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  1. Motor Mounts

    On my 50 4 dr. Ply. it was a Bit-ch to get the rear motor mounts replaced due the height of the new top rubber mounts. Finally ended up jacking the tranny up as high as I could, separated the washer attached to tubing by putting them in a vice and driving out with a punch the tube portions. Then I squeezed the top (tall) rubber between the bell housing mount and the support, drove the washer portion with punches and centered it all after forcing the replacement-new bolts in. Removed the steel portion washers from the old lower rubbers and installed on the new lowers . Installed lowers with rubbers from the bottom side for the support and torqued down to repair manual specs. They DO NOT get run down tight! Remember some about a washer going Under the left side between the support and bolt and nut? Maybe it was between the rubber mount and the support cross-member? I believe than this correct? Too long ago on that part of the repair (refer to manual) but never forget the install fight! Have fun? DJ
  2. 48 Desoto Project

    Paul, you talking rattle cans?? DJ
  3. Overdrive indicator lights

    If the search does work out, post again as I wrote down that 6V. # from Jim's post. along with the 12V I used I version used from later VW's in my notes for my R-10 overdrive setup. I will have to get them out to locate, if needed. I also applaud Jim for his response! DJ
  4. 48 Desoto Project

    Have not all of us that did our own body work, just part of the progress! Only once?? I had to order some new shop vac filters for mine half way though-the filter was old to start with! before someone says I used too much filler! DJ
  5. 50 Coronet project

    One thing I found down after doing very much as you plan to do with a rewire- it took more than one connector and Please wire the wires long enough I to easily reach up and pull down the connector(s) to disconnect the end (s)! I learned my lesson after I wanted to remove my dash after the rewire for more updates.l Best of luck with the updates! DJ
  6. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Hope you will be able to picnic on the beach for Christmas as this is a tradition , I heard when i was in your country back 30 years ago? Such a life! What ya eat? Turkey , I Really doubt! DJ
  7. 1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Thanks for the response, , I will have a similar problem? IF I can can get back to working on mine! At least yours shows me what can be done! Great! . Mine will never be to that level -dreaming! DJ
  8. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Hail-rain what is that?? Last year we got almost too much, this year- were the - is any?? We need some help! Bye the way I am in central Ca., USA DJ
  9. 50 Coronet first start and drive.

    What do they say? Sh_t happens? Love being a mechanic! It happens! DJ
  10. 1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Very nice and stylish! Lots of light over rear! I Expect to see that in StreetRodder magazine soon!! One question about the rear armrest/storage areas- does the lid lift all the way open or do they hit the side panels?? Mine -not in stalled -when just held in place do not. Lots yet to do on my suburban. Many years ago I think about 1960 a neighbor had a 1950? Ply. suburban and said they did not open all the way. That was reason for the Q. Thanks DJ
  11. Engine Cutting Out At High Speed

    I agree with Greg and maybe take a look in the carb after removing the top for junk and/or and water which might block the high speed jet. Is the voltage ok at higher rpms? Coil giving up at higher rpms and under heavy load-I doubt this but-- Are point springs tight, points set right or it you already have the Pertronix ign. is the shaft so loose in the housing that it allows the gap to open to far for the pickup to work? Same for point setups. Pertronix setups are very forgiving on the clearance but cannot be too far off-if adjusted per instructions but are voltage sensitive beyond limits. Just some cheap checks?? DJ
  12. 1948 Plymouth Rat Rod

    If that was a small block GM motor the Elf made a mistake and delivered the wrong motor!! Should have been a small block v-8 Mopar! Have heard that mistakes do happen upon occasion. Is there a 1-800 phone number to call with problems on the delivery?? DJ
  13. Fire Extinguisher Recommendation

    Strange to me as trucks tended to spend in more time in dusty,rough conditions. I would think than a car? If anything the air cleaners should have been bigger?! On forklifts for construction jobs back 30+ years ago the owner told us to remove the paper air cleaner set ups and put on large oil bath setups as they often went on jobs for 6-12 months without field services! Could I argue? He was already in bus. at the time for 20 years. Forgot almost all these forklift had industrial mopar flat sixes! DJ
  14. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Never Torqued front tapered wheel bearings, only live axle rears? Did new parts come with some torque specs? Just asking about new stuff? DJ
  15. Fire Extinguisher Recommendation

    As i only have 2 -50 Plymouth cars so I ask- do not the truck oil bath air cleaners have a support part that bolts onto the side of the air cleanerand downward onto a head bolt for support ? Seems just the carb to oil bath cleaner clamp was not up to the jarring because of the top heavy weight to keep it clamped tight enough. Seems that lots of these were left off over the years from what I have read here on the forum over the past several years. Made my own from 1/2" wide by 1/8" thick flat steel with some bends and required twists as needed. Mounting hole for the cleaner end was there from the factory! Other end was put under a head bolt. If you have one of the head bolts with the threaded hole on top of the head bolt that was the original head end mounting point for the support! On my 50 Ply. Suburban, every time I really got down on take off the oil bath air cleaner would fall off because the support part was missing which luckily did Not tip over and spread oil everywhere!. Finally fixed that issue. Jus trying to help. DJ