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  1. Maybe you can take the 146 tooth flywheel to a machine shop and have drilled and tapped for a 11" clutch setup that you already have. I needed to go the other way-had flywheel that was drilled for 11"clutch and wanted to use the 10" I already had. Cost was $40 for the work- 1 hr. minimum shop charge was $40, so it took 1 hr. or less to do. Worth a look. DJ
  2. Sometimes the old dog just Does not want to learn new tricks! DJ
  3. Remove cup and look inside. May actually be further inside of that if there is one, many do not. If I remember correctly back before magnetic poles shifted to N. where it has been for many, many years- most 3 wires tachs (not all?) used a seperate box that had to be used with them to operate. Many stolen tachs back then where sold to the unknowing without the box as they where usually mounted behind the dash and unstolen. DJ
  4. Does the tool guide fit tightly in the guides?- it should. Have you replaced the valve guides or checked them for where? If it moves around now, you will Not center the valve seat grinding (sanding) them. Not good for longevity, good seals. Appears to me the drive end of the tool is meant to be done by hand slowly-not by powered tools. DJ
  5. In these days as long as they are both of legal age when married you are good to go in many states as long as you are not legally married to both at the same time? Where Tim lives who knows? Might be legal? Don't ask-don't tell -is the game these days- goood luck with two!!! At least at the same time! I cannot even think what that would be like! Good luck?? DJ
  6. Hey- I'm a little bit Scottish and that small part likes it! But I'm mostly Dutch- not so much! DJ
  7. Maybe if you used some "almost flat" valve stems like this-
  8. Casters cheap enough I thought about buying some even if I don't know where to use them at the moment but I am sure I could use some around the garage or house as suggested use on the sellers page! DJ
  9. I was thinking the same way as Plymouthy, which is why I said if you are not experienced/ do not have a oxy-acetylene set up and comfortable using it. If I was trying it myself I would use a small tip and heat the extractor cherry red and let it cool and repeat to take the temper out of the extractor and try drilling it out with a hardened drill bit, use lubricant and drill slowly. If that did not work out I would again heat the extractor to cherry red and slowly open the oxy. valve more and more until I had a mini cutting torch and blow out the extractor as slag. Let cool blow out the hole and drill the bolt with a larger bit all the way thru the bolt piece (as large as possible without touching the block threads. Use a pick to remove leftover bolt. The perfect starting hole as mentioned before is paramount to bolt removal. If drilling was done off-center it can still be done this way but harder . Experience can be key/lots of good luck can certainly help the inexperienced. Machine shop recommendation was for the inexperienced/ no oxy/ace. setup/not comfortable to do this. Experienced friends to help can be very valuable! Best, DJ
  10. Where any of these the New style that reads the lobes of the distributor where the points rode rather than the type with the ring with the magnets that fit over the lobes in the distributor?? I have only used the Old?? type with the magnets in a ring with great luck. Thanks, DJ
  11. At this point if you are not experienced this problem before I believe that I would visit a few local machine shops and discuss your problem. If you find one who tells you how he would deal with it and is willing to do the extraction of the broken screw extractor and bolt-( reasonably-Not cheap) - I think I would have it towed to him and repaired. When he is done either have it towed home or take your New bolts or studs, water/antifreeze, etc. to be done at his place and complete the repair there if he is OK with that and drive home. My 1 cents worth. DJ
  12. Hey grandpa, can I borrow one of the old cars of yours?? A few friends and one-- uh, girl I met like old cars--- so please --I promise etc. etc.! Also can you Not tell mom and dad?? I do remember those days. DJ
  13. Here is s your IAY dist. listed in pertronix catalog on left side of their page, 9th. one down listed. just for for info. DJ
  14. That is quite the paint job! DJ
  15. That temp sender requires another special fitting in the head first that has a tapered seat for temperature bulb. DJ