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    50 Ply. Suburban, Hot rodded, 80 % done, on hold, w/ 49 ply. frontend w/ grille v-8 Lots of updates.Waiting for glass,upholstery, paint-the $$$ things!

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  1. DJ194950

    Who has the oldest B1b?

    Maybe they were leftovers/extras from your harem Don?? đŸ˜Ŗ Had to go somewhere. 😉 DJ
  2. DJ194950

    1950 Wayfarer sedan

    Mopar kept selling flat 6's for Industrial use until about 1966-67. All later 23" models (American built) years will be 230 ci. They will work in cars/trucks etc. with correct parts back to about mid/late 30's Mopars. Some have weird #'s stamped in and are Most likely replacement blocks/motors sold until supply ran out. Sometimes by the installer without a factory stamped number. Not to confuse, but it sure can go there at times ! Check this site for application and sizes by motor number. http://www.t137.com/registry/help/otherengines/otherengines.php DJ
  3. DJ194950

    Identify this motor cycle

    Bet you would! Makes it easy to see why. The stock Pan is most likely worth 3+ times ( restored stock) what a '09 road king is, not even looking at rarity of the Pans these days. 😉 DJ
  4. DJ194950

    Need info on my P-15 motor

    In a new engine 115lb. and even across would be ideal. Never seems to be perfect but close. On a well used engine but still runs good anything above 70 lb. and even is OK for now. Some may say 90+ is much better which I also agree with. On the other hand a motor (flathead mopar) will still run OK if 50+ And even. Major unevenness PSI between cylinders is Not OK. So, what you got?? DJ
  5. DJ194950

    Science Fair

    Should we get Paul flamings opinion on this?? He was a college English teacher. Just a thought? DJ
  6. thrashfit- I bet your have never liked the song with the line- "I love a rainy night" - - - Even more working in that garage! (shed). DJ
  7. DJ194950

    Engine dies

    Found the MyMopar films on u-tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLZcbFHIN1M DJ
  8. OK, if it runs very straight and in a neutral for/aft position it will most likely fine. In one of your pictures posted it looked nice and straight but in the next pic from a different angle I thought it may be at an angle. Just thought it was worth mentioning based on my earlier experience! ☚ī¸ Looking good, DJ
  9. DJ194950

    mixture screw adjustment

    Yes but only if you removed it. Open the throttle all the way open with return spring on the throttle linkage removed and with a light look inside the carb throat and you can see the beveled edge on the upward side. I thinks the lower edge is also beveled but may be harder to detect. I would actually have to go look to my carb. on the car to say 100 % DJ
  10. DJ194950

    Engine builders

    It is well covered in the Mopar flat 6 era of repair manuals. Easier to say that than the full reply on the forum. But if someone has the extra time and types fast (I do Not), then please do. Not trying to be an ass, but still trying to help, hope you understand. 😉 DJ
  11. Just my two cents! Get rid of the rag joint!!! They do Not like running a almost any angle and will fail, sometimes deadly, even with the center support bearing. They were only used to take some of the mild shocks of the steer column and make the steer wheel cushy Years ago I drove a friends 37 Ply. that was just set up with an adapter front R&P with a rag joint (with some angle in it) in the steer column and drove it over some rough driveway rather slowly when it when the rag joint failed. Almost crashed his project into a barn! Boy was he mad! Then I pointed out what just happened may have saved his life later on if left as is! All was OK then! Others opinions on this?? DJ
  12. DJ194950

    mixture screw adjustment

    I believe that Plymouthy is asking is does your throttle plate close all the way tightly? If not you will probably have the situation you describe. Look down into the carb. and see if the throttle plate closes tightly to the bore of the carb inlet?? Is the throttle linkage adjusted to where it can close.? Did you remove the throttle plate and reinstall it upside down? (it has a beveled edge on it to close tightly.) Just a couple of things to look at that easy to check. DJ
  13. DJ194950

    Todd Build Thread

    People willing help/teach seem to getting harder to find! I do like pass on anything I know about cars/painting/body work to anyone I know that wants to learn as they do the heavy lifting. This forum is all about doing what can be shared And learned from those you need some help and the people with more experience. I know I read anything about things that I have no knowledge of here even if I really have no particular use of that information to work on that part etc. at this time. DJ
  14. DJ194950

    Desoto 2.0

    I think I would try first before the big jump to a 6-8 spd. transmission would be to just putting in a 3.73 rear original Mopar 3rd. member and hooking up (wiring) your existing OD to shift in and out with a push of a button or switch to give a usable 5 spd. by using what you already have. First gear in OD is pretty much useless , not enough change to make it worth the effort other wise it is a 6spd.. At least on flat land you should be able to 75 mph all day long. Cannot say what you MPG would be however! Your limiting factor is the HP available versus your weight. NO transmission is going to solve that. More gears is a help but 5 gears will give you about all you are going to get?? Like the FI addition though! One opinion which is you asked. 😉 DJ

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