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  1. DJ194950

    Oil in the gauge oil line?

    Can say I am not sure of a pulsating relief valve either, doubt it, but I am not that up on the valve some how doing that. Time for me to drop this I think. I am not a hydraulics engineer! πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜‰ DJ
  2. DJ194950

    Get on the Plymouth train

    Why not? 🀐It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission! 😊 DJ
  3. DJ194950

    Oil in the gauge oil line?

    Don, Stroke on a gear type oil pump? Fuel pump yes, but? DJ
  4. DJ194950

    butt connectors / whats the deal, pickle :)

    I have found on crimp type connectors with sleeves or with out as mentioned earlier have as split in them- sometimes hard to see but almost all have them. Never never put the crimping side of the pliers over this split. Crimp opposite the split with the rounded side of the crimp pliers under the split. Most parts store crimp type connectors will split the cheap-ass plastic covers when crimped tightly-as I believe they need to be. Some quality commercial grade crimp connectors that are much more pliable and easily stand up to a good tight crimp. Where to buy them? Used to get mine at work, even if I had to pay for them!😁 Also I always like a crimp pliers with a wider crimp area on them say about 3/16" instead of some with only 1/8" or less. Often use my Cresent Tool brand I purchased at Harbor Freight a few years back. Just IMO, DJ
  5. DJ194950

    Automatic Choke

    I like the Sisson choke setups. πŸ˜€ When exhaust manifold is cold the choke (when properly adjusted) will close the choke butterfly to about 70% closed. When the stater is turned on a wire from the starter Will cause the choke butterfly to go to about 100% closed but only when cranking the motor. As soon as the starter disengages the choke will go back to about 70% then less and less as the exhaust manifold heats up. Before using the starter you need to open the throttle slightly for the choke to close and also raise the idle speed. As motor warms up it also requires a tap on the throttle to allow the idle speed to lower- but only if the car is not driven, just sitting still. If you exhaust manifold has a flat spot on top about 2 1/2" long front to back and about 1-1/2 wide it has a spot for the choke to be mounted- probably will need to drill 1/4" mount holes or if not per desoto 1939 a clamp on type bracket will be needed. If you look a Ebay for sisson chokes be aware the two types were made for of Mopar flat motors- One is to put the choke behind the carb. (early to !948?) and later were they mounted in front of the carb. (1949 -later). the arm that works the choke come out of opposite sides. All up to you, wiring is easy, rod to carb. not so much unless you buy a carb. made to work with the Sisson. But it Can be done with some engineering! πŸ˜‰ DJ
  6. DJ194950

    Radiator swap question re P15

    Be aware most of these cheaper radiators may work fine but the top inlet is Most often set at the wrong angle to connect the hose, IE almost 90 degree down which should be more like 45 degrees (or so) . I tried one of these and had to cut off the neck to where it was still 90 degree and work down to the engine from there. Seems Don C. had the same problem years ago and had a post about this and his work - around. Not a big-big deal but the stock top hose will not work! Per all the Ebay pics they Mostly seem to have the same issues. Also check the warranty length and reputation and location of seller- Buyer Beware. Otherwise they are OK and can be blacked with a Radiator black spray, not just flat black. DJ
  7. DJ194950

    Clutch Fluid Drive R&R

    Well sound like they made a mistake by not marking the crank and fluid drive position together when removed. It only goes on in one particular position! the pattern is not even spaced all around and the difference is small and hard to see. Now they will have to try all possibilities to get it on. Sorry- been there, done that, never made that mistake again! 😫 DJ
  8. DJ194950

    Overdrive cable bracket....

    Question for John Edge. So as yours is wired anytime the your speed is high enough for the governor to give a ground to the relay the OD solenoid is trying to engage the Overdrive which only happens when you let off the gas for a second or two?? And if you do not let off to say 40mph. across town,but no faster.? Has been a question of mine for while. Mainly if a damage would happen say if you are in town over the governor cut in speed but still not fast enough to warrant the OD to be in but you did not think about just turning off the OD engagement say via a switch? Thanks, DJ
  9. Check your fuel pump pressure now with the electric pump- if it is over 3-3 1/2 lb. it is probably is to high for the carter carb which like it low. Too high pressure let gas will get past the float needle and cause issues. Worth a check before all the other possible changes? Caution do Not buy the cheapest fuel pressure regulator at the parts store. Never had any good luck with them working properly it the pressure is to high. Only a couple more $ will get one t that actually works! Good luck. πŸ˜‰ DJ
  10. DJ194950

    1949 Plymouth Super Deluxe 4dr Sedan Parts

    How about - did you remove the support from the lower dash panel by steer column (or on it) to the upper fire wall? The upper side bolts through the fire wall to motor side with a nut. Add the radios in some (1950 ply. in my case) has a support bracket on the back on the radio case to somewhere under the dash- sorry for not sure just where now but after you get your body to see under the dash it will be obvious! DJ
  11. DJ194950

    Vacuum Booster fuel pump NOISE

    Sorry but cannot find a picture I had of the proper line hookup of the vacuum pump that is stock, as a option. I remember however that the inlet line To the pump was hooked into the air cleaner that would supply filtered air to the pump. It does Not need a vacuum source as it Is the vacuum source to the wipers. One port of the pump is the vacuum source as that is what does, connects only to wiper motor in port. Rpms have little effect on the amount of vacuum it will make. When operating properly engine vacuum has 0 effect on wiper speed.! Run the motor with no lines to the vacuum ports on the fuel pump to see which side is the suction side. You may have the lines crossed? Good luck! DJ
  12. DJ194950

    1949 Plymouth Super Deluxe 4dr Sedan Parts

    Just about everything that is not rusted away including body panels that could be somewhat easy fixable.- - - Someone wants it! Over time some selective selling and asking what may be needed the car can be stripped to almost nothing if you have room to store it meantime. πŸ˜‰ DJ
  13. DJ194950

    aftermarket radio and speaker installation

    Just some pictures off a goggle search_ _ do not know if this is a help- one pic is Chrysler but appears to be the same- almost?. Where the speaker mounts is not shown. Maybe some has the 1953 Plymouth accessories book that shows some more? DJ 1953 PLYMOUTH MOPAR 608 RADIO PHOTOFACT eBay.html 1953 CHRYSLER 824 , DODGE 820, & PLYMOUTH 819 RADIO PHOTOFACT eBay.html
  14. DJ194950

    Electronics wizard needed...

    At least (maybe both did ) one of the two relays did indicate that one of the terminals were momentary grounded to switch from one contact to another ( shift-rite push button just tapped) to hold as all the early hi/lo headlight switches worked., which to me indicate a latching type relay.I strongly believe either will work with whatever 12v. or 6 v. is chosen for operation----- but if going to the 12v. with your inverter you will have to use a relay for the power to the solenoid (still on 6v.). I would either way anyway. But 6 v. relays are out there but? - maybe use 12 v. to the relay also? Or --- Have to think more on the 6v. and 12v. usage on the the latching relays-(if 12v. with 6v. . many will-but this one? Should work. Starting to confuse my self a little here. Time go eat- blood sugar must be getting too low/high! 😊
  15. DJ194950

    Vacuum Booster fuel pump NOISE

    Suggest trying this_ remove the out line to the manifold - Plug the port on the manifold leave the pump out connection out (open). Start and see if any change. If not remove the in line to the pump leaving the out line off still. Repeat the run test for noise? Trying to see if the noise is coming from the pump or lines/ connected correctly-seems so, but. Best of luck with knock repair! πŸ˜‰ DJ

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