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  1. Thanks Mike! I strive to sell something I know will bolt in and work the first time. Ernie, I've been to Cedar Rapids many times. A good friend I met at Iowa State lives in Waverly, he's a ford guy but I'm sure one day he'll own a quality car. I originally grew up in northern California and still visit a couple times a year. My email address is plyroadking@gmail.com I'd check your lockout switch, I have a jar full of ones that had lube leak into them and insulate the contacts. They are available NOS. I usually troubleshoot them by running a ground wire to the lockout wire terminal on the kickdown switch. I push the cable in, turn the ignition on, (without starting the engine) and listen for the relay and solenoid to click.
  2. Old Mopar Junk yard near Sacramento, ca

    Been to Brian's a couple times, had/has? A 40 Plymouth i robbed parts off of and an overdrive I picked up. Reasonable guy, probably sat there and bs'd half a day. Also has/had? a factory big 6 dual intake on a dodge dump truck, wanted a grand for the set up 5-7 years ago.
  3. just for giggles

    Almost half as fast as my '40 Plymouth! I run a 1/4 at a solid 20 seconds...........
  4. Ball and ball accerator pump

    An elderly mopar owner told me of that "trick" supposedly you'll dump more gas when you stomp on it as the plunger raises higher than it was designed too. I never tried it though. Does your 38 have neck snapping acceleration? I think I recall that the linkage on the throttle shaft has to be modified also to increase the stroke.
  5. where is this heading

    We bought new kitchen appliances lately, they said it would void the warranties if I hooked them up as about 50% of their returns/issues are from improper installation. They also said you can't reuse the 220 volt plug/cable from your old oven, new ovens don't come with one....
  6. Overdrive frustrations

    How's the rest of it wired? Did you follow a factory diagram? If your wired like it's intended to be it's electrically trying to engage overdrive when you're driving around at +25-30mph with it mechanically disengaged. I never recommend bypassing the lockout switch. I troubleshoot mine by running a switched ground wire to the governor terminal on the lockout switch. When the rest is wired as intended, you can push the cable in, turn the key to the on position, and toggle your "gov overdrive" switch. You should hear both the relay and the solenoid click.
  7. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    My clear plastic speedo centerpiece did the same thing. I went to hobby lobby and bought a sheet of heavy clear plastic. I cut out a new centerpiece and glued it in.
  8. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    That is interesting, perhaps the picture came from Cuba? I can't imagine a usable set being that hard to find. I had a similar issue with finding 40 Plymouth gauges, it took a month or two but I collected enough clusters to get a nice set and a really nice spare set.
  9. Reccomended timing

    I set mine with a vacuum gauge, set it till you get the highest vacuum reading and then go for a drive to check for pinging, if it pings just retard it a little.
  10. So what what was it before it ate the snickers?
  11. Transmission second gear ratios

    They went to pin type synchros in 55, don't know about ratios though
  12. Transmission questions

    Yes but you'll have to swap the input shaft as the fluid drive's is a lot longer
  13. 230 Flathead

    I usually just go off the numbers stamped on the block to determine what size it is.
  14. Chrome T-handle under dash

    It won't hurt anything to drive it like it is, the overdrive won't work
  15. Chrome T-handle under dash

    That would be the overdrive cable then, sounds like the clamp that holds the cable jacket probably let the jacket slip. There's a bracket that mounts to the bottom bolt for the solenoid, you'll have to jack up the car to get to it. Usually it's a Phillips head and a 3/8" or 5/16" nut. You'll have slide the jacket back up and reclamp it at the end. It could also be that the cable pulled out of the pivot on the engage/disengage lever. Both are pretty easy fixes but you'll have to jack the car up. I wish my 57 ih was a jubilee, it's the 8.5 foot fleet side. I bought it because it was 3/4 ton, 4x4, and only $450. Brake drums are unobtainable so it's now got 70s chevy 3/4 axles and 35" nondirectional tread military tires. just have to do brakes and steering till I drive it.