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  1. For anyone still thinking about using a Vega style steer box, brand new Vega style are being made that are heavier duty and 100% brand new. Borgeson Universal Co.and Flaming River are a few off the top of my head. Both of these Co.'s make only USA built parts! Not the cheapest but if you want the best it never is! DJ
  2. DJ194950

    Patina for sure

    Tim, When your time comes how many "barn finds" will you leave behind.?? When and if you have some time -have your relatives move as many as possible into your storage areas, then wait A bit then drop a lot of dirt over them which will increase their inheritances!! Wishing you well and hoping that time mentioned is a Long time off!! 😀 Sincerely, hope it all stays as making fun. I only have one backyard "barn find" (1950 Plymouth 4 dr.) that gets A lot of dirt/leaves/dust. Does that make it a Barn find?? May some Relatives can build a quick/cheap shed and make it a expensive "shed find?"...😏 DJ
  3. That would be perfect trans for Paul's Wagon! 😉 DJ
  4. DJ194950

    Patina for sure

    Just glanced at the Words take started this thread and thought it said "patina for sale" instead of Patina for sure. Maybe someone could design some of that vinyl made for wrapping colors on vehicles that mimic patina! Copy right the designs and make a fortune!😄 First in line??? DJ
  5. DJ194950

    slightly warped 304ss exhaust pipe flange

    Your welder most likely has one of these to make quick work of your flange. Well the whole page comes up on my posted HF. What I tried to post is the large disc sander on that page like that I used to do exhaust flanges that warped for old Mopar flat motors at work many years ago. DJ Search results for 'disc sanders'.html
  6. DJ194950

    fitment of vintage yankee turn signal on P15 column

    Is it possible to thin the width of the metal band to add clearance in a small area to move the switch downward a hair?? A flashing light in the gauge panel like they added to 49 Plymouths onward(it flashed green weather the switch was on left or right). It was just tapped in the flasher wire going to the switch.. One hole in the gauge panel or wherever you want it or just use a warning beeper as Plymouthy suggested. Just some thoughts, DJ
  7. DJ194950

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    BobT Wow those wires look great.!! They were not cheap in nice condition even in the 70's. Do No want to even want to think about what a nice set would sell on Ebay now. Maybe as much as your car would sell for without those wheels! As they say there only original once as many do not want new lookalikes! The price goes up and up and up..... BTW, You have a very, very nice car!!😍 DJ
  8. Stock type newer seals remove well with these removal ways. But I ran into several of the original seals in the trans and rear-end that were made of armour plate steel? and multi-leveled of same. I dd drill holes all over that that dammed trans seal with ever type of pullers I could find! Maybe someone super glued them in?? Ended up with holes in that thing everywhere. I finally took chisels to the edges of the seal and got it out. When I came to the real end drive line input seal it was of the same type. Here I go again! I way able to borrow with a sizeable down payment the tool (original type) as shown above. Life was easy! Hope you find a replacement type seal on yours! Best of luck with your project! DJ
  9. DJ194950

    No Cabs here Doug....nope nope nope.....

    Hey wait! My name is also Doug.! It is not mine nor will it ever be. You built a BBQ from a PH truck which you have used how often?? Maybe someone used this every night ,or how often? May have been more interesting action there than a BBQ!?? Ask the other Doug?!! LOL! Is there not some parts on this that you could put to better use? 😉 DJ
  10. DJ194950

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    Wasn't there not a movie about- "Black Is Beautiful" - ?? Do not remember if it was about cars or not! 🙄 DJ
  11. DJ194950

    Mopars in Oz

    Hey the US blokes as you may say have a lot of areas of the USA that have different way of sayin' things. Imagine a Ca. born and raised 21 Year old kid moving to S.C. USA. (very South) I was pretty lost with conversations at first, but I actuality like this interchange a challenge! We all have Our versions of "English". Do you go to England to study English- or is there anything truthfully "English" anymore? Maybe just the local versions? Glad it is/was my native tongue as I grew up! I speak California English most times! English is one of the worst languages to learn I have heard! 😉 DJ
  12. DJ194950

    Amtrak questions

    Never been on one but I have heard they Do have Bars in most if not all plus regular food servings in the dining car(s). Plus sleeping cars on longer trips. Like most travel the higher the price the nicer and private the accommodations I like beer so where is the restroom? , is it close to the bar?! 😁 Snacks are available-but where/how I do not know . DJ
  13. DJ194950

    Mopars in Oz

    TIm, It is Oz. NOT oz. OR OZ. Thought about the US ounce usage (oz.) while I was posting. Aussies love shortening words with lots of local vocabulary uses. I needed the locals when I was there for about 9 months to school me (translate English to Aussie ) on what the "H" they were sayin" - often- -plus the semi English accent. DJ
  14. DJ194950

    Anti-theft devices

    Carry 2-3 cigar lighters if so?? Back in the older parts books Mopar called those things cigar lighters. (mopar top brass only smoked cigars not those low life cigarettes?). 🙄 DJ
  15. DJ194950

    Amtrak questions

    My auntie would Not fly but loved the Amtrak train ride fro No. Ca. to Va. Also south train trips (Amtraki) in Ca. Bay area to So. Cal. She said plenty on beautiful country to see but in winter? May not be so much. The only change train station she hated was in Sacramento, Ca. One other thing Never leave any valuables out if you leave you seat. On one trip someone in her car lost a laptop as they went to the restroom. Enjoy our country! DJ

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