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  1. thanks, this next comment will reinforce that im not very computer savy. wheres the resource tab?
  2. Where can I find, or does anyone know what the wheel base is for a 1950 B1B standard bed. My truck is a 100 miles away in storage. Starting the research process for a frame upgrade Mark
  3. I want to do the Dakota swap as well couple of question? 1. I have a 1950 blb standard bed what is the wheelbase length 2. What is the best year Dakota and which wheel base. thanks
  4. same here, finally after 10 years I had the 6 volt starter converted to 12.
  5. falconvan, fellow st Louisan here. would welcome the chance to talk with you about the Dakota frame swap. I have a 50 1/2 ton. Ive already rebuilt the front end, disc brakes, but Im leary of the steering box. Mark
  6. Good information. I have a 1950 want to pull my camper what is the year range for the Dodge Dakota's that fit the best. Mark
  7. agree with everything already described. I do know there is a fine line . On my 49, I just replaced the synchronizers and it will still grind going from neutral to first. I find that if I shift into second with the clutch depressed and then into first no grinding. moving first to second, clutch needs to be fully depressed no grinding. Probably need more fine tuning.
  8. The 2020 National Plymouth Owners Meet is going to be sponsored by the Lincoln Land Chapter and held in Springfield Illinois. More details to follow.
  9. I too upgrade my 47 to the 10 inch. flywheel was already drilled out. no reason other than I could
  10. very nice work. I had mine redone many years and it was pricey then. Where can you find new ones?
  11. why do you need to adjust so soon after the rebuild?
  12. probably the only way to really fix it. Don't forget the flywheel. and pilot bushing
  13. looks good, any idea what year/s volkswagon
  14. Greg, is correct on parts being specific to the model of distributor. Points and condenser pretty universal, cap and rotor not so much,
  15. thanks, great places to start.
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