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  1. MarkAubuchon

    I think I broke my transmission!

    try this push it out into the street. Drive it turn the OD on engage it, then turn the od off, push in the cable, then try it sounds like its stuck
  2. MarkAubuchon

    Starter Removal

    Thanks for the help. Came right out, 10 inch extension with a swivel and 5/8 shallow socket. Only drank one beer!
  3. MarkAubuchon

    Starter Removal

    when I look at it with the hood up I can see and probably reach the bolt on the bottom right side. where is the other located?
  4. MarkAubuchon

    Starter Removal

    How hard is it to remove the starter on P15 Sedan. I can see the lower right bolt, Im sure there is one on the motor side. Any tips would be appreciated.
  5. MarkAubuchon

    Overdrive Questions

    agreed, look for the heavy duty clutch and pressure plate when you make the switch
  6. MarkAubuchon

    Voltage Regulator

    agreed had the same issue. Generator was fine, regulator needed the airgap adjusted. Fine
  7. MarkAubuchon

    Door Lettering Anybody?

    very nice
  8. MarkAubuchon

    50 Plymouth Transmission wanted

    I have one out of a truck. Would need to change the bell housing
  9. MarkAubuchon

    1948 Plymouth Transmission Swap

    Young Ed, you caught it before I could comment. 49 didn't have OD
  10. MarkAubuchon

    Anybody going to POC meet

    Mark D, good to hear. Pulled the rear end out of my 47 this weekend, need to repair or replace the center section, not sure whats going on. Major vibration. See you soon Mark
  11. MarkAubuchon

    Detroit POC Event

    July Detroit POC event. Who is planning on Attending? Parking lot party Friday Night
  12. MarkAubuchon

    I have returned

    Welcome back!
  13. MarkAubuchon

    1950 Wayfarer Coupe Rear End Swap

    go big, I used a 1968 roadrunner rearend with 3.55 gears, bolted right in using offset shackles
  14. MarkAubuchon

    48 coupe Door Seals

    Call Steele Rubber. Roll Goods not too expensive
  15. MarkAubuchon

    engine Age

    I have a chance to buy this motor.. Can any one identify the year of MFG T306*I50569*

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