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  1. Something this table? I searched online: max. torque values-bolts by size/thread I believe if you to also want something like this for metric sizes I would just add to above, -metric This search should get you that info. Hope that helps DJ
  2. Paul small correction on your posts about Mare Island- There is no (S) on mare as you posted several times. It was last used as a Submarine repair facility. They built subs there for many many years. Closed-non active at this point. State may buy it someday. DJ
  3. I am ready to pull the trigger on this one for a friends 47 Ply. Bus. Cpe. in my garage. This radiator can be had on EBAY for a few $ less but if you read closely on warranty it is way less than the one posted that is a life time warranty and guaranteed to cool up to 600 HP. So unless your planning on a blown hemi in your future I'm sure this will work out. Don't like the aluminum look? Paint it with a radiator black spray paint, Not regular black paint as it will reduce the cooling ability of the radiator. DJ
  4. You have been blessed with more important work to do, but take it easy and Enjoy life! DJ
  5. Looks like what I found on two R-10's I worked on. There to seal the bolts from tranny oil in the case as they go into a open area of the trans. I just put some heavy permatex sealer on the trans hole and the head area of the bolt and reused the seal that was there. Did not leak. Other Opinions? DJ
  6. If you call Pertronix ask them if you Need a resistor in the setup. Many do Not want or need a resistor on them, but need a full 12 volt. Sometimes it depends on the coil used - I think---. DJ
  7. ON the Pertronix kit the piece of plastic is a "feeler gauge" to set the space between the wheel that fits over the lobes and the pick up that screws down to the dist. plate. The plastic piece is not used for anything after that. If you can move the rotor side to side more that a tiny amount (motor off) your dist. bushings are worn to the point that they need to be replaced. Try hooking the timing light to other plugs wires one at a time and just watch the light against the motor. If the light is missing lighting at times that plug/cap/wire is Not having a spark to ground at the plug. By checking one at a time you may find some of your plugs are not firing in the motor. dj
  8. Got to love the motor to trans belt tensioner on the lathe. Must work OK! I definitely would not mind having it all.!! Thanks for the pics! DJ
  9. Both my P-19 and P-20 have front fender braces. I had all the P-19 front parts off the car and blasted,painted etc. but was several years between disassembly and put back together. Took several months of of/on looking to figure out where those two parts belonged. Maybe others in the past decided it was not really important when repairs were done, or never figured where they belong and just set aside and lost? DJ
  10. Appears from Donald's picture that his adjusting bracket is top to bottom flipped over from what you have. Maybe?? DJ
  11. Brake fluid as a lube?? DJ
  12. Paul's cat is really racking up it's frequent flyer/fire miles! What does it have against old vehicles?? Paul ?? DJ
  13. Just for info may I ask the price from Berbaums? I googled that BCA # and got quick results buttttt!!! $150-$160! I think Not! DJ
  14. Ted seems to using a proper lubricant-at least for himself! DJ
  15. A stock manifold choke 6volt choke setup has worked fine on my car 12 volt for several years, just make sure to run a 10gauge or a least 12g. as it does draw some amps. It only is electrically activated when cranking the motor over, after that the temperature spring inside of unit will keep it somewhat closed (temp dependent) until the manifold heats it up where it will gradually open. Very basic description. If different that a stock carb/choke - then as Plymouthy says- it all depends-- DJ