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  1. Need help with my 1954 truck?!

    Just buy motor mounts for putting Chevy V8 into a Jeep CJ, very easy.
  2. That engine is totally shot, too expensive to fix. I will be by with cash for truck at scrap price +$50 and take it off your hands, no use throwing good money at it. Actually just envious...keep it in the family for sure.
  3. B1b engine swap Chevy

    2.8 is a gutless wonder, very low torque especially down low in RPM range. 292 has GOBS of torque and is a truck engine.Easy choice.
  4. 727 trans. Front band help

    Rear should be backed off 3 turns on most years according to my books AND old memory. Probably wont hurt much at 2 turns.
  5. 727 trans. Front band help

    If you actually removed the adjuster screw then you will find the adjuster strut laying on top of the valve body. Pull the pan and drop valve body to retrieve and reinstall strut/struts,
  6. 727 trans. Front band help

    If the adjuster torques to spec it did not fall off the adjuster. If it did it is easy to put back on but you will have to drop the valve body, not difficult. If the adjuster strut fell off the strut on the other end CAN fall off also, it is about .750 wide and 3.00" long. Good luck.
  7. High frequency flathead 6 engine vibration

    Sorry for not getting back sooner. I don't think a harmonic balancer is the answer, Chrysler had competent engineers and they didn't think it needed one. I would lean toward the driveshaft after reading all posts. As stated if no vibration in neutral that most likely rules out the clutch/press plate/flywheel.
  8. High frequency flathead 6 engine vibration

    True high freq vibrations are caused by flywheel/clutch and driveshaft. The vibrating mirror is the surest indicator of a high freq vibe. NOTHING else in the drivetrain rotates fast enough to cause it. tires are low frequency only.
  9. Sizzlin' summer nights in Aberdeen

    Will Favre lead the Packers back to glory this year? Best Viking they ever had!
  10. 230 Crankshaft Installation

    Sounds like the block may need to be align bored, classic symptom of the mains being non-aligned or a bent crank. Good luck.
  11. new guy here

    Sounds like you may have a bad torque coverter stator clutch (sprag). If it revs and doesn't seem to accelerate and slowy climbs in speed that is a classic symptom of a bad T-converter, especially if it was a late 70's lockup type.