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  1. 48 coupe Door Seals

    Call Steele Rubber. Roll Goods not too expensive
  2. engine Age

    I have a chance to buy this motor.. Can any one identify the year of MFG T306*I50569*
  3. 1954 Plymouth Distributor

    Dont feel bad about an identity crisis. It seems many models used up what was left over.
  4. Hub cap sizes

    thanks Ed, why the difference? Im assuming the larger cap is for the special delux?
  5. Hub cap sizes

    original style for 1947 early 47 came with 16, switched to 15 later
  6. temperature gauge

    any one have a working temp gauge for a 47 Plymouth. I have been using an aftermarket style for years. I had the original repaired once, no luck.
  7. Hub cap sizes

    47 P15 Sedan, going to replace the skinny 16" wheels with a set of original 15". Will the hub caps I have on my 16 fit the 15?
  8. Duel carb intake

    call George, He actually makes a 3 carb set up for the big blocks.
  9. Flathead 6 for 1933 Dodge to drive Peking to Paris

    I have a long block 251 if its needed. Think the freight would be pretty steep.
  10. Dual exhaust set up/ route

    Both of my cars have duals all the way back. Mine looks like Don C. Two things to consider 1. Sound I used mufflers and placed them behind the drivers seat and as close as the rear end as possible to minimize cab noise. 2. Exit of the car tail pipes do you want them seperate or side by side.
  11. V8 conversion for my 47 P15 sedan

    Ed, Yes I am planning on going to the POC meet in Michigan and if the stars align also the WPC in Tn. Mark
  12. Year of mfg

    where are the chassis numbers located
  13. Year of mfg

    I have several old flat heads but I still get confused on the motor number ing system. Im looking at a 1950/51/52 assuming the motor is orginal what would a dodge truck look like. Also are the trucks titled off the motor or a door tag?
  14. V8 conversion for my 47 P15 sedan

    WOW, my 47 Flathead runs strong, its got plenty of George Asche high performance parts and tuned right. This car has been driven to Portland OR, up Pikes Peak, across upstate New York into Vermont. Disc Brakes. OD, 8 3/4 with 355 gears amd get 22 MPG. ABTW with all of these modifications it stilled scored high enough to get a 2nd place at the 2008 POC meet. Just thought I'd ask. I love a spirited debate.
  15. V8 conversion for my 47 P15 sedan

    Mark D, I did redo an 84 Z28, ttop, drove it for the summer, fun no pizzazz. Really like the old plymouths, just want to add a few comfort features. As always I will do all the work in house.