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  1. Shovelhead Dave

    T5 Swap or R10 Rebuild?

    I cannot say definitely that MOPAR used them, I am only 90 per cent certain. My father had a '55 Plymouth with overdrive and I think he referred to it as the "heavy duty" version which I suspect was thr R=11 given Chrysler Corporations long association withe Borg=Warner 3 speeds.
  2. Shovelhead Dave

    T5 Swap or R10 Rebuild?

    Look for a R11, has 4 pinion planetary vs 3 pinion in R10. Was used behind lots of V8's.
  3. Shovelhead Dave

    "Ol Blue" Build

    Could have been a military truck, such as aircraft "Follow Me". U.S. models had the sign on the tailgate.
  4. Shovelhead Dave

    Boxing frame

    No boxing needed, never been a 318, stock or or otherwise, that will compromise a pilothouse frame. Spend the time and money elsewhere.
  5. Shovelhead Dave

    225 slant six change

    You are spot on with the work involved but there is nothing that is not normal to ANY swap involving a non stock engine and or trans swap, at least in my 50 yrs experience. Easiest way is to remain stock, just depends on ones skill levels. Nice truck, if mine, would keep original drivetrain, old Mopar flatheads are great engines.
  6. Shovelhead Dave

    225 slant six change

    I agree with the statement of "not cheap" but in no way is it not simpler than what the OP was thinking of doing.
  7. Shovelhead Dave

    225 slant six change

    St. Louis Craigslist has a new dual carb manifold and dual Fenton headers, carbs included for a reasonable price. That would wake up your engine and someone probably makes an adaptor for the 904 trans. Easier way to go. Type in "flathead" and the ad comes up, in car parts.
  8. Shovelhead Dave

    engine swap upgrade

    Desoto is the least desireable hemi to use, all by itself when it comes to aftermarket anything. The only thing interchangeable is the incoming air. Desoto hemis were as good as Dodge and Chrysler but are still orphans. Unless you are willing to spend BIG$ you will have way less performance than you would with a later LA engine. Visually very cool.
  9. Shovelhead Dave

    Need help with my 1954 truck?!

    Just buy motor mounts for putting Chevy V8 into a Jeep CJ, very easy.
  10. That engine is totally shot, too expensive to fix. I will be by with cash for truck at scrap price +$50 and take it off your hands, no use throwing good money at it. Actually just envious...keep it in the family for sure.
  11. Shovelhead Dave

    B1b engine swap Chevy

    2.8 is a gutless wonder, very low torque especially down low in RPM range. 292 has GOBS of torque and is a truck engine.Easy choice.
  12. Shovelhead Dave

    727 trans. Front band help

    Rear should be backed off 3 turns on most years according to my books AND old memory. Probably wont hurt much at 2 turns.
  13. Shovelhead Dave

    727 trans. Front band help

    If you actually removed the adjuster screw then you will find the adjuster strut laying on top of the valve body. Pull the pan and drop valve body to retrieve and reinstall strut/struts,
  14. Shovelhead Dave

    727 trans. Front band help

    If the adjuster torques to spec it did not fall off the adjuster. If it did it is easy to put back on but you will have to drop the valve body, not difficult. If the adjuster strut fell off the strut on the other end CAN fall off also, it is about .750 wide and 3.00" long. Good luck.
  15. Shovelhead Dave

    High frequency flathead 6 engine vibration

    Sorry for not getting back sooner. I don't think a harmonic balancer is the answer, Chrysler had competent engineers and they didn't think it needed one. I would lean toward the driveshaft after reading all posts. As stated if no vibration in neutral that most likely rules out the clutch/press plate/flywheel.

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