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  1. It appears in your third picture of the rear u-joint that the clip is not fully installed down into the groove. May need to take a hammer and punch to get it fully set.?? DJ
  2. What is that sheet metal piece? Could that be a original splash pan?? 😉 Rare to be still be there. DJ
  3. This is what I would do to get a good dependable starter done up. And get a guaranty! My opinion only. DJ
  4. Plymouthy, Thanks for your reply. DJ
  5. Did you run a separate ground wire back to the body itself or count on a ground through the hood, hinges, etc. for the ground wire?? Thanks, DJ
  6. Plymouthy, may I ask was your experience with Andy B. in the past or or more recently with Chris the current owner of Bernbaums -AKA -oldmoparts.com.?? Just for clarification as I need to get a lot of rubber seals soon for my 50 Ply. 4 dr. Thanks, DJ
  7. Posted a link to the Carhenge for sale video. Hope it works, maybe some you have the Big $$ to make a old car hobby profitable. How about a family affair?? 😉 Appears a nice quiet area to reside. DJ play;_ylt=Awr46ueuMPRcRDkArfj7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTByZWc0dGJtBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMQ--.html
  8. To all interested in this info, I would suggest a PM to martybose on this forum to get all of his info. Sorry, but I only asked Marty the torque used as we removed a couple of studs and resealed them as the were leaking coolant. DJ
  9. Marty Bose a member here told me he learned on his old cars 230 with a Edmund's alum. head and ARP studs/washers/nuts to torque them to 55 lbs. with a good light lube on the threads/ washers and nuts. He sold his 47 Plymouth Bus. Cpe. to a friend of mine, a year or so ago now, but I still see Marty drops the forum from time to time. DJ
  10. They can also be fun to use? At least occasionally. Maybe Not so much if it was a full time job. Do the rollers have water added to them as needed? Enjoy your roller! 😃 Also a flat driving area. DJ
  11. Must have a boy scout- Be Prepared! 😊 DJ
  12. Just imagine trying to scavenge a few parts off that car!☠️ It appears to be right hand car in a Large gum tree. Australia??
  13. That " F" stands for the Chinese word - cheap trash! Just my guess.😉 I would never use anything less than a marked grade 5 on my vehicles. Grade eights are made for high stress- pull wise, not shear were primary to the job. Some jobs really require that bolt to stretch, bend, etc. resisting outright breaking. Just one opinion! DJ
  14. Have you left the nut on the threaded shaft backed off until it is even with the outer end? If not do that. Also a second tie strap around the lower side in your photo to hold your wood block solidly and squared evenly with the bottom of the steer wheel so that it pulls straight upward. It appears that now all the pressure is only on one side. Tighten the puller very tight. Give the top of the puller shaft a Good tap with a 2 lb. hammer. Maybe more? Is that a pine? wood block? It may not be strong enough type of wood to do the job? Just some thoughts to try. DJ
  15. I read this several times and looked at the pics. It stuck me after many other thoughts , maybe the rear frame is bent?? It's is Not heavily reinforced on this frame in the rear. Check for straightness, measurements, strings, etc. Find the original frame specs? Are the poly bushings lubricated? Did not change much into the 50's Mopars that I have seen. Other thoughts were to loosen all spring attachment bolts including the U-bolt shackle and try again. Just my thoughts. Best of luck! DJ
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