have links to Facebook. I will just have to miss out. DJ
  15. DJ194950

    Teaching my grandson to drive a stick

    For Me not really, after the initial shock, I recovered and I was storing the memories for when I got My license to drive! 😬 My mom instead of dad let me drive with my learners license and I had to behave as If she told dad that my driving was like grandmas (her mother) I would Never get my regular license in 6 mouths . Then he likes the 64 GTO I had seen for sale on a lot .! What?? Helped me buy it!! He liked Pontiac's. He had never heard about the GTO's.

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