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  1. working with plastic

    A heat gun has worked well for me on several different plastics that needed some slight reshaping. Heat until pliable bend as needed cool and check to see if shape held. if not heat slightly more and try again. Easy does it. Sneak up to it!! DJ
  2. 48 P15 steering Box seal kit

    Andy B= oldmoparts.com online. DJ
  3. Steering wheel

    Sorry I do not know about the p-15's even though I have a friends 47 Ply. in my garage at the moment. His P-15 parts book and repair manuals are at his house. I DID have a blow up of the parts for the 49 & 50 steer wheel/horn pieces but my "computer ate them". That is my excuse and I am sticking to it! DJ
  4. 51 Plymouth, Mustang II Kit, Custom Stub?

    Might want to check this companies products. All suspension parts are heavy wall tubes AND all mounting points are setup in a double shear brackets= way stronger than standard MII types. Almost over-engineered? Prices that I have seen have been lower (but Not cheap) than Art Morrison's. Morrison's frames and suspensions are highly regarded and at auction cars with them will bring much higher prices than comparable cars. Roadster Shop seems to be the hot thing under show/drivers recently. OMO DJ http://roadstershop.com/about/
  5. Steering wheel

    Both 49 & 50 Plymouth s had two different steering wheels. One for the deluxe models and one for special deluxe. One had a small horn button (deluxe)-(wood grained example) and a full large round horn blow ring (special deluxe-not shown)-but maybe a spec. deluxe back side? DJ
  6. 1953 Chrysler Brakes Rebuild Thread

    Also just to mention-small bore= more pressure but longer stroke for the brake pedal larger bore = opposite DJ
  7. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Looks to be a newer tanks made by "tanks inc." See attached from their website tanks says their fuel level sender is a 5 bolt setup, so that is most answer. 5 Bolt Fuel Sending Unit.htm
  8. Recycling?

    Ya just flush and breakdown the oil in the hole with your used antifreeze. Alls good! dj
  9. hood bumper diamensions- 1947 P-15

    I hope he will still sells some of his mopar rubber parts. They were well made and priced reasonably back a few years ago! Could use a few I waited to buy later- too much later! DJ
  10. hood bumper diamensions- 1947 P-15

    Hardware stores are a good idea. Up till several years ago our local Orchard Supply had great assortment of all kinds of small parts. Now have only a small selection is there. Needed more room for Craftsman? uh-sears? tools, clothing other junk! Local True Value may still be a good place to look! Thanks ED. DJ
  11. vacation

    If you go in late summer you will be within 30 miles from Mt Rushmore to the Sturgis S.D. motorcycle rally. Held this year August 3rd.-12th. 100's of thousands of motorcycles!! ,for some people The good part of the Sturgis rally is that Yellowstone is not very crowded during this time. May also want to stop by Devils Tower in Wyoming about a hours drive from sturgis headed west DJ
  12. hood bumper diamensions- 1947 P-15

    Thanks to all you replied! I thought that the bumpers would actually stand a bit above the outer lip. Wrong it appears. Has anyone been able to contact Dave Kruse in the past year or so? I bought some rubber parts from him years ago and he was selling on Ebay back then also. He is not selling on Ebay anymore and I remember a forum conversation a year or so ago about not being able to contact him? DJ
  13. hood bumper diamensions- 1947 P-15

    Thanks to busycoupe! DJ
  14. hood bumper diamensions- 1947 P-15

    Thanks for the reply. Can someone actually measure some new parts they are using that appear to work right and where you purchased them, Thank you, DJ
  15. Welding uh-ohs

    #1 welding dirty metal does not work well at all. Clean to shiny metal parts front and back sides whenever possible. Clean metal with a wax and grease remover-automotive type. Never had much luck with flux core welders on sheet metal, but cleaning sure would help! DJ