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  1. My interchange vintage manual says that either the whole 3rd. member carrier OR the ring and pinion will fit. I would not look for ant other mopar 3.73 to to readily avail. in models before 1950 as they would have benn optional gear ratios for almost all before that. Also do Not look at chrylers or desotos unless they have a 6 cyl. motor, 8 passenger,limos or rears from the wagon supposedly do not fit. Never have i personally done the car to truck rear gear swap but sold several cars gear sets to people to do this. One person who bought a 3.73 years ago did let me know that it did fit ok. Hope that gives some info for you, DJ
  2. This Evening's Cruise...With Running Updates

    Well thanks for the replies! Now back to your beautiful car!! Love it! DJ
  3. This Evening's Cruise...With Running Updates

    Time for her own motorcycle?? There are women's MC clubs in the US, Canada? DJ
  4. This Evening's Cruise...With Running Updates

    Nice! Mom is dressed that she is waiting to get on the back of a Harley! Take her! DJ
  5. quick clutch help!

    Tenn. clutch was great for me several years ago (2-3?) !! Sent original clutch pressure plate, disc, throw-out bearing and pilot bushing to the for (parts) repair. Less than a week later got call for credit card # for payment which was less that $100 slightly. Received parts in short order (6 days?) rebuilt. Clutch parts ,throw-out bearing, pilot bushing And an a plastic clutch alignment tool!! Great service! ++++ DJ
  6. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Air bagged camp trailer?? That must be a new idea? Good or bad. DJ
  7. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    Well I really doubt that a ban on fuel powered vehicles will be pass here in good old Ca. but laws might pass allowing the Ca. DMV that will get about 99% of them off the roads with the charges they will charge to license one!! Only richest person will drive one in Ca. But then with the newer very high taxes on the rich in Ca. has driven many to moving out of state as their permanent residences and only may have a Second home in CA! The DMV here does NOT need any OK from the legislature to raise fees- which they do often! Unless they are WAY out of line (been done before) Been thinking hard about my continued stay in CA! DJ
  8. Thanks all for the replies. I do not see the Edmunds instructions. Were they posted somewhere?? Trying to understand the reason for the way the plumbing works. I believe we have repaired the main problem. The hole in the side of the thermostat housing had only i thread depth due the the thinness of the housing and the hose fitting pulled out. Now has a brazed on bung with more threads. What a pain! I guess the Old thermostat housing had plenty of contamination that only took 3 tries to get the dang thing leak free. As of today it appears to now be OK. I would still like to see the Edmunds instructions though. Appreciate the responses! DJ
  9. Front Suspension

    Is that corner available only by the night or have weekly and monthly rates?? DJ
  10. Finally here is a picture of me taking a picture

    Well Don is that photo good enough to email me? Forgive me Lord! DJ
  11. Hoping some has done this to a P-15 with a after market (Edmond's this case) that has the fittings for the heater hoses, but I think it may be overthought with many too hoses and heater heat shutoff valve as is. Problems with some fittings and connections. I would like it a simpler setup. I believe that I have seen a posting or two about this setup but could not locate same by searching. Thanks for any or all help! DJ
  12. Finally here is a picture of me taking a picture

    Got a picture with you and Jane?? DJ
  13. No reverse or first gear

    Paul why did you not do that with an OD transmission ? Did you sell them all? DJ
  14. P-15 grille sheet metal shape

    Maybe I have the body pics of the shape to match the grille? Appears to be done. Understand that all these parts are supposed to be flat, but until other body and paint work is started I think they will stay as is-hope you understand? DJ
  15. Charging Issues.

    The bean burrito gas= fuel,gas and compression! Only need the spark! DJ