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  1. bobd1976

    Questions about my 48 p15 coupe

    Here is my 1948 Ply club coupe.Moog Aerostar springs cut one inch past a full coil. 1 1/2 inch lowering blocks in back. Drives and rides very nice.
  2. bobd1976

    Rear Spring "U" bolts - 1939 Plymouth

    Round ones will be just fine. I always go to a local truck spring shop with my old u bolts and they make new ones as I wait. 30 minutes tops. They send me home with new nuts and washers.
  3. bobd1976

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    Andy did a great job of explaining the different models, Here is my 48 which is a club coupe with a back seat. Notice the grille . I know they are a lot of work to clean and polish but well worth it in my opinion. .
  4. bobd1976

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    Congrats and always good to see a young person interested in the older cars. I didn't want be the one to say it but your car is a sedan not a coupe. It looks like a solid car. I hope you get that primer off of all that grille stainless.
  5. bobd1976


    48Hoopty is correct. Depends how much you want to spend and how low you want to go and if you are capable of doing the work yourself.. My 48 club coupe has 2 inch lowering blocks on the rear. Less than 100 dollars for the blocks and new ubolts. The front has the Moog cc850 coils that I cut one whole coil off of. Cost about 50 dollars . Rides and drives great.
  6. bobd1976

    Old car heaven

    Is anyone going to the Tom Mack auction of Old car heaven's inventory? What a desirable list of Mopars going to sell with no reserve. Also online bidding available.
  7. bobd1976

    Project Cars Are Still Out There

    Exactly what I have been looking for. Why does it have to be so far away?
  8. bobd1976

    Leaf Spring options

    Call these folks .http://www.springsnthings.com/ I got my 48 P15 leafs from them. They have them in different height options.
  9. bobd1976

    If you could have one more........

    I am still wanting my last one. 46-48 Plymouth convertible.
  10. bobd1976

    Creative dash boards

    Oldguy48 beat me to it.My 48 P15 dash
  11. bobd1976

    Front Coil Springs

    Not a Chrysler but here is my experience with my 48 Plymouth. Rear springs are ESPO factory replacement . Front coils are Moog 850 Aerostar. 50.00 bucks. Sat too high for my liking so I cut one inch more than one coil. RIdes and drives great..
  12. bobd1976


    Yes that is the tank I used. It is listed as a 1941-48 Dodge and Pymouth Steel Fuel Tank Part 48 DP-A
  13. bobd1976


    I just installed the Tanksinc on my 48 Plymouth. The hole in the floor lines up with my sending unit. Buying direct from Tanks the price for the fuel tank is 230.00 and the sending unit is 35.00. That comes with the straps and clamps and rubber hose for the filler neck. I had to do some minor engineering to get the straps to mount but overall very happy with it. I have an updated gauge but according to the website you can get a sending unit compatible to the original gauge.
  14. bobd1976

    Removing Stainless Trim On A P15

    Thanks for all the advice. The trim is coming off ok thanks to your input . I was wondering what clips to use as mine are all needing replacing.
  15. Started tearing down my 48 club coupe. All of the stainless looks to be still factory applied. Any tips on how to best remove the trim especially the rear quarter and door ?

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