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  1. The 2020 National Plymouth Owners Meet is going to be sponsored by the Lincoln Land Chapter and held in Springfield Illinois. More details to follow.
  2. I too upgrade my 47 to the 10 inch. flywheel was already drilled out. no reason other than I could
  3. very nice work. I had mine redone many years and it was pricey then. Where can you find new ones?
  4. why do you need to adjust so soon after the rebuild?
  5. probably the only way to really fix it. Don't forget the flywheel. and pilot bushing
  6. looks good, any idea what year/s volkswagon
  7. Greg, is correct on parts being specific to the model of distributor. Points and condenser pretty universal, cap and rotor not so much,
  8. thanks, great places to start.
  9. Thanks, any specific foreign car?
  10. anyone know of an after market roof rack available for a p15 sedan?
  11. my 49 is in the channel, my 47 is on the trunk lid
  12. had this happen on my 49, Id found mine was a worn wire at the brake light.
  13. The car/cars came from Concordia Missouri. Been in storage a long time. We actually saw the car over a year ago, they didn't want to sell it then, still figuring out the estate. They also had a Packard convertible we were following. Great car, you don't see many 49's.
  14. Nice buy, we were also bidding on the car and cars. We actually went and looked at them at the estate. The 49 won't take too much to get it up and running.
  15. Felt your pain. I believe your referring to putting the rubber bushings in. if that the case here is what I did. Works best if everything is clean and dry, no grease. Fit the rubber bushings on the a arm shaft, use a putty knife to slide it in. then put the nut on. good luck Mark
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