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  1. This pump sure looks like the one from Mac's. Way cheaper! Not for sure, but? DJ Carter Inline Electric Fuel Pumps P90091 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing.html
  2. How well does the gasket match the ports on the intake and exhaust manifolds. I would think opening up the engine and not the manifolds would be of much help?? If they motor is open and valves still out you may gain Some performance to clean up the bowls of the valve area to match the press in valve seats. my 2 cents. Seems to have helped my 230ci. motor when I rebuilt it. DJ
  3. Th 3 piece sheet metal style are adjustable as to the width within some limit by loosening the center bolts. That appears to also be where the two center hold down rods attach to the center of the windshield. Do you have the center hold down rods and clamps complete.? How do the side brackets mount to the roof or rain gutter? Some just used sheet metal screws and others have clamps to hold onto the rain gutters. Do have them if so.?? The side brackets are adjustable as to the angle of the sun visor with limits. So in My final opinion it May fit, or not? What is the width now and how wide is his car, check those out and it will help you both to decide. Last I looked on E Bay they were Asking $350-400+ for a complete ( sometimes not) one. That's up to the two of you. Hope this helps Some. 😉 DJ
  4. Sell that oddball Ford to work on something worth repairing.😁 Use the money received from that other car to pay for repairs on this one! If you can do the sheet metal repairs then it not so much money, just a lot of time. Except if you want to redo the chrome on this!! 😏 At the very worst the parts sold will return 10 times your cost! I hope that it's not the cars fate. Really depends just how bad the rust is, enjoy the adventure! DJ
  5. Wonder what that area will looks like after a good hot tank acid cleaning and wash out?? Could the pit only be an area where the rust broke off in that area and actually Nothing is wrong at all, just heavy corrosion around that spot?? Sonic testing is always a good idea nowadays as they cost of the rebuilds of our motors and other vintage motors has gone way way up?? DJ
  6. John-T-53 has Paris Hilton as a ride a-long date, she's bringing her big shoulder bag. I recently read that in National Enquirer or did I see it on twitter?? They could all hang out together! 😣 DJ
  7. Don, glad to see you still kicking! Y ou seeing deer in your headlights?? Or is it dear? Only one problem does your wife know about this camel toe stuck up your nose???!! Some slang terms have used that term to describe some female anatomy part(s) the same same as ( Coochie) mentioned earlier! Have one stuck up your nose?? You are well on your way to recovery! 😁 Best to ya, DJ
  8. Will alignment of the new replacement pressed gear on shaft have to match the original position (orientation )?? Is there one spot to fit the steer wheel to center?? I have no idea, reason for the Q. for application on this vehicle. 🙂 DJ
  9. Tim, I agree and if/when I decide to do this repair I certainly will shop prices. 😉 I have known this guy for about 25 years. The shop where he works does good work on old motors and Hi-Po motors also. Their name is Valley Balancing and Machine in Ceres Ca. They also have a attached business that builds drive shafts. Downfall they are not the cheapest around the country but in Ca. for USA made parts, you pay! I will check E Bay off and on a maybe a call to Terrill Machine in Texas, I believe it was from others on this forum. DJ
  10. Just got on the phone and called my local engine rebuilder based on some info I saw in John-T's posted catalog pages to inquire and to the max undersize bearings still available for the 218/230 rod and main bearings. I thought they were maxed out at .030 but one of the catalogs showed that up to .040 -mains and .050 for rods were available at one time! He told me the max he could still get were .040 for both but expensive! $170 for the rod set and $230 for the mains. I have a cranks and rods to build a 230 but is worn to much I believe for 30's. So it could still most likely be saved! Thanks for posting John! DJ
  11. Nicely, Ken, I ask you if you have ever worked on a rebuild for a Mopar R-10G transmission rebuild on a Mopar? Even the Mopar R-10-G is slightly different than the the other brands R-10's. They were made by Borg-Warner for almost all American brands of autos of the era with small differences per Mfg.'s specs. The Mopar units are one if not the most difficult to disassemble and reassemble due to the need to pull the main shaft from the main box to remove the OD section! Believe Me, I learned how rebuilding 2 without any early trans rebuilding experience! But I do have many years of mechanical experience. Not the most fun job doing it alone in my garage! Not to say anything in the way of your vast std. rebuild experience! DJ
  12. Keep the 49 bumpers! They have a way more stylish shape and add value to your car. They appears to have a recent re chrome! Any idea of the cost to do that now days? Not Cheap!! Lookin' good! Just my opinion, your car. 😉 DJ
  13. Do you like a lot of body roll in corners along with a soft ride?? That was available with the soft springs! The roads back then could be very rough. Not so much anymore with a few exceptions. They were bad at controlling the body roll as original, but a compromise for the times. Now with very overall good roads tighter springs and heavier anti-roll bars are the norm! DJ
  14. The picture of that part you posted appears to be in great shape, better than what I have by a bit. My R-10 trans works great with them so maybe they really do not need to be replaced. ?? 🙂 DJ
  15. It doesn't rain on weekends where you live?? 🙄 Where do you live,?. many old car lovers/owners will want to move there!😀 I t doesn't snow there -where salt is used on the roads either?? Utopia !!!..😍 I know these old cars can really be a pain to get water tight again- if they ever where.?? Why drive in the rain if if can be avoided, unless it is now your needed daily driver. It happens. DJ
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