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  1. All Mopar 53-54 6 cyl. cars fit. No suburbans,wagons, 8 pass. sedans,sierra, savoy. This is from a Hollander interchange manual. Classic edition. Hope that helps your search for used. Also do Tanks,Inc. may have something thing that fits. They are not $400 , but do they carry them?? Check online. DJ
  2. Man that change is a lot of work-possibly. Call Tennessee clutch and brake for a price quote for their rebuilding services. If you find it to be as cheap as I did, you may want to reconsider and use the original parts? I had them rebuild a clutch pressure plate, reline the clutch plate and supply a new throw out bearing and a plastic clutch alignment tool and ship it back. Forgot shortly later they also relined 2 emergency brake bands for me, again quite reasonable. They had to have done the rebuild work they same day they received the parts and shipped it also because it was only 3 days after they received my parts that I got them back!! Oh, I live in Ca. The price was unbelievable to me, and work was first class! That was about 7 years ago so that is why I said to give them a call. I also believe I told them I was on this forum and would post my results on the forum. Did it help? Can't say but they also sent a free t-shirt of theirs, so maybe? 😊 DJ
  3. How about the pcv valve that vpw sells just for mopar flat 6,s. DJ
  4. Many many years ago my boss told never, never use silicone on any gas or hydraulic line/ tanks etc. As it would turn to a big, big blob of jello like substance and plug all sorts of stuff in that system. They had already learned that lesson the hard way- several times!! I never forgot. Maybe they now make some New tech stuff that will not do that but why chance it.! OP, I am jealous of that New-Old car at that price especially, LOVE it, I know I do! 😀 DJ
  5. Must have had sometime the EPA no longer approves for human consumption hence not fit for a radiator either! 🙄 DJ
  6. A thought- How about putting a pressure regulated hose sealed to the original overflow tube as long as the Radiator cap is sealed to the tank to put say just 4-6 lbs. pressure in the system and warm up the motor?? Just wondering. DJ
  7. Montana Boys- Edgy conversion. Anyone with 10K laying around they wish to have one of four of these conversions? Well they want to have orders for at least 5 to start a production run. $1750 deposit required. end price $8750. Also add your bare block shipped to them for machining for the conversion at $75 an hour. Expect 20 hours. and on and on. Read the whole thing about the work required. My total price Guess-- around 15K, depending on type carburetor, fuel injection , a cam?, other rebuilding services?? Maybe only 20K? 😍 Cheap to have Almost one off. Imagine showing off your motor at the car shows!! 🤡 Maybe if I were to win the big lotto? DJ
  8. I worked for a good sized crane, forklift, boom,sissorlift rental company. WE purchased every piece of equipment used from many sources and any and all repairs were done in our shop before ever rented out. We also had about 30-40 forklifts with Mopar flathead engines, mostly 25" type. Every new (used) purchase of these had the radiator and block flushed out and radiators were sent out for repair if needed. All were put back together with antifreeze, a can or two of Bars leaks (i do not remember if it just was one 1 can or more), at least one, plus about half of a #303 can of water pump lubricant. I am not sure that stuff (water pump lube) really did any good. The owner and boss said to add it -- Sooooo. They often were out on rent for 6 months to 1 year plus! Never had any leaks. 1 blown head gasket in 110 degree weather in 5 years was pretty good I would say! DJ
  9. Nothing against Mass. at all. More like sorry for the states pride? DJ
  10. httphttps://www.ebay.com/itm/1951-1952-1953-1954-1955-1956-PLYMOUTH-R10G-OVERDRIVE-TRANSMISSION-MOPAR/183650267917?hash=item2ac268b30d:g:XB4AAOSw76lcFFg-s://www.ebay.com/itm/1951-1952-1953-1954-1955-1956-PLYMOUTH-R10G-OVERDRIVE-TRANSMISSION-MOPAR/183650267917?hash=item2ac268b30d:g:XB4AAOSw76lcFFg- Prices are allover the board!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/USED-49-56-DODGE-PLYMOUTH-R10-OVERDRIVE-TRANSMISSION-1408517-H-R10G-1-MOPAR/352236758175?hash=item5202f2649f:g:c7cAAOSwIVhaOYiZ DJ
  11. When I first saws the pictures I was wondering what state (American ?? ) while may head was saying ("state of confusion??) 😣 Then I looked closer as it appears to be a Mass., USA plate? 😰 😉 DJ
  12. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ado-335-1014/overview/ No dimensions, but some info. They are available from ac delco in different max charging amps. DJ
  13. You selling as your wife won't ride it or just thinking about a possible purchase? If it had a clipping catch bag would be worth more! 😉
  14. Same colors for block and head I chose so I like it! lol. I like the contrast in colors to show off a clean motor, at least it used to be! 😁 That is, as long as you used Mopar Red!! 😉 DJ
  15. Remove the spark plugs. I have seen some that the gas was still a liquid between the gap of the spark plug which prevented a spark! Clean out with compressed air and clean the gap. Reinstall and presto, motor ran good. Maybe clean the cap and points also. Good luck, DJ
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